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The Future Of Mobile Learning

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Last week Amit and I made a small presentation to the Mobile Learning MOOC (MobiMOOC) about the possibilities in the future of mobile learning. We’d like to share what we presented because it encapsulates technologies that will impact/affect the future of mobile learning and learning in general, readers of this blog will probably find it of special interest.

Why Mobile Learning Is The Future Of Workplace Learning (Infographic)

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Why Mobile Learning Is The Future Of Workplace Learning. Not too long back I had posted the slide deck of my presentation at the 2012 CLO India Summit. Our Marketing folks got a little creative and converted this humble ppt into an infographic, a rather beautiful one. Check it out (below) and if you like it, pat our backs by sharing it with your friends and colleagues.

6 Reasons Why Responsive Design Makes sense as the Future of e-Learning and m-Learning Design

mLearning Revolution

Another survey found that People change the device they are using an average of 21 times an hour when they are at home, according to findings from OMD UK’s Future of Britain research project. via 10 Things Adobe gets Right about Mobile Learning with Captivate 8 [Review] | The mLearning Revolution Blog. Responsive Web Design is future-proof. How many devices do you own?

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The New Adobe Captivate 7 Marches Backwards into the Future [Review]

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A year ago I wrote a post entitled  An Honest Assessment of Adobe Captivate 6 [First Impressions] , which garnered 81 ReTweets and 62 comments, and to this day is the most read post here on my blog. via  An Honest Assessment of Adobe Captivate 6 [First Impressions] | The mLearning Revolution Blog. Fast Forward One Year Later. Hence the title of this post. Conclusion.

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The Future Of Learning Design

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If you are intrigued by the future of learning design, you won’t want to miss the second half of this interview with Karl Kapp. Some form of the convergence of all these technologies in one tool will be the future environment in which knowledge workers will interact. So I look to the convergence of social media, 3D worlds and business applications to be the future of learning. » The future of social networking – a concept investigation

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The future of social networking – a concept investigation Posted by matt on October 01, 2009 If youre new here, you may want to subscribe to my blog and get updates either via email or via RSS. It’s an investigation into how social networking may work in the future, focusing on mobile and augmented reality (AR). Goodbye to privacy Privacy is already an issue of concern now and for our digital future. lol at laughing or crying… true about the privacy and the future! Tags: augmentedreality future social Thanks for visiting! what I eat.

eLearning is dead! Multi-screen learning is the next big thing.

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Another survey found that People change the device they are using an average of 21 times an hour when they are at home, according to findings from OMD UK’s Future of Britain research project. 2014 " The mLearning Revolution Blog ". iA Single Experience across multiple screens, as illustrated in the image above, is the world we live in today! eLearning is dead! Flash-based eLearning.

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The brand new Captivate 9 puts Adobe years ahead of the competition

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According to Adobe’s site Draft is a storyboard app but I see it as a bigger innovation that has the potential to change how learning professionals will approach learning design in the 21st century. I don’t think is too far-fetched to envision a future where we can actually design full-blown learning experiences on a mobile device without the need for a desktop computer.

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Defining Mobile Learning Isn’t Enough | Knowledge Management System (KMS) Blog

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What does it mean if the learning content is mobile? I am planning a follow-up post about this diagram and how I think existing and future mobile teaching and learning strategies fit in.  © 2010 - 2011 Knowledge Management System (KMS) Blog Powered by Wordpress CrossBlock designed by DeltaManual.Com | In conjunction with Web Hosting | Web Hosting | Reverse phone. Herrington, A.,

Panlibus » Blog Archive » The past present and future of mobile learning

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My Blog Posts at Float Mobile Learning

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I haven’t added much to this blog site lately, mainly because I am blogging daily at Float Mobile Learning, where I work as a senior analyst. If you haven’t checked out the Float blog, please do, as it is a goldmine of information on mobile learning. The Future of Mobile, According to Mary Meeker. Mobile Learning Lies We Tell Ourselves. Not At All!

10 Things Adobe gets Right about Mobile Learning with Captivate 8 [Review]

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The Future of the Web is Responsive Design! And this is why in my humble opinion, the future of mobile learning design looks brighter for Adobe, and I see Captivate 8 as a great first step toward this vision. will record a how-to video later and post here on my blog. 6. Importing HTML5 content. I’m glad to see the Captivate team embracing HTML5 as the future of the web.

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A List of Interesting Mobile Learning Links

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While I haven’t blogged in a while, I continue trawling through my RSS feeds, seeing more and more references to mobile learning, mlearning, performance support, ‘just-in-time’ and so many other terms that make sense in that context. Mobile Learning Blog To Follow. The Future of Learning is Mobile. Future Mobile Learning (29 August 2011) by Judy Brown. Mobile Learning.

The future of education in Africa is mobile (BBC article)

Steve Vosloo

The article I wrote for the BBC Future site (24 August 2012) is not available to users in the UK, so here it is below … The future of education in Africa is mobile. Over the coming months, A Matter of Life and Tech will feature a range of voices from people building Africa’s tech future. Read his  blog  or follow him on Twitter at  @stevevosloo. The list goes on.

Where are we at on the road to Ubiquitous Computing & uLearning? – an update

uLearning Blog

Recently I’ve re-visited the topic that was the very founding-theme of this here education and technology blog – that being, what does the dawning of a ubiquitous computing era mean for learning? These articles look at the no-longer near-future topics of ‘The Network of Things’ and ‘Perceptual Computing’ Head over to Is mLearning Really The Future

mLearning World

skip to main | skip to sidebar * Newsletter * LinkedIn * Facebook * * mLearning World Live Wednesday, October 04, 2006 Is mLearning Really The Future Ive once again stumbled across another presentation that decries mLearning as The Future of learning. mLearning the future or is mLearning all around us already? agree that in Australia it is a long way off. Training.

May Hot List: Mobile Learning Content

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Float Mobile Learning , May 17, 2011 No Process = No Success - Float Mobile Learning , May 2, 2011 I had an hour with an #Android tablet today & reflected on its suitability for schools #mlearn #slide2learn - uLearning Blog , May 19, 2011 75% of OSU students strongly agree iPad enhances learning. Float Mobile Learning , May 11, 2011 Does This iPhone Make Me Look Fat? hotlist hot May

Views into the Future

mLearnopedia Blog

Especially at this time of the year, we tend to review--and hopefully learn from--the past and to look ahead to the future. have always been intrigued by what the future holds for us in the mobile area for our lifestyle, but mainly for learning. Tags: mLearnopedia Blog have been excited about what sensors can and will bring us for our safety and health, but have added several videos this week to get you thinking about what if my mobile device were able to.?Check Check out these additions:Nokia 4th Screen Official Video.

Back from a year-long Sabbatical from Tech: 9 Things I’m excited about

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Looking back, perhaps I should have done this right after leaving Adobe. I’m feeling refreshed and ready for round two with new ideas for my blog, books, courses on mLearning, presentations, and excited to take on a new projects for organizations looking to mobilize their learning. Equally as important, what topics are not of interest to you that I should not spend time blogging about?

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Solve the Most Common Healthcare Challenge with Text Messaging

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One organization sent text message reminders to HIV/AIDS patients to take their medication, and found that the texts “significantly improved” the patients’ adherence to their medication: 95% of participants said that the text messages helped them “very much” 81% said they wanted to continue to receive the messages in the future.

QR Codes and Beyond?

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Leonard Low wrote on November 8 of this year in his blog post, QR Codes: Here today but gone tomorrow ? Scan this QR code to see a super creative use of the technology from 2006. Tried using a QR (quick response) code yet? 17, 2010). “Last month, Google formally released its URL shortener, which included the  ability to create QR codes by adding “.qr” 11, 2010).

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6 Trends in Rapid eLearning Tools to watch in 2012

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Since it’s still January and people are blogging about trends or predictions for the new year, I thought I’d share some areas I believe Rapid eLearning Vendors should focus on in 2012 in order to stay ahead of the curve or worse, have a small startup eat their lunch. 1. happen to think this is the future of how we will learn about new software and acquire it from here on out.

Augmented Reality (AR) – The Future of Mobility?

The Mobile Learner

This blog is all about how mobile devices can be incorporated in classrooms today to help students learn.  In many ways, this blog is about the present as I’ve always looked to be as practical as possible to offer ideas for readers in incorporating this technology now. Below is a video demonstrating the possibility of AR: Initially, I thought AR was a concept for the future and decided to wait before I began commenting on it.  Recently I’ve been introduced to the concept of Augmented Reality (AR) and have been intreagued. You can read more about that here.

Is eLearning on Tablets really Mobile Learning? [Chime in]

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The only thing better than Blogging is the comments one gets below a post. Comments I believe is the real killer app of Blogs and some times comments are so insightful than they trigger ideas for new posts. Here’s one such comment I received in my  is it time to remove the “e” and “m” from Learning ? submitted by Alfred Low. What an excellent question!

The New Articulate Storyline iPad App and mLearning [VIDEOS]

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via  The Next Generation of E-Learning » The Rapid eLearning Blog. Obviously mobile means much more than the iPad, and much work needs to be done beyond an iPad app, but I think having an iPad strategy is an excellent start and I expect that Articulate will continue to strengthen their mobile learning story in future versions of Storyline and Studio. Send to Kindle.

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Three Easy Ways to Grow Your Mobile List

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By comparing the number of responses you get from each opt in path, you can easily calculate which ad spend has a better value and use that media more frequently in the future. Blog Calls to Action Inspirations Media You can never have too many mobile subscribers! Here are some quick ways to spread the word and make it easy for more people to opt in to your mobile campaign.

Are the robots taking over? Augment your reality, don't lose it!


thinking about the skills you need for future life, rather than narrow focus on a few subjects [18:30] If you have to measure schools, maybe you should be looking 10 years down the line. Ubuntu project: Several pieces on this blog , a talk I did on it at TEDxLondon , and further info here: [link] [34 mins] People need people. Absolutely - Are they the future? mUbuntu usage future devices learners as creators constructivism trends why mobile Augmented Reality MOOC mobimooc ARWhen is technology helping, and when does it hinder? 7.30] Thinking about touch screens.

Panlibus » Blog Archive » Mobile learning: What exactly is it?

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This Week in mLearning Podcast – A Review of Articulate Storyline [Episode 5]

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Pebble is a customizable e-paper watch, promoted by Kickstarter , a funding platform. 2- Articulate Storyline: killer features and performance limitations. 3- Articulate Community. 4- Articulate Storyline´s mobile story and challenges for the future (SCORM support, security, etc). 5- Articulate Storyline compared with Adobe Captivate. 6- Apps of the week: Wolfenstein 3D (free game) and Zite (personalized magazine). Welcome episode #5 of our new podcast entitled “ This Week in mLearning. ” In case you missed previous episodes, you can find them HERE. Send to Kindle.

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10 mLearning Lessons I Learned from reading Mobile First by Luke Wroblewski [Book Review]

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There’s so much to like about this book on the mobile-first movement, but here are 10 lessons I personally found applicable to all of us in mLearning: Lesson 1: The Future is Mobile and Mobile Learning  — Hopefully you aren’t too surprised by this truth but it’s worth mentioning it. Mobile is the future and we must to be part of it. enjoy the simplicity of mobile.

The mobile future

mLearning Blog

Last week I went to another seminar, or rather a presentation about the future of the mobile web in 2010. A few interesting products (hardware and software), some of which I have never heard of, were shown. The views in this blog are the authors personal opinion. Altough mobile learning per se was not mentioned, one or two of those products certainly will have an impact on the mobile learning scene of this year. As far as hardware goes, not surprisingly, the iPad was called the hottest item on their list of many. Some of these, obviously aren’t even on the market.

mLearnCon 2011 Recap

Upside Learning

We’ve had great conferences over the last couple of years, and there were some posts to the blog at that time. The Future Of E-learning Is Mobile – mLearnCon. We’ll be attending and exhibiting at mLearnCon 2012 in San Jose, California next week. It’s a great time to quickly recap those: First Impressions: mLearnCon 2011 Exposition.

3 Essential Themes for Mobile Learning Systems

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This takes on a post I wrote several weeks ago, that spoke about four themes that will (and not five) predominate learning in the future. While our current system offers some cool features, we must look further into the future. This is where the rubber meets the road, by dreaming up features we invent the mLearning systems future right here. technologies.

The Question Of Why (Not) eLearning On iPads Or Tablets?

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One can think of delivering eLearning on iPads (or any other tablets) as a great starting point for mLearning adoption. I see the need to deliver eLearning on tablets as a great opportunity to move towards ‘real’ mLearning in the future. 2012 saw the re-emergence of ‘Mobile learning’ or ‘mLearning’ as “new” (ok, not really new) buzzwords in L&D and Training circles around the world.

5 Rapid Authoring Tools To Publish Courses For Your iPads

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Worldwide, Samsung probably sells more smartphones than anyone else , Looking into the future – this article predicts that iPads will retain more than 50% of the installed base of all tablets in 2016, but Android and Windows Metro will be the other two dominant platforms. Judy Unrein makes a very valid point in her blog post Publishes to HTML5 ? with HTML5 Converter. Upcoming Tools.

Instructional Design for Mediated Education | Blog | Location-Based Learning

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IDOS Blog IDT Roundtable Search Instructional Design for Mediated Education Blog Entry Location-Based Learning by Eruditio Loginquitas One comment 07 January 2010 In higher education, the uses of location-based learning seem to be limited to particular projects. Privacy concerns (which arise with wireless connectivity) for users are fairly low but may change in the future. One reads of digital installations as parts of student social spaces and libraries. Personally, I am hoping that this year will involve some spatialized augmented-reality projects. Wiki Mania!


My First 72 hours with the Blackberry Playbook

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Having said that, I have read that BlackBerry intends to add e-mail support in a future update. Oh and of course they need to do something about that horrendous Power button in future generations of the Playbook. will continue to blog my experience with the Tablets I own in future posts, so please stay tuned. Unboxing the Playbook and Setup. update. The Online Help. » Blog Archive » Looking to the future of education: learning spaces and mobile devices

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Sun streaming through tree outside my window & can hear the birds singing. :-D Looking to the future of education: learning spaces and mobile devices April 28th, 2009 | Comments | Posted in Education , Technology Hi! In terms of learning spaces and mobile devices, I believe the following Futurelab reports to be most useful: Transforming schools for the future? New here?

Here’s how Adobe Captivate 6 could have been a Game-Changer for mLearning

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Shadow allows you to connect multiple devices to your desktop wirelessly and then as you browse pages on your computer, all of you devices display the same page accordingly. I use this all the time to test my Blog on my Mac, iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire and Droid 2. But I still went ahead and did it and even today after having further tested the new features, I stand by everything I wrote.

Adobe 53 eLearning Guild November Big Question- Are our models (ISD, ADDIE, HPT, etc.) relevant in the future?

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relevant in the future? relevant in the future? The Learning Circuits Blog: What simulations are g. skip to main | skip to sidebar * Newsletter * LinkedIn * Facebook * * mLearning World Live Thursday, November 30, 2006 eLearning Guild November Big Question- Are our models (ISD, ADDIE, HPT, etc.) theory. Click here to read the article. Training. iTunes 7.7