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Social learning expert panel #emoocs2015 #social

Ignatia Webs

What do you feel is social learning? Social learning: what becomes better when more people take part: more diverse views, more perspectives => conversations. Social learning moves beyond learners and teachers, it is about participating in a course in such a way that you yourself learn, but also you yourself share what you know. What is missing in social learning?

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The best Presentation on Social Learning and the New Role for Educators

mLearning Revolution

I’m fascinated by the impact Social Media has had on just about everything we do, including how we learn and how we share knowledge with our peers. Some people may call this Social Learning, or Informal Learning, I just call it Learning. There is one slide in particular that caught my eye, entitled ‘ The New Role in Education.’. Social Learning. Send to Kindle.

Solutions for learners with #disabilities using specific #social media

Ignatia Webs

Karel Van Isacker from PhoenixKM and VIPI just gave a presentation on social media in an accessible learning perspective. The reason of interest was his focus on the actual usability of a broad range of alternative social media tools that people with disabilities need to use in order to actually access social media. I had no idea and I am very grateful that Karel got me so excited.

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Blogphilosophy: #education needs to shift, creating meaningful #identities

Ignatia Webs

This post builds upon the idea that education must be rethought, but not in terms of the disrupted higher education (higher ed under pressure with online learning – MOOCs etc, global educational market stressing smaller universities and colleges), but in terms of reshaping all of our identities and self-esteems for each one of us. Educational philosophy, here I come!

The power of #informal learning: A #social network perspective

Ignatia Webs

Bart Rientien s gave a webinar at the Knowledge Media Institute this morning, describing three cases in which he (and his colleagues) looked at informal and social network learning. Integrated Social network analysis There are those who read only, but do not interact. Visualising the invisible: a network approach to reveal the informal social side of student learning. Bos, G.,

#OEB14 session initiating Unified Learning Theory brainstorm #education

Ignatia Webs

As an example of why I feel the Unified Learning Theory might parallel String theory approach: the magnification levels (now, I now this is still very sketchy, so feel free to share shortcomings or positive additions: Different levels: Learning overall Educational field (e.g. education eLearning informal learning OEB online learning unified learning theory

Content from the Social #Mobile #Networking for #Informal learning roundtable #somobnet

Ignatia Webs

A quick recap of some of the SoMobNet International Roundtable on "Social Mobile Networking for Informal Learning" that ran on 21 November 2011 in London: [link] Guy Merchant's keynote: [link] From which I quote some key ideas here: What happens when mobiles are founds in formal educational contexts? What should we be teaching about mobile social networking? They get banned!

Blogphilosophy: does #peace, pacifist education exist in #MOOC?

Ignatia Webs

With social media, networks and connected communities… this is no longer the case. And as such, many citizens turn to social media (if it is not censored by government) to share their plight, giving a human face to evil circumstances on both sides of any fence. And then it struck me that peace is celebrated so little in current times, and particularly in open education.

How #mobiles helped save Los Angeles Adult #education with Sean Abajian

Ignatia Webs

With education being at the crossroads it says to be and with the crisis cutting educational initiatives around the world, this video can give us some strategies to see positive change happening thanks to grassroot action. Adult education has been thriving in the Los Angeles area from 1870's and last December 2011 it was said to be cut completely by the local government.

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Blogphilosophy: Education makes the world a worse place

Ignatia Webs

These last few days were pushing the truth into my face again: education does not change the world. Why do I put so much time and effort in researching education? It is any region empowered by the educated that decides ‘the other’ should be destroyed (read murdered under a false flag of well-meant excuses). Annihilating the powerless and educating the thinking. We could.

Commenting & sharing free 5th innovating pedagogy report #pedagogy #EdTech #OU

Ignatia Webs

Researchers from the Instituteof Educational Technology located at The Open University (UK) together with academics from the Learning Sciences Lab at the National Institute of Education in Singapore recently published the fifth Innovative pedagogy report. This fifth report proposes ten innovations that are already in currency but have not yet had a profound influence on education.

#OEB2014 keynote debate #data corrupts #education

Ignatia Webs

For those wanting to co-author on the potential negative effects of data on education, feel free to have a look at what I call '' the big data ramble, a plea for more human indicators '' (beware that is a draft, so more chaotic than the text I bring below, but. Digital divide One of the reasons that data is currently corrupting education, is because big data increases the digital divide. But which partners are they choosing, and how does this affect the other educational institutes? Which means that all of us in education will have to become data savvy at some point.

#MOOC disasters are human and part of educational innovation and why sandboxes are good

Ignatia Webs

With the Coursera course on the Fundamentals of Online Education: Planning and Application going down due to a mix of unfortunate events, sceptics of MOOC's feel strengthened. education collaborative learning mooc instructional design informal learningBut my heart really goes out to Fatimah Wirth, for she dared to test new approaches but. So what is at the basis?

Running race between open learning and formal higher education

Ignatia Webs

As the discussion on the future of higher education keeps on going, it is interesting to see how the presidents of colleges look upon these changes, particularly when looking at how top management looks at the pro's and con's of online learning. The public and college presidents differ over the educational value of online courses. College Presidents and Social Networking.

#IRRODL : Why the #chaos of #MOOC s and #mlearning will be a benefit to #education in the long run

Ignatia Webs

To all of us who think education is stressed for change, this paper on using mLearning and MOOCs to understand chaos, emergence, and complexity in education is a collaborative effort to embrace chaos in new educational formats (MOOC, mLearning) to come to a new educational balance. in the end. There are many other great articles in it. education2.0

Free journal issue on #OER Open Educational Resources #socialInclusion

Ignatia Webs

They have just released FREE ACCESS to the Distance Education Special Issue on Open Educational Resources (OERs) and Social Inclusion (Volume 33, issue 2). Here are just a couple of the articles: The OER mix in higher education: purpose, process, product, and policy Samuel Nikoi & Alejandro Armellini Open educational resources: education for the world?

Sweeping away the #occupy movement, is like sweeping away #critical #education

Ignatia Webs

feel that crushing freedom of opinion is actually a very practical example of suffocating critical thinking and true education overall. Crushing freedom of opinion does not coincidentally happen at the same moment in which most countries decide to cut down on education or welfare to get them out of an economic crisis. social network education activism open education

Free #open content licensing course 4 #educators organized by the #OER university

Ignatia Webs

From 5 February 2014 (until 19 February 2014) a new, free course is launched to address open content licensing for educators. the OERu (Open Educational Resources University - a group of universities around the globe). courses eLearning mooc OER online learning open content open education The full syllabus of the 2 week course can be found here.

Emerging trends in education and mobile learning

Steve Vosloo

Overlapping of education trends and mobile-enabled opportunities. Why is this technological innovation different for education than previous moments (for example, the rise of television or the popularity of personal computers)? I don’t believe that technology is the single driver of education transformation, although it is certainly a key influencing factor. Education is under pressure to change because of a number of factors. Recently, a United Nations task team led by UNESCO produced a  think piece on education and skills  beyond 2015 – key points listed below.

NMC horizon #report 2014 on #education in #HighEd

Ignatia Webs

The report also addresses some challenges that are still standing in this digital age (scaling teaching innovation, relative lack of rewards for teaching, low digital fluency of faculty, competing educational models - although I like the debates coming from the competition). eLearning future of education learning learning analytics mobile mobile learning online learning report

On #Higher #Education and Society in Changing Times and searching for the reason why educational research centres are under siege

Ignatia Webs

Certain countries opt to increase education and research (e.g. Germany) and cut budgets in other areas, other countries are slicing down education/research (e.g. Personally, I cannot imagine how any politician that understands the growing knowledge era can vote in favor of research/educational cuts. But then I am a firm believer that education will add to human solutions (which is not the same as that education will save us all, but. Last year Becta was closed, this year CHERI , or the Centre for Higher Education Research and Information is closed.

Free report on #innovative #pedagogy, practices and use

Ignatia Webs

find the focus on social learning of interest, as the report states that " Education can be dramatically enhanced by social networks, a report from The Open University claims. Massive open social learning brings the power of social networks to people taking online courses, by recommending, liking and following the best content created by other learners.

Successfully implementing #mobile 2.0 within institute using participatory action research

Ignatia Webs

The following paper provides insights and arguments on embedding, optimizing and collaboratively changing the institutional approach to mobile learning involving social media or mobile 2.0. projectshave transformed a tertiary education institution’s approach to e-learning. change higher education mLearning mobile mobile learning paper research social media

unesco: opportunities, threats & challenges of #mLearning #mlw2013

Ignatia Webs

implications of mLearning teacher roles: need to evolve to encompass wide-ranging support for informal learning (teachers must get more experience with mobile learning) strong guidance on aspects of personal safety and security issues (trust, safe learning environment, what does it mean for female immigrants to dive into social media networks.) so an overall lively use of mobile devices.

Selecting meaningful #socialmedia tools for a #MOOC or #PLN

Ignatia Webs

MOOC), or gearing up for a Personal Learning Network (PLN) is the selection of meaning social media tools. In order to get an overview of the big families in social media, I started to make a list for my own comprehension and future selection. If you see that I have missed a group or set of social media tools, feel free to let me know. Social Media Tool Why use it + implementation Example with possible extra Idea and content sharing Microblogging Twitter allows the learner group to share short messages with one another, linking it to more content. Video (e.g.

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Analyzing institutes online #presence for increased competitiveness

Ignatia Webs

PLE education social media knowledge age eLearning knowledge management future of educationDuring the last few weeks I was asked to see where my current institute was in terms of innovation, digital identity, online visibility. and more of those knowledge age connected characteristics. Where is your institute at? exiting and fun stuff!

Blogphilosophy: #socialmedia #participation is reproducing powers that be

Ignatia Webs

Social media allows everyone with an internet connection (and who is not behind censored internet walls) to like or dislike any topic or content open to voting. When social media got on to societies stage I was thrilled. The educational opportunities seemed limitless… Yes, I am a tech utopian. blogphilosophy social media participation mobimooc open educationAdams.

#PLENK2010 the future of education, my vision of the future

Ignatia Webs

Tags: plenk2010 blogphilosophy social network augmented reality cyborg anthropology nanotechnology social interaction networking

#mlearn12 impact of #learner interactions on mobile enabled open courses

Ignatia Webs

mobile mLearning education research social media mobile learning mooc mobimoocPresentation giving an overview of the first steps in a study looking at the impact of mobile accessibility on learner interactions in an open, online course. This presentation was given during mLearn12 in Helsinki, finland. First research data mlearn2012 mobile access in mooc course def from Inge Ignatia de Waard.

#edenRW9 Tweaking facilitator focus in MOOCs changes course dynamic dramatically

Ignatia Webs

talks about MOOC MOOCs are part of educational reform. She looks at the drivers for higher education and change, and looking at those will (hopefully) make. But can MOOCs help us with educational reform. week MOOC, launched 9 March 2015, given on Canvas LMS, designed for both new and experienced learners (community based education). Learner-centered.

Sharing last nights presentation on #mobile #MOOC and learner interactions

Ignatia Webs

Below you can find the slides I used for the CIDER session that was organized by the Canadian Institute for Distance Education yesterday. mobile mLearning education research mobile learning mooc mobimooc social interaction presentation learner interaction community of inquiryFirst research data mlearn2012 mobile access in mooc course from Inge Ignatia de Waard.

#emoocs2014 solutions to including vulnerable learners in #MOOC

Ignatia Webs

future of education identity mooc OER online learning social change This is the brief overview of the talk that I give at eMOOCs2014 on the subject of challenges for conceptualising EU MOOC for vulnerable learner groups. The full paper can be viewed here (it has the full argumentation and possible solutions. Just followed a session on MOOC and collaborations with developing regions.

Write, create, curate and collaborate: preparing for #digiWriMo

Ignatia Webs

collaborative learning collaborative working multimedia online learning open education social media tools writingGreat initiative to combine digital writing and creativity all through the month of November 2015. learn by writing. It always feels like the movement of my fingers on my keyboard makes me think more clearly, and even pushes thoughts right into the open. So this Digital Writing Month initiative (#DigiWriMo), organised by the Hybrid Pedagogy bloggers ( Maha Bali , Sarah Honeychurch , and Kevin Hogdson ), is right up my alley. It is simple and open. oh, nice initiative!

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Join the open and free course on mobile learning: #MobiMOOC

Ignatia Webs

Although the course is open to all, it is useful if you have some experience with social media. This format uses a lot of social media to enable all the participants and the facilitators to stay connected, build a network, exchange experiences. edupunk mobile educational methodology knowledge education2.0 mobile learning mooc mobimooc open education future of education

Call for #MOOC experiences and research #eMOOCs2015

Ignatia Webs

key=18800640.nAH0aIzfppFdI6fE Guidelines for submissions can be found here: [link] And layout instructions can be downloaded here: [link] Range of relevant topics: social learning, networked learning, MOOC experiences in business, higher education, k12, non-profits, developing countries. conference eLearning k12 mooc networked learning online learning research social learning

A fantastic pedagogical issue of IRRODL free #research #eLearning #pedagogy

Ignatia Webs

So, putting aside some reading time, to get through this 12 research articles (get ready for a glimpse of African, Mongolian; Philippine online education adoptions and insights) and one shared bit of field notes from a MOOC in Rural Rwanda. collaborative learning education eLearning k12 mooc multimedia online education online learning pedagogy research social learningIRRODL is one of my favorite journals. When I saw the synopsis of this first 2016 issue, it got me all excited just at a glance! Oh, my this is just a treat!

FutureLearn: pedagogical & mLearning MOOC platform - the approach

Ignatia Webs

They understand Open Educational Resources, online dynamics, getting learners accustomed with online learning. So FutureLearn is rolling out the big guns, building a platform which is embedding educational tools and formats enriching todays educational reality. mobile futureLearn education ubiquitous learning mobile learning mooc informal learning future of education

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Early #career researchers and how to get a job?

Ignatia Webs

social network research phd twitter higher education networking With every career move, there comes a time of trepidation, confusion, wild gesturing in the living room while expressing "where am I going? What am I doing?!". That is the phase I am in right now. Luckily Andy Coverdale tweeted about a twitter chat for. early career researchers ! anyone. anyone who wants to hire me?

Launch of the Really Useful #EdTechBook #elearning enthusiasts

Ignatia Webs

This book has took only 6 months to gather 16 educational technologists, and all-round eLearning practitioners (both in online education, mobile learning, and any sub-section in technology enhanced learning). books ebook education eLearning online education online learning technology So what is the book about? Price Paperback: $29.99 / £19.99 / €24.99

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#eMOOCs2014 #FutureLearn new stats & findings #MOOC

Ignatia Webs

And after hearing Andrew Ng, Simon and others, I do believe there is a sincere willingness in some of the xMOOC drivers to embrace education for all, but work needs to be done to really change our society and lift everyone with education. MOOCs are seen by Simon as a starting point for online learning, emphasizing need for increased social learning. television, documentaries…).