3 Tools To Help You Optimize Your PhoneGap App’s Performance

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Float''s lead developer shows to create a better user experience for your PhoneGap apps by measuring CPU usage, as well as using Safari’s remote Web inspector and the JavaScript profiler. Mobile Apps Mobile Development User Experience DevLearn javascript phonegap Safari

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2 Events that Could Help Push Mobile Learning

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WebKit is the same core used for the iPhone Safari browser and the Android browser, it’s a very capable and highly extensible platform for Web development, so it provides the opportunity to develop rich, interactive experiences for learners. Tags: Mobile Learning m-Learning mobile landscape mobile learning market mobile technology mobile user experience us mobile learning Android Blackberry Flash Google iPhone RIM Safari Windows Mobile

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This Flash Player (Frash) Runs On iPad

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Today while checking my twitter feed I discovered Frash which runs Flash content on iPad/iPhone in a Safari browser. The video below shows Flash content running on iPad Safari browser using Frash –.

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Mobile Web Grows – But User’s Can Find it Tough

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Safari on the iPhone and Opera do better, but they are still not ideal for mobile users. Platform Specific Sites: iPhone and Safari: https://developer.apple.com/safari/ Note: Link is on the right side, “Safari on iPhone and iPod Touch&#. https://developer.apple.com/safari/library/documentation/AppleApplications/Reference/WebKitDOMRef/index.html.

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The Best eBook Platforms for the Post-Readium Era


We also had the Readium Chrome Application and support for Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. To the shock of many loyal Readium users around the world, Google recently announced that it is planning to discontinue the use of Readium soon.

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This Week in mLearning Podcast – Episode 7 – Project Tin Can

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11- Apps of the weeks: Quickoffice® Pro HD and twitter.com on Mobile Safari. 1- Highlights of the week. a- Google has closed its deal to acquire Motorola Mobility. b- Stats about Android activations per day. Relevant figures related to its competitors. c- President Obama issues a directive to urge major government agencies to focus on the “growing mobile revolution.” RJ Jacquez wrote about this here.

m-learning on your iPhone !


It has the same touch screen, the same apps, the same Touch OS X operating system, WiFi and a Safari browser. It looks like the rumours are true, and we will be using the iPhones for mobile learning by the end of the year!

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15 Authoring Tools For mEnabling Your eLearning For iPads

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For iPads, content can be played via Safari browser but for an enhanced experience, you can publish it for Articulate Mobile Player , a native iOS application that optimizes courses only for iPads.

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So…How Do You Build eLearning For iPads?

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HTML5 works best with IE10 and browsers like Maxthon, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Now that we have thought about what we can do with our existing courseware let’s think about building some new eLearning and what’s all the fuss about HTML5.

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iPad: first thoughts from an educator

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I can’t believe mobile safari still can’t be used to enter and edit text in some web pages, like say edublogs or etherpad. Well, here it is- the much hyped iPad itself.

Have You mEnabled Your eLearning For iPads?

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Moreover, Apple’s mobile browser Safari can also affect and largely decide on the design of your eLearning course as it can be very ‘choosy’ about supporting interactivity we took almost for granted when building in Flash.

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October Hot List: Mobile Learning Content

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Best of Mobile Learning October 1, 2009 to October 31, 2009 Featured Sources The following are the top items from featured sources based on social signals.

A quick look at Easy Meet

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The system works with S60 browsers, Opera, Firefox and Safari but not with IE6. Not really brandnew, but interesting for people who haven’t seen it yet. I watched an interesting short presentation (or should I call it an ad?) on Nokia Easy Meet. The service enables participants from Laptops, PCs and of course mobile phones to exchange multmedia files and meeting minutes. Slide sharing, conference chats and remote content access is also possible.

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Optimizing Web Media for Mobile Learning

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Safari builds this in, while Firefox can support it using a plug-in. We’ve recently been delivering simple content just-in-time for access through the websites that are designed to run on mobile devices. It was easier said than done, here are some lessons we picked up along the way.

Articulate Storyline vs. Adobe Captivate 6 for iPad Publishing [FAQ]

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When I look at apps entirely created in HTML5, such as Boom Town and Sketchpad (try it on iPad Safari) I think to myself, surely there must be a way to overcome most of the limitations currently listed by these two eLearning vendors.

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M-Learning Decisions: Web App or Native App?

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But one thing seems to be clear and that’s the fact that mobile browsers are getting much better and most newer mobile browsers are implementing the WebKit Open Source framework similar to what Apple did when they created Safari for the iPhone. I’ve written a couple of posts about the differences and the advantages and disadvantages of native applications and web applications when it comes to mobile learning.

What does the new #iOS5 mean for Educators? The device better fits to me. #slide2learn #edApp #iear #iPadEd #ADEANZ

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Safari – additions include tabbed browsing in Safari for iPad, and the ‘reader’ function to simplify and de-clutter what you see when reading articles on the web. - There were a huge amount of new mobile operating system features announced today for the iOS iPad and iPhone platform, including the fact that there are over 200 million iOS devices out there, making it the leading mobile platform (44%). There are over 425,000 apps available now also.

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10 Things the Motorola Xoom does Better than the iPad

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Say you find the same page in Safari on your iPad and you tap the Share button, your options are Add Bookmark, Add to Home Screen, Mail Link to this Page and Print. For the last 3 weeks, I have been Tweeting and Blogging about my experience with the new Motorola Xoom Tablet, which is the very first Tablet sporting Android 3.0, codenamed Honeycomb. Honeycomb is the next generation of the Android operating system, which is optimized specifically for Tablets.

GPS Mission: For once a free, fun and working GPS game

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For instance, I saw that someone created a photo safari around my town. Today I reviewed GPS Mission on the iPhone, which is a GPS-based user-powered mobile game. Once registered the user can access or create missions around his locations. The goal of that particular mission was to find certain objects of interest, make photos and put them online. Within the player screen, the user sees his/her active mission and the walking distance to the next object or goal.

IPhone- User Interface Guidelines- Part I

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It runs in safari browser. The iPhone’s revolutionary user interface has changed the way we look at mobile devices. The iPhone SDK let’s you create native applications for the device.

The New Articulate Storyline iPad App and mLearning [VIDEOS]

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In closing, if you have an iPad and want to try this infographic project yourself click the button below using your iPad’s mobile safari browser.

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The Future of Mobile Learning? « Online Blogucation

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You can to go to Walgreens’ mobile site (using your smartphone’s browser, like Safari) and take care of business. Online Blogucation Subscribe via RSS Home About 28 Jul/10 1 The Future of Mobile Learning?

PaulWilsonTrain shared [link]

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bigtweet_close") ) { return; } closeFrame(); // Restore original location.href (hash was altered by call in iframe) // Empty hash must be appended to restore page position. // See "Cross domain communication" in README.txt try { top.location.replace(g_locationHref.split("#")[0] + "#"); } catch (e) { top.location = g_locationHref.split("#")[0] + "#"; } }function setFrameUrl(loc) { var iframe; if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Safari") != -1)

ACU's iPhone initiative: a year later

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Reply ↓ ↑ report Add your comments Tip of the Day Does your desktop get cluttered with too many open Safari windows? While in Safari, select: Merge All Windows under the Window menu.

My Top Ten Mobile Learning Tools 2009 | Mashed Articles

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2 Safari – it’s a proper mobile browsing experience. Home Policy RSS Mashed Articles When articles speak for themselves « Howto Read CHM (compiled HTML) file in Ubuntu / debian Linux My Top Ten Mobile Learning Tools 2009 admin, 19 August 2009, No comments Categories: Information Technology , Learning (No Ratings Yet) Loading. Earlier this year I ditched my Nokia N73 for an iPhone. Anyone who knows me, knows I have ‘issues’ with the iPhone.

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MOBILE LEARNING - eLearning Tour Part 1 - Hosted by Corporate Learning Trends and Innovation

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VIDEO www.acu.edu/connected ) Portal m.acu.edu (doesn't work as well on Internet explore, but well on Safari & Macs) Has news, events, campus maps (buildings & maps) {built whole campus in Google 3d}, guide about campus, then my mobile - classes, campus balances -meals, books, etc, files can be sent to students or classes, grades, polling of students) Also have a live word cloud tool (using the polling) - from the web.

Pontydysgu – Bridge to Learning » Blog Archive » Going mobile

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The internet cafe had a wireless connection and we were able to go on a virtual tour of a proposed confernce venue through the safari browser and then book our venue through skype.

Enhance Your Study with Mobile Learning | tusaw.com

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out of 5) The best holiday you will ever have – Luxury Safaris (0.00 tusaw.com fresh articles Home About Privacy Policy Home Enhance Your Study with Mobile Learning 23.02.2010 | Author: Vivian | Posted in Education As a student or a trainee, you may be quite busy with study and work.

Scitable is Now Optimized for Mobile Learning — Chris Abraham

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Home About Chris Abraham Contact Chris Abraham Follow Chris Abraham Disclosure Subscribe Chris Abraham Because the Medium is the Message Scitable is Now Optimized for Mobile Learning by Chris Abraham on 30/08/2010 · 0 comments Image by ppival via Flickr Back in July of 2009 I wrote about Scitable for AdAge Digital, A New Model for Digital Publishing … From an Academic Journal?, and have so much to tell you about it — and I am driving Ed Zitron crazy to write the follow-up article — but I have been [.] Image by ppival via Flickr Back in July of 2009 I wrote about Scitable for AdAge Digital, A New Model for Digital Publishing … From an Academic Journal? , and have so much to tell you about it — and I am driving Ed Zitron crazy to write the follow-up article — but I have been so busy that I have not had the time. So, to throw this amazing company a bone, here’s their latest news: Nature Education’s Scitable Launches Mobile Version to Broaden Global Access to Science Information Cambridge, MA – August 25, 2010 – Nature Education, the educational wing of global science publisher Nature Publishing Group, today announced the launch of the mobile version of the open-access science library Scitable. Scitable’s free library of scientist-authored overviews of key concepts in the life sciences is now accessible to users on a broad range of mobile devices, including the iPad, Android, Blackberry, and basic feature phones. “Our mission is to democratize access to science education” said Vikram Savkar, SVP & Publishing Director at Nature Publishing Group. “Through our website, we’ve grown to reach more than 500,000 life science students in 165 countries. However, we’ve been working to find a way to put our high quality content library in the hands of the millions of students throughout the developing world who don’t have consistent access to personal computers or broadband. With the launch of our mobile site, any student with a cell phone, even a very basic device, has access to a simplified version of the site that includes a wealth of quality, citable information. At the same time, students in the U.S. and similar countries who have feature-rich smartphones or iPads will have access to a more robust version of Scitable, with full video/audio capabilities, built-in glossary, and in some cases full ability to network with thousands of researchers and fellow students.” Scitable, launched in 2009, combines a library of science education resources in the life sciences with classroom management tools and a collaborative community of scientists, instructors, and students. For more information about Scitable, visit [link]. About Nature Education Nature Education, the educational division of Nature Publishing Group, is dedicated to developing innovative science education resources for undergraduate and high school science students and faculty. About Nature Publishing Group Nature Publishing Group (NPG) is a publisher of high impact scientific and medical information in print and online. NPG publishes journals, online databases, and services across the life, physical, chemical, and applied sciences and clinical medicine, including Nature (founded in 1869), the leading weekly, international scientific journal, and Scientific American, the oldest continuously published magazine in the US and the leading authoritative publication for science in the general media. Online, nature.com provides over 5 million visitors per month with access to NPG publications and online databases and services. Part of Macmillan Publishers Limited, NPG is a global company with principal offices in London, New York, and Tokyo, and offices in cities worldwide including Boston, Buenos Aires, Delhi, Hong Kong, Madrid, Barcelona, Munich, Heidelberg, Basingstoke, Melbourne, Paris, San Francisco, Seoul, and Washington DC. For more information, visit www.nature.com. Anyway, I still want to write that article — and plan to — so to Ed Zitron and Vikram Savkar, bear with me — your platform and mission and your vision are so admirable that I can’t just dash it out. Hopefully I will have the time to spend more time with the notes and emails and the press releases you have sent me and I will be able to convince other people why I believe Scitable is such an amazing, essential, and game-changing venture for the future of science education — and a model for all forms of education, an exemplar for the future of teaching. Related Posts links for 2009-08-16 links for 2009-07-15 Why This Blogger’s Excitable About Scitable Yahoo! Go 2.0 is Almost Everything Yahoo on Your Phone links for 2009-07-01 Calling All Single Liberals and Activists Looking for Love Mobile Blogging from My Android G1 Google Mobile Reader Needs Sharing A Very Simple Primer on Search Engine Optimization Learning German is About Speaking German Share and Enjoy: Tagged as: Education , Mobile phone , Nature , Nature Publishing Group , Publishing , Scitable , Vikram Savkar , Washington DC Cancel reply Leave a Comment Previous post: Proximity to Core Determines Social Network Influence Next post: links for 2010-09-01 Subscribe in a reader Subscribe Via Email Pages About Abraham Harrison LLC About Chris Abraham Blogroll Contact Chris Abraham Disclosure Follow Chris Abraham Categories Select Category #techkaraokedc $139 Amazon Kindle 1 May 2008 Elections 2009 Facebook Data 2009 Silicon Alley 100 2011 5-Series BMW 2011 BMW 5-Series 2D barcode 2D code 2×2 Cycles 3D Virtual World 3D Virtual Worlds 3W PR 43Things 5-Series 50th Anniversary 530i 5W Public Relations 6309-7040 7 Jeans 7th Son: Descent 826 826DC 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More 9-11 911 GT3 911 GT3 RS 99 Cent Articles 99CentArticles @kullin A-List Bloggers A-List Blogs A-Listers A.Word.A.Day Aaron Brazell Aaron Horowitz Abbegirl ABC Radio Abigail Drachman-Jones Abigail Jones About Abraham Harrison abraham ABRAHAM CHRIST Abraham Harrison Abraham Harrison Argentina Abraham Harrison Brazil Abraham Harrison Case Studies Abraham Harrison Clients Abraham Harrison Intern Abraham Harrison Interns Abraham Harrison Internships Abraham Harrison Jobs Abraham Harrison LLC Abraham Harrison Logo Abraham Harrison Products Abraham Harrison Services Abraham Harrison Staff Abraham Harrison Testimonial Abraham Harrison Testimonials Abraham Harrison Thank You Abraham Harrison Thanks Abraham Harrison Webinars Abraham PR abraham&harrison AbrahamPR Abstract Expressionism Academia Academics Across the Sound Activism actors acupuncture Adage AdAge Blogger AdAge DigitalNext AdAge GIN AdAge Global Idea Network AdAge Power 150 Adam Curry Adam Pash Adam Zand Adam Zend Adams Morgan Adidas AdJoke.ca Administration Administrative Advanced Blogging Advertisement Advertisement Methods Advertising Advertising Age Advertising Blogs advertising networks Advice for Success AdWords Advertising Affilliate Marketing Africa Africa Business Initiative African American Aftermarket Agencyside Aggregation AH Poll AHLLC Aimee Mann Aimee Oberndorfer Aimee Oberndorfer Lê Airships Alan Moore Alan Patterson Alec Oxenford Alert DC Alexander Platz alexanderplatz Ali Boyd Aliamanu Elementary Alien Conspiracy Aliens All a Twitter All-Purpose Fighting Knife Allergic to Cats Allison Lee AllTop Allyson Kapin Aloha Friday Alphaville Alpina B7 Alpina B7 Bi-Turbo Alterian Alterian SM2 Alternative Energy Altruism AM Radio AM Talk Radio Amanda Congdon Amazon Associates Amazon Kindle Amazon Kindle DX Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi Ambassador Hannesson Ambassador Hjálmar Hannesson Ambassador Hjálmar W. 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Personalising Learning with the iPod Touch

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Zoe can not manage without her iPod touch to assist her in maths Damon can find the answer to every question posed in the palm of his hand using the Safari browser and he takes advantage of this power at every opportunity.

Doc’s Blog » Blog Archive » how do you use your mobile computing device to support your learning?

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Doc’s Blog blogging innovation in the way we learn and work in an internetworked world how do you use your mobile computing device to support your learning? There is likely to be a wide range of frequency and types of use of mobile devices in support of learning.

Learning in Hand Blog by Tony Vincent

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Mobile Safari makes it easy. Let me show you a comic I made using images from Street View and images I’ve saved in Safari. Create It in Your Hand, Share It with the World Below is some of my 30 minute talk at Handheld Learning 2009 in London. The presentation is called Create It in Your Hand, Share It with the World. I decided to become a teacher when I was in sixth grade. From then on I studied each and every teacher I had and analyzed each and every activity they had me do.

Future of Internet Search: Mobile version « petitinvention

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Wrote about it on Marketing Safari: [link] mac_fun Posted February 22, 2008 at 3:25 pm Permalink Well, thank all of you for your comments and pingbacks!


Mobile learning in a military context « e-Learning Stuff

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e-Learning Stuff news and views on e-learning, ILT and tech stuff in general… Home About James Clay New Stuff Old Stuff Mobile learning in a military context Yesterday I was in that for me was in some ways a very alien environment and in other ways a familiar environment. I delivered a session on mobile learning to a group of military personnel down in Torpoint in Cornwall.

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Increase in mobile internet « e-Learning Stuff

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e-Learning Stuff news and views on e-learning, ILT and tech stuff in general… Home About James Clay New Stuff Old Stuff Increase in mobile internet The Guardian reports on the surge in mobile internet use: Google UK today revealed that mobile internet use was surging thanks to the Apple iPhone. The head of Google UK, Matt Brittin, said iPhone owners search online 30 times more than those who use rival smartphones.

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Content is delivered to students by way of a secure portal (Safari browser only), built by programmers on campus.


"The students don't think of it as learning" | Education IT | ZDNet.com

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On MovieTome: Megan Fox undresses for TRANSFORMERS! BNET Business Network: BNET TechRepublic ZDNet ZDNet all ZDNet in Blogs in News in Downloads in Reviews in Whitepapers in Dictionary Go!

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M-Learning 7: Consuming m-learning | E-learning Curve Blog at Edublogs

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Devices like the iPhone, with its touchscreen, gesture-based interaction model, and Safari browser make the mobile Internet almost as functional as the Web on a desktop. E-learning Curve Blog at Edublogs The E-learning Curve Blog is Michael Hanley’s e-learning blog focusing on user performance, enhancing skills, knowledge, and organizational development using digitally-mediated learning.

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Designing mobile content « learning about learning….

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Apple’s iPhone uses a proprietary operating system and the Safari browser. learning about learning… read, reflect, refine, apply, redefine Home About jump to navigation Designing mobile content December 14, 2008 Posted by ppang in Mobile learning. trackback Introduction With the boom in the mobile device industry, opportunities abound for us to make use of these devices to support learning.

Handheld Reflections Day Two « e-Learning Stuff

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e-Learning Stuff news and views on e-learning, ILT and tech stuff in general… Home About James Clay New Stuff Old Stuff Handheld Reflections Day Two I do enjoy Handheld Learning and 2009 was no exception. Three days of mobile learning stuff, presentations, discussions, networking and people. Day two, Tuesday, sees a slightly different and more traditional feel to the conference. We have opening keynotes, parallel sessions and free coffee! With a 9.30