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PM (local time) by Amit Gautam, Director of Technology Solutions at Upside Learning. Mobile Learning Upside Learning mLearning mLearning Solution Mobile Learning Solution Mobile Learning Solutions Mobile Learning Technology Upside2Go“There is only one thing stronger than all the armies of the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.” – Victor Hugo. Key Features Of Upside2Go.

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Here’s how Adobe Captivate 6 could have been a Game-Changer for mLearning

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The idea that I can get all of this great technology from Adobe for $29.99 In my years working for Adobe and Macromedia, one thing I learned was the importance of leveraging technologies from various products across the rest of the company. Why not implement the amazing Adobe Shadow technology right into Captivate 6? That’s it. True mLearning a la Dreamweaver CS6.

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Latest issue of the International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies available

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The International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM) (Volume 5, Issue 4, 2011) has just published its latest issue. Using Mobile Devices and Gaming as a Means of Building Vocabulary. Most of the articles are on mobile learning. Here is the Table of Contents: Mobile Tourist Guide – An Intelligent Wireless System to Improve Tourism, using Semantic Web. Nevena Mileva).

Gaming is Getting Increasingly Mobile, Smartphones are Getting a Larger Slice of That Pie.

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The general public is putting more and more entertainment focused games on their smartphones and mobile devices. As serious games and gamification gain traction in learning circles, it’s not a [.]. Apps Mobile Technology Other

New to Mobile Learning Development: 3 Big Problems and 7 Solutions

different technologies. technologies are: HTML. Combined, these three technologies make interactive e-learning. games, and so on. deploy more interactive courses in less time with Rapid Intake technology. in the Instructional Technology program at Brigham Young University (Hawaii). began. from all sides, smart phones and tablets are here to stay. devices?

Flash For Mobile Is Dead

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And what happens to the hundreds of casual game companies with games like ‘Farmville’ that are Flash based. Future Technology Mobile Learning HTML5 HTML5 and FlashRecently Amit had written about how the eLearning industry and digital media in general has been driven to HTML5 by the rapid adoption of tablet computers, namely the iPad. What will a web without Flash look like?

Flash 47’s New Text Message Game Lets Young People See Through the Eyes of a Civil Rights Activist

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The game barrages you with moments like this, small acts of assault and humiliation, which you cannot avoid no matter what actions you choose. The game doesn’t just look backwards at history, however. The campaign serves as a fantastic reminder that mobile messaging is simply a technology for mass communication.’s Elizabeth Divine led the campaign.

M-Learning Game Report

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Thanks to the folks at Games, Learning + Society (GLS) in Madison, I just discovered "Experiencing the Past through the Senses: An M-Learning Game at Archaeological Parks" by Carmelo Ardito, Paolo Buono, Maria F. To exploit the potential of mobile technologies for learning, researchers must define new teaching and learning techniques. The Explore!

The Olympic Evolution of Mobile

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Float looks at mobile statistics in London compared to the Beijing games four years ago. Featured Newsletter Tappestry ASTD certificate ASTD Essentials of Mobile Learning eLearning Technology Showcase Employee Benefits Symposium Float Mobile Learning Symposium 2012 informal learning Kindle Learning Everywhere mhealth-tag social learningYou won't believe how much the landscape has changed.

The brand new Captivate 9 puts Adobe years ahead of the competition

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What a difference three short years make in technology. The sooner we embrace this truth and rally around tools and technologies that can enable us to deliver compelling learning experiences across multiple devices anytime and anywhere, the better off we will be as an industry. However, about a year ago I started to notice the tables turning. Adobe Captivate Draft for iPad.

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Mobile Learning in India

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Such phones with voice only technology can be used to learn languages, literature, public speaking, writing, storytelling, and history amongst a whole range of topics. There are also innovative games based around SMS that have strong learning potential. Almost any sort of learning content and interaction technology can be delivered to the phone using this method.

eLearning is dead! Multi-screen learning is the next big thing.

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To say that Mobile has been a game-changer in our lives is an understatement. For example since we can no longer rely on Flash, we need to embrace newer technologies, such as HTML5 and Responsive web design. iA Single Experience across multiple screens, as illustrated in the image above, is the world we live in today! eLearning is dead! Flash-based eLearning. 1024 x 768 Resolution.

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Top 50 Mobile Learning Resources

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Again, as with the links I posted about Games and Simulation, these aren’t categorized in any way nor does the order assume any significance. Using Mobile Technology to Enhance Students’ Educational Experiences. Mobile technologies and Learning. Mobile Learning Technologies and the Move towards ‘User-Led Education’. The ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology, 2009. Related posts: Top 100 Learning Game Resources Five Myths of Mobile Learning Mobile Learning in India. Apple Education. Marc Prensky Blog. M-Learning Org. Kapp Notes.

6 Reasons Why Responsive Design Makes sense as the Future of e-Learning and m-Learning Design

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To say that Mobile has been a game-changer in our lives is an understatement. Another advantage of continuing to design learning around web technologies is that your mobile learning is Learning Management System (LMS) friendly, which means that you don’t have to switch LMS vendors in order to create learning modules that will be accessible anytime, anywhere and from any device.

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10 Things Adobe gets Right about Mobile Learning with Captivate 8 [Review]

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If you are new to Responsive Design, it isn’t necessarily a single technology that you can point to, but rather a set of principles aided by a number of HTML5 technologies such as CSS media queries , fluid grids and flexible images and videos. The more I test #AdobeCaptivate 8 for my Review, the more I realize this is the version for #mLearning I’ve been waiting for!

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Body-enveloping 3D Tablet from Nintendo

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It is described as a “body-enveloping 3-D virtual environment&# that senses your body in interactions with Nintendo’s Wii gaming system. Games are now interactive in all 360 degrees. Some of the possibilities for this in terms of learning are: group games that involve bodily movements. Watch for this technology to show up in other mobile devices in the near future.

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Going Mobile: Transforming Metrix Group

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Developing Collective Intelligence with Mobile Technologies. Learning Through Mobile Games. Several members of the Metrix Group team will be presenting at the eLated event on November 22nd. We have been working on individual professional development projects that have transformed our knowledge base in order to prepare for the increasing demand that we have from our clients for mobile learning projects. The topic we will be speaking about include: Performance Model for Digital Learning Consultant. Primer on Digital Learning. Mobile Application Management/Mobile Device Management.

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The Fidelity of Mobile Technology continues to Deepen

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If you haven’t seen this new technology being promoted by NVIDIA, you should check it out. I’ve written about other amazing technologies like the Layar Browser in previous posts, and this technology is similar but adds another element by allowing the user to interact with a fictional environment in the physical space. This is the type of technology that really showcases the things you can do with mobile devices. These augmented reality technologies are very interesting when we consider the applications for learning and for productivity in general.

Boom Town: Another win for HTML5. A good thing for mLearning [video]

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I’m not a coder, nor am I much of a gamer but I would imagine that with all the interactivity that games include, it must be fairly complicated to develop one. Perhaps this is why game developers have thus far gravitated toward developing games as native apps. Perhaps HTML5 technologies weren’t ready for primetime. Maybe this is about to change. Thoughts?

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Five Myths of Mobile Learning

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I’ll be the first to admit there is always an element of truth behind myths; but with the rate of technological change, quite a few of those ‘truths’ would seem like falsehoods today. Additionally, corporates across the world have taken to mobile technologies in a big way. However, if learners are distracted I’d rather blame the learning activities and content and not the technology or device itself. These factors contribute to increased technology availability and subsequent adoption. Given boring content, who wouldn’t be distracted?

Speak Up 2009: The biggest Obstacle to Using Technology in Ed.Not Being Able to Use Student's Own Mobile Devices!

Cell Phones in Learning

Very interesting research has just been published by the Tomorrow Group (Speak Up 2009) about mobile phones and education. Here are a few highlights: PARENTS SAY YES! 63% of parents say they would buy their child a cell phone if they knew it would be used for educational purposes ONLY 18% of parents dismiss mobile devices as not having a positive impact on learning. Potential Benefits of Using Cell Phones in Learning According to PARENTS!

#LWF11 Festival of Learning & Technology: My Best Of

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I recently had the great opportunity to attend the Learning Without Frontiers ‘festival of learning and technology’ in the UK in January of this year. The conference itself had three streams of Handheld learning, Game based learning, and digital safety. Collage created in Moxier Collage on iPad). Features students themselves talking about the project. link]. View In iTunes. link].

Get Mobile to Implement Mobile Learning

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In other words, take the time to Know Thy Audience: McCormick suggests shadowing, riding along with and observing your workforce to find out (and then provide) what they need to get their jobs done faster, more efficiently and be at the top of their game. Equally important, McCormick stresses, is to ask your employees what educational support they’d like to have. WordPress Admin

MIT Launches a new Center for Mobile Learning

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MIT has launched a new Center for Mobile Learning that “will focus on the design and study of new mobile technologies and applications, enabling people to learn anywhere anytime with anyone. Research projects will explore location-aware learning applications, mobile sensing and data collection, augmented reality gaming, and other educational uses of mobile technologies. &#. The project is housed in MIT’s famous Media Lab, and is funded with seed money from Google. To read the press release, click here

The New Adobe Captivate 7 Marches Backwards into the Future [Review]

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Shortly after publishing the above review, I followed it up with another post entitled Here’s how Adobe Captivate 6 could have been a Game-Changer for mLearning , where I shared some ways in which Captivate could help take instructional designers to the next level. I think this makes a lot of sense, especially with the pace with which change happens in Technology these days.

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Industry Forecast

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Below are excerpts from three of my favourites; the list includes discussion of increased informal learning, gaming and less resistance to mobile-based education. With the increased use of technology in all education and training and the increased use of mobile phones globally, it makes less sense than ever to talk about e-learning and m-learning. Personal videoconferencing, telepresence technologies, tablets, and integration with existing systems will drive innovation in this area. On the horizon: alternate reality games and other social gaming. Roger C.

Games 26 The Learning Circuits Blog: Federation of American Scientists Bland Report on Harnessing the power of video games for learning

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New Apps on Blackberry Make Online Learning Easy ► 05/03 - 05/10 (1) Perpetual motion ► 04/26 - 05/03 (3) Interactive technology keeps classes 'relevant' The Cloud and the power cut mLearning-World Welcomes our Newest Author- Thomas. ► 07/04 - 07/11 (3) eLearning Kindle eBook From Toy to Tool: Cell Phones in Learning: Speak U. New Le. Use your iPod/iTouch/iPhone to.

Mobile Learning – What It Can Do For A Global Workforce

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The need of the hour is — technology that enables organizations to distribute “just-in-time” updates that are both targeted and tracked. Using phones, they browse the web, connect on social networks, share photos and videos, make purchases, play games, and keep track of what they care for through dedicated apps. Globalization has changed the paradigms of business dramatically.

Cool. Confirmation: Mobile Learning in action.

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Yet, the main point is we have done away with the CD, the USB and the paper version… Just imagine, the device that stores the music, videos, movies and games can now carry the traditional learning tools too. For the mobile “nerds&# like me, take a read of the full article from Campus Technology. On a recent trip to New York City, I was surprised at the lack of newspapers with travelers. Maybe I shouldn’t have been. The industry is in decline. Now, there is more confirmation that paper pushers of all kinds are getting creative. . Well done! Link is included.

Will Mobile Apps Change Training Forever?

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Technology around us is evolving at a rapid pace and is in turn affecting a speedy evolution of learning technology. Which of these technology changes will impact training the most? I think mobile applications are the game changer for training. Work is changing and, to keep pace with it, training is changing too. Let me explain why I think that way. Why Mobile? Why Apps?

Play and Learn

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Ranked the 16th best TED lecture in 2010 — one better than Bill Gates — she’s changing the way we learn and offering playtime for adults via ARG (alternate reality games). Industry Learning Technologies ARG gaming m-learning QR codes smartphonesHeard of Jane McGonigal yet? Schwarzman Building. Now that’s spectacular mobile learning!

mLearning Demand Is Growing

Upside Learning

At Upside Learning, we constantly strive to develop new solutions in tune with the technology and market demand, which helps us deliver the best and the latest to our clients. Our mobile audio-video podcasts, mobile quiz games, and m-learning nuggets, both as web and native apps, are being used successfully by clients across the globe. You can read more about it here.

So…How Do You Build eLearning For iPads?

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A native app is software written for mobile devices for performing a specific task, e.g. a game, calendar, music player, etc. Web-apps, however, are built in standards-based technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 etc. Of course it doesn’t end here and as with technology there is always another option. and later. Surprised? So what’s the fuss about HTML5? learning.

Children and Mobile Learning

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Take A Leap Of Faith With Mobile Learning

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This article was originally published in Learning Technologies 2013’s special show guide issue. Mobile’ is a unique device that brings together the capabilities of numerous disparate devices – like a phone, a camera, an audio/ video player & recorder, a computer, eBook reader, a GPS device, a game console – all in the palm of your hand. So what ails mobile learning?

Get some perspective… (a primer piece re: lofty ideals vs on the ground realities in regards to educational technology deployments)

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I just found out that I’m one of about 20,000 people in Australia working in the area of information and communication technology in education ( [link] ). It bravely but sensibly leaves handing out the actual technology until step 20. THERE IS SOMETHING WHICH COMES BEFORE TECHNOLOGY. That’s a lot of us. My first reaction was, why aren’t we having a bigger impact? See, easy!

Enterprise Mobile Learning 2011 - Year in Review

mLearning Trends

HTML5 web apps might be ideal for consumer-centric marketing efforts, mobile games and some social tools but these experiences are one-dimensional compared with the full-on, multi-functional mLearning experiences mixing formal and informal interactions, performance tools, ready access to information and experts, gaming systems and more. a.k.a. How On Target Were My 2011 Predictions?

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Serious Games as Mobile Learning At School | FUTURE-MAKING SERIOUS GAMES

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“Pupils are using a whole range of devices that can be used on the Internet - mobile phones, gaming devices, MP3 players," he says. Using The Technology That Children Use Every day For Learning Paul Haigh says that mobile devices today are in the same situation that calculators were in the 1970s. Tags: games UK “This is about blending IT with traditional learning.

Is Mobile Learning A Reality Now?

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The learning space has often been criticized for lagging behind the gaming space in its use of design and technology to deliver engaging interactive content. Is mobile learning becoming a reality rather than a prediction? And has this led to new generation of players emerging in the learning market place? So has the dream now become the reality?

Three Takeaways from the 2015 Nonprofit Technology Conference

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This past March, nonprofit organizations and technology companies across the country converged at the 2015 Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTEN) to learn more about the latest updates in nonprofit tech., for instance, created several different campaigns for their “Bully Text: Superstar Edition” text message multiplayer game. then market them accordingly.