Why I disagree with Mark Zuckerberg who claims the iPad isn’t mobile [Poll]

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I came across this interesting article on Forbes.com, which also includes a short video (below) of Mark Zuckerberg answering a question from the audience and basically saying that the iPad is not mobile. About an iPad, ”it’s not mobile… it’s a computer.”

Lots of Mobile Activity

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It has been a very busy Fall for mobile learning. We'd love to hear what else would make this a valuable site for those interested in mobile learning.Some recent happenings of interest include:T-Mobile is offering one year of complimentary T-Mobile HotSpot service to those who participate in the Give One Get One campaign to put laptops into the han.

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gPhone anyone?


It turns out there isn't going to be a physical device at all, but rather a heavy-weight alliance (the open handset alliance ) who are getting together to create an open source platform for mobile devices. Loads of big names are involved: Google, HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung, T-mobile, Intel. Finally, some tangible news about the gPhone, or "Google phone"!

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Mobile Messaging News Roundup

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Mobile Industry News Study reveals success of text messaging in helping smokers quit – The evidence shows that text messaging reduces smoking. The post Mobile Messaging News Roundup appeared first on Mobile Commons.

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mLearning Testing Tools & Methods

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As active practitioners and consultants for enterprise mobile learning initiatives, a frequent question we get asked is “What kinds of tools can you recommend to help us test our mLearning content before we release it to our mobile workers?” Android G1 smartphone (on T-Mobile) n.

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mLearning Tech A’plenty Released at CES 2011

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In the midst of all the new 3D TVs, streaming home entertainment, futuristic toys and smart appliances, the primary market focus of this year’s show seems to be on mobility with smartphones, tablets and apps taking center stage in many of the main keynotes and featured front-and-center in larger vendor booths. And many of these advances drive the potential and increase the affordances of mobile learning and performance support across the enterprise.

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Students Demand the Right to Use Technology in School!

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We don’t have the basic needs that students at Beverly Hills High have,” said Myquesha Moore from Crenshaw High. Yes, we’re learning to type on our T-Mobile Sidekicks, because we’re taking our own initiative. There is a wonderful and very well written article on NPR's Mind/Shift concerning students' needs around using technology in their learning (and they are NOT talking about a PowerPoint lecture!).

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mLearning-World.com: RIM to Launch Multimedia Device for Consumers - The Blackberry Pearl

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The main problem I see here is that it initially will be only offered at T-Mobile, who, in my opinon, has sub-standard service. Canadas Rim plans to launch the device with T-Mobile USA, the No. From mLearnopedia: April - June Hot List: Mobile L.

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Text GIVE to 62262 to Send a Text Message Donation to the Obama Campaign

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That means anybody can now donate $10 to Obama straight from their mobile phones. The Washington Post reports : Officials said the service will be available almost immediately for Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular customers, and for AT&T and other carriers “in the near future.” Now, anybody with a mobile phone can easily contribute to the candidates they support.

4 Ways Text Messaging Builds Safer Communities

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Others may stay quiet simply because they don’t know exactly who to contact. All four of the United State’s major mobile carriers—AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint— just approved texting 911 as an alternative to phone calls.

Charities Raise Money with Text to Donate for Nepali Earthquake Relief

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Mobile giving – donating money through a simple text message exchange – is being used by several charities as an easy way for anyone to make a contribution to relief efforts. Mobile giving, also called text-to-donate, can be an extremely rewarding tactic for charities in times of crisis.

Design a mobile application, win a scholarship « The Point of It All

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Hire a stripper to go in your place » Design a mobile application, win a scholarship Attention all full-time students and staff! Do you have what it takes to be the Big Mobile on Campus?

More Mobile Learning - by GlobalEnglish

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GlobalEnglish has developed a mobile feature – the Mobile Learning Network – for its online business English training system. Via: globalenglish.com ] Related News from IntoMobile Urban Planet mobilizes English language learning Nokia launches WidSets, Mobiledu in China BBC World Service Trust uses Ericsson to do Mobile learning in Bangladesh What are your thoughts? More Mobile Learning - by GlobalEnglish Mobile TV: at a critical point now?

Using Accents in SMS Text Messages

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Mobile Commons works with some of the most inspiring Hispanic organizations in the country, including Reform Immigration 4 America , Presente.org , the National Alliance for Hispanic Health , the National Hispanic Media Coalition , and many others. But if you join the Spanish-language version of any of their mobile lists, you’ll notice something surprising. Unfortunately, doesn’t include all the accented characters (or Cyrillic, Kanji, Hebrew, etc.).

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The big issue: mobile phones in class | CompareMobiles.com

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CompareMobiles.com Impartial Mobile Phone Reviews, News, Deals, Info & Consumer Comments. Phones are banned in our school for the pupils but some of the teachers are on their mobiles 24/7. I don’t see why they can when they are supposed to be busy with work and we can’t because we are supposed to be busy with our education. Phones aren’t just used for texting but for finding things out. Browse by mobile.

Just Another Mobile Phone Blog: St. Marys City Schools In Ohio, Verizon Wireless And GoKnow! Bring Wireless Technology To The Classroom

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Mobile Learning Software Pilot Project Delivers Improved Test Scores within the School District. a provider of educational software designed specifically for mobile devices, the St. The district is currently the largest in the country to deploy mobile learning devices.

Some Mobile Learning Stats from Merrill Lynch via DevLearn09 « Designing Impact

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Some Mobile Learning Stats from Merrill Lynch via DevLearn09 leave a comment » Picked up some interesting stats and comments on mobile learning from Nicole Fougere over at Litmos who is attended Judy Brown’s Mobile Learning session at DevLearn09. 1–From Brown: “One thing Mobile learning is not: “It is not about shrinking a course down to a little screen&#.

Linearity of Expectation (LoE): What can mobiles teach us about scaling-up ICT4D?

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RSS Feed For your reader or widget Email Subscription Mobile Site (SMS) Hope Phones Recent Posts Saturday, June 12, 2010 What can mobiles teach us about scaling-up ICT4D? Can the lessons learned from the mobile explosion be turned into guidance in reaching scale in ICT4D?

E-learning on Mobile Phones | MoSo Technology Blog

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» E-learning on Mobile Phones by Cyprien E-learning on Mobile Phones The main advantage of E-learning is independence of both location and time. Using technological devices such as Mobile phones can solve these types of problems. Mobile phones can be easily carried.

Learning Mobile Devices Are Not Quite New

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Mobility though, contrary to what people thought, is not something we just got with mobile electronic devices. This was when reading became "mobile." The need to move from place to place created a demand for a mobile "device" to transport the written word.

Mobile Learning « Shijina’s Blog

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billion inhabitants will have mobile phones by the end of the year 2008. Mobile learning or m-learning is touted as being the next big thing in e-learning. More the mobile phone users, bigger the e-learning market. What types of mobile phones can be used for mobile learning?

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Mobile learning in a military context « e-Learning Stuff

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e-Learning Stuff news and views on e-learning, ILT and tech stuff in general… Home About James Clay New Stuff Old Stuff Mobile learning in a military context Yesterday I was in that for me was in some ways a very alien environment and in other ways a familiar environment. I delivered a session on mobile learning to a group of military personnel down in Torpoint in Cornwall. link] 49 minutes ago Blog post: Mobile learning in a military context [link] 1 hour ago @ xlearn where?

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Faster Wi-Fi coming to cell phones, thanks to Broadcom - OCRegister.com

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starts free mobile games offer Verizon’s FiOS expands in more Southern California cities 911 still works if you discontinue phone service PC Club: Tips on removing ‘Antivirus 2009′ malware Another digital TV transition test in O.C.,

Increase in mobile internet « e-Learning Stuff

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e-Learning Stuff news and views on e-learning, ILT and tech stuff in general… Home About James Clay New Stuff Old Stuff Increase in mobile internet The Guardian reports on the surge in mobile internet use: Google UK today revealed that mobile internet use was surging thanks to the Apple iPhone. With the imminent release of the Palm Pre and the Nokia N97 I think we can expect a further increase in mobile internet use.

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Handheld Reflections Day Two « e-Learning Stuff

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Three days of mobile learning stuff, presentations, discussions, networking and people. It was very apparent how the credit crunch is impacting on the mobile learning business with what looked like a 30% drop in exhibitors compared to 2008. With Malcolm McLaren up next it was certainly going to be an interesting keynote and he isn’t someone who has by his own admission not done much handheld learning. 6 hours ago In case you didn't see it we made the BBC News today.

Top 5 Mobile Articles to Read This Week

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T-Mobile may be following Sprint and Rogers to offer RCS in Google Messenger RCS is the next-generation of text messaging — you can send messages longer than 160 characters, have improved group chats, read receipts, high-resolution photo sharing, typing indicators, and more.