Mobile Learning + Mining and Metals

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With the question of who exactly is interested in mobile learning, in the back of our mind, Float decided to get down to the bottom of things. By monitoring the companies who have been frequent visitors to our website, downloading our content, and reaching out to our personnel, we determined which vertical markets are most … The post Mobile Learning + Mining and Metals appeared first on Float.

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Mobile Learning: How Effective Is It for An Employee Onboarding Training Program

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Mobile Learning Employee Onboarding with Mobile Learning Mobile Learning for Employee OnboardingRecruitment is a time-consuming process, it is expensive too. The recruiting team constantly strives to bring the best talent on board, making sure their skill sets align with the job role. Now, if there is no structured onboarding process in place, employee engagement is doomed. First impression always counts. We all know it. Organisations that […].

The Top 10 Industries Interested in Mobile Learning

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Have you ever wondered what industries are interested in mobile learning? Have you been curious if the industry you work in is currently working toward or seeking information on mobile learning? Since 2010, Float has been writing, publishing and sharing information about mobile learning with the entire … The post The Top 10 Industries Interested in Mobile Learning appeared first on Float.

Mobile Learning for Employee Engagement

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Use mobile learning to help employees do what they do best. Industry News Pedagogy and Learning community employee engagement Gallup learning and development mobile learning nomophobia Disengaged employees cost up to $550 billion each year.

New to Mobile Learning Development: 3 Big Problems and 7 Solutions

Mobile Learning Pitfalls To Avoid – Presentation

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Mobile technology, having seeped into popular culture, is now finding widespread acceptance as a learning tool in the workplace as well. According to Towards Maturity’s In-focus report titled Mobile Learning in the Workplace, 2013 was the year when mLearning became the norm rather than the exception; with seven out of ten businesses now adopting mobile […]. Mobile Learning Mobile Learning Pitfalls Pitfalls of mobile learning

Free Mobile Learning Book

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The Open University of China has recently released an mLearning book called Global Mobile Learning Implementations and Trends. Mobile Learning mLearning The book is available for free online here. It has been edited by Dr. Mohamed Ally (Athabasca University) and Dr. Avgoustos Tsinakos (Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology in Greece). Dr. Ally had previously published a […].

The Seven Myths of Mobile Learning

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If there was one takeaway from yesterday’s Mobile Learning Conversations webinar on the Seven Myths of Mobile Learning, it’s that there are more than seven myths of mobile learning. Webinars eLearning mobile learning Mobile Learning Conversations

Enterprise Mobility and Mobile Learning

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Enterprise Mobility. Many predictions for 2013 include the rise of enterprise mobility. Many companies and organizations from small private companies to large government agencies are beginning the move to enterprise mobility and most have long ago abandoned the notion that it’s a bad thing. This is all good for us as mobile learning technologists, designers and developers. I used to think of learning and performance support as two different things.

The ABCs of Mobile Learning

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How you can use lessons from Dan Pink''s "To Sell is Human" for your next mobile learning project. Mobile Development Mobile Strategy User Experience ABCs of mobile learning books Dan Pink mobile design To Sell is Human ux

A List of Interesting Mobile Learning Links

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Mobile learning is in the air, almost everyone realizes the potential, and some companies are now taking tentative first steps. While I haven’t blogged in a while, I continue trawling through my RSS feeds, seeing more and more references to mobile learning, mlearning, performance support, ‘just-in-time’ and so many other terms that make sense in that context. Learning Through Situated Simulations: Exploring Mobile Augmented Reality. Mobile Learning.

Recent Mobile Learning Innovations

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Mobile Learning Innovations is the first of a planned monthly series of posts on new and interesting developments in mobile computing and learning. Innovations crowdsourcing environments iBallz iPad mobile learningHere is what I uncovered recently: 1) Protect [.].

SMS for Mobile Learning

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SMS for mobile learning. In the last post , I talked about some ways that you could use voice in mobile learning. I’m going to attempt to show some ways that you could use SMS or text messaging for mobile learning. This is sort of like running a forum through text messages, but the great thing about it is that… it’s mobile. There are lots of ways that SMS could be used.

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The Truth About Mobile Learning Strategy Is Out There

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Scott McCormick looks at three truths in implementing any mobile learning strategy. Pedagogy and Learning Strategy mobile affordances mobile learning implementation mobile learning strategy mobile learning tipsThey all start by simply look at your device.

6 Mobile Learning Lies We Tell Ourselves

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Inspired by a recent article, Gary Woodill explores 6 mobile learning lies we tell ourselves. Industry News Mobile Enterprise mobile learning myths Have one of your own? Tell us!

Mobile Learning for Single Location Enterprise

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But, they do wish to get started with mobile learning now. Mobile Learning Mobile Learning In Workplace Recently I met a well-known retailer, with physical presence in just one location. They have a decent training setup including sales and training academies, and they do induction and other compliance training. However, they’ve not ventured into elearning yet. Does that sound odd? Actually […].

Float Mobile Learning’s Suite of Mobile Learning Apps Free During ASTD 2013 International Conference & Exposition

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May 19, 2013 – Float Mobile Learning announced today its upgraded suite of mobile learning apps will be free for a limited time throughout the ASTD 2013 International Conference & Exposition, May 19-22. The following apps have been updated: Float Mobile Learning Primer 1.5 – The Float Mobile Learning Primer is an introductory guide to mobile learning, featuring terms, examples, book excerpts and idea starters available for iOS and Android.

Top 21 Tips For Mobile Learning

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Mobile Learning Mobile Learning Tips The eLearningGuild The eLearningGuild recently released a great resource “158 Tips on mLearning: From Planning to Implementation” Very interestingly, in the introduction Chris Benz says – the big question last year was “Should we do mLearning?” ” The question this year is “How should we do mLearning?”

New Mobile Learning Research

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ASTD last week released its new research report, titled ‘ Mobile Learning – Delivering Learning in a Connected World ‘, which we are very pleased to have sponsored. The report is based on the analysis of responses to an ASTD/i4cp survey of over 500 business and learning professionals apart from insights gathered from interviews conducted with representatives of several organizations in Feb/Mar’12. Mobile Learning

New Mobile Learning Research Report

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We have always believed that mobile is the future of learning and have continually strived to evolve our offerings in line with that belief. As predicted early last year, 2013 saw an explosion of mobile devices in the learning field, with tablets in particular being in the forefront of this growth. Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning In The Workplace – Webinar

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Back in June, we had informed you about Towards Maturity’s In-Focus report titled 'Mobile Learning In The Workplace', which we had supported. Since its release, the report has garnered huge response, which highlights organizations’ growing interest in Mobile Learning and its implementation in the workplace. Mobile Learning Mobile Learning In The Workplace

The Future Of Mobile Learning

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Last week Amit and I made a small presentation to the Mobile Learning MOOC (MobiMOOC) about the possibilities in the future of mobile learning. We’d like to share what we presented because it encapsulates technologies that will impact/affect the future of mobile learning and learning in general, readers of this blog will probably find it of special interest. It goes without saying the future of learning is mobile.

Future 150

Five Practical Mobile Learning Tips

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Find a problem with learning or performance first , think about learning next, and mobile learning last. Look for a learning/performance problem and analyze carefully if mobile learning is a possible solution and not the other way round. Ask if the user job profile involves individuals being substantially ‘mobile’ and not tied to a centralized location. Also factor in their use of and comfort with mobile devices.

Trail Ride to Float Mobile Learning Symposium

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We are about thirty days out from the Float Mobile Learning Symposium and I am getting excited! Conferences 1871 Chicago enterprise security Float Mobile Learning Symposium 2012 mobile learning expert mobile learning security TechWeekI’m ready to pack my saddle bags, mount the proverbial horse and head [.].

Mobile Learning – The Third Dimension

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An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage. We believe mobile learning will play an extremely important role in enabling organizations to support their people manage and retain their competitive edge – check out our earlier webinar “ No escaping mobile learning ”. Cue “mobile learning” – a medium perfectly suited to “support” this.

A Mobile Learning Atlas from ADL and Adayana

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At 300+ pages, the Mobile Learning Decision Path has too much great information to be ignored about mobile learning solutions, content redesign, performance support and recommendations. Mobile Strategy Adayana ADL mobile learning atlas Mobile Learning Decision Path

Top 7 Myths Of Mobile Learning

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When it comes to mobile learning myths and misconceptions abound. These myths are holding back widespread adoption of mobile learning in the workplace. This is the most common misconception about mlearning which leads you to evaluate how to implement elearning on mobile devices. In reality, mlearning is different from elearning in terms of size of courses that can (or should) be delivered on mobiles; the context in which mlearning is accessed.

ASTD 2013 Mobile Learning Sessions

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Gary Woodill helps you find all things mobile learning at ASTD 2013 in Dallas. Conferences ASTD ICE 2013 mobile learning performance support sales enablement

3 Ways to Kickstart Your Mobile Learning for 2014

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Using the Float Mobile Learning Primer''s Idea Starter feature, Scott McCormick expounds on several mobile learning ideas you can use in the new year. Mobile Development Mobile Strategy User Experience Float Mobile Learning Primer mobile Web responsive design responsive Web design user experience

Putting Mobile Learning Into Motion – New Book Excerpt Coming Soon

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Float Mobile Learning''s June 2013 newsletter looks at a new book on mobile strategy, mLearnCon, ASTD 2013, sales enablement blog articles, and new updates to Float''s apps. Conferences Mobile Apps Newsletter ASTD ICE 2013 Float Mobile Learning Primer mLearnCon mLearnCon 2013 mobile learning prototype Putting Learning Into Motion RabbleBrowser sales enablement Sandbox

5 Mobile Learning Pitfalls To Avoid

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Having worked with several organizations over the last 4 years, trying to get their mobile learning initiatives off the ground, we’ve learnt about some of the common pitfalls to avoid. Thinking mLearning is ‘eLearning on mobile’ In my view this is probably the biggest mistake […]. Mobile Learning eLearning on mobile eLearning On Tablets

21 Inspiring Quotes & Thoughts On Mobile Learning

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Mobile is the future of workplace learning. There are many a thinkers in the domain that I follow, learn, and get inspired from. Below is a presentation with a compilation of 21 most inspiring quotes and thoughts that apply to mobile learning, by some […]. Mobile Learning Inspiring Quotes It is not just a statement, but something I believe in.

Luminosity Motion Debuts New Mobile Learning Platform

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With more companies offering mobile learning platforms, we are entering a new stage in the technology confusion curve. Industry News Mobile Development Luminosity Learning mobile learning platforms

What Is Mobile Learning?

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I spent a day at the Learning Technologies show exhibition in London this week. There is a lot of talk of mobile, social, and informal learning at the vendor stalls this year. The most confused, if not misused, term seems to be mobile learning. One large learning systems provider says mobile learning is what’s done on your laptop. To be fair it does help your mobile workforce learn through your LMS. Mobile Learning mLearning

FREE Webinar: Case Studies in Mobile Learning

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Float Mobile Learning’s experts are back Dec. 14 with another free webinar in the Mobile Learning Conversations series. This time, they’ll focus on case studies in mobile learning. Implementations Webinars case studies free webinar Mobile Learning ConversationsJeff Tillett and [.].

The Single Biggest Myth about Mobile Learning [#mLearning]

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There are many great blog posts out there about Mobile Learning Myths and not a single one mentions what I think is the biggest misconception about Mobile Learning. The majority of the myths mentioned out there include things like: You cannot condense real learning into the smaller screens. Mobile Devices are too distracting for providing effective learning. Mobile Learning is just the same eLearning shrunk down to fit on smartphone and tablets.

Top 5 Ways Companies Are Using Mobile Learning Technology

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If engaged in the learning industry long enough, you gain a keen understanding and appreciation for the direction that learning is headed. Mobile Learning Developing Mobile Learning eLearning on mobile And occasionally you have the opportunity to witness a genuine ‘tipping point’ in the industry – the adoption of a new approach that delivers meaningful value for those who must perform at the […].

Models of Mobile Learning

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In incorporating mobile learning into everyday teaching and learning, one first must think of a workable model to frame the discussion and the implementation. Here are four resources that provide models and/or ideas for models of mobile learning. 1) Models of Mobile Learning – Mobl21: A Web model vs App model vs. Cellular model discussion. mlearning mobilelearning mobile learning

New Handbook of Mobile Learning Is Far-Reaching In Breadth and Depth

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Routledge''s 2013 compilation of more than 100 mobile learning research articles should be considered by faculty members, consultants, and even mobile learning developers. Industry News Pedagogy and Learning book review Handbook of Mobile Learning

Top 10 Ways People Are Using Mobile Learning

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Clearly there is plenty of buzz out there around mobile learning. Yet the question I’m asked most frequently is – how are your clients leveraging mobile learning technology? […]. Mobile Learning In my role, I field multiple inquiries on a weekly basis. Many companies know that there are efficiencies to be achieved through an effectively deployed mLearning strategy.

Leveraging Mobile Learning For Sales Training

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How can mobile learning be used to train sales professionals? Mobile learning is best used as a part of a blended learning solution and is suitable for: Activating knowledge before a classroom (or virtual classroom or even an eLearning session); Summarizing (after one of those sessions – delivered soon after the session); Recall (or reactivating knowledge – probably a week or two after the session. Leveraging Mobile Learning Platforms.

You Cannot Escape Mobile Learning!

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There is really no escaping mobile learning; not in today’s day and age. With the massive proliferation of smartphones and tablets, and ever increasing bandwidths and speed of mobile networks – the entire planet has gone mobile quite literally. In this situation, leveraging mobile devices for learning in workplaces is a great opportunity to enhance learning and performance. Mobile Learning mLearning Webinar Mobile Learning Webinar

Review of “Handbook of Mobile Learning”

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The Handbook of Mobile Learning (Routledge, 2013), edited by Zane L. Muilenburg, and written by almost 100 authors, is clearly an academic offering that will be of interest to those researching and studying mobile learning. It will not be widely purchased by practitioners in corporate training, but should be considered by mobile learning strategists and consultants of all stripes. Books Mobile learning Research