The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Learning From 2013

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Conferences Mobile Development Mobile Strategy guide review We take a look at hot issues and trends from 2013 to help your mobile learning effort get ready for 2014.

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A Comprehensive Guide to eBook SDK installation


An SDK usually includes libraries, implementation samples, process descriptions, user guides, relevant documentation, and other additional resources on how to use the SDK to create an app. The eBook SDK you choose should come along with a user guide or manual to explain how the software works.

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Your Guide to Navigating Mobile Learning at ASTD 2013

Float Mobile Learning

Float has prepared a special guide to mobile learning at ASTD 2013 in Dallas, including a walking tour of the mobile learning vendors at the Expo. Conferences ASTD ICE 2013 sales enablement

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An 8-Step Guide to Digitization for Book Publishers


Also Read: 9-Point Guide for Switching to ePublishing from Traditional Books. Here is a list to guide you through the step: Delete empty pages: If there are any blank pages, delete them. Guide: How to Create an Interactive eBook. What is book digitization?

A Guide to Mobile Learning at DevLearn 2013

Float Mobile Learning

Get all of the mobile learning sessions, events and exhibitors to check out at DevLearn 2013 in Las Vegas in one convenient place. Conferences DevLearn

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Your Comprehensive Guide to Designing Your First eBook


If you are also an author looking to design your first eBook, this guide is for you. . Guide: How to Create an Interactive eBook. The post Your Comprehensive Guide to Designing Your First eBook appeared first on Kitaboo.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Creating Interactive Workbooks for Schools


The post A Comprehensive Guide to Creating Interactive Workbooks for Schools appeared first on Kitaboo.

Doc to ePUB Conversion: A Complete Guide


Here is a complete guide to help you convert your files from doc to ePUB. . Guide: How to Automate PDF to ePub3 Conversion. The post Doc to ePUB Conversion: A Complete Guide appeared first on Kitaboo.

Slide to Learn – guide for teachers (Beta)

uLearning Blog

For about 5 months I (with help from friends) have been writing a guide to using the iPod touch, iPhone and now iPad in education. To help answer some of the questions that these time-poor teachers have, there now exists THIS guide – I’ll be happy to write an Android guide if I ever am able to get some devices). Tags: mobile/miniaturisation guide iPad iPhone iPod Touch mlearning mobile learning teachers

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Mobile Learning – A Quick Start Guide: Get The Free eBook

Upside Learning - Mobile

This eBook called ‘Mobile Learning – A Quick Start Guide’ can help you understand when to use, how to design, develop and implement mLearning in a way that works for your organization. We have been saying it over and over again – mobile learning is here to stay! It’s only a matter of time before you will need to be invovled in it. As fascinating as mobile learning is, it is extremely dynamic; and evolves at a blinding pace.

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An 8-Step Guide to Digitization for Book Publishers


Here is a list to guide you through the step: Delete empty pages: If there are any blank pages, delete them. The post An 8-Step Guide to Digitization for Book Publishers appeared first on Kitaboo. What is book digitization?

Learning Everywhere: A Guide to Mobile Learning Success

Float Mobile Learning

Mobile learning expert Chad Udell breaks down the basics of his latest book with Trade Show Radio and encourages companies to "get smart" about mobile learning. Press Business RadioX interviews Learning Everywhere Trade Show Radio

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A ‘know-why’ guide to iBooks Author

uLearning Blog

draft of a ‘know-why’ guide to using iBooks Author to make digital content thats localised and personalised just for your students. Its well known that giving easy digital content creation tools into the hands of more teachers and students is a great way to encourage focus on higher order thinking skills in the curriculum. For schools with Macs and iPads, the release of Apple’s iBooks Author software in January made this even more possible. Attached to this post is 1.0

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Creating Interactive Training Modules: A Step-By-Step Guide


In this article, we provide a step-by-step guide to creating interactive training modules. Guide: How to Create an Online Training Program for Employees. The post Creating Interactive Training Modules: A Step-By-Step Guide appeared first on Kitaboo.

9-Point Guide for Switching to ePublishing from Traditional Books


Here’s your guide to epublishing. Here is a comprehensive guide for publishing professionals to epublish their content. Guide: How to Create an Interactive eBook. Guide: Know How to Create a DRM Protected eBook and Distribute it Securely.

A Parent’s Guide to BYOD: 10 Questions Every Parent Should Ask Their BYOD School

Cell Phones in Learning

Schools that implement a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach to technology have taken great care to develop strong policies and guidelines for students using their own devices. Most schools inform the parents, asking them to sign permission forms and BYOD policy guidelines, and spend much time justifying “why” they have a BYOD policy. Yet, schools tend to leave out an important piece: how parents can best support the schools BYOD learning to policies at home.

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Current trends in Learning Technologies: a bluffer's guide


Have a look at our quick guide to the top trends in Learning Technology. Do you know your MOOCs from your OERs? Are you BYOD while flipping the classroom? What they are. What they mean. And how to see through the hype enough to be able to talk confidently about them!

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Ignatia Webs: Richard Clark: mLearning on multiple devices: a practical guide at mLearnCon

mLearning World

Ignatia Webs: Richard Clark: mLearning on multiple devices: a practical guide at mLearnCon Education for the iPod Generation

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Guided Tuor of OverDrive: Borrowing Audiobooks from Public Libraries

The Mobile Learner

As a followup to my previous post titled “ Revisiting the Notion of Audiobooks and Public Libraries “, the image below is linked to a guided tour of the Overdrive. Overdrive is an app that many public libraries in North America use to provide patrons with access to audiobooks on their mobile devices.

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Learning Guided Access: The Killer New Feature in iOS 6 for Parents [Screencast]

mLearning Revolution

Luckily for all of us parents there’s an amazing new feature in the latest iOS update from Apple, version 6, called Learning Guided Access. Here’s a short screencast I recorded to guide you through the process: Share your thoughts. The iPad has been called many things, including the ultimate babysitter. If you have kids and an iPad, you know what I’m talking about.

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5 Point Guide to Publishing a Research Paper in a STEM Journal


The post 5 Point Guide to Publishing a Research Paper in a STEM Journal appeared first on Kitaboo. In the field of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), academic writing and publishing of papers in a reputed journal emerge as one of the most competitive engagements for many aspirants. Today, innumerable academic STEM publishing journals have surfaced, but simultaneously, the number of applicants has also soared.

A good beginners guide to iOS in education – from the maker! #slide2learn #EdApp #iPadEd #mLearn #ADEANZ

uLearning Blog

Sure its missing from its list of useful iOS resource sites , but over 46 pages, this guide does give a very good overview of iTunes, adding and also creating content, and gives some device management scenarios on page 31 that should clarify these for many. [link].

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Latest #Slide2learn beginners guide to iOS in education UPDATED w’ #iOS5 & #iPhone4S info

uLearning Blog

Download at iCloud info to come… Posted via email from Jonathan Nalder. uLearning

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Quick guide to low cost ICT devices for 3rd world


For several years, those nice people at infoDev / World Bank have been keeping a (slowly aging) list of excellent, low cost technology cheap and robust enough to be used in the developing world. Great list – but almost impossible to keep uptodate. Especially when it comes to Mobile. Growth of mobile phones, and connectivity via mobile networks has massively leapfrogged the non-mobile.

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iPad/iPod in Education beginners Guide -Latest #Slide2learn update for iOS6 now available: [link] | #iPadEd #ADEdu #mLearning

uLearning Blog

[link]. mlearning IFTTT LinkedIn

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A Comprehensive Guide To Creating And Delivering POSH Training At Workplaces


Here is a step by step guide to delivering POSH training effectively at workplaces-. Be supportive of peers/employees who wish to talk about their being sexually harassed & guide them to take their complaints to the appropriate person/authorities.

The Mobile Learner » iPods in Education Part 7: Travel Maps

The Mobile Learner

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NotePods – Audio/iPod text study guides | Mobile Learning


Mobile Learning An Online Reflective Journal on Mobile Learning Practice Home Winksite Store Resources About Mobile Contact NotePods – Audio/iPod text study guides 9 10 2006 “InterLingua Educational Publishing today launched NotePods , its collection of audio downloads for iPods and other MP3 players designed to help students with exams as well as term papers… available for [US] $1.99

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What’s the Difference Between an EPUB, a PDF and a Digital Publication?

Float Mobile Learning

Heather Ford navigates through popular electronic multiple publishing formats in this handy guide. Mobile Development Tutorials digital publishing ePub PDF

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Enhance Your Study With Mobile Learning | The iPad Resource Guide And Store

mlearnopedia delicious

The iPad Resource Guide And Store Welcome To The #1 iPad Resource Guide, A Store Where you Will find All Your iPad Information In One Place Home | About Us | Contact Us | Disclaimer | Privacy Policy Enhance Your Study With Mobile Learning Posted by Admin | Posted in iPad | Posted on 08-03-2010-05-2008 0 As a student or a trainee, you may be quite busy with study and work.

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FAQ: 10 Answers to Your #mLearnCon Questions

Float Mobile Learning

Your ultimate guide to mLearnCon! This post groups sessions together by questions such as: What if I''m new? How do I design mobile learning? How do I build content? And much, much more. Conferences mLearnCon

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Don’t Panic | Mobile Learning


It’s intended as an introduction to m-learning, and is entitled “Don’t Panic&# - a reference to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy , to which I make reference with regards to m-learning (as, written in 1979, it envisaged many of the issues of mobile learning “hitchhikers&# of today).

Designing Good Educational Podcasts | Mobile Learning


Mobile Learning An Online Reflective Journal on Mobile Learning Practice Home Winksite Store Resources About Mobile Contact Designing Good Educational Podcasts 15 06 2006 Andy Ramsden, a Learning Technology Advisor at Bristol University in the UK recently posted up a great guide for educators designing podcasts.

New Book! "Cell Phones in the Classroom"

Cell Phones in Learning

My new book is coming out this September called Cell Phones in the Classroom: A Practical Guide for Educators ! In addition, there is a step by step guide on integration including examples of permission forms, AUP changes, and mobile safety. Finally! It is once again being published by ISTE. I am very proud of this book. First it has over 16 different cases of K-12 teachers integrating student's own cell phones into classroom learning. Their stories are inspiring!

Tiga Serangkai Uses KITABOO to Deliver Digital Books to Students


The general book collection includes a wide range of genres such as fiction, nonfiction, novels, religious books, business books, biographies, informative guides for all age groups. Guide: How to Build an eBook Store.

Edukata, The Innovative Learning Activity Design Toolkit


Edukata starts with the selection of an inspiring scenario and guides educators to create future class- room learning activities that reflect the key aspects of the scenario, the personal interests and needs of students, and the classroom context. Download the Edukata guide book. The culmination of three years of work by the design team in Aalto is here: Edukata , the innovative learning activity design toolkit.

How Can Digital Publishers Support Independent Learning?


The pandemic has only served to accelerate this change, providing digital publishers the opportunity to design their educational content guided by modern pedagogical practices, which puts the learner in the center of the learning experience. .

Why Not A Snapguide For Your Workplace?

Upside Learning - Mobile

I stumbled across this article at talking about how Snapguide is trying to be the how to guide for everything – on your mobile. The idea is quite simple really – anyone can create and upload a step-by-step guide using text, photos, and videos for a particular task/topic then others can search and find a relevant guide when they need one.

Chad Udell Offers Mobile Guidance for the Enterprise in New Book Learning Everywhere

Float Mobile Learning

Chad Udell's breakthrough book, Learning Everywhere, guides readers through developing a content strategy for creating successful mobile training. Featured Strategy Chad Udell Learning Everybody mLearnCon 2012 mobile learning mobile learning authors mobile learning books mobile learning content strategy mobile learning expert mobile training performance support

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Mobile Code Updates

mLearnopedia Blog

A Guide to Kaywa's QR Code Solutions" By simply typing in your website URL at you receive a free QR code for use by mobile devices with a Kaywa Reader. Additional sites for generating QR codes are available in the Guide. We have been watching mobile codes for sometime now. Today there was activity from both of the leading contenders. Kaywa QR (Quick Response) code released the 7-page PDF "Scan, Buzz, Beep, Ok!

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Top 6 Author Platforms for Secure Digital Publishing


It has embeddable animations and well-guided selling tools. In the last few years, the digital publishing industry has witnessed a tremendous spurt of growth.

Cutting Through the Hardware Confusion

mLearnopedia on Blogspot

It is called the Wireless Phone Buying Guide. Not necessarily about mobile learning per se, but a resource from CES (Comsumer Electronics Association) cuts through the choices of carriers, devices and accessories. Check it out here. Let's hope they keep it up-to-date

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Project WET Uses KITABOO to Create Awareness on Water Conservation


They have a repository of the most comprehensive collection of award-winning water education books, guides, maps, posters and downloadable resources that will inspire a positive change on a global scale. Educator Guides. These guides are perfect teaching aids for – Teachers.