3 Examples of How to Use Google Glass for Performance Support

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Firefighters, surgeons, and medical professionals are some of the first to pilot Google Glass to help them do their jobs better. Industry News Mobile Devices Google Glass performance support

Top 10 Ways People Are Using Mobile Learning

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Clearly there is plenty of buzz out there around mobile learning. In my role, I field multiple inquiries on a weekly basis. Many companies know that there are efficiencies to be achieved through an effectively deployed mLearning strategy. Yet the question I’m asked most frequently is – how are your clients leveraging mobile learning technology? […]. Mobile Learning

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What is the future of #mLearning Design? Storyline’s native app vs. Captivate’s Responsive Design [Poll]

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image credit: table xi. Three years ago when I began focusing on mobile learning, I looked at the most popular rapid eLearning development tools and I was convinced there was very little chance they could re-invent themselves into decent mobile learning design tools.

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App Challenge Sheets

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I’ve recently been inspired by the simple challenges created by Craig Badura that give app-using educators a simple but engaging task where they can learn a new app not just by reading about it but by making something.

New to Mobile Learning Development: 3 Big Problems and 7 Solutions

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Future of Mobile Learning - an interview with Geoff Stead


What''s the future of mobile learning? Which trends should we be watching, and which ones are nonsense? What about NFC / iBeacons / Geofencing? How to get started with m-learning? I recently did an interview with Learnnovators , an energetic and enthusiastic learning tech company in Chennai, where they asked me these, and similar questions.

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What Adults Can Learn from Kids

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In this very engaging talk, young Adora Svitak reminds us all, including educators, that we need to listen to students, provide them with a voice, and remember that learning is reciprocal. The most poignant part of the talk are the statements around adults adding layers of control to what we fear.

Back Again + Captivate 8 Review (Summary: WOW!)

mLearning Trends

First off, my apologies to all subscribers for being absent for so long in posting anything new to this blog. While my time and focus have never veered away from all things enterprise mobile learning centric, the time to write my thoughts down and share them with subscribers has been in short supply.

Wearable Tech – The New Frontier for Learning

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(This editor from the motley fool sums up how I see the current state of wearables.). I started learning about mobile technology in 2006 and I really saw the potential for learning. Now we are starting to see some great implementations in the way of mobile technology employed as a learning tool.

6 Fresh Ideas From #mLearnCon 2014

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From the Experience API to gamification, and iBeacons to augmented reality, Dr. Gary Woodill finds several innovative trends at mLearnCon. Conferences Experience API Industry News Newsletter augmented reality content strategy enterprise app store games gamification iBeacons LMS mLearnCon xAPI

Why Move eLearning from Flash to HTML5?

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In 2009, Steve Jobs famously declared Flash to be buggy and resource hungry and the whole world moved to HTML5. He did elaborate his thoughts in this article where he said “new open standards created in the mobile era, such as HTML5, will win on mobile devices (and on PCs too)” In that last bit […]. Mobile Learning

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Back from a year-long Sabbatical from Tech: 9 Things I’m excited about

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As you may have noticed, I have been mostly inactive online for the better part of the year (on a bit of a sabbatical from Tech if you will) and now I’m slowly coming back, more excited than before, motivated, inspired and ready for the new year!

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iBeacons mapped against SAMR model

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samr ibeacon. 6 months in the making, this infographic aims to map the emerging uses of iBeacons in Education against the levels of the SAMR model developed by Dr Rubin Puentedura.

The UNESCO years: A brief review

Steve Vosloo

From 2011 to 2013 I was the Senior Project Officer in mobile learning at UNESCO headquarters in Paris. My role was to help establish and lead the organisation’s mobile learning programmes, publications and events, largely as part of a multi-year partnership with Nokia.

A Text Message a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

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Medication non-adherence is an overwhelmingly pervasive issue in the healthcare industry. Nearly 75% of adults are non-adherent in one or more ways, costing the healthcare industry $300 billion annually. Non-adherence’s reasons are as far reaching as its consequences.

Register Today! 4T Virtual Conference for K-12 Teachers May 17-20

Cell Phones in Learning

Google Glass - a tool for learning?


Google glass is seriously overhyped at the moment. So much that it is hard to see the wood for the trees, or to separate out the real learning possibilities from the general technical enthusiasm. That is why I really enjoyed David Kelly''s presentation at Learning Technologies this year.

mLearning: Moving Beyond the App

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Apps are the foundation of all mobile platforms. The explosion in the use of mobile devices, especially smart phones, is the direct result of two factors. The first factor is the design and manufacture of hand held devices that are small, yet powerful enough to act as mini computers. The second is the design and development of applications that run on these devices that allow users to access information and accomplish tasks on the go.

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9 Ways People Are Using Mobile Learning – Presentation

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What began as an attempt to improve the telegraph, more than a hundred years ago, has evolved into the single most important piece of consumer electronics in the world, acting not only as a communications device but now as a learning tool too. It’s the mobile phone. While some of the first smartphones had touch […]. Mobile Learning

Top 5 Ways Companies Are Using Mobile Learning Technology

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If engaged in the learning industry long enough, you gain a keen understanding and appreciation for the direction that learning is headed. And occasionally you have the opportunity to witness a genuine ‘tipping point’ in the industry – the adoption of a new approach that delivers meaningful value for those who must perform at the […]. Mobile Learning Developing Mobile Learning eLearning on mobile

Mobile Learning Pitfalls To Avoid – Presentation

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Mobile technology, having seeped into popular culture, is now finding widespread acceptance as a learning tool in the workplace as well. According to Towards Maturity’s In-focus report titled Mobile Learning in the Workplace, 2013 was the year when mLearning became the norm rather than the exception; with seven out of ten businesses now adopting mobile […]. Mobile Learning Mobile Learning Pitfalls Pitfalls of mobile learning

5 Reasons Why Performance Support & Mobile Is A Match Made In Heaven!

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While managing training is unarguably a huge challenge to ensure everyone performs in line with the company’s goals, it is the period after the training is over, where employees need support and training cannot really help at that point. It cannot help because arranging for training cannot be done real-time and has a lot of […]. Mobile Learning Workplace Learning Performance Support

I Need to Convert My Content to Mobile – Now What??

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More and more organizations are coming to the realization that they need to “mobilize” their content. How to best make that happen is the tricky part, as there are a multitude of things to consider such as: What types of content lend themselves to mobile? Which employees will most benefit from mobile content? Do we […]. Mobile Learning converting content to mobile Developing Mobile Learning mLearning Content

Know Before You Fly: A Lesson in Flying Drones

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Drone sales soared this holiday season, but drone operators did not. Check out Float''s latest comic with a collection of "drone fails" from this Christmas. Comic Industry News drones FAA tablets videos wearables

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5 Key Considerations for Multi-Device Testing

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Ensuring that your multi-device eLearning runs consistently and smoothly across the identified range of devices, screen sizes, browsers, and platforms is crucial to deliver an engaging and consistent learning experience for your users. But the sheer number of device-OS-browser combinations and the set of test parameters which need to be checked for EACH combination make […]. Mobile Learning Responsive Learning Design Multi-device Testing

20 Examples of Games or Gamification for Sales Training

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Gartner says 80% of gamified apps will fail to meet business objectives, but here are some apps and platforms to help you get started on the right path. Mobile Strategy games gamification sales enablement

Why eLearning On Tablets?

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Mobile is the future of workplace learning. That is far beyond a mere statement, mobile learning is transforming our societies, professional curriculums – even the education system. It is the intersection of mobile device consumption and eLearning that incorporates anytime, anywhere resources to deliver meaningful performance support for effective learning and performance improvement. Tablets are […]. Mobile Learning eLearning On Tablets

ASTD TK2014: Leveraging Devices to Create Amazing Mobile Learning

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Chad Udell presents two sessions on the unique affordances of mobile devices at ASTD TechKnowledge 2014 in Las Vegas. Conferences ASTD ASTD TechKnowledge

Mobile Video: A Powerful Tool for Training

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A Forbes study revealed C-level decision-makers preferred online video to reading text. Learn more about why and how to get started with mobile video. Mobile Strategy tips videos

Buying Mobile Learning Is A Lot Like Buying A Suit

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What you spend for a mobile learning solution will depend on what your needs are. Mobile Apps Mobile Development Mobile Strategy mobile development costs

5 Mobile Learning Pitfalls To Avoid

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Having worked with several organizations over the last 4 years, trying to get their mobile learning initiatives off the ground, we’ve learnt about some of the common pitfalls to avoid. Here are the 5 most common and important ones. Thinking mLearning is ‘eLearning on mobile’ In my view this is probably the biggest mistake […]. Mobile Learning eLearning on mobile eLearning On Tablets

FAQ: 10 Answers to Your #mLearnCon Questions

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Your ultimate guide to mLearnCon! This post groups sessions together by questions such as: What if I''m new? How do I design mobile learning? How do I build content? And much, much more. Conferences mLearnCon

The Ultimate Mobile Learning Cheat Sheet For #ASTD2014

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Find the right mobile learning sessions and exhibitors for you at the ASTD 2014 International Conference & Expo. Conferences Mobile Strategy ASTD ASTD 2014