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Enterprise mLearning Predictions for 2012

mLearning Trends

Apple’s iPad will continue to be the market leader in 2012 though a collection of tablet devices based on Android (in older Honeycomb to newer Ice Cream Sandwich flavors), Microsoft Windows 8 and possibly even RIM’s PlayBook 2.0 OS will continue to eat away at Apple’s market share as organizations seek to take advantage of the tablets for media consumption, user-generated content creation and in situ selling supported. retail sales, in field tech trucks, departmental loaners) but requiring enterprise level controls and security too. 7. Mobile Learning Goes Mainstream. Summary.

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My 2012 Enterprise mLearning Predictions Recap

mLearning Trends

retail sales, in field tech trucks, departmental loaners) but requiring enterprise level controls and security too. Microsoft had a tough go of trying to convince the market that their Windows 8 and RT/Surface-based tablets were the right enterprise alternative to the iPad as evidenced here. Here’s the analysis of how it all played out. Prediction #1 - Mobile Learning Goes Mainstream.

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Embracing Mobile To Educate For Tomorrow | MobileBehavior

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Youth will not know of Microsoft DOS, Windows 3.1, or 56k modems; todays youngest will not consider the iPhone 3GS to be extraordinary. What better solution than to ban cellphones altogether? But while mobile phones have been  blamed for an increase in exam cheating ,  SMS has been praised for helping students learn to spell. The solution lies in perspective. At  St. Scott Newcomb, a St.

Your Weekly OTT, Secure Messaging & Healthcare News

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Microsoft Buys Wand Labs to Develop Conversational Intelligence  – Wand Labs’ vision is to provide its customers an incredible experience by perfecting human language. This week, we had so much news to share we’re breaking it into multiple posts! Big news! 78% of Consumers Believe SMS is Fastest Way to Reach Them  – a great stat here! Some other good stats here as well.

Are Apps the Future of Mobile Learning?

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“According to mobile content retailer, Handango, Mobile Learning content now accounts for 18% of all their retail sales&#. And, the following companies have an app store or will have one very soon: Microsoft (Windows Mobile), RIM (Blackberry), Nokia and Sony-Ericsson(Symbian), Google (Android), Adobe (Flash Lite, AIR, Flex, etc.). I can definitely see why an app store is popular with the companies named above. As a developer, you constantly look for the “next big thing&#.  We know that casual games are a huge hit and some of them are considered learning titles.