Ed/Tech Friday Roundup

Steve Vosloo

Google is expanding its Africa initiatives, including the training of 10m people in digital skills, grants and a version of Youtube for low connectivity contexts. Examples from agriculture and health sectors, but still interesting. For your Friday reading pleasure … Private education is growing faster than public education in Africa.

Mobile Learning in India

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Having a browser on the phone opens up all the learning resources available on the web, including Google, LMS applications, typical eLearning courseware and other tools/applications.

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Is your institution considering mobile learning? « Tony Bates

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techieteacher: Mobiles and learning

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Asus EEE), handheld GPS or voting devices, and specialist portable technologies used in science labs, engineering workshops or for environmental or agricultural study. ► January (5) Google's lost a little of its luster. The Beginning 11 months ago TechLEARNing.com Sharing Calendars (Google Calendar) 1 year ago Visit Classroom 2.0

Miss Sophie Mac: QR codes and the mobile web

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Google wave and so much more. QR codes let your blog go mobile The growing use of QR codes QR codes and great expectations Google wave and the future of communication Visualisation of thoughts on the future of librari. skip to main | skip to sidebar Wednesday, November 18, 2009 QR codes and the mobile web This is a poster I presented yesterday at the UTS Teaching and Learning Forum called "QR codes and the mobile web".

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