Steve Wozniak Streams Live Tonight

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Catch Apple’s co-founder, Steve Wozniak, tonight from Abilene Christian University’s Connected Summit. via MEDIA ADVISORY: Watch Live Streams of Steve Wozniak and Karen Cator from the Abilene Christian University Connected Summit 2011 on February 28th – American Banking News.

Float’s UX Director to Deliver Presentation on Social, Local and Mobile Learning at Loyola Marymount University

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Jim Ferolo will discuss the concept of SoLoMo - social, local, mobile - during a speech at LMU. Pedagogy and Learning Press Releases Tappestry informal learning Loyola Marymount University mobile learning social learning solomo

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Tappestry: Kicking the Informal Learning (Tin) Can

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Tappestry is positioned as the first social network designed specifically for learning. I remember a social media guru once saying that she went to Twitter to find answers. A review by Jessica Knox.

Mobile Enables Informal Learning

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To support the argument – that informal learning is important – here is a research by Prof Robert Kelley from Carnegie Mellon University, which shows dramatic drop over the years in the percentage of information that the workers need to hold in their heads to get their work done.

The Four Stages of Mobile Maturity

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The app universe starts to open within the organization as more individuals start to look for computing metaphors that are aligned to mobile – essentially downloadable apps to begin with. Social networking booms as individuals use their devices to connect with each other.

Enterprise mLearning Predictions for 2011

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Private Social Networks Win Over Public. There’s no denying the power and reach of social networking in the technology space but we remain convinced that PUBLIC SOCIAL sites like Facebook , Linkedin , Twitter , Flickr and YouTube all have diminished value as part of an enterprise learning community when compared with the various PRIVATE SOCIAL sites and applications now available.

Mobile Messaging News Roundup

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Chinese University uses WeChat to solve student library problem – Students at Nanjing University now have to book their library spaces via the instant messaging platform WeChat to ensure their fellow scholars can’t pinch their seats.

How Text Messaging Helps Relieve Pain in Chronic Patients

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Can text messaging provide social support to patients? The researchers wanted to find out whether offering patients social support via text messaging could alleviate some of the symptoms of a chronic pain disorder.

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From David Hockney to Photosynth: applications that build on social media content

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It is an application that builds on the result of social media applications that all of us help build together. Photosynth is a software developed by Microsoft in collaboration with the University of Washington. Tags: multimedia social media mobile learning

Analysis piece: Mobile learning – Key principles for success

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Mobile learning: key principles for success ( pdf ) is an analysis piece written for the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship , Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town.

Top 50 Mobile Learning Resources

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Duke University: Mobile Devices in Education. In putting this list together, I used Tony Karrer’s eLearning Learning site extensively to match links that are also popular based on social signals. I’ve spent an inordinately long time writing a whitepaper on mobile learning trying to expound our thoughts about it and how it might be used in the workplace. I’ve been doing some research around it and I’ve documented some of the better links I’ve come across.

SMS Thought Leadership Series: How to Structure Tone and Content for Text Message Intervention Programs

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The first study, run by Dr. Beth Brock of Brown University, compared general motivational text messages on curbing alcohol consumption with messages composed by peers that contained safety tips about drinking, driving, and social situations.

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Province, industry, and university partner for mobile learning research | Tony Bates

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iCORE is providing $760,000 over five years, Athabasca University is contributing $1.6 ’ Written by tony2 · Filed Under Events , Technology , geolocation , mobile learning Tagged: 2009 , Alberta , Athabasca University , iCORE , k , Kinshuk , Malkin , mobile learning , Xerox Canada Comments Got something to say?

UNICEF Report on Children, ICTs and Development

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Technological innovation, however, can be crucial for strengthening social networks, disseminating information and linking disadvantaged communities with vital knowledge. ” The report was written for UNICEF by the ICT4D Centre at Royal Holloway, University of London and Jigsaw Consult.

Two-Way Text Messaging: Interacting with Your Mobile Subscribers in One-on-One Conversations

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Mobile Commons allows your organization to interact with individuals personally in one-to-one SMS conversations, eliminating the need for long recorded audio messages and bad publicity from social media posts.

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Food & Water Watch Raises Tap Water Awareness With SMS Campaign

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Over 60 colleges participated in Tap-a-palooza, and many of the students who pledged took to social media to share their efforts and promote the contest’s shortcode.

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Texting Networks Bring Anonymous Help to Troubled Teens

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Young people have been reluctant to use crisis services,” Anthony Pisani, a suicide prevention researcher at the University of Rochester, told the Times. Text messaging is the go-to means of communication for teenagers.

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Mobile Learning: Cellular Phones as Learning Tools « Compassion in Politics: Christian Social Entrepreneurship, Education Innovation, & Base of the Pyramid/BOP Solutions

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Compassion in Politics: Christian Social Entrepreneurship, Education Innovation, & Base of the Pyramid/BOP Solutions Front Page Mission | About Web 2.0 & I hope my research and ideas provide insight into social entrepreneurship, innovation, and positive social change.If

SMS Nation: August Edition

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And while the generation has experienced some pushback for letting their fast flying fingers do the talking, the use of technology has not mitigated the generation’s social skills. It’s kind of awkward to leave voicemails now,” affirmed Chris Paul, a recent graduate of Duquesne University.

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Embracing Mobile To Educate For Tomorrow | MobileBehavior

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Marys, many in higher education are jumping on board; Columbia Universitys Teacher College sees cell phones as the next great learning tool. Abilene Christian University gave out 2,000 iPhones and iPod Touches to its students and teachers, urging them to "go mobile, go digital."

Mobiles, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing Merge — MobileBeyond

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Global chat rooms, once called social media , emerged as billions of silent discussions criss-crossed space and time, eliminating distance, a world of timeless conversations. Some called it the “university of the sky&# ; others, the “artificial intelligence Internet.&#

Erik Duval’s Weblog

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through citizen science or social networking projects, YouTube, Flickr). Erik Duval’s Weblog Learning Objects, Metadata, Interoperability and … me! Rencontre d’amis au bord de la mer du Nord - the essence of mobile learning.

Parent's Fears about Cell Phones and their Children are Exaggerated According to Duke Study, Yet both Parents and Children are Distracted by Devices

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A study conducted by Duke University , found that the many fears parents have about their children losing face-to-face social abilities is unfounded.

Mobile learning: Ready or not! | Keeping Pace

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According to a survey released by Project Tomorrow in October, 48% of high school students and 34% of middle school students reported that they use their profiles on Facebook and other social networking sites to collaborate with classmates on projects.

eModeration Station

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On the K-Nect project, students also wanted access to social networking facilities such as blogs and instant messages on the devices. She will add the really useful sites to her social bookmarking account (she uses Delicious).

Use Text Messaging to Move Supporters Up Your Ladder of Engagement

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By building a mobile list, your organization can open up a whole new universe for interacting with your supporters. If you’re a nonprofit, a big part of your focus is progress. Progress towards a well-informed public, towards a cleaner planet, towards a better quality of life for everyone.

UNESCO report: A mobile reading revolution

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Because increased reading carries numerous educational and social benefits, governments and other institutions can take steps to promote mobile reading, especially in areas where illiteracy is widespread, but mobile phones are common.

E-Learning Queen: Mobile Learning: Is It Doing What It’s Supposed To?

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skip to main | skip to sidebar E-Learning Queen E-Learning Queen focuses on distance training and education, from instructional design to e-learning and mobile solutions, and pays attention to psychological, social, and cultural factors.

Four Steps to Driving College Enrollment with SMS

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Text messaging provides a way for colleges and universities to reach out to teens on the device they use most—their mobile phones – and get them to take action. Here is a Twitter call to action from Bowling Green State University: 2) Target Prospective Students.


SMS Study Service Success in NZ | Mobile Learning


Mobile Learning An Online Reflective Journal on Mobile Learning Practice Home Winksite Store Resources About Mobile Contact SMS Study Service Success in NZ 15 06 2006 Auckland University has successfully implemented a first-in-the-world, SMS-based “learning on demand&# service for its students.

Designing Good Educational Podcasts | Mobile Learning


Mobile Learning An Online Reflective Journal on Mobile Learning Practice Home Winksite Store Resources About Mobile Contact Designing Good Educational Podcasts 15 06 2006 Andy Ramsden, a Learning Technology Advisor at Bristol University in the UK recently posted up a great guide for educators designing podcasts.

Learner-Centric Design of Digital Mobile Learning | Mobile Learning


Mobile Learning An Online Reflective Journal on Mobile Learning Practice Home Winksite Store Resources About Mobile Contact Learner-Centric Design of Digital Mobile Learning 27 09 2006 “ Learner Centric Design of Digital Mobile Learning ,&# [ doc ] [ pdf ] (which I co-authored with my colleague Margaret O’Connell), received the Best Paper Award at Queensland University of Technology’s “Learning on the Move&# conference which I attended yesterday (despite a raging flu!).

On-Campus Wireless Internet


I heard from a number of people on our Yammer social network that they believed that our institution’s wireless service was difficult to connect to and only available in scattered areas around the campus. From a teaching and learning point of view, campus-wide internet access - or even access that targets social and learning spaces such as refectories, libraries, lecture rooms and labs - is what truly blends together online and face-to-face learning.

iPod Power | Mobile Learning


Andy Ramsden at the University of Bristol regularly publishes some of the best material on capture and delivery of podcasting materials on the web through his blog. Mobile Learning An Online Reflective Journal on Mobile Learning Practice Home Winksite Store Resources About Mobile Contact iPod Power 7 07 2006 Podcasting is standing out as a leading mobile learning approach, supported by good case-studies and a wealth of best-practice advice from practitioners.

June Hot List: Mobile Learning Content Community

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Top Posts The following are the top posts from featured sources based on social signals. Here is the monthly top ten list for from June. Enjoy.

Going Mobile: Debating and Using Cellphones in School - The Learning Network Blog -

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In such places, cellphones are becoming the truly universal technology. Social Studies: Students create a city guide for their town, or any chosen city in the United States, using Google SMS. Home Page Todays Paper Video Most Popular Times Topics Education World U.S.

The Mobile Learner

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Socially, western societies are becoming more global. I studied History and Philosophy in university and actually enjoy these subjects. My most inspirational teacher was Professor Arthur Haberman of York University in Toronto: [link].

The Disadvantages of Mobile Learning |

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References Compassion in Politics: Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Learning E-Learning Resources: m-Learning Who Can Help Sponsored Earn your degree from industry experts at University of Phoenix.

October Hot List: Mobile Learning Content

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Best of Mobile Learning October 1, 2009 to October 31, 2009 Featured Sources The following are the top items from featured sources based on social signals. Cell Phones in Learning , October 5, 2009 Other Sources The following are the top items based on social signals.

February Hot List: Mobile Learning Content

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Best of Mobile Learning February 1, 2011 to February 28, 2011 Featured Sources The following are the top items from featured sources based on social signals. Yes, a case from the Tilburg University , February 11, 2011 Phone (904) Are We Wired For Mobile Learning?