Linux "goes large" in Brazilian schools


The software is Linux (KDE desktop), The technology comes as an instant "computer lab", in a couple of different flavours: an inner city one (more seats per single, shared server)a Brazil has been stealthily growing an amazing sounding project called ProInfo They are rolling out infrastructure, technology and software to reach 36million students by the end of this year, with more to come!

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Can my m-learning course run the same on every phone?


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m-learning authoring tool: huge discount available


No longer just "WindowsMobile", your content can play back on many more mobile devices including several smartphones, UMPC, Mac, Linux, Windows. Some great new activities, Tags: Linux MyLearning gPhone PocketPC android authoring Windows Mobile The latest version of the popular MyLearning Author was released this week, and to help us celebrate, there is a 30% discount for all new licenses bought before the end of the month (March 2009). What's new?

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Introducing the $35 tablet!


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Moodle on a Nokia 770 | Mobile Learning


Mobile Learning An Online Reflective Journal on Mobile Learning Practice Home Winksite Store Resources About Mobile Contact Moodle on a Nokia 770 5 09 2006 Nokia produce a Debian Linux-powered, portable, wireless internet browser, the Nokia 770. Here’s a picture of it running’s login screen, from Martin Langhoff at the Moodle discussion board (at right).

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Top 8 eBook Creation Software for Windows


Compatible with Windows, Linux, and iOS, Calibre supports the conversion of multiple input formats to a wide range of output formats. Compatible with operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac, and OS-X, Scribus helps you build advanced eBook files that are fit for professional publishing.

The OLPC (X0) does windows!


Shocking news from New York Times is that the passionately open-source team behind the hundred dollar laptop have done a deal with Microsoft, so that the X0 laptop can run Windows as well as Linux. After-shocks are flowing throughout the community, with several leading OLPC developers resigning and much angst being aired in the blogospere - as well as some misleading "microsoft buys OLPC

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June Hot List: Mobile Learning Content Community

mLearnopedia on Blogspot

Here is the monthly top ten list for from June. Enjoy. Top Posts The following are the top posts from featured sources based on social signals.

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Best Online eBook Authoring Software for Publishers


It works pretty well on Mac, Linux, and Windows. Plain text is a thing of the past. Reading an interactive eBook with images, videos, and other custom features is way more interesting than reading a Word document. Ever since Amazon launched Kindle, it leveled the playing field for publishers.

MOBI to ePUB Conversion Made Easy with These 7 Converters


Works well with different operating systems including Windows, macOS, and Linux. For regular eBook readers, MOBI and ePUB are quite familiar terms. Both of these are popular eBook file formats that are used by various eBook readers, including Apple, Kindle, Sony, Google, and more.

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Eee PC hands-on

mLearning World

As you can see from the images at right, one was running Windows XP, with the other one running the Eee PC’s Linux OS, and it was interesting to compare the two. Jonathan Nalder I’m on secondment from my Learning Support teacher job this week to a Master Class in using ICTs for Inclusive Education.

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Thoughts on the Current State of Mobile Devices

The Mobile Learner

While OSX and Linux address this problem in their own ways, all desktop OS’s suffer from the same problem – they are designed for locally installed software. Only a few short years ago, when mobile devices were still mainly cell phones and music players, the thought of a mobile revolution supplanting the computer revolution seemed distant. Computers ruled for three main reasons: more powerful hardware, better software and, most importantly, much faster access to the internet.

mLearning Tech A’plenty Released at CES 2011

mLearning Trends

Tablets ranging in size from pocket minis to full-sized and dockable slates are featured everywhere with many supporting the newer Android 3.0/Honeycomb OS, Windows 7/Phone 7 and even some Linux variations. It is the first week in January and the annual International CES (“Consumer Electronics Show”) is in full swing out in Las Vegas – just as if Santa Claus came twice within a two-week period for gadget freaks and tech nerds alike.

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"The students don't think of it as learning" | Education IT |

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On MovieTome: Megan Fox undresses for TRANSFORMERS! BNET Business Network: BNET TechRepublic ZDNet ZDNet all ZDNet in Blogs in News in Downloads in Reviews in Whitepapers in Dictionary Go!

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My Top Ten Mobile Learning Tools 2009 | Mashed Articles

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Home Policy RSS Mashed Articles When articles speak for themselves « Howto Read CHM (compiled HTML) file in Ubuntu / debian Linux My Top Ten Mobile Learning Tools 2009 admin, 19 August 2009, No comments Categories: Information Technology , Learning (No Ratings Yet) Loading.

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Enhance Your Study with Mobile Learning - Associated Content -

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Page: 1 2 Next Page » Share Print Save Flag Close Close Enhance Your Study with Mobile Learning Related Video Linux Working in Mobile Devices By 5min GSM Mobile Devices - Tech Revie. Associated Content Home Society Enhance Your Study with Mobile Learning Published February 22, 2010 by: MarryQ qing View Profile | Follow | Add to Favorites Save Single page Page: 1 2 Next Page » As a student or a trainee, you may be quite busy with study and work. "I

Just Another Mobile Phone Blog: St. Marys City Schools In Ohio, Verizon Wireless And GoKnow! Bring Wireless Technology To The Classroom

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Mobile Solutions for Corporate Sectors - EduTek n Social Media Advisor

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  Devices that utilize this technology   Various devices that can be used for accessing this technology are:   Mobile devices based on wireless & non-wireless technology running on BlackBerry, Linux, MS Windows Mobile, Palm OS, or other operating systems.

My Digital Education Space: Making the Case for Mobile Learning at School

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Linux in Education Google Wave for Educators The Argument for Various Tools in the Classroom ► October (2) "Blog Action Day - Blog about Global Warming" Happy World Teachers' Day ► September (1) Great Blog Post Offering Advice to Students About. My Digital Education Space This blog is a place for education professionals to share their views on education and/or technology in the classroom and other issues pertaining to the web 2.0/web 3.0

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More Mobile Learning - by GlobalEnglish

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Mobile learning in a military context « e-Learning Stuff

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e-Learning Stuff news and views on e-learning, ILT and tech stuff in general… Home About James Clay New Stuff Old Stuff Mobile learning in a military context Yesterday I was in that for me was in some ways a very alien environment and in other ways a familiar environment. I delivered a session on mobile learning to a group of military personnel down in Torpoint in Cornwall.

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Increase in mobile internet « e-Learning Stuff

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e-Learning Stuff news and views on e-learning, ILT and tech stuff in general… Home About James Clay New Stuff Old Stuff Increase in mobile internet The Guardian reports on the surge in mobile internet use: Google UK today revealed that mobile internet use was surging thanks to the Apple iPhone. The head of Google UK, Matt Brittin, said iPhone owners search online 30 times more than those who use rival smartphones.

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Building an ICT-Rich Environment | ICT and TLC

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ICT and TLC A blog designed to document new discoveries in ICT, share resources and reflect on the most important part of ICT - the people behind it! Home About BG Portal Flypaper Quest Atlantis Building an ICT-Rich Environment I am very excited to be visiting our City Cite Campus this week!

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Questio Verum: ACU, iPhones, and Wired

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skip to main | skip to sidebar Questio Verum The adventures of academia, or how I learned to stop worrying and love teacher evaluations. Thursday, December 31, 2009 ACU, iPhones, and Wired My sister, an ACU alumnus, emailed me a few weeks ago an article on about her alma mater: How the iPhone Could Reboot Education.

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Around the Ubiquitous Computing Environments

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main | sidebar Around the "Courage cant see around corners, but goes around them anyway." - Mignon McLaughlin Home Profile ShareMore! CV Entries (RSS) Comments (RSS) Ubiquitous Computing Environments Labels: MoodleConversations | "Do you think students need a ubiquitous computing environment if you are using moodle? If not, how often do you think students need access to computers?"

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Designing mobile content « learning about learning….

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Linux (used by multiple vendors such as Sharp and Samsung) had 15% of the mobile OS market. learning about learning… read, reflect, refine, apply, redefine Home About jump to navigation Designing mobile content December 14, 2008 Posted by ppang in Mobile learning. trackback Introduction With the boom in the mobile device industry, opportunities abound for us to make use of these devices to support learning.

Mobile Learning « Shijina’s Blog

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The factors that should be considered while choosing a mobile phone device for e-learning are operating system (Symbian, Linux, Windows Mobile, Apple, Android, RIM Blackberry, Palm), internet accessibility, screen-size, user interface, keyboard, memory, PC synchronization and security.

Handheld Reflections Day Two « e-Learning Stuff

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e-Learning Stuff news and views on e-learning, ILT and tech stuff in general… Home About James Clay New Stuff Old Stuff Handheld Reflections Day Two I do enjoy Handheld Learning and 2009 was no exception. Three days of mobile learning stuff, presentations, discussions, networking and people. Day two, Tuesday, sees a slightly different and more traditional feel to the conference. We have opening keynotes, parallel sessions and free coffee! With a 9.30