Nokia buys Symbian. and then gives it away!


Nokia has just bought out the rest of the Symbian partners, giving it 100% ownership of the Symbian operating system, which it plans to "give away"!

Microsoft Buys Nokia For $7.2 Billion: What Does It Mean For Mobile Learning?

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Industry News Mobile Devices Android Apple BlackBerry disruption theory Google iOS Microsoft Nokia Symbian Despite the deal, Float senior analyst Gary Woodill suggests iOS and Android devices are "sure bets" for your company, while the other manufacturers struggle.

Android Tops in Q4 2010… What Does This Mean for mLearning?

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A report published by analytics firm Canalys has placed Android ahead of all smartphone platforms in sales for Q4 2010, including Symbian. From the report: Shipments of Android-based smart phones reached [.]. Android Mobile Technology

NokMote - Wii style interface with your Nokia !!


Here at moblearn we love people who challenge the way we use our technology, and challenge our assumptions about interfaces. The iPhone / iPod Touch did that for me with its web browsing. Tactile zooming. Automatic rotation. But did you know some of the same magic is available for Nokia N95? Like the iPhone, it has an accelerometer inside, but until now it wasn't used for much. Until, that

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Japan Watching

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Recently Symbian posted a list of the top 20 smartphone features requested in Japan:1. Watching Europe and Asia mobile markets can give the U.S. an indication of what we might see in the future. mobile wallet2. MANGA on mobile3. mobile check-in at airports4. mobile keys for door5. mobile employee badges6. mobile cinema tickets7. mobile transport passes8. fingerprint authentication9. face recognition/authentication10. mobile discount/promotion coupons11. scented phones12.

mLearning Presentations using Google Docs

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And, while Google Docs presentations work well on an iPhone or Android-based device, playback on virtually any BlackBerry - the current market leader for most enterprise mlearning deployments - WinMo or Symbian-based smartphone is not a workable experience at all.

Developing Mobile Learning: Which Device Are Your Targeting?

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And Symbian is as good as dead. When you are getting started with mobile learning one of the decision you’ll have to make is which device(s) to target. In a SWOT Analysis of Mobile Learning we posted earlier this week, we listed this as one of the weaknesses of mobile learning as it stands today. Fragmented market and no real common development platform make this a serious hindrance to mobile learning adoption.

15 Authoring Tools For mEnabling Your eLearning For iPads

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This mobile learning solution from Kenexa allows you to rapidly develop content and deploy it on all popular mobile devices and tablets including iPad, iPhone, Symbian, BlackBerry, Windows, and Android.

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Apple Loosens Development Restrictions on AppTech Developers Using Adobe Flash Tools

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Apple has been such a dominant player in the app market that the previous rules restricted AppTech's ability to speedily bring apps to market on Google Android and Symbian, which are popular systems in emerging markets such as Brazil and Latin America that we wish to penetrate. HOUSTON, Sept. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- AppTech Corp.

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Adobe’s Mobile Packager: Flash on your mobile

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First, Flash is only available as a player on two platforms, Windows Mobile and Symbian (Nokia and Sony Ericsson). Those of you who know me know that I’ve been excited about Flash for mobile devices for a long time. Ever since the first announcements of Flash Lite in 2005/2006, I’ve been studying and working on ways to port the most ubiquitous rich web technology to the mobile space.

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Apple announcement is excellent news for cross-platform app developers!


But it does support more phones (iPhone, Windows Mobile, RIM, Symbian and Android) These three are the main players. On Blackberry and Symbian it compiles to J2ME.)

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Optimizing Web Media for Mobile Learning

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If you have loads of users in Continental Europe and Asia, you’ll find that Symbian is the preferred platform. We’ve recently been delivering simple content just-in-time for access through the websites that are designed to run on mobile devices.

Mobile Wikipedia


The Series 60 Weblog has compiled over 2000 full-length Wikipedia articles - including over 8500 colour images - into a version of Wikipedia that can be read on Symbian s60 phones (i.e.

Enterprise Mobile Learning 2011 - Year in Review

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Indeed, Nokia not only decided to ship Nokia handsets with Microsoft’s Windows Phone mobile OS they actually killed off their own Symbian OS in the process; talk about burning your ships on the shore! a.k.a. How On Target Were My 2011 Predictions?

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Mobile Landscape Really About to Change

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My guess is that in 5 years, the major players will be Android, iPhone and Symbian (Nokia, Sony-Ericsson). There’s been a big stir of comments, reviews, predictions etc. surroungding the release of the newest Android device in the US. The Motorola Droid was released a few weeks back on the Verizon network and so far the reviews and comments have been pretty positive.

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Are Apps the Future of Mobile Learning?

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And, the following companies have an app store or will have one very soon: Microsoft (Windows Mobile), RIM (Blackberry), Nokia and Sony-Ericsson(Symbian), Google (Android), Adobe (Flash Lite, AIR, Flex, etc.). As a developer, you constantly look for the “next big thing&#. Most of us will probably admit that there can be more than one of those “big things&#.

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GPS Mission: For once a free, fun and working GPS game

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What is especially great about the software is that Germany-based developer Orbster GmbH took the time to support the iPhone 3G, Nokia Symbian and Windows Mobile phones and not only “one of the above&#. Today I reviewed GPS Mission on the iPhone, which is a GPS-based user-powered mobile game. Once registered the user can access or create missions around his locations. For instance, I saw that someone created a photo safari around my town.

2010: mLearning Year in Review

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NOTE: The lack of Symbian -based smartphones in the North American market meant that while Flash content on Nokia devices was possible, it just wasn’t happening much). A.K.A. How our January 2010 Predictions Played Out!

mLearning Testing Tools & Methods

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Finally, the best simulators/emulators are from the device OEMs themselves including RIM/BlackBerry , Google/Android , Nokia/Symbian and Microsoft/WinMo. Nokia 5800 smartphone (Symbian 60/v5 testing on ATT) m.

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Picking the "Right" Smartphone for mLearning

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In our role of assisting customers and partners with planning and deploying successful mobile project projects, one of the key requirements every team wrestles with is where they need to "set the bar" when determining the target mobile devices they'll need to reach and support.

Media Encoding Tools for Mobile Learning

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As anyone who works in an environment where "device diversity" is a challenge (where you've got RIM BlackBerrys, Apple iPhones, Android phones, Windows Mobile, Symbian-based smartphones, netbooks, whatever!), My friend and colleague Brent Schlenker posted a Tweet yesterday that both caught my attention and also quickly made the rounds through the SoMe ecosystem which read: Making Video Encoding Easy and Affordable with [link] This is VERY cool!

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My mLearning Predictions for 2010

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The first several "sizable" enterprise mlearning projects using Apple iPhones and Android-based smartphones will be delivered into the marketplace as mitigated security concerns make way for a superior on-device experience versus today's standard corporate-centric BlackBerry, WinMo and Symbian (Nokia) interfaces. How To Create Rapid and Cheap Mobile Learning- Text Messaging

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A typical audience may have several types of PDAs, from Palm, to Windows Mobile, to Symbian. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Newsletter * LinkedIn * Facebook * *. Friday, September 29, 2006. How To Create Rapid and Cheap Mobile Learning- Text Messaging.

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Free M-Learning Applications


Here is just one his tools, (which are generally authored for the Symbian mobile phone platform): The TVH-72g Graphing Calculator.

Reading the signs | Work, Learn, Play

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Of those, almost half run Nokia’s open source Symbian technology. Work, Learn, Play Notes on people, information & learning Home About This Blog Hosted by.

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Just Another Mobile Phone Blog: St. Marys City Schools In Ohio, Verizon Wireless And GoKnow! Bring Wireless Technology To The Classroom

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More Mobile Learning - by GlobalEnglish

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My Top Ten Mobile Learning Tools 2009 | Mashed Articles

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7 Mail – this is one of the loser aspects of the iPhone – I can get my mail, but Apple’s Mail app is nothing like as useful or powerful as Gmail’s mail app for Symbian. Home Policy RSS Mashed Articles When articles speak for themselves « Howto Read CHM (compiled HTML) file in Ubuntu / debian Linux My Top Ten Mobile Learning Tools 2009 admin, 19 August 2009, No comments Categories: Information Technology , Learning (No Ratings Yet) Loading.

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Designing mobile content « learning about learning….

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Symbian is the name of Nokia’s operating system that includes a browser. A 2007 study on mobile platform usage found that Symbian (used in Nokia phones) had 70% of the mobile OS market. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated) Motorola ROKR E8 - Rocking Handset With Rocking Motorola Features Mobile web big bang The Next Big Thing in Mobile: Browser Extensibility Firefox Mobile for Symbian coming in 2009 Comments » No comments yet — be the first.

Choosing a PDA for Teaching and Learning | Mobile Learning


2G Mobile Phone access is enabled in most Symbian devices (Nokia phones) and in many Windows Mobile smartphones. Nokia make “smartphones” based on the Symbian OS , which do not use a stylus to interact with the device.

M-Learning for Students - Is It Possible? - Daydreamer

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Mobile phones in this day and age are equipped with the capability to connect to the internet, to play and record audio, video, and picture or photo, and to run software applications such as Java, Symbian, Flash, and so forth.

Mobile learning in a military context « e-Learning Stuff

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e-Learning Stuff news and views on e-learning, ILT and tech stuff in general… Home About James Clay New Stuff Old Stuff Mobile learning in a military context Yesterday I was in that for me was in some ways a very alien environment and in other ways a familiar environment. I delivered a session on mobile learning to a group of military personnel down in Torpoint in Cornwall.

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Mobile Learning « Shijina’s Blog

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The factors that should be considered while choosing a mobile phone device for e-learning are operating system (Symbian, Linux, Windows Mobile, Apple, Android, RIM Blackberry, Palm), internet accessibility, screen-size, user interface, keyboard, memory, PC synchronization and security.

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Increase in mobile internet « e-Learning Stuff

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e-Learning Stuff news and views on e-learning, ILT and tech stuff in general… Home About James Clay New Stuff Old Stuff Increase in mobile internet The Guardian reports on the surge in mobile internet use: Google UK today revealed that mobile internet use was surging thanks to the Apple iPhone. The head of Google UK, Matt Brittin, said iPhone owners search online 30 times more than those who use rival smartphones.

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Mobile Strategies, Mobile Software, Handhelds and PDAs: Questions to Ponder before Starting a Mobile Software Development Project for Handheld PDAs, iPhones and Smartphones

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Windows Mobile, Google Android, RIM Blackberry, Symbian , iPhone, etc.)? skip to main | skip to sidebar Mobile Strategies, Mobile Software, Handhelds and PDAs Mobile technology discussions, enterprise mobile computing strategies, reviews of PDAs, Smartphones, handheld computers, rugged mobile devices, windows mobile, iphones and much more.

Handheld Reflections Day Two « e-Learning Stuff

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e-Learning Stuff news and views on e-learning, ILT and tech stuff in general… Home About James Clay New Stuff Old Stuff Handheld Reflections Day Two I do enjoy Handheld Learning and 2009 was no exception. Three days of mobile learning stuff, presentations, discussions, networking and people. Day two, Tuesday, sees a slightly different and more traditional feel to the conference. We have opening keynotes, parallel sessions and free coffee! With a 9.30