5 Rapid Authoring Tools To Publish Courses For Your iPads

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Given this trend, it is but obvious that the demand for rapid authoring tools which can publish content in HTML5 will also increase. In this post, we examine 5 rapid authoring tools which show tremendous promise. Upcoming Tools.

15 Authoring Tools For mEnabling Your eLearning For iPads

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– pointers on some of the tools out there, that you can use to help you take that ‘leap of faith’ into mLearning. So here’s the list of the tools that can do the job and which you might want a closer look at.

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6 Trends in Rapid eLearning Tools to watch in 2012

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HTML5 — This is a no-brainer for me and I strongly believe every Rapid eLearning tool should absolutely have a simple way to get a course published to HTML5 in 2012. If I were starting a company today building a Rapid eLearning tool, I would only focus on publishing to HTML5.

How Personal Technologies Enable Individualized Performance Tools

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What does personal technology in the workplace have in common with Netflix and your local home improvement store? Find out here! Mobile Development Pedagogy and Learning CHAMPIONS learning management system LMS Netflix performance support user-generated content workplace performance

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New to Mobile Learning Development: 3 Big Problems and 7 Solutions

Solution #3: Using Standards-based Cross-platform Authoring Use an authoring tool that allows you to build content once, then publish it in a format. Intake's authoring tools allow you to do what is called a 'joint package' which means.

Using Cameras as Powerful Mobile Learning Tools

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Mobile affords us the opportunity to use cameras in our smartphones and tablets to engage users in learning. Mobile Devices Pedagogy and Learning cameras for learning mobile device cameras smartphone cameras tablet cameras

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New mLearning Authoring Tools – Wave #2

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There were plenty of tools to create interactions (ala Engage-style functionality) as well as define animations and path-based motions which all rendered well in the final outputs.

Best tools for cross platform app development


This One Tool Helps You Complete More Than A Dozen Tasks

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The post This One Tool Helps You Complete More Than A Dozen Tasks appeared first on Float. Recruiting, hiring, onboarding, HR, enterprise management - you name it, this thing can do it. Mobile Strategy affordances enterprise mobility management hiring HR mobile learning onboarding recruiting training

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The State of Rapid Development Tools for Mobile Learning: Webinar Recording Now Available

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If you were not able to attend our Webinar yesterday on mLearning and the state of rapid development tools for mobile learning, the recording is now available. Towards the end we talked about what would a good rapid mobile development tool do for an organization?

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ClassWith.Us A New SMS Parent-Teacher Communication Tool

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is a brand new text alert tool that focuses on parent-teacher communication. I can see this tool being extremely helpful in elementary classrooms, where the teacher can give a quick update at the end of each week. ClassWith.Us

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Why Text Messaging is the Optimal Tool for Patient Engagement: Interactivity

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The post Why Text Messaging is the Optimal Tool for Patient Engagement: Interactivity appeared first on Mobile Commons.

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Using Mobile Devices as Research Tools

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Because traditional e-learning has mostly been about presentations and activities designed by expert instructors, distributed to learners via desktop and laptop screens, we tend to forget the power of the

Free Webinar: Mobile Learning Conversations Session Focuses on Rapid Development Tools in Mobile Learning

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It’s time for a “soft reset” in the learning community, according to several experts in the industry. “I I think that we’re at a point that we really need to pause and [.]. Mobile Development Mobile Technology Webinars Mobile Learning Conversations

3 Tools To Help You Optimize Your PhoneGap App’s Performance

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Float''s lead developer shows to create a better user experience for your PhoneGap apps by measuring CPU usage, as well as using Safari’s remote Web inspector and the JavaScript profiler. Mobile Apps Mobile Development User Experience DevLearn javascript phonegap Safari

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Why Text Messaging is the Optimal Tool for Patient Engagement: Reach

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The post Why Text Messaging is the Optimal Tool for Patient Engagement: Reach appeared first on Mobile Commons. A wide reach is necessary for any patient engagement strategy for the simple reason that patients come from varied demographics, lifestyles, and communication preferences.

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Mobile Learning Edge Roadmap

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How-to Presentations ToolsDownload the Mobile Learning Implementation Roadmap by Gary Woodill, i5 Research. mlearning implementation road map.

Why Text Messaging is the Optimal Tool for Patient Engagement: Personalization

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The post Why Text Messaging is the Optimal Tool for Patient Engagement: Personalization appeared first on Mobile Commons. A person’s health is a private and intimate affair.

CCTV interview: Technology as a tool to transform learning

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I appeared on CCTV America along with Scott Himelstein, director of the University of San Diego’s Center for Education Policy and Law and Mobile Technology Learning Center , to discuss our vision for using technology as a tool to transform learning.

Mobile Learning Tools #2

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In January I posted a listing of tools for mobile learning and received some great comments. Are you using any tools for mobile learning development or deployment that are not listed on this new listing? Tags: tools development mobile learning

Adobe Unveils Updated Tools for Developers

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It’s hard to argue with the developments Adobe presented at Tuesday’s keynote address, the second in as many days at the Adobe MAX conference in Los Angeles. The theme around [.]. Mobile Technology Adobe MAX CSS regions CSS shaders development Flash Player 11 jQuery Mobile phonegap Starling

Video: Rapid Development Tools for Mobile Learning

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Float welcomed two experts in the mobile industry to speak during our latest webinar yesterday. We’d like to offer a sincere thank you to special guests RJ Jacquez and Robert [.]. Mobile Development Webinars Chad Udell free webinar Jeff Tillett Mobile Learning Conversations RJ Jacquez Robert Gadd

10 Reasons BlackBerry Can Survive and Even Thrive

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Tools BlackBerry Research in MotionResearch in Motion (RIM), the makers of the BlackBerry smartphones, and the Playbook tablet, is a current client of mine.

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Mobile Learning Tools

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At presentations and workshops, I am often asked to recommend tools for authoring mobile learning. I do not recommend any tools, but do encourage them to check with their current authoring tool vendor to see what their plans are for mobile, as many vendors are moving in this direction.

Nokia Life Tools

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It looks like Nokia is getting ready to roll out their Life Tools, which include mobile learning. They are working with EnableM in India to provide language lessons, quizzes on English words and phrases, and the general knowledge information.

6 Reasons Why Responsive Design Makes sense as the Future of e-Learning and m-Learning Design

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This is also why I encourage you to choose your Learning Design tools wisely and lean towards those with support for Responsive Learning Design, for example, the new Adobe Captivate 8. OMD research: viewers switch devices regularly while the TV is on (Image credit: Nathan Daniels).

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eLearning is dead! Multi-screen learning is the next big thing.

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Rapid eLearning tools. For those still using rapid eLearning tools that insist on publishing courses in multiple formats (e.g iA Single Experience across multiple screens, as illustrated in the image above, is the world we live in today!

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From eLearning to mLearning: The Top 5 Challenges beyond Technology

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Tools vendors focus their entire marketing strategies (I know I was one of them) on selling “ more interactive ” features. Lack of mLearning Tools. I’m not convinced that existing eLearning tools will evolve into great tools for true mLearning design.

Democratization of Content Creation Tools

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I don’t need to discuss the power of new social media tools in allowing a voice and an audience to anyone who wants it and wants to share their talents. here’s an awesome example of how new tools offer humans a new way to express themselves and express their talents: Tags: tools video star wars web 2.0 If you follow this blog with any regularity, then you’ve probably accepted this as a fact and a new reality. What I will share is a powerful example.

Introducing: mLearning Design Training [6-hr Workshop with RJ Jacquez]

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Understand the mobile learning landscape, technologies and tools. Hands-on workshop exercises. * The Current State of mLearning Design Tools. Examples and Demos of these Tools on iOS and Android devices.

The brand new Captivate 9 puts Adobe years ahead of the competition

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The sooner we embrace this truth and rally around tools and technologies that can enable us to deliver compelling learning experiences across multiple devices anytime and anywhere, the better off we will be as an industry. What a difference three short years make in technology.

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8 Things we MUST do in 2013 to seize the potential of mLearning

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Sadly companies like Adobe with tools like Captivate 6 are promising that you simply have to take exactly what you have on the desktop and simply pass it through their new feature called Publish to HTML5, and your mLearning problems are solved. Explore other Tools beyond the Usual Suspects.

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The Single Biggest Myth about Mobile Learning [#mLearning]

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Rather, think about embracing strategies and tools that can enable you to design flexible and device-agnostic learning that is accessible anytime, anywhere and on any screen. “Inspiration Exists but it has to Find You Working” – Pablo Picasso.

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Adding New Skills to Your Learning Development Arsenal

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Featured Mobile Development Pedagogy and Learning Strategy information architecture mobile learning tools user experience user interfaceForget software. It's about practices, processes and purpose.

9 Ways People Are Using Mobile Learning – Presentation

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What began as an attempt to improve the telegraph, more than a hundred years ago, has evolved into the single most important piece of consumer electronics in the world, acting not only as a communications device but now as a learning tool too. It’s the mobile phone. While some of the first smartphones had touch […]. Mobile Learning

mLearning-World.com: Everything is a Learning Tool!

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skip to main | skip to sidebar * Newsletter * LinkedIn * Facebook * 2mLearn.mobi * mLearning World Live Sunday, December 31, 2006 Everything is a Learning Tool! I would like to propose the counterpoint to this debate- Everything is a Learning Tool! Everything is a Learning Tool!

Google Glass - a tool for learning?


Google glass is seriously overhyped at the moment. So much that it is hard to see the wood for the trees, or to separate out the real learning possibilities from the general technical enthusiasm. That is why I really enjoyed David Kelly''s presentation at Learning Technologies this year.

Curation: The Key to Valuable Information

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Lucky for us, Mashable contributor, Steve Rosenbaum noted: &# …there has been an explosion of new software offerings that are the early leaders in the curation tools category. Articles Tools Blended Learning Float Mobile Learning Mobile Learning Roger Schank

Presentation tool goes super mobile too

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Excited at how small and mobile even this kind of digital tool has become. This is the IPEVO Point2View document/web camera.

Steve Wozniak Streams Live Tonight

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Industry Presentations Social Media Tools apple education Mobile Learning mobile learning in university steve wozniakCatch Apple’s co-founder, Steve Wozniak, tonight from Abilene Christian University’s Connected Summit.