Which phones are my students using?


The one technology that we seem to be endlessly tweaking is Java for phones (J2ME), because despite the good-karma that surrounds java's "runs on any device" ethos, the harsh reality is that each phone

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gPhone anyone?


Finally, some tangible news about the gPhone, or "Google phone"! It turns out there isn't going to be a physical device at all, but rather a heavy-weight alliance (the open handset alliance ) who are getting together to create an open source platform for mobile devices. Loads of big names are involved: Google, HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung, T-mobile, Intel. Notable absences: Nokia and Vodafone

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Mobile Moodle Extension

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The users can either download the J2ME application or just use the mobile net to enter Moodle on their mobiles. A few words about the MLE (Mobile Learning Engine). The company eLibera OG from Graz Austria has developed a mobile Moodle interface which enables all Moodle users to access a site on their mobile phone. The MLE can also be configured and edited with a WYSIWYG editor to create content specifically for mobile users.

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Apple announcement is excellent news for cross-platform app developers!


On Blackberry and Symbian it compiles to J2ME.) The big news of the moment amongst App developers, is the surprise announcement by Apple that they are relaxing some key restrictions on how Apps can be made.

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SCORM Implementation For Mobile Devices

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Availability of required technology/software like J2ME, a compatible browser. Recently we’ve made the UpsideLMS compatible to mobile devices and also launched a new version – UpsideLMS Version 4.0. While ensuring compliance, we encountered some interesting issues in the implementation of SCORM and found very little help online about implementing SCORM for mobile devices. So we thought sharing that experience might help. Mobile devices have limitations: - Screen size.

mLearning-World.com: Top 10 Freeware Apps for M-Learning- from mLearning @edublogs

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Opera Mobile web browser for J2ME (Java) Mobile phones: Usable on most mobile phones and some PDAs, Opera Mobile is the best mobile web browser I’ve ever used on any mobile platform.

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