Performance Support Tools Help Alleviate Stress At Work

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Performance support can combat the stress that comes from a heavy workload in more ways than one. Mobile Strategy employee engagement Harvard Business Review performance support

3 Examples of How to Use Google Glass for Performance Support

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Firefighters, surgeons, and medical professionals are some of the first to pilot Google Glass to help them do their jobs better. Industry News Mobile Devices Google Glass performance support

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5 Reasons Why Performance Support & Mobile Is A Match Made In Heaven!

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While managing training is unarguably a huge challenge to ensure everyone performs in line with the company’s goals, it is the period after the training is over, where employees need support and training cannot really help at that point. It cannot help because arranging for training cannot be done real-time and has a lot of […]. Mobile Learning Workplace Learning Performance Support

How To Leverage Mobile For Effective Performance Support

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Read up on these 3 major components that will help you deliver performance support in the best way possible. Conferences Mobile Apps Mobile Development Mobile Strategy affordances CHAMPIONS context custom mobile applications mobile mobile affordances performance support target audienceDon't push mobile to the back burner yet.

New to Mobile Learning Development: 3 Big Problems and 7 Solutions

has disavowed Flash and refuses to support it on. programming language, but for the lay person it's probably helpful to think of it that. as built-in support for video).

Leveraging Mobile Learning Platforms As Performance Support Systems

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This post specifically talks about how a Mobile Learning Platform can be used as an effective Performance Support System. What is a ‘Performance Support System’? The advisory component is meant to provide help wherever and whenever the user requires it.

SMS to the Rescue for Customer Support

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People are all too familiar with the woes that come with customer support. Fortunately, text messaging provides a faster, more efficient solution that solves common customer support problems. Consumers prefer SMS to other channels for customer support.

Adobe Presenter 7.0.7 is HERE with ActionScript 3.0 Support

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Today I’m happy to report that our much anticipated update of Adobe Presenter with full support for ActionScript 3.0 (AS3) AS3) is here, and this is a free update to anyone who owns Adobe Presenter 7, or any version of our Adobe eLearning Suite.

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How Text Messaging Helps Relieve Pain in Chronic Patients

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Supportive text messages have been shown to reduce the pain experienced by patients suffering from chronic pain. Here, we’ll identify why text messaging is an effective tool for helping patients and present ways in which healthcare providers can use SMS at their own practice.

Virgin Atlantic Using Google Glass for Performance Support

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The airliner is in the midst of a six-week pilot test to help deliver more personalized experiences to air travelers using wearable technology. Industry News Mobile Devices Google Glass performance support Virgin Atlantic wearable technology

5 Tips To Help Designers Create Assets for Mobile Development

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Here’s how you can save time and support your developers. Designing for mobile development can be daunting. Mobile Development mobile design UX Xcode

Texting Networks Bring Anonymous Help to Troubled Teens

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It makes sense then, that a program aimed at teens challenged by behavioral health issues would offer a way for them to seek help via text message. A local effort to help youths in distress. ” Across the country, more people are turning to texting to seek help for their problems.

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High-Speed Computing Fuels The Speed Of Change

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The CHAMPIONS framework can help your organization adapt to those changes with ease. Industry News Mobile Strategy Pedagogy and Learning User Experience CHAMPIONS content strategy Learning Everywhere mobile technology performance supportThe business world is always changing.

Help High School Graduates Attend College with Summer Text Message Programs

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A study conducted in the summer of 2012 examines how cost-effective text messaging programs can help students, particularly those from low-income backgrounds, overcome summer melt and successfully enroll in colleges. Simplify the college enrollment process with helpful text messages.

Help Voters Get to the Polls with the Mobile Commons Polling Place Locator

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To help make that task easier, Mobile Commons is excited to offer our text message polling place locator. Text Message Information Lookups Help Everyone. The HRC ran a campaign that let supporters text in to learn about various companies’ LGBT-inclusiveness policies.

4 Ways Text Messaging Helps Individuals Recovering from Addiction

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While mHealth measures are improving patient outcomes across all healthcare fields, their value in supporting addiction recovery is especially noteworthy. Four ways text messaging can help recovering addicts.

Shine Can Help You Change Your Life Over Text Message Through On-Demand Life Coaching

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Shine is helping people become their best possible selves – all over text message. The startup has launched a new on-demand life coaching service , offering subscribers individualized, full-time access to a certified coach who can help them map out a personal plan to success.

Personalized learning: Hype or Help?

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What does that mean for the future of mHealth SMS broadcasts, or agricultural extension support? The promise of digitally-enabled personalized learning dates back to the 1960s. As with many early predictions, it took decades before the potential began to be realized.

Google announces $50m in support to EdTech in the developing world


Can you, or your business help? developing world funding google m4d mobile development refugee teacher supportUNESCO estimates that there are over 130 million students around the world who don’t have basic maths or literacy skills.

Sierra Club Uses SMS Campaign to Map Environmental Support

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The Sierra Club used a recent speech about climate change by President Obama to engage their base with an SMS campaign designed to create a telling image of national support for the President’s “bold climate plan.”. How Mapping Can Help Your Organization.

How To Leverage Mobile For Effective Performance Support

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Read up on these 3 major components that will help you deliver performance support in the best way possible. Conferences Mobile Apps Mobile Development Mobile Strategy affordances CHAMPIONS context custom mobile applications mobile mobile affordances performance support target audienceDon't push mobile to the back burner yet.

The Power of Mobile Learning for Performance Support

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Learn more about how to use mobile devices to help people do their jobs better by attending Scott McCormick''s Learning Solutions session next week. Conferences Mobile Strategy eLearning Guild Learning Solutions performance support

15 Authoring Tools For mEnabling Your eLearning For iPads

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– pointers on some of the tools out there, that you can use to help you take that ‘leap of faith’ into mLearning. Looking to develop interactive training and support videos, flawless screen capturing for tutorials, etc.?

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Help Spread the Message- Scholarship Fund

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You can find more information on this scholarship fund on our Facebook page here: Please "Like" and "Share" this page to help get the word out. - While this is an amazing show of support, a lot more needs to be done. Please share our story and the Facebook page to help not just our community hear about this and possibly help, but the entire world.

8 Things we MUST do in 2013 to seize the potential of mLearning

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Every new version comes with more interactions, more widgets, more timelines, more triggers, more ways of animating text, and more support for all those animations in PowerPoint. 2012 has been an amazing year for mobile!

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From eLearning to mLearning: The Top 5 Challenges beyond Technology

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Every new version comes with more interactions, more widgets, more timelines, more triggers, more ways of animating text, and more support for all those animations in PowerPoint.

7 reasons why the new Articulate Storyline is a Game-Changer for eLearning

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I also said in this article that for me, one of the most frustrating things about working at Adobe on the Captivate team was the poor support and customer care Adobe provided to our customers, because it negated all the great things we all did as Evangelists. Bad support and customer care is something you will not find when you become part of the Articulate community, I guarantee you, so this alone is enough to recommend the new Storyline vs. Adobe Captivate.

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Mobile Learning And The BYOD Movement

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As per a survey conducted by Good Technology in October 2011, 72 percent of its customers were already formally supporting BYOD programs. Mobile learning will help organizations to leverage the BYOD trend to distribute ‘ just-in-time’ training snippets that are both targeted and tracked.

SMS Delivers Patient Support in Many Forms

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SMS can help with many aspects of the healthcare process, such as sending patients appointment and follow-up reminders, information about schedule changes, timely medical advice and more. Sending text message reminders to help cancer patients keep up with their medication regime.

ASTD 2013 Mobile Learning Sessions

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Gary Woodill helps you find all things mobile learning at ASTD 2013 in Dallas. Conferences ASTD ICE 2013 mobile learning performance support sales enablement

6 Steps To A Better Mobile Learning Strategy

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When implementing mobile learning in workplace, following 6 steps will help create an effective mlearning strategy. Experience suggests that mlearning works best in enhancing the social, informal, just-in-time, and performance support solutions/initiatives.

Mobile Enables Informal Learning

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70:20:10 is the most common framework used to help understand informal learning. You can at best support it by providing an environment, which helps informal learning happen. Let me highlight a few features that can specifically support informal learning.

Why Not A Snapguide For Your Workplace?

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The link between training and actual performance is often long drawn and fuzzy, while the one between performance support and performance is quite direct and immediate. And that’s where I believe mobile is going to be very helpful.

Technology can help every learner

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As a learning Intervention and Support teacher, my adventures in technology have already shown me just how powerful digital technology can be in enabling differentiated learning. Step one of course is to know what these needs are - technology helps in the collation and storage/accessing diagnostic data immensely.

Mobile Learning – The Third Dimension

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We believe mobile learning will play an extremely important role in enabling organizations to support their people manage and retain their competitive edge – check out our earlier webinar “ No escaping mobile learning ”. Cue “mobile learning” – a medium perfectly suited to “support” this.

Converting ELearning To Tablet Learning: Cost-effective Solutions

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We’ve presented some cost-effective options below to help you get started. Basic interactivities are generally well supported in HTML/can be easily developed using this authoring tool. You can easily identify unsupported activities and replace them with functionality that is supported.

Tappestry: Kicking the Informal Learning (Tin) Can

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The fact that organizations can keep records of these informal activities will also help to increase their visibility and importance. A review by Jessica Knox. Full disclosure: My employer, Metrix Group, is currently partnering with Float Mobile on an app development project).

Top 7 Myths Of Mobile Learning

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Designers must consider the always on nature of phones which help capture the moment of creative learning and other such factors. Several tools are available to help you get started and create mobile learning for less. When it comes to mobile learning myths and misconceptions abound.

Back from a year-long Sabbatical from Tech: 9 Things I’m excited about

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and the new Android Support and Sliders – I’m now working on a review of Storyline 2.0 What Can I do to Help? What can I do to help you with your eLearning and Mobile Learning projects?

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New Report Reinforces Mobile Learning is Best as Performance Support

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The study was very insightful, and the findings support the notion that m-Learning is currently best consumed in the form of performance support material. Employees in the study used mobile content that helped them find information about clients and other employees at the point of need before communicating with clients. Employees did not find the mobile courseware to be particularly helpful.