Multiple Microlearning Opportunities at DevLearn 2017

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Find the microlearning solution that is right for you. Microlearning is the delivery of short pieces of content to multiple devices on an “as needed” basis.

Classroom Mobile Device Safety Contract (sample)

Cell Phones in Learning

The beginning of the school year is upon us, thus, it is time for teachers to establish norms and routines. One of those norms for teachers of middle and high school students should be around cell phone use.

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Mobile Learning: How Effective Is It for An Employee Onboarding Training Program

Upside Learning

Recruitment is a time-consuming process, it is expensive too. The recruiting team constantly strives to bring the best talent on board, making sure their skill sets align with the job role. Now, if there is no structured onboarding process in place, employee engagement is doomed. First impression always counts. We all know it. Organisations that […]. Mobile Learning Employee Onboarding with Mobile Learning Mobile Learning for Employee Onboarding

Google announces $50m in support to EdTech in the developing world


UNESCO estimates that there are over 130 million students around the world who don’t have basic maths or literacy skills.

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New to Mobile Learning Development: 3 Big Problems and 7 Solutions

Daily Mobile Learning Episode 2: The Best UI is No UI

mLearning Revolution

Welcome to episode 2 of my new Daily Mobile Learning show on YouTube. This is a project that I had on my mind for the last 4 years and finally decided to put action behind my idea and see what happens.

truth Uses Text Messages to Empower Young Activists to Take a Stand Against Cigarettes in Pharmacies

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“Hey – It’s Cas! Need your opinion on something. In 2014, CVS stopped selling tobacco in its stores. Do you think that was the right move?” It was a simple text message, but it launched nationwide action.

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4 Examples Of Augmented Reality in the Enterprise

Float Mobile Learning

AR is more than just entertainment. Here’s how brands and companies are leveraging AR in: retail, training, operational and tactical, and navigation. The post 4 Examples Of Augmented Reality in the Enterprise appeared first on Float.

FocusOn Learning 2017 Exhibits Represent the Entire Elearning Production and Delivery Cycle

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In my last post, I wrote about how to use conferences and trade shows as a source of business intelligence. Last week, I attended the FocusOn Learning 2017 conference in San Diego, a well-run event hosted by the eLearning Guild.

5 Business Cases Where Custom Software Is The Better Choice

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Packaged, commercial, off-the-shelf software can be great. However, a number of pain points help custom software look more attractive to the prospective buyer. The post 5 Business Cases Where Custom Software Is The Better Choice appeared first on Float. Mobile Development Mobile Strategy productivity

The Best of DemoFest Webinar on 11/15/2017

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We hope you were able to attend the DevLearn 2017 event Demofest, but if you weren’t or would like a recap on the DevLearn Demofest winners check out the link.

Missed Realities360? Check out the app that Float delivered here.

Float Mobile Learning

It’s been a little while since the conference, but we’re still amped on the experience we delivered for Realities360 in July. If you weren’t able to download the app and try it out, you still can. Get the iOS version here, or if you an Android user, download that here.

Float Presents at Focus On 2017, Intros a New Product for Microlearning and More

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Well, another Focus On Learning is in the books. The eLearningGuild always puts on a great conference and this was no exception. At the event, Float had some excellent sessions by Scott and Chad and also hosted an exhibit hall booth.

3 Reasons Why You Should Try The Latest Cydalion Update

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The assistive navigation app Cydalion has its first major update since being released last November, addressing common requests from users.

8 Surprising Topics at #MWC17

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Conferences are ideal locations for gathering business intelligence about a specific industry. There are presentations revealing the latest thinking in the field, and exhibitors want to show off their sparkling new ideas. Even at a distance, looking at the online program of a major conference can point to where an industry is heading. With that … The post 8 Surprising Topics at #MWC17 appeared first on Float.

DevLearn 2017 Recap

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Well, we just returned from our trip to DevLearn 2017. At DevLearn there were many activities to experience and speakers to learn from, including many topics in the microlearning community. To learn more about the Multiple Microlearning Opportunities that were at DevLearn check out the link. That blog post outlines four main microlearning categories that were at … The post DevLearn 2017 Recap appeared first on Float. Conferences DevLearn microlearning

AR/VR + xAPI: Tracking Next-Gen Learning Webinar on December 6th, 2017

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Curious about the future of Augmented and Virtual Reality? Join us for a webinar hosted by Yet Analytics on Wednesday, December 6th at 1 pm EST on the topic of Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality + xAPI: Tracking Next-Gen Learning. The AR/VR + xAPI: Tracking Next-Gen Learning webinar hosted by Yet Analytics features Melissa Milloway, Hugh Seaton, and Chad Udell. The … The post AR/VR + xAPI: Tracking Next-Gen Learning Webinar on December 6th, 2017 appeared first on Float.

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DevLearn 2017 – Getting started with Adapt

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As DevLearn 2017 fast approaches we wanted to share information that we will be discussing at the BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) hands on event, Adapt—Getting Started with an Open-Source eLearning Tool on Wednesday October 25th during session block 1 at 10:45am PST. For DevLearn 2017 we have prepared a slide deck to help you further understand … The post DevLearn 2017 – Getting started with Adapt appeared first on Float. Conferences DevLearn eLearning eLearning Guild

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Float’s Highlighted Sessions At #FocusOnLearn

Float Mobile Learning

Float has three speakers presenting a number of sessions about augmented reality, mobile learning, and more at the annual FocusOn conference in San Diego. The post Float’s Highlighted Sessions At #FocusOnLearn appeared first on Float. Conferences FocusOn

6 Ways You Can Be A Spy at #FocusOnLearn

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Learning professionals can gather lots of crucial information at FocusOn related to augmented reality, microlearning, and more to take back to your office. The post 6 Ways You Can Be A Spy at #FocusOnLearn appeared first on Float. Conferences DemoFest FocusOn FocusOn Learning microlearning

SparkLearn is Now Connecting to Watershed

Float Mobile Learning

Are you curious about the ways that you can use our innovative microlearning and performance support platform SparkLearn™ with other technologies in your learning ecosystem? Maybe you want to learn if SparkLearn could work for your company with platforms that you already use daily. Or do you want to learn what SparkLearn can do for your … The post SparkLearn is Now Connecting to Watershed appeared first on Float. Experience API Blogs sparklearn xAPI

Signals and Boundaries at DevLearn 2017

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Large corporations are “complex adaptive systems…characterized by intricate hierarchal arrangements of boundaries and signals” (John Holland). As a learning technology futurist, I looked forward to discovering some of those signals and boundary shifts in the sessions and exhibits at DevLearn 2017, the eLearning Guild’s main conference on new developments in learning. In particular, I paid … The post Signals and Boundaries at DevLearn 2017 appeared first on Float.

Examining the Realities360 App – A Deep Dive Whitepaper

Float Mobile Learning

In July, Float delivered an app for the Realities360 conference in San Jose. We created the app for the eLearning Guild and used the opportunity to build a groundbreaking experience that combined event information, Augmented Reality and xAPI. An industry first, this app is available for iOS and Android, and now we’re sharing the backstory … The post Examining the Realities360 App – A Deep Dive Whitepaper appeared first on Float. Augmented Reality Experience API Mobile Apps

Realities360 Augmented Reality App Now Available

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We’re proud to say that we continue a path of innovation by releasing the Realities 360 conference app. The post Realities360 Augmented Reality App Now Available appeared first on Float. Augmented Reality Conferences Experience API Mobile Apps apps augmented reality eLearning Guild

SparkLearn™: A Microlearning Platform That Empowers Administrators and End Users

Float Mobile Learning

SparkLearn, the new microlearning platform from Float, integrates with your favorite content creation and measurement tools for a clutter-free app your users will appreciate. The post SparkLearn™: A Microlearning Platform That Empowers Administrators and End Users appeared first on Float. Conferences Industry News Mobile Apps FocusOn microlearning sparklearn

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Using Mobility for ‘Live’ Performance Support

Upside Learning

We came across an interesting cluster of tasks at the workplace. All the tasks in this cluster can benefit can from ‘live’ performance support. Let’s take a look at the task types first so you can see if your organisation can relate to such work! Recurrent, Small or Standalone Tasks Some lines of work involve […]. Mobile Learning live performance support Mobile Performance Support Mobility Performance Support

How Blockchain Technology Will Improve Online Security

Float Mobile Learning

Most people have heard of bitcoin, the controversial cryptocurrency. However, few know about the benefits of “blockchains,” the technology behind bitcoin, and the reason it’s considered a secure way of exchanging value. The implications of using blockchains go well beyond a new form of money to a wide variety of personal, governmental, and business uses. … The post How Blockchain Technology Will Improve Online Security appeared first on Float.

Advanced Mobility: Supporting Knowledge Sharing

Upside Learning

One of the world’s largest technology solutions providers (offering enterprise software and hardware solutions) had come to us with an interesting training requirement. The organisation wanted to leverage the expertise of its star performers. They wanted a way make it easier for their especially successful sales people to share their experiences with others in the […]. Mobile Learning knowledge creation knowledge production knowledge sharing Mobility Performance Support

Teaching for Trying Times

Upside Learning

Let me tell you the true story of three companies… The first company is one of a large group of companies. This company competes in a segment that has remarkable potential, making this company significant for the entire group’s profitability. To capitalise on the opportunity, the group has defined a strategic shift for this company, […]. Mobile Learning Long Term Learning Mobility organisational culture Scaffolding

Introducing the Daily Mobile Learning Show on YouTube with RJ Jacquez

mLearning Revolution

I hope you are doing well these days. It’s been awhile since I last posted here on my Blog. I real hope to change that starting today.

Mobility and Organisational Culture and Environment

Upside Learning

Mobility is powered by technology. While technology keeps changing, people don’t – or at least, not at the same pace. There are going to be very rare times that technology and people move neck and neck, in sync. (If If you get that, end of post – have a nice day!) In the course of our […]. Mobile Learning learning culture mobile learning benefits Mobility organisational culture

EduApp4Syria - 2 awesome, free apps to teach arabic to kids


Check out these 2 prize winning apps aiming to teach refugee kids stuck in a camp with no access to learning.

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Why You Need To Leverage Mobile For Performance Support

Upside Learning

Have you ever struggled with performing a task previously covered in long training sessions? You’re not alone – we have all been there! We forget almost 80% of what we learn in just 30 days – unless we get an opportunity to apply that knowledge. This is precisely why you need performance support. These short […]. Mobile Learning Upside Learning Just-in-time Learning Mobile Performance Support Performance Support

Microlearning for Retail Industry

Upside Learning

Change is the only constant and that certainly holds true for the retail industry that continues to evolve rapidly, resulting in the need for employees to constantly learn, adapt and evolve. Employees have to keep up with the current trend to deliver in their roles. The modern retail workspace is characterised by relatively young employees […]. Mobile Learning Microlearning Microlearning for Retail Performance Support

Mobility and Offline Learner Management

Upside Learning

After the advent of Learning Management Systems, managing learners may seem a problem with an obvious answer. So why has it reared its head again? Well, it has and it hasn’t. The typical context in which learners access training from within the cyber and physical boundaries of the organisation, poses no challenge any more. However, […]. Mobile Learning Mobility Offline Learner Management Offline Mobility Tracking Offline Learning Path

Nonprofits rank text messaging as the most effective tech for communicating. So why do only 3% of them use it?

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Text messaging is most effective digital communications tool, according to a new study. But only a fraction of American nonprofits are actually using it.

Wired Explains What Happens in Congressional Offices When You Call – And Why A Phone Call is So Effective

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We’ve heard again and again (for example, on this blog! that phone calls are the best way to influence legislators. But when you call Congress, what exactly is happening at the other end of the line? An article in Wired walks through the process from the Congressional office’s perspective.