Research: New Uses for Mobile Devices in Healthcare

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Research EHR EMR Float Mobile Learning Primer health care hospitals mam mdm mhealth-tag mobile application management mobile device management mobile medicineYesterday, we announced the release of the final series of our healthcare research. Throughout the rest of this week, we’ll preview what these documents contain. The wonderful thing about tablets such [.].

Samsung’s Improved Security and Management Features for the Enterprise, Government and Military

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Samsung SAFE targets retail, healthcare, education and hospitality verticals. Gary Woodill helps explain what this means for mobile in the enterprise. Industry News Android BlackBerry enterprise security iOS mobile security SAFE Samsung Samsung Knox

Here’s a Challenge from Nokia

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The reason that this is an important issue is that in many countries, traditional laboratory tests, hospital equipment, and access to a doctor is often in short supply. Up for a challenge? The Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE is a $2.25 million global competition to accelerate the availability of hardware sensors and software sensing technology that individuals use to access, understand, and improve their health and well-being, using mobile technologies.

m-learning in the cleaning sector


We have been getting some great feedback from them, and I have just seen a entertaining little promotional DVD that Newham made showcasing one of the trials with hospital cleaners. We are working with Newham college, running several trials with different work based sectors. I have uploaded a vastly-compressed version of the video. It is well worth a few minutes of viewing! If you are

The Future of mLearning?

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From aiding lawyers and sales teams to opening up new opportunities for children and adults who are, for example, visually impaired and hospital-bound, and who may be currently missing access to traditional education and intellectual stimulation.

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Top 10 Use Cases of Mobile Training Solutions


These mistakes can cost patients dear and also put hospital reputations at stake. Technological advances have made people addicted to their portable devices be it smartphones, tablets or laptops. With mobile devices, people have instant access to a sea of information.

Instructional Design for Mediated Education | Blog | Location-Based Learning

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Health information may also be captured during health emergencies and securely conveyed to hospitals or medical facilities. IDOS Blog IDT Roundtable Search Instructional Design for Mediated Education Blog Entry Location-Based Learning by Eruditio Loginquitas One comment 07 January 2010 In higher education, the uses of location-based learning seem to be limited to particular projects. One reads of digital installations as parts of student social spaces and libraries.

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“A similar situation is faced by clinicians in remote and rural areas, who often lack training and proper academic support because of their geographic isolation from the large central hospitals and academics centres of excellence in the main cities.&#

What might mobile media afford education? « David Gagnon

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This little part of the near-west side at one time had a rich irish community, but do to the construction of a hospital and other city planning, the tight community was replaced with parking lots and random storefronts. David Gagnon media, games, teaching and learning Who is David Gagnon? Past Instructional Projects Presentations « Mobile Learning What might mobile media afford education?

Erik Duval’s Weblog

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Erik Duval’s Weblog Learning Objects, Metadata, Interoperability and … me! Rencontre d’amis au bord de la mer du Nord - the essence of mobile learning. 3 May 2009 by erikduval I get many nice requests to come speak or participate in a discussion. I value and feel honored by each of those - really - and often regret it deeply when I cannot accept an invitation.

Text messaging for collaborative learning in South Africa | Tony Bates

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Vicki Owen's Topically Technological Library Blog: Case Study 2 – London School of Economics (LSE)

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The day got off to a good start, glorious sunshine and a train that departed on time…if only my map reading skills were as good as my enthusiasm…on arriving at Euston I initially took a wrong turning (whoops) but realised my mistake pretty sharpish when I arrived at the hospital (that hadn’t been a landmark in my directions!)…after

Living in the 4th Screen - Exploring the use of mobile technology in education and life

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Login Get your own Posterous » Living in the 4th Screen Exploring the use of mobile technology in education and life Employment: I am an assistant principal at a public high school. I have worked in education for about 25 years. Prior to my current position I served as a math department supervisor. For six years before that I was a district technology coordinator. My first 17 years in education were spent as a mathematics and computer science teacher.

Mobile Learning « Shijina’s Blog

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