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For those in higher education looking for examples of a campus that is providing mobile access, you might want to check out a very nice solution at Australia's Curtin University of Technology CurtinMobile. Tags: campus university Curtin They provide students and staff with the access and information they need via their mobile devices. The application automatically provides both an icon-based layout for current higher-end phones or a text format for older phones.

How Education Technology Will Revolutionize Learning

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The advent of the internet and the popularization of digital devices brought a new context for teachers and school administrators, since students started to bring technology to the school routine. The school, in turn, cannot turn its back on this new reality, but must incorporate educational technology into pedagogical practices. In this article we will talk more about how educational technology can help in the management of a school. Education Technology / June 6, 2019.

University of Adelaide’s Faculty of Science going Mobile


From next year, the University of Adelaide’s Faculty of Science will be moving towards mobile delivery, with all first-year students provided with iPads , and textbooks replaced by digital materials. I hope the University of Adelaide will take time to consider how learning with technology is much more than learning ON technology.

A Visit to Abilene Christian University

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Today I was excited to visit the folks at Abilene Christian University ( ACU ) in Abilene, TX, to talk about mobile learning. Their ConnectEd initiative has been well covered in just about every publication that covers education and technology, plus they have shared a lot of information through their website and blogs.

4 Ways Technology Improves Teaching for the Next Generation

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The effects of technology have been felt across the board. Modern technologies, when implemented in the classroom to complement traditional teaching methods, can help professors teach better, and students retain the knowledge they gather. In the coming years, expect to see more cases of technology improving education. Just in the US alone, spending on education technology is now over $13BN. However, how does technology help students learn exactly?

Kitaboo College – Enabling Higher Education with Technology

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The requirements of a higher education institution such as a college or a university are quite different from that of a K-12 institution. Therefore, the education provided in colleges and universities must be at par with the requirements of the job market. We also offer higher education solutions, where our team of eLearning experts develop differentiated online learning programs for colleges and universities. Education Technology / June 6, 2019.

Come See Float at the Chicago eLearning & Technology Showcase


Float will be heading to the Chicago eLearning & Technology Showcase in a few short weeks. We will be spending Tuesday, August 13 at Northern Illinois University with ATDChi and STC Chicago for the 12th annual showcase. Our very own Chad … The post Come See Float at the Chicago eLearning & Technology Showcase appeared first on Float. With 22 breakout sessions presented by 30 speakers, we are excited to be attending!

EDUCAUSE Report on Undergraduate Student use of Technology


The latest edition of “ The ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology, 2009 &# has just been released by the EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research. This report provides insights into the ways in which students use, and would like to use, various technologies in their own lives and in their learning.

Current trends in Learning Technologies: a bluffer's guide


Have a look at our quick guide to the top trends in Learning Technology. So conversations about mobile learning "at school", are likely to be massively different from "at university", and different again from "at work". They have been around for quite a few years, but suddenly hit the big-time, thanks to recent backing from some big universities, and some high profile start-ups. Do you know your MOOCs from your OERs? Are you BYOD while flipping the classroom?

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4T Virtual Education Technology Conference! FREE for K-12 edcuators and administrators

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The 4TVirtualCon is an opportunity for educators from across the globe to connect, network, and learn from each other about issues in technology education. The current Elementary and Secondary Master of Arts with Certification (MAC) interns at the University of Michigan School of Education are assisting with the development of the conference. The conference is run by instructors from the MAC programs at the University of Michigan School of Education.

CCTV interview: Technology as a tool to transform learning

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I appeared on CCTV America along with Scott Himelstein, director of the University of San Diego’s Center for Education Policy and Law and Mobile Technology Learning Center , to discuss our vision for using technology as a tool to transform learning.

Austrian University studies Augmented Reality on mobile devices

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This Monday I attended an extremely interesting presentation by Daniel Wagner of the Graz University of Technology. If you have the time and haven’t visited it yet, I really recommend to check out the demo page of the Graz University of Technology. Link demo page of Graz University of Technology: [link]. Daniel holds a Master in computer science and has been working on mobile augmented reality projects.

Connected Admin » Mobile Technology at the University of Washington – It is about the community

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Connected Admin A School Administrator explores the use of technology in Education RSS Feed Home About Mobile Technology at the University of Washington – It is about the community By Connected Admin , December 27, 2009 The University of Washington has embraced the delivery of mobile content for it's faculty and students. The University serves over 65,000 students, faculty, and staff. This led the University to develop it's own app for the iPhone.

Panlibus » Blog Archive » Oxford University 2.0

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Meta Register Log in Entries RSS Comments RSS License « Mobile learning: The bigger picture University of the West of Scotland talks with Talis » Oxford University 2.0 23rd September 2009, 10:52 am by Sarah Bartlett In: Education , Libraries At Monday’s Mobile Learning conference, I had little idea of what to expect from a session entitled “Even august” by Melissa Highton from the Learning Technologies Group at the University of Oxford.

Benchmark study in UK shows mobile learning technologies at 39%

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The answer is “both&# in that for many people the ideas in The Mobile Learning Edge are still too radical for their particular corporate setting, while others have embraced these new technologies and are rapidly moving ahead in their deployment. Europe and Japan have always been ahead of North America in terms of innovative uses of mobile technologies for learning. Mike Sharples at the University of Nottingham in the UK. Mobile technologies 39%.

Blackboard Mobile Learn 2.0 makes improvements

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Blackboard is the leading learning management system (LMS) in the college and university market, with installations in over 500 institutions. Learning Technologies Angel Blackboard Colleges Mobile Learn 2.0 Universities WebCTThe company has a mobile learning program that links the LMS with mobile phones, called Blackboard Mobile Learn , which is a mini version of the Blackboard platform. It also now supports Angel and WebCT customers, LMSs that are owned by Blackboard.

4T Virtual Education Technology Conference! FREE for K-12 edcuators and administrators

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The 4TVirtualCon is an opportunity for educators from across the globe to connect, network, and learn from each other about issues in technology education. The current Elementary and Secondary Master of Arts with Certification (MAC) interns at the University of Michigan School of Education are assisting with the development of the conference. The conference is run by instructors from the MAC programs at the University of Michigan School of Education.

CommLab University Blog » Blog Archive » Is m-learning a better platform for effective learning?

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CommLab University Blog « How effective is eLearning in imparting Product Training? Posted by Asma Zaineb On Wednesday, August 5, 2009 @ 06:21 AM digg it | reddit | delicious | StumbleUpon | Facebook | Twitter Mobile learning is the combination of e-learning and mobile technology. With the evolution of the 3 rd Generation (3G) technology, m-learning is really enabling the learners to access data and information at anytime and from anywhere they want.

TIME between TIMES: the joy of educating during a time of rapid technological change.

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the joy of educating during a time of rapid technological change. I’m retiring in 5 years, so I’m not going bother with technology.”. Its no secret that Education has been slow to respond to rise of these technologies. I encourage you to seek them out, perhaps by visiting the sites of the distinguished educators you’ll find below who have responded to this: Statement: This is the time between times for educators working with technology.

Assistive Technology: Technology Predictions for 2010

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Assistive Technology Blog on the topic of assistive technology, eLearning, mind mapping, project management, visual learning, collaborative tools, and educational technology Monday, December 28, 2009 Technology Predictions for 2010 I guess this is the time of the season to look into the crystal ball and make predictions about the year ahead. The real tipping point for this technology will be the ability to run Flash applications on these handsets. technologies.

Cell Phones in Education Part 2: Assistive Technology

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There is baggage that comes with the term “assistive technology&# as the use of this term often generates certain stereotypes. One of them is that assistive technology is specialized technology. Another is that assistive technology is hardware or software that is designed only for, or mainly for, individuals with special needs. In the classroom, cell phones can be used as an assistive technology for all.

Steve Wozniak Streams Live Tonight

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Catch Apple’s co-founder, Steve Wozniak, tonight from Abilene Christian University’s Connected Summit. Wozniak will be speaking about “will discuss education, emerging technologies, and his vision for the future of technology and society.&# (American Banking & Market News, February 28, 2011). Industry Presentations Social Media Tools apple education Mobile Learning mobile learning in university steve wozniak

K-12 Education in the Post-COVID Era

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Educators can also opt for a blended learning model empowered by technology. Since learners and educators are heavily relying upon remote learning, these technology-enabled solutions can improve the overall learning experience of students and the efficacy of the education system. It will probably take months for schools and universities to get back to what was once considered normal- with students and teachers coming to the classrooms and participating in knowledge sharing sessions.

#LWF11 Festival of Learning & Technology: My Best Of

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I recently had the great opportunity to attend the Learning Without Frontiers ‘festival of learning and technology’ in the UK in January of this year. Theo Gray – Creator of the Elements App; Co-founder of Wolfram Alpha; spoke eBooks, creating media, and about the disruption caused by technology. Connectivism Future mobile/miniaturisation uLearning Android apps conference infographics iPhone iPod Touch learning LWF movie-making Stephen Heppell technology UK Wikipedia

ACU brings iPad, Mobile Learning to West TX science teachers - Abilene Christian University

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ACU News Championship Central Recent News ACU Videos News Archive ACU brings iPad, Mobile Learning to West Texas middle and high school teachers Abilene Christian University is bringing cutting-edge Mobile Learning technology to middle and high schools across West Texas. ACU's Dr. Kim Pamplin, chair of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, has worked for the past year to develop a three-week technology program for area teachers using Teacher Quality Grants.

Learning Technology: Mobile Learning

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skip to main | skip to sidebar Learning Technology Monday, December 7, 2009 Mobile Learning Summary for the Horizon Report University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is looking at how mobile technologies can enhance learning in f2f, blended, and online classes. Next, we are looking at how social networking tools like Twitter and Facebook can be used to increase communication in blended and online classes using push down technology and SMS messaging.

Exploring Educational Technology

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Exploring Educational Technology Front Page About Multimedia Photos Files 2009 MLearning Projects Overview June 19, 2009 · Leave a Comment The projects are guided and supported by weekly “technology sessions” (Communities of Practice, or COP) facilitated by a ‘technology steward’ (Wenger et al., technologies for integration within each course. technologies. technologies for integration within each course.

Province, industry, and university partner for mobile learning research | Tony Bates

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iCORE is providing $760,000 over five years, Athabasca University is contributing $1.6 ’ Written by tony2 · Filed Under Events , Technology , geolocation , mobile learning Tagged: 2009 , Alberta , Athabasca University , iCORE , k , Kinshuk , Malkin , mobile learning , Xerox Canada Comments Got something to say?

Ensuring Continuity in Learning in the Times of COVID-19

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Universities and schools in many countries have been forced to close and learning of millions of students is interrupted. As such, universities and enterprises are turning to online methods to engage with learners and offering them a wide range of courses like PMP training , cloud computing courses, Azure training, and more. It is worth noting that many universities and companies had online platforms in place, but they were not utilized much.

POS 51 » Technology in Education

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Home About On Emergent Contact Technology in Education Posted in Church , Featured , Technology on December 30th, 2008 : 2 Comments My boss here at DTS is working through a series called “ Five Things the Church Should Know About Technology “ This fall my alma mater began their Mobile Learning innitiative. Now all freshmen and their teachers are able to integrate technology and learning both in and out of the classroom. Tags: university iPhone

5 Strategies to Improve Your Learning Management System

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You are a school, college or university looking to publish online courses and assign virtual work to your students. The technologies brought by a reliable learning management system will be more and more important as the world wades the waters of a digital revolution. . Pre-K Learning: Enhancing Education with Digital Technology. Education Technology / July 11, 2019. Education Technology / May 9, 2019. Education Technology / June 27, 2019.

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Are students ready for QR Codes? Findings from a student survey at the University of Bath []

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Findings from a student survey at the University of Bath « H E » email posted Wednesday, 18 February 2009 Student awareness and interactions with QR Codes. This is starting to generate some very interesting applications for this technology in education (see [link] ). This working paper aims to investigate the issue of student access through the analysis of a recent student survey undertaken at the University of Bath."

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Free Mobile Learning Book

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The Open University of China has recently released an mLearning book called Global Mobile Learning Implementations and Trends. It has been edited by Dr. Mohamed Ally (Athabasca University) and Dr. Avgoustos Tsinakos (Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology in Greece). The book is available for free online here. Dr. Ally had previously published a […]. Mobile Learning mLearning

8 Reasons to Create Interactive Textbooks for Engaging K-12 Students

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Well, it’s 2019, and most of the schools and universities have already accepted digital textbooks as the future of education. Growing up amidst technology, K-12 students are now quite used to getting things done at the click of a button. When it comes to education, technology once again plays a crucial role in keeping them in sync with the modern learning styles. Education Technology / September 8, 2015. Education Technology / October 21, 2015.

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Mobile Learning in Canada: an Update

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Since that time, I have become more aware of other mobile learning initiatives in Canada, especially being part of the “Taking Ontario Mobile” (TOM) project at the Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCADU). Athabasca University is a world leader in mobile learning research, under the leadership of Dr. Mohammad Ally. Online paper, University of Toronto. Canada Learning Technologies Mobile learning

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Blended and Mobile get accredited.

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Future of Mobile Learning Industry Learning Technologies Learning Theories Mobile learning ResearchI was reading a commentary in Forbes and realized that someday we may actually grant credits for learning off the internet and reading books for leisure that apply to workplace requirements. That may be a few years away yet with some recent grants there is hope on the horizon. As written by Michael Horn, in Forbes, June 20, 2012…here is an excerpt.

Australian uni goes mobile!


An article in the respected Australian newspaper has showcased the new mobile student support website recently implemented by Curtin University of Technology. The mobile device industry is the fastest-growing sector in the IT and web markets, and making good use of mobile platforms will soon be as important for universities asmaking good use of the internet. Tags: General cellphone curtin education information learning m-learning mlearning Mobile services university

10 Must-Have Features of an Online Education Platform

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And therefore, these platforms are in high demand in schools and universities across the globe. 8 Trends in Education Technology That Will Have A Major Impact. Education Technology / March 22, 2018. Education Technology / September 26, 2019. 5 Educational Technology Trends for Digital Classrooms. Digital Publishing , Education Technology / June 2, 2017. Education Technology digital learning platform online education platform

E-learning on Mobile Phones | MoSo Technology Blog

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Directory Technology Channel Science Channel Stores « Why were we born in the now human history, not in the past or in the future? Even the use of notebooks could not fulfill the independence of both location and time requirements because location independency depends on the ever-changing technology. Using technological devices such as Mobile phones can solve these types of problems. Mobile phones are the front-runners in adapting to this emerging technology.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Controlling the hi-tech helpers

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Most weeks I am fortunate to hear about interesting and innovative developments in technology around the world as the in-house commentator for Digital Planet, the World Service radio show presented by Gareth Mitchell. The results are interesting to those of us who have seen how our children embrace new technologies. Im plugged into technology, and affluent enough to provide my children with the kit they need, but there are a lot of kids at school with them who are not so fortunate.

Living in the 4th Screen - Exploring the use of mobile technology in education and life

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Login Get your own Posterous » Living in the 4th Screen Exploring the use of mobile technology in education and life Employment: I am an assistant principal at a public high school. For six years before that I was a district technology coordinator. ” The next thing to keep in mind according to the author of the article, Judy Brown, is: “We need to look instead at the capabilities unique to the new technologies.

Spectrum > Mobile Learning, Libraries, And Technologies: Merck Manuals > Apple iPhone / iPod Touch Apps

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Spectrum > Mobile Learning, Libraries, And Technologies Spectrum Is Devoted To Documenting Any and All Topics Relating To Mobile Learning, Mobile Library Services, and Mobile Technologies. Technology Counts 2010 > Powering Up: Mobile Learn. ISU Daily > EDITORIAL > Technology Is Our Friend; " I Still Prefer Paper Books.

A Great Resource for Mobile Learning

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The book is called “Innovative Mobile Learning Techniques and Technologies&# and it’s a collection of studies and resources put together by Hokyoung Ryu and David Parsons at Massey University in New Zealand. Designing Learning Activities with Mobile Technologies …………………………………………………………… 1. Daniel Spikol, Växjö University, Sweden.