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UWUA Organizes Utility Workers with a Text Message Campaign

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The recent Con Ed union lockout was massive in scale, involving over 8,500 workers from Local 1-2 of the Utility Workers Union of America. As the company and the union struggled to come to terms on a new contract, Local 1-2 faced the challenge of keeping all those workers informed and engaged – and they used mobile to help them do it.

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Mobile Learning: A Quick SWOT Analysis

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Specially when the need is to build native apps which can utilize the true potential of the mobile platform. For over two years now, we have not only just been hearing about mobile learning but also actively understanding and working on it.

The Future Of Mobile Learning

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The success of a technology depends on its mainstream adoption, which in turn depends on a lot of factors not necessarily linked to the quality or utility of the technology.

Mobile Learning should be more than converting Desktop eLearning to HTML5

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Mobile requires a different strategy, a different way of thinking about content, navigation and how to best utilize the device’s real estate and built-in mobile features like gps, camera, accelerometer, etc. Over the weekend, I was looking at the entries submitted to the Adobe Captivate HTML5 Contest, hosted by my former Adobe colleagues. The basic idea behind this contest is that Adobe Captivate 5.5

The Emergence Of Mobile Learning For Higher Education In Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

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The biggest education-centric exhibition held in Feb 2011 in Saudi Arabia focused on the increased utilization of modern technology to bring the quality of education in the Kingdom on par with international standards.

The Mobile Learner » iPods in Education Part 4: Using Notes

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My First 10 Screenr Video Tips and how other Screencasters use the Service

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Since posting 10 Things I love about , I have been recording my own screencasts almost daily as a way to stay creative by sharing tips on some of my favorite utilities, apps and browser extensions that help me stay productive.

Shark Net Leverages Location Data to Make Connections

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Shark Net is a mobile learning app that utilizes location data for safety and making connections between people and white sharks. iOS Pedagogy and Learning geolocation location data location research location services Shark Net

Cloud Computing: money and mobilty

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Cloud computing then (also called utility computing) foresees that supplying this service will eventually look much like the other utility service providers we take for granted - such as power, electricity and water. cloud utility computing wireless computingby Jonathan Nalder So what does mobile learning have to do with ‘cloud computing’? And just what is ‘cloud computing’?

Saving money with Straight Talk cell phone family plans

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Both of those choices are entirely than the $40 access charge for financed telephones on Sprint’s crew arrangement choices, however information basins are less costly insofar as your gang utilizes a moderate measure of information. While the mobile phone industry will let you know that a monthly bill is about $47 starting 2012, numerous individuals are paying more than that – and relying upon their requirements, it might be excessively.

Cloud Computing and mobility Part 2.

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In part one we looked at how computing may just become a service utility in the same sense as electricity or water, and be accessible anywhere via wireless technologies. mobile mLearning mLearn cloud utility computing computingNot accessible on a desktop PC you can’t lug anywhere. And available to devices that don’t have the processing power of decent laptops. But is this what we see happening around us?

Mobile Devices and 21st Century Skills: Part 1 – Communication

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Mobile devices are support tools that students can utilize to record data (including pictures and video), communicate with audiences and research information. Back in 2007 when I began this blog, the main thrust was sharing ideas about why mobile devices can improve teaching and learning.

Mobile Learning Guidelines - essential reading for learning leaders


As mobile technologies continue to grow in power and functionality, their utility as educational tools is likely to expand and, with it, their centrality to formal education. Those nice folks at UNESCO continue to champion mobile learning. Earlier this year we praised their grass-roots style Mobile Learning Series , and now they have taken that one step further by developing a set of guidelines for policy makers and learning leaders to help them benefit from m-learning.

Feedback Goes Mobile

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We all know we are behind in mobile device utilization compared to most of Europe. Are we also behind in understanding the value students are placing on freely communicating their thoughts, opinions and feedback? A quick read of the Fast Company article attached, highlights a study of students and academics in the US and the interesting results of: - increased usage of mobile devices (in the last 5 years). - (obvious) decreases in the use of certain mobile functions.

Why Patients Want Their Doctors to Embrace Digital Communication

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If utility companies can send text message reminders about upcoming bills, and airlines can send boarding passes to their passengers’ mobile phones, why are physicians still faxing and printing? There has to be a better way.

The Mobile Learner » iPods in Education Part 8: iTunes

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A Text Message a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

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Utilizing a mobile strategy to curb medication non-adherence not just a trend. Medication non-adherence is an overwhelmingly pervasive issue in the healthcare industry. Nearly 75% of adults are non-adherent in one or more ways, costing the healthcare industry $300 billion annually.

Computers aren’t so special anymore, but the kids may be better off: An introduction to mobile ‘appliance computing’ in Queensland schools

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This process can also be described as a move towards ‘appliance computing’, where the low cost and wide-spread use of mobile computers reaches a point where society views them as expected utilities, or everyday appliances in the same category as TVs, DVD players or microwaves.

Selling your Straight Talk mobile phone

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In offering cash for an utilized, frequently pointless telephone, cell telephone “reusing” organizations – they as a rule offer on as opposed to reuse your handset – appear to give a close supernatural administration. We would dependably encourage individuals not to utilize the reusing organization’s freepost address, but rather to send the telephone uncommon conveyance.

Johns Hopkins Survey Finds Strong Potential for Text Message Interventions

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All the participants had utilized the women’s health services at one of four branches of Johns Hopkins hospitals. Researchers have been publishing studies for years on the effectiveness of text messaging on improving healthcare outcomes.

How Text Messaging Helps Relieve Pain in Chronic Patients

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It is a multifunctional tool that healthcare providers can utilize to help patients in the long term in all aspects of their care. Supportive text messages have been shown to reduce the pain experienced by patients suffering from chronic pain.

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John Hopkins Survey Finds Strong Potential for Text Message Interventions

Mobile Commons

All the participants had utilized the women’s health services at one of four branches of John Hopkins hospitals. Researchers have been publishing studies for years on the effectiveness of text messaging on improving healthcare outcomes.

Text Messaging for Nonprofits: An Interview with Sam McKelvie, Head of Mobile Strategy (Part 2)

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Planned Parenthood basically utilizes the full 360 degrees of our platform – everything from polling place locators, to live SMS chat, to information look-up. Previously we spoke with Sam, Head of Mobile Strategy here at Mobile Commons, about text messaging’s role in the nonprofit sector.

Evaluating mHealth Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

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The reasons for the boom in mHealth utilization have everything to do with driving down costs and improving care, but still, many healthcare organizations have yet to fully embrace mHealth solutions.

The Future Of Learning Design

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And, it turns out, the most under utilized. If you are intrigued by the future of learning design, you won’t want to miss the second half of this interview with Karl Kapp. In case you missed the first half, see Games and Simulations.

CWA Uses Text Messages to Rally Their Members with Real-Time Updates

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UWUA Organizes Utility Workers with a Text Message Campaign. Communications Workers of America , the largest telecommunications union in the country, is using text messaging to communicate with their members and assemble them at a moment’s notice.

Use Text Messaging to Move Supporters Up Your Ladder of Engagement

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In this day and age, there are hundreds of platforms nonprofits can utilize to reach supporters: email, social media, radio, television, print – and, of course, text messaging! If you’re a nonprofit, a big part of your focus is progress.

IPhone- User Interface Guidelines- Part I

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Utility applications: primarily deals with checking quick summary of information or performing quick task. The iPhone’s revolutionary user interface has changed the way we look at mobile devices. The iPhone SDK let’s you create native applications for the device.

Five Myths of Mobile Learning

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The challenge lies in developing engagement that truly utilizes device’s capabilities. I’ve been occupied with writing a paper to promote the adoption of mobile learning amongst corporates and enterprises. While trawling through multiple web-links, a pattern of myths about mobile learning emerges.

Straight Talk only? Owning more than 1 cell phone

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Numerous individuals utilize a second cell phone to keep photographs and instant messages private. In any case, utilizing the single gadget for both individual and expert exercises got to be unpleasant in ways he hadn’t anticipated. During a period when work and home lives are more interlaced than any time in recent memory, there’s a cut of the populace selecting to keep up the gap via conveying two telephones.

Empowering digital citizenship through mobile technology

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According to Wikipedia , “A digital citizen refers to a person utilizing/using information technology (IT) in order to engage in society, politics, and government participation.” At GSMA Mobile 360 Africa , held in Cape Town in November, I sat on a panel about Empowering the Digital Citizen. Below are my speaking notes. An excellent summary of the session was written by Leigh Andrews. What is digital citizenship?

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Truly a very effective Louis Vuitton handbags utilize money together with room or space if elements by now certain separately belonging to the cycle tend to be ready here. It had become the other most disastrous electric power outage ever, and everything due to a incompetent alarm. You home security system had been supposedly the one alarm, because none Louis Vuitton bags of the alternative managers noticed the cascade involving issues which bit by bit killed the energy power grip.

Saving money with Straight Talk using coupons for cell phones

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Individuals with children or full-time occupations ordinarily don’t have sufficient energy to scour the Internet and print out, compose, and utilize much else besides the infrequent coupon. It works utilizing your area administrations, since the application records when you stroll into a retailer – a noteworthy favorable position over prizes projects that oblige you to buy something to get focuses.

Ken Robinson: Changing Educational Paradigms

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His message is relevant here as the utilization of mobile devices for learning is only possible when we understand the current state of education and that change is in order. The video below is an animation and visualization of Sir Ken Robinson’s talk on Changing Educational Paradigms. Above and beyond the message provided by Mr. Robinson, the animated visualization is a great way to connect to the message in different way. Enjoy!

Embracing Mobile To Educate For Tomorrow | MobileBehavior

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Schools are slowly beginning to realize that the future lies in mobile communication and utility; instead of building resistance, they are opting to design curricula supporting it, preparing todays youth for a designed tomorrow.

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Account when the shopper is to utilize common sense and not acquire since gospel every little thing the retailer Abercrombie sale uk claims. You need to be very alert, and sometimes it is important to jump off your current duff and also be diligent. It is identified as making a thought out conclusion, as opposed to impulsive purchasing. More importantly, it can be through these States that the BJP can be nevertheless being a most important governmental gamer.

Mobile Commons Spring 2013 Highlights – Newsletter

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Our mobile strategists will walk you through tips your company can employ to make mobile a powerful tool in your marketing utility belt. It’s been an active couple months for us at Mobile Commons. We launched Mobile Commons Advocacy; we got generous praise from some notable figures; and we worked on a wide variety of exciting mobile campaigns. In this newsletter, we wanted to share some of our biggest news and most innovative partnerships from the first third of the year. Top News.

Mobile Learning Shootout at Training 09 Expo Learning Trends Lab

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Please feel free to create it anyway you’d like utilizing the features of your tool. Last week in Atlanta vendors competed in a Mobile Learning Tools Shootout In January we tasked the vendors with taking a mobile demonstration site, [link] , to the next level.

Putting Handheld Devices to Work in Mobile Learning

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His company’s infographic (shown below) provides an overview of where mobile learning can be utilized within a corporate environment.