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NoteM audio recorder for Windows Mobile PDAs: unlike the standard audio recorder provided in Windows Mobile (in Notes), which records to WAV file format, NoteM records to MP3 format. It is also much more configurable than the standard Windows Mobile audio recorder.

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2 Events that Could Help Push Mobile Learning

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In recent days a couple of technical events of note have given hope for mobile learning. Microsoft announced that later this year it will release Windows Mobile 7 and RIM (maker of Blackberry smart phones) announced that it will release an updated WebKit based browser. Well, here’s my take: Windows Mobile 7: Windows ties well into the overall infrastructure of many organizations (whether we always like that or not).

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Apple announcement is excellent news for cross-platform app developers!


And all the cross-platform app developers around the world are heaving a sigh of relief So – good news for cross platform mobile apps! But it does support more phones (iPhone, Windows Mobile, RIM, Symbian and Android) These three are the main players.

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Flash on my iPhone? It’s showdown time!


For several years Adobe has been promoting Flash as a great technology for mobile devices (and it is). For several years Apple have been making amazing mobile devices (and they are). … Tags: iPhone ipod touch Flash applications android Windows Mobile

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m-learning authoring tool: huge discount available


No longer just "WindowsMobile", your content can play back on many more mobile devices including several smartphones, UMPC, Mac, Linux, Windows. Some great new activities, Tags: Linux MyLearning gPhone PocketPC android authoring Windows Mobile

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mobile learning in a taxi …


Have a look at this great little video of our mobile learning solution being used by Taxi drivers while waiting on the rank (errm … no … not while driving!) A great example of how mobile learning can help you reach. BLOOM-ing marvellous!

Mobile Landscape Really About to Change

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And as we continue to see the population as a whole asking for more features, we will probably see feature phones phased out in favor of a new baseline of functionality in all mobile devices. So if you’re looking to build a mobile learning application or to be the provider of mobile learning resources of any kind, you may want to consider the possibility that we will see only a few of the current players in the mobile platform market in a couple of years.

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Microsoft iPhail released


Apparently, Microsoft released their “answer&# to the iPhone today: a refreshed version of their Windows Mobile operating system, skinned with an iPhone-like icon-driven navigation system, dubbed “Windows Mobile 6.5″

5 year olds need mobile, playful ICT instead of laptops!


This is the result of a study recently completed at Stirling University in Scotland, which found that it was far more helpful to get them started with the technologies that fit more naturally into their lives: digital cameras, video cameras, electronic keyboard, barcode scanners and mobile

The OLPC (X0) does windows!


Shocking news from New York Times is that the passionately open-source team behind the hundred dollar laptop have done a deal with Microsoft, so that the X0 laptop can run Windows as well as Linux.

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m-learning authoring: we're in the guardian!


Tribal CTAD has a long pedigree of supporting adult literacy with new technologies, and its latest authoring environment, MyLearning Author for Pocket PC, aims to make it simple to develop learning content for mobile devices. We got a mention in the guardian!

Gadget review: Toshiba G900 Protege


The spec is fantastic, and ought to make it a good choice for learning: Wide, high res screenWindows Mobile 6Thumbprint recognition (and scrolling)One of the fastest processors aroundReasonable camera (2 mega pixel - but with a

How to compare PocketPc smartphones?


We end up buying an awful lot of smartphones - many of them PocketPC based. probably almost 3000 over the last couple of years) it is always a really messy business, haggling with suppliers to get the best price.

Pocket PCs: storing them and charging them safely


If you are responsible for managing a whole lot of PDAs, where do you store them? How safe are they? How can you keep them charged up? We currently own about 300 PDAs, and have had to set up and manage more than that number for other people as well.

Put those podcasts to work on your PDA!


I am part of the team creating several different mobile learning tools.

One day course in mobile learning - a bargain!


We are hosting Generation M, an all-day introduction to mobile learning for only £50 (which includes a licence to the Anybody going to MLearn2008? It is happening in the UK this year, and promises to provide a great collection of speakers. BUT - did you know about the workshops the day before? Whether you are attending the main conference or not, you are still able to go to the workshops.

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Tribal's m-learning resources spread across the UK


We are very pleased to announce that all of our mobile learning tools and resources are being made available to all of the MoLeNET winners! 32 projects, covering nearly 100 FE colleges across England will be sharing the £6m LSC funding. They are trying out a wide range of different approaches to m-learning. Some are about consolidating lessons already learned, and others about pushing new

Stop ActiveSync asking about partnerships!


Every now and again I stumble over a small technical solution that makes a big difference to my sanity. Here is an essential one for anybody managing multiple PocketPC devices. If, like us, you use your PocketPc as a shareable learning device and NOT as businessman's tool you will know the frustration of having to tell ActiveSync NOT to form a lasting friendship with your devices everytime you

m-learning in the cleaning sector


We are working with Newham college, running several trials with different work based sectors. We have been getting some great feedback from them, and I have just seen a entertaining little promotional DVD that Newham made showcasing one of the trials with hospital cleaners. I have uploaded a vastly-compressed version of the video. It is well worth a few minutes of viewing! If you are

Flash Lite on More Mobile Devices Means More Mobile Devices with Rich E-Learning Content

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Microsoft is now licensing Flash Lite for Windows Mobile. This is a good thing if you’re hoping to develop or port e-Learning content to Windows Mobile Devices. Think simulations, games and other traditional Flash e-Learning on your mobile device.

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PDAs for Teaching and Learning | Mobile Learning


Mobile Learning An Online Reflective Journal on Mobile Learning Practice Home Winksite Store Resources About Mobile Contact PDAs for Teaching and Learning 4 09 2006 Peter Shanks, a NSW TAFE teacher, is setting up an online resource for people just starting out in m-learning using PDAs. While it relates specifically to Hewlett-Packard iPAQs running Windows Mobile 5, the vast majority of the resource applies to other Windows Mobile PDAs.

Adobe’s Mobile Packager: Flash on your mobile

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Those of you who know me know that I’ve been excited about Flash for mobile devices for a long time. Ever since the first announcements of Flash Lite in 2005/2006, I’ve been studying and working on ways to port the most ubiquitous rich web technology to the mobile space. My expiriments with Mode2Tech lead to my first mobile application, called Burst , which is currently in version 2 and I think it has some valuable applications.

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mLearnCon Mobile Learning Content

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In preparation for the workshop, Jason and I had been working on a mobile application with content all about mobile learning. We had gathered resources that we had been using in workshops and presentations for ADL and decided to make it available on various mobile devices.

How do we keep all our mobile devices charged?


We own and manage a lot of mobile devices. Most of them are Windows Mobile, which means they are fairly power hungry, and need regular charging, but with this many devices, how do you safely and securely avoid tripping over cables, and sitting on devices? Like between 100 - 1000 depending which ones you count.

15 Authoring Tools For mEnabling Your eLearning For iPads

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One of the best tools, if you are already using Articulate, to convert your existing (Articulate based) courses to run on iPads, other tablets and mobile devices. With this HTML5 compliant, eLearning authoring tool from ‘dominKnow’, you can create mobile and tablet compliant content easily.

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Back from a year-long Sabbatical from Tech: 9 Things I’m excited about

mLearning Revolution

I’m feeling refreshed and ready for round two with new ideas for my blog, books, courses on mLearning, presentations, and excited to take on a new projects for organizations looking to mobilize their learning. What can I do to help you with your eLearning and Mobile Learning projects?

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Mobile Web Grows – But User’s Can Find it Tough

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According to this report from MediaPost (a web site devoted to advertising and mobility) mobile web usage continues to grow, which we knew. However, the report also goes on to talk about the frustrations many users experience with the mobile web. Most users are probably frustrated by the “mobile web&# because the web they are viewing is often the same web that’s formatted for the desktop and desktop browsers. Windows Mobile: [link].

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The President’s “Blackberry”… this should help

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Our President now has a mobile device. It’s more likely a Windows Mobile device with super security restrictions. The important thing here is that the leader of the free world is now carrying and relying (to some extent) on a mobile device to keep up with people. I think this can be an important development for mobile learning because it increases the profile of the mobility.

CellCast mSCORM Player Announced

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We're pleased to announce the availability of the CellCast mSCORM Player , the latest extension to our CellCast Solution platform for enterprise mobile learning delivery. This new functionality allows mobile workers to access learning content deployed as standard SCORM v1.2

Barcodes Offer Interesting Opportunities for Mobile Learning

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Google is now offering a barcode reader on the Android Mobile Platform, which in itself is not a big triumph for mobile learning, but it’s just the latest company to offer the capability as part of it’s mobile platform. Apple has a barcode reading app for the iPhone and you can purchase barcode or QR code (similar to barcodes) readers for almost all popular mobile platforms. QR Code reader for Windows Mobile devices: [link].

Are Apps the Future of Mobile Learning?

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As I continually survey the mobile technology landscape, I try to predict what learning will look like in 1, 2 or 5 years. In a much more casual way, I also try to observe how people use their mobile devices and what applications they have on those devices. There are also several mobile learning apps that are specifically designed for learning, i.e. language learning, brain training, etc. Here are some statistics to consider when it comes to mobile learning and apps.

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CellCast App for BlackBerry 10

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Our team has been involved in mobile learning for enterprise customers for almost a decade now on devices spanning basic feature phones in the beginning (think old Nokia handsets with voice only service) through simple smartphone devices (remember Windows Mobile?)

Update: Polling by Cell Phone - Can We Completely By-Pass Clickers?

The Mobile Learner

Thanks to my Twitter network, in particular @dougpete , I was made aware of a recent announcement made by Turning Technologies that they are making available a free iPhone/iPod Touch app that will allow users to install their clicker software to a student’s iPhone/iPod Touch, thus incorporating the ability to poll students using their response system software on a mobile device that students already possess.

M-Learning… How do Netbooks Fit In?

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My fiance just purchased a netbook and before she even got it, I started thinking about how netbooks fit into our ongoing discussions on mobile learning. Traditionally, I’ve kept notebook computers out of my personal definition of mobile learning because they don’t really fit into the mobile culture. I think the way people behave with mobile devices and how they interact with others is really what defines mobile.

New mobile platform arrives: Android

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By Jonathan Nalder of As most geeks would know, the Google-developed mobile OS known as Android had its public unveiling last week. While only available on one handset in the US at the moment, its open-source nature and backing from Google mean that it is destined to become a major new mobile platform alongside the existing Palm OS, Windows Mobile, RIM Blackberry, and iPhone OSX.

CellCast Takes Top Honors at DemoFest 2010

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The end-to-end mobile solution provided by OnPoint compliments Verizon Wireless’ existing enterprise LMS platform and extends their blended learning environment to their ever-mobile sales professionals.

GPS Mission: For once a free, fun and working GPS game

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Today I reviewed GPS Mission on the iPhone, which is a GPS-based user-powered mobile game. Bottom line: All in all the game is programmed and structured very well and would be a great addition for all interactive mobile learning. What is especially great about the software is that Germany-based developer Orbster GmbH took the time to support the iPhone 3G, Nokia Symbian and Windows Mobile phones and not only “one of the above&#.

Dissecting Saba's New "Anywhere" Product for Mobile Learning

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I happened upon a tweet last week while trolling my Twitter in-box that heralded a product announcement from Saba for their new " Saba Anywhere " offering designed to make training delivery to mobile workers easy, practical and secure.

Soloway explains his mobile learning software

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Elliot Soloway is not a stranger to many people in the field of e-learning and m-learning, in this short and interesting video he demonstrates his mobile learning products and endorses cell phones in classrooms. The Mobile Learning Environment software enables schools (and companies) to deliver learning content to cell phones and computers. The system features a learning management system and there are versions running on Windows Mobile, Palm OS and a few others.

"Don't Touch/Wet Paint!" - "E"-Learning Vendors Try to Go "M"

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A linked feature story in the update that immediately caught my eye was titled " Best Practices for Creating Mobile Learning Content " and clicking that link shuttled me over to SumTotal's corporate web site where I registered to download their latest mobile-related white paper.

mLearning Testing Tools & Methods

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As active practitioners and consultants for enterprise mobile learning initiatives, a frequent question we get asked is “What kinds of tools can you recommend to help us test our mLearning content before we release it to our mobile workers?” Android G1 smartphone (on T-Mobile) n.

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Picking the "Right" Smartphone for mLearning

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In our role of assisting customers and partners with planning and deploying successful mobile project projects, one of the key requirements every team wrestles with is where they need to "set the bar" when determining the target mobile devices they'll need to reach and support. But if you're planning to support a broader audience where every mobile user picks their own devices for their own personal reasons, your set of challenges grows wide and varied. Windows Mobile v5.0

Growth Accelerates CellCast Solution Innovations

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We're pleased to report the adoption and use of mobile learning by enterprise customers has been accelerating throughout first half of 2010 -- yeah!!; But the bigger the enterprise, the more apt these customers are to want ( even demand ) more sophisticated features and service offerings to ensure their mobile initiatives are scalable, secure and standards-based. Advanced Mobile + Social Features.