Surface RT Costs Microsoft $900M

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(Comic via Matt Forcum) Microsoft took one on the chin last week when the company announced they had lost $900 million on the Surface RT. billion and diluted earnings per share at $0.59, Microsoft said in a release that the “financial results include a $900 million charge, or a $0.07

Microsoft Surface: Will It Help mLearning?

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Yesterday Microsoft finally unveiled its new tablet called Surface. It seems to have made a solid first impression , which is good news for Microsoft given this one represents several firsts for Microsoft. Mobile Learning Microsoft Surface mLearning

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Microsoft Buys Nokia For $7.2 Billion: What Does It Mean For Mobile Learning?

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Industry News Mobile Devices Android Apple BlackBerry disruption theory Google iOS Microsoft Nokia Symbian Despite the deal, Float senior analyst Gary Woodill suggests iOS and Android devices are "sure bets" for your company, while the other manufacturers struggle.

My Thoughts on Microsoft Bringing back the Start button and the need for Change in eLearning

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On the other hand you have Microsoft, which appears to be bringing back the old Start button and enabling users to boot directly to the old desktop view, in the upcoming Windows 8.1 eLearning Mobile Learning change featured microsoft mLearning image credit:

Microsoft iPhail released


Apparently, Microsoft released their “answer&# to the iPhone today: a refreshed version of their Windows Mobile operating system, skinned with an iPhone-like icon-driven navigation system, dubbed “Windows Mobile 6.5″

For the sake of ‘Mobile’ I hope Microsoft Windows 8 and the Surface Tablet fall short

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For the last few weeks, I have been reading and watching everything I can find on Microsoft’s Surface Tablet and Windows 8. Microsoft Office Apps is exactly what we don’t need in Mobile. (Image Credit) [link].

The New Microsoft Surface Tablet and the Rear-view Mirror Effect [Mobile]

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And I saw this effect again yesterday as I watched Microsoft unveiled their upcoming Tablet called Surface. In fact I think Microsoft’s latest move epitomizes what Mr. McLuhan meant by the rear-view mirror effect.

The Evolution of AI: Google Assistant

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The Evolution of AI: Google Assistant At I/O 2018, Google presented the next generation of Google Assistant, their on-device AI personal assistant and competitor to Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Amazon’s Alexa.

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2D Barcode News

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Microsoft has entered the barcode reader and creation space with their new Microsoft Tag. Microsoft has already entered into agreements with major players and it does have several advantages over the market leaders Datamatrix, EZcode and QR, but there are also some unknowns.

Tablets will replace PCs but not in the way you Think

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printing problems, no optical drives (for backups I suppose), and that they won’t run power software, including Adobe Photoshop, Avid Studio, and Microsoft OneNote. (image credit: [link].

iOS 7 Prepares The Ground For Apple’s Hybrid Tablets

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Related Posts: Some Thoughts On Tablet Learning (aka Elearning On iPads) Microsoft Surface: Will It Help mLearning? With the launch of iOS 7 it is now apparent that Apple will soon be coming out with hybrid laptop/desktop and tablet devices. Patently Apple reports that Apple has already filed a patent for hybrid notebook/tablet whose display can be removed from the base containing the keyboard. How soon before the launch? We will have [.]

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A better mobile browser | Mobile Learning


With the desktop browser market fiercely competed by Microsoft Explorer and Firefox, Opera have designed and implemented the best web browsers around for mobile devices. Mobile Learning An Online Reflective Journal on Mobile Learning Practice Home Winksite Store Resources About Mobile Contact A better mobile browser 8 09 2006 This isn’t news by any stretch, but worth posting – just for the record.

The OLPC (X0) does windows!


Shocking news from New York Times is that the passionately open-source team behind the hundred dollar laptop have done a deal with Microsoft, so that the X0 laptop can run Windows as well as Linux.

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6 Best Remote Training Tools for Modern-Day Learners


Kitaboo Insight can also be integrated with third-party applications such as Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps and more. Remote teams and hybrid teams have become common in offices.

eLearning is dead! Multi-screen learning is the next big thing.

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As illustrated in the image above, this mantra is one of the key drivers behind some of the most powerful companies in the world, namely Apple, Google, and Microsoft. iA Single Experience across multiple screens, as illustrated in the image above, is the world we live in today!

Adobe 285

This Week in mLearning Podcast #8 – mLearnCon, Captivate 6, Camtasia 8, MS Surface, iOS 6, Nexus 7

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Surface by Microsoft: a new tablet. Apple´s World Wide Developers Conference: MacBook Pro, iOS 6 and more on its approach to a single computing experience. RJ Jacquez wrote more about Apple´s mobile story here: [link]. Find RJ Jacquez´s impressions here: [link].

Key Mobile Milestone: Smartphone Sales Exceeded Feature Phones for the First Time [#mLearing]

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The report has many interesting statistics, including the fact that Microsoft has now become the No. We have reached another key milestone in the mobile revolution, which bodes well for everyone involved in Mobile Design and Mobile Learning.

Why Windows 8 and Touch-enabled Laptops Bode well for the Future of Mobile Learning – [Video]

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I’m a Google Search and Google browser user, but I do give kudos to the Microsoft Bing and Internet Explorer teams, who worked on these native Windows 8 versions of their products. Google’s Chromebook Pixel is a fully touch-enabled laptop.

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The Best eBook Platforms for the Post-Readium Era


We also had the Readium Chrome Application and support for Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. To the shock of many loyal Readium users around the world, Google recently announced that it is planning to discontinue the use of Readium soon.

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8 Things we MUST do in 2013 to seize the potential of mLearning

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Not to be outdone, Samsung announced the Galaxy Note II and the Tab Tablet, and of course Microsoft announced the Surface Tablet. In 2012 tech giants like Google, Yahoo, Adobe, Microsoft, Intel and HP posted disappointing earning results. 2012 has been an amazing year for mobile!

Adobe Presenter 7.0.7 is HERE with ActionScript 3.0 Support

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In case you are not familiar with Adobe Presenter, it is a Plug-and-Play Rapid eLearning development tool for Microsoft PowerPoint. Today I’m happy to report that our much anticipated update of Adobe Presenter with full support for ActionScript 3.0 (AS3)

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10 Things Adobe gets Right about Mobile Learning with Captivate 8 [Review]

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Other companies like Microsoft do the same thing with Office and I would suspect soon others will follow suit. The more I test #AdobeCaptivate 8 for my Review, the more I realize this is the version for #mLearning I’ve been waiting for! eLearning. —

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Leave it to Lynda

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The online tutorial site for Adobe, Apple, Microsoft and a host of other software has been around for a few years and continually updates their massive database with new tutorials as products and services are released. Haven’t stumbled upon Lynda yet?

Mobile Learning Jam Reflections

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Last week in San Jose I was pleased to participate at DevLearn in the Mobile Learning Jam. Thanks to Jay Cross for taking this picture and posting it on Flickr. For two days plus there were 15 sessions -- in addition to 9 regular conference sessions -- all about mobile learning.

Back from a year-long Sabbatical from Tech: 9 Things I’m excited about

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Skype Translator – Microsoft has been busy working on some exciting technology for Skype. If you haven’t seen it, take a few minutes to watch this video: Kudos to Microsoft and the Skype team!

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From eLearning to mLearning: The Top 5 Challenges beyond Technology

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Take Microsoft’s design guidelines for their Windows Phone 7 platforms for example, which recommends that each touch target be at least 9mm in size and that there be at least a 2mm space between actions.

gPhone- Android and the clone wars

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The name Android evokes thoughts of the 1980s PC clone wars and the fact that Apple was ahead with the Macintosh for UI and experience, but Microsoft caught up by defining an OS and hardware clone manufacturers just conformed to a specificatio. This week Google announced Andriod, the long awaited gPhone. More importantly they discussed the details of their approach called the Open Handset Alliance (OHA) of multiple handset hardware and OS vendors.

4 Traditional PC Features Mobile is NOT About

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Around the same time, stories related to how Microsoft is doing thus far with their Surface tablet began to come out. via Surface Revenue Falls Below Microsoft’s $900 Million Write-Down (MSFT) | Benzinga.

Flash Lite on More Mobile Devices Means More Mobile Devices with Rich E-Learning Content

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Microsoft is now licensing Flash Lite for Windows Mobile. This is a good thing if you’re hoping to develop or port e-Learning content to Windows Mobile Devices.

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Developing Mobile Learning: Which Device Are Your Targeting?

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From a user’s perspective that’s a big plus and might be the ace the Microsoft holds in the battle of smart phones. When you are getting started with mobile learning one of the decision you’ll have to make is which device(s) to target. In a SWOT Analysis of Mobile Learning we posted earlier this week, we listed this as one of the weaknesses of mobile learning as it stands today.

The Nexus 7: first thoughts for Education

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So Google has now personally joined the other big PostPC device makers (Amazon, Microsoft and of course Apple) in creating a dedicated tablet device designed to serve those consumers who choose their particular operating and media eco-systems. It does lack a 3G internet option though (like the Microsoft Surface), an 8 or even 16gb is a little small nowadays – so where is the SD card slot that has been the subject of so much Android marketing claims up until now?

Enterprise Mobile Learning 2011 - Year in Review

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Some form of consolidation will come to the mobile device/handset sector as a few of the key but descending players –namely Nokia, Microsoft, HP and RIM – aligning themselves together to try and overcome the momentum of the two ascending players – namely Apple and Google. a.k.a.

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6 Trends in Rapid eLearning Tools to watch in 2012

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Desktop App Stores — Mac users have downloaded over 100 million apps from Apple’s Mac App Store and Microsoft recently showcased their upcoming Windows 8 Store, which will enable PC users to easily download, install and stay up-to-date with software.

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7 razones por las que Articulate Storyline cambiará radicalmente el aprendizaje electrónico y móvil

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Storyline es una aplicación independiente que no ha sido desarrollada como un complemento de Microsoft PowerPoint, sin embargo si saben cómo usar PowerPoint, solo eso basta para sentirse cómodos usando Storyline.

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Thoughts on the Current State of Mobile Devices

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It was Microsoft vs Apple where Microsoft, though their more open system, was the victor. Those critics who claim that Apple is waging the same losing war it did vs Microsoft in it’s OS war are not understanding this new battle. Adobe and Microsoft would be wise to learn that lesson instead of trying to hold on to yesterday’s philosophies.

10 mLearning Lessons I Learned from reading Mobile First by Luke Wroblewski [Book Review]

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Take Microsoft’s design guidelines for their Windows Phone 7 platforms for example, which recommends that each touch target be at least 9mm in size and that there be at least a 2mm space between actions. I love Mobile and everything that it represents.

My Reflections on the Mobile World Congress

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The buzz was about Android, security, services, reliability, mHealth, the Microsoft/Nokia partnership, femtocells, NFC, cloud services, mobile money and global opportunities for mobile. Over my career I have become a technology "conference veteran" beginning with Comdex in the 80’s. This event grew to over 220,000 attendees and over 20,000 vendors. For several years I was privileged to be a judge for Best of Comdex, so became very familiar with the conference.

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My 2012 Enterprise mLearning Predictions Recap

mLearning Trends

Apple’s iPad will continue to be the market leader in 2012 though a collection of tablet devices based on Android (in older Honeycomb to newer Ice Cream Sandwich flavors), Microsoft Windows 8 and possibly even RIM’s PlayBook 2.0

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2 Events that Could Help Push Mobile Learning

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Microsoft announced that later this year it will release Windows Mobile 7 and RIM (maker of Blackberry smart phones) announced that it will release an updated WebKit based browser. In recent days a couple of technical events of note have given hope for mobile learning. Why are these events important? Well, here’s my take: Windows Mobile 7: Windows ties well into the overall infrastructure of many organizations (whether we always like that or not).

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UNESCO report on mobiles for teacher support

Steve Vosloo

The projects, implemented through a partnership between UNESCO and Nokia (now part of Microsoft), aimed to explore how mobile learning technologies can support teacher development.

Enterprise mLearning Predictions for 2011

mLearning Trends

Some form of consolidation will come to the mobile device/handset sector as a few of the key but descending players –namely Nokia, Microsoft, HP and RIM – aligning themselves together to try and overcome the momentum of the two ascending players – namely Apple and Google. It is time once again to ponder the research, extrapolate on recent experience, and attempt to read the tea leaves so we can predict the future of enterprise mobile learning in 2011.

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Artificial Intelligence: Your Weekend Long Reads

Steve Vosloo

Amazon, Google and Microsoft have introduced large-scale cloud-based AI. Artificial intelligence (AI) was one of the hottest topics of 2017. A Gartner “mega trend,” their research director, Mike J.

Format Wars in the Mobile Space

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There was VHS vs. Beta , Microsoft Windows vs Apple OS, and more recently, HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray. iOS or Android? Kobo, iBooks, Nook or Kindle? There are clearly format wars taking place today in the mobile space.