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Mobile stats for 2010 and 2011


I can’t help but be bowled over when I try to get my head around exactly how many people are doing useful tasks on their phones. Many of the stats are by their nature skewed. good rule of thumb is that “the more financially viable, the more accurate the stats”. So if you want to know mobile internet usage in Ghana – you will struggle.

QR Codes and Beyond?

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If you haven’t already, create your own QR code, and try reading this one with your smart phone’s camera … you may have to download a QR reader , first (this one has a handy illustrated how-to). 17, 2010). 11, 2010). Scan this QR code to see a super creative use of the technology from 2006. Tried using a QR (quick response) code yet? Articles Industry

QR 56

2010: mLearning Year in Review

mLearning Trends

How our January 2010 Predictions Played Out! As we reach the first anniversary of this blog’s introduction, we thought we’d take stock and figure out how things are going by revisiting our list of predictions for enterprise mobile learning in 2010. So here’s the tally for "runs batted in (or attempted)" during the 2010 mLearning season. A.K.A. Validated (“Double”). Batter up

Three Ways to Use Mobile Devices in Workplace Learning

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We believe performance support mobile applications are a great tool to have on your employees’ phones. This could range from simple assistance with calculators or complex procedural information that helps makes decisions, all using smart-phone applications. Used as a Part of the Blend. Mobile devices are perfect to add to a blend in your training program. Device to Access Information.

What to take into account when chosing a mobile device for learning?

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Choosing the best phone for mobile learning can be quite a challenge. First of all if you are a tech savvy person you could go for a less expensive device which has all the options of the iPhone and more, for the iPhone costs a lot, yet is similar to many other mobile phones that are cheaper. What can you opt for in a high-end phone or mobile device? linked to your location).

My top 10 #eLearning and #mLearning posts from 2010

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These where the top 10 posts (= most visited posts) in 2010: Blooms taxonomy for a digital world : an overview of how you can fit new media into Blooms taxonomy. What to take into account when choosing a mobile phone. My top 10 learning tools for 2010. My 8 learning predictions for 2010 The Horizon report 2010: this report gives an overview of emerging learning technologies.

Mobile Usage Among The Youth

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The Neilsen Company, the well-known advertising and market research company published an interesting report recently about mobile phone usage amongst youth in certain countries. Some critical insights from the report: Young adults choose their own devices ; only 16% of the sample reported that parents selected the phones for them. You can download the report here.

eModeration Station

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Home About Mobile Learning # 6: Six key m-learning resources Comments (8) By Nicky Hockly , June 9, 2010 1:54 pm How do you feel about housework? Students are constantly bringing their mobile phones and iPods to school. Bags are searched at the school gates every day, and any mobile phones or iPods that are found are confiscated. Smart phones, netbooks, e-readers, iTouches…?

eModeration Station » Mobile learning #1: The big picture

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The 2010 Horizon Report predicts that mobile technology will be mainstream by the end of this year. This Guardian Weekly article , for example, reports on the massive rise of mobile phone use in Africa. 2 The language learning picture. Publishers are starting to produce apps (applications, or programs) which you can download onto your iPhone or Android phone. Tweet This!

mobile phones: the e-readers of choice in South Africa


have blogged about m-uBuntu before – a growing family of schools in South Africa who are using “cell phones” to transform how they teach. We have been out there a few times, and were very excited to hear it being reported on by “The Word”, a US radio channel who spent a while in Cape Town visiting two great mobile literacy projects there: M4Lit – Mobile Phones for Literacy. Tags: projects case studies 3rd world interviews learners as creators constructivism on the road user trials phone south africa reading cool kids mUbuntu africa primary school

2010 Forecasts

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I intended to write a blog entry in late December with my predictions for mobile learning in 2010, but somehow never found the time. In fact, Tech Crunch 's Ten Technologies That Will Rock 2010 , over half of them are mobile. From Forrester Insight and research - Key Learning Trends for 2010: Are You Onboard? Bottom line today is that the questions are no longer "why?"

Digital Audiobooks, Assistive Technology and its Effects on Literacy

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Take, as an example, a free iPhone app that I recently installed on my phone: Dragon Dictation.  It allows the user to dictate into the phone and to have the dictation translated into text without the need to train the software.  Literacy is evolving.  Wikipedia ([link]. Digital audiobooks and assistive technology software such and text-to-speech software is not new.  The cost? 

Mobiles, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing Merge — MobileBeyond

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MobileBeyond The Future of Mobile Communications Home About MobileBeyond Contact MB Subscribe The Day Mobiles, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing Merged February 23, 2010 Neural Net The day started like any other, sun rising, Earth spinning, Moon in orbit. Primitive hand held devices, once called PDA’s, phones, tablets , disappeared. All became real. Read more.

Yes, mobile moodle for iPhone is eminent, we will release open source code soon

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Critical reading, module revision and suggested reading are distributed along with the clinical modules’ discussion, through mobile phones. For those who have been following my mobile blogs, you knew our great Peru/Belgian team (i.e. We started out rather basic, you can read about the first steps in this previous post. And now we are at the brink of releasing the code. How did they do it?

2010: the year we make contact?

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Welcome to 2010. feel a bit foolish writing my first 2010 blog entry when the announcement that might define mobile and ubiquitous computing this year is still a week away, but there have been enough early signs from a range of companies to make some assumptions, and speculate on what they will mean for learning that attempts to take advantage them. Laptop sales overtook desktop pc sales, and mobile phone sales have long dwarfed both. Tags: Future mobile/miniaturisation uLearning 2010 interface iPod Touch iSlate tablet touch That’s the hardware story.

Mobile Learning Solutions – Infographic

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It’s always a good idea to try and leverage the hardware a mobile platform my provide (GPSs in smart-phones). Recently, Upside Learning updated its website to reflect the evolution of our brand and services. We added pages that focus on our mobile learning services as well. The diagram is self-explanatory.

QR Codes: Here Today, but Gone Tomorrow


taken with a mobile phone camera, and use that to retrieve information.  Simultaneously, improved text recognition will allow retrieval of, or access to, web-based activities or resources simply by typing or writing our a URL in human-readable form and pointing a mobile phone camera at that URL.  QR Code shirts I wore (+stamps and cards brought) to the 2007 MLearn Conference.

Going Mobile: Debating and Using Cellphones in School - The Learning Network Blog -

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Region Business Technology Science Health Sports Opinion Arts Style Travel Jobs Real Estate Autos April 19, 2010, 1:27 pm Going Mobile: Debating and Using Cellphones in School By SANDHYA NANKANI AND HOLLY EPSTEIN OJALVO George Osodi/Associated Press At an electronics market in Lagos, Nigeria, cellphones appear in great profusion, as they do throughout poorer lands. What are the drawbacks?

QR Codes: A Brief Reading List

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augmented reality edushifts mobilelearning cell phones qrcodesI’ve had this growing interest lately in QR codes and their application to education.  I’m quickly coming to the realization at how useful QR codes can be in education and how these little graphical icons can make mobile learning a little easier for teachers to incorporate with students.  Just Scan my QR Code : An article on using QR codes for personal advertising – this can work to advertise a school or a school program as well; 10) Qurify : We will end this list with a free QR code generator.

QR 9

#mLearn2010 keynote of Agnes Kukulska Hulme on Conversations en route to Learning

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Live from mlearn 2010 Wednesday 2010. 2010) Twittering in teacher education: reflecting on practicum experiences, Open Learning, 25(3). The conversation builds the community, through the use of twitter on their phones. in a world marked by fluidity, provisionality and instability" Pachler, bachman and Cook (2010). We have to understand the changing surroundings.

Optimizing Web Media for Mobile Learning

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vast number of phones out there today use WebKit to render content, but that doesn’t really guarantee the content will render identically across devices. 2. We’ve recently been delivering simple content just-in-time for access through the websites that are designed to run on mobile devices. It was easier said than done, here are some lessons we picked up along the way. 1.

Embracing Mobile To Educate For Tomorrow | MobileBehavior

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Mobile Behavior: an Omnicom Group Company Home People Blog Work Events Press About Us May 12, 2010 by Caleb Embracing Mobile To Educate For Tomorrow The classroom was traditionally a controlled environment; when wireless technology began to invade, skewing the rules of time and space, teachers panicked. What better solution than to ban cellphones altogether? The solution lies in perspective.

How To Create Successful M-Learning Strategy: mLearnCon – Part I

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Judy had this quote on a slide which I think summarizes how important mobiles are for our future: “Mobile phones are misnamed.They should be called ‘gateways to all human knowledge.”. - Ray Kurzweil, Futurist (at Handheld Learning ’09). believe this to be true and all organizations will realize this sooner or later. The pace of change is phenomenal and m-learning has truly come of age now.

The Disadvantages of Mobile Learning |

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What Are the Benefits of Oat Straw? Marketing Research Analyst Careers List The Disadvantages of Mobile Learning Contributor By an eHow Contributing Writer Article Rating: ( 0 Ratings) Email Facebook Twitter StumbleUpon Add to Favorites Print Share I want to do this! Whats This? Blackberrys, iPhones, iPads and other such devices have made learning-on-the-go much easier for the average person.

Speak Up 2009: The biggest Obstacle to Using Technology in Ed.Not Being Able to Use Student's Own Mobile Devices!

Cell Phones in Learning

Very interesting research has just been published by the Tomorrow Group (Speak Up 2009) about mobile phones and education. 63% of parents say they would buy their child a cell phone if they knew it would be used for educational purposes ONLY 18% of parents dismiss mobile devices as not having a positive impact on learning. Potential Benefits of Using Cell Phones in Learning According to PARENTS! Here are a few highlights: PARENTS SAY YES!

#mlearn2010 Sci-Droid by Maurizio, Claire and Gertrude

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Abstract of the paper as mentioned in the proceedings: The mobile industry is evolving fast and mobile phones are nowadays also very popular with people of a very young age. Great stuff, this was presented by three third year university students. primary school environment, so they developed an application for 8 -10 youngsters learning: human body game (all parts of the body) and chemical reaction game (teaches them on chemical reactions). Android 1.5 for java and XML (HTC magic). Object recognition done by computer algorithm's and picture manipulation. For chemical reaction game.

How to add a retweet and facebook button to your blog

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With all the commotion with opening up Moodle to iPhone (and now some android driven phones, but still in the initial try-out phase), I was not keeping up with my blog lay-out. But now, I finaly got the retweet button for blogger embedded in my blog html template, as well as a facebook button. In order to do this, I relied on the blogger plugins blog: here is the link for the retweet button and this one for the facebook button. But to make things easy, I wrote down what I chose. Once I got the code, I followed the steps below: How to install the Retweet Button on your blog?

Interesting Mobile Statistics By Tomi Ahonen: mLearnCon

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More people on this earth now have access to mobile phones than have access to running water and toilets. In 2010 Estonia has also become the first country to allow tax returns to be filed by SMS. Tomi Ahonen delivered the first keynote address at the mLearnCon last month in San Diego. His presentation is now available here. have pulled out some slides I found interesting.

QR Codes: Augmenting Augmented Reality | Instructional Design Fusions

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Instructional Design Fusions Skip to content Home About Archives ← Exploratree: A Metacognition Tool QR Codes: Augmenting Augmented Reality Posted on September 26, 2010 by diannerees | 1 Comment QR code for this blog QR (Quick Response) codes are a type of data matrix barcode made up of a pattern of black squares on a white background, with larger squares at three corners.

Personalize Your Text Messages using Mail Merge

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will be delivered to my phone saying “A special offer for you, Benjamin. We’re all familiar with getting form letters and emails that are addressed to us personally. For example, “Dear Benjamin, we have a special offer for you.&# But did you know you can do that with your text messages too? When composing outgoing text message in Mobile Commons, you can add special characters to the message and it will automatically be merged with the recipients personalized information. For example, “A special offer for you, ((first_name)). Just email us at

Android Tops in Q4 2010… What Does This Mean for mLearning?

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A report published by analytics firm Canalys has placed Android ahead of all smartphone platforms in sales for Q4 2010, including Symbian. From the report: Shipments of Android-based smart phones reached [.]. Android Mobile Technology

Cell Phones in Education Part 5: Instant Feedback

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Of course, teacher may be very uncomfortable sharing their phone number with students and this is a very legitimate concern.  More about this service can be found in my blog post Polling by Cell Phone – Can We Completely By-Pass Clickers? Therefore, everyday tools such as cell phones and text messaging can be utilized to gain that precious feedback required to ensure that students are learning.  Disclaimer #1 : The ideas suggested here use the text messaging features of a cell phone.  Another tool is text messaging. This is where the text message comes in. 

CBC’s Spark: Interview on Using Cell Phones in the Classroom

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Click the link below to listen to the March 17, 2010 episode of CBC’s Spark where Nora Young interviews Marie Bjerede on how several North Carolina schools are working to incorporate cell phones into daily classroom instruction to increase student engagement and collaboration: Link to the episode on CBC’s Spark website: [link]. Direct link to the audio file: Full Interview: Marie Bjerede on cell phones in the classroom. Tags: Cell Phones in Education cell_phone differentiatedinstruction edushifts cell phone mobile devices

mLearning Feature Sets: Possibilities Wide & Deep

mLearning Trends

thought it would be good to offer a series of new posts around some of the messaging we'll be sharing with the gathered mobile learning community at DevLearn 2010 in San Francisco, California which starts later this week. Figure 1 1. Basic Communications. Training Delivery. Information Access. Social Networking. Content Creation.

Knox County Schools Relaxing Policy on Cell Phones.

Cell Phones in Learning

schools aup mobilepolicy cell phones

SCORM Implementation For Mobile Devices

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operamini-phone-ua. x-wap-profile. skyfire-phone. Recently we’ve made the UpsideLMS compatible to mobile devices and also launched a new version – UpsideLMS Version 4.0. While ensuring compliance, we encountered some interesting issues in the implementation of SCORM and found very little help online about implementing SCORM for mobile devices. So we thought sharing that experience might help. Mobile devices have limitations: - Screen size. Availability of required technology/software like J2ME, a compatible browser. Availability of consistent internet connection.

Know County Schools Relaxing Policy on Cell Phones.

Cell Phones in Learning

Tags: schools aup mobilepolicy cell phones

Effect of Mobile Learning on Student Behavior | Mobile Learning Blog

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The Mobile Learning Blog Home About Us Mobile Learning Glossary Sign Up For Free Effect of Mobile Learning on Student Behavior admin | July 28, 2010 | Mobile Learning •    Schoolboys who would never consider cracking open a book, are reading classic English literature. •    Number of pupils suspended for poor discipline and disruption, down from nearly a hundred to a handful. •    Kids who hate doing homework, get it out of the way on the bus ride home. Post mobile learning implementation, barely a handful of youngsters are removed from lessons for poor discipline and disrupting others.

2010: A year in review

Steve Vosloo

This is my “brag pack&# for 2010. It was launched in 2009 as a pilot initiative to explore whether teens in South Africa will read stories on their mobile phones. The READ Educational Trust runs an annual Readathon competition, and for the first time teens could enter the writing competition on Yoza via their mobile phones. Read the one for 2009. What I did. Future plans.

SCVNGR: Cell Phone Scavenger Hunt Builder!

Cell Phones in Learning

Most of the scavenger hunt type applications online only use smartphones, so it is fantastic to come across one that is more accessible (since over 60% of cell phone users still have basic phones). Thank you to Jeffrey Branzburg for pointing me towards a resource called SCVNGR. In SCVNGR you can participate in or create your own mobile scavenger hunts. The hunt can be anywhere!