December, 2020

Self-publishing Checklist for New Authors


While self-publishing is seen as simple and free, the reality is very different. Yes, it is easy to upload and publish a book. However, this is just one step of the self-publishing journey.

Digital Courseware or ePUB – Which is the Future of Higher Education?

Kitaboo on EdTech

Higher education is going through a massive transformation thanks to the adoption of new technologies like mobile learning , gamification and digital courseware. The transformation towards digital has been accelerated impacting all aspects of education including learning materials and content.

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How Can Publishers Benefit From eBooks


As the eBook market share continues to increase worldwide, publishers are shifting to digital publishing to unlock eBook benefits.

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KITABOO -The Best Online Bookshelf for Digital Publishing


In the real world, a bookshelf is typically a physical space where you store your books. While it does add an aesthetic appeal to a room, it has a slight drawback in terms of storage. There is a limit to the number of books that a physical bookshelf can hold.

New to Mobile Learning Development: 3 Big Problems and 7 Solutions

Your Comprehensive Guide to Designing Your First eBook


Writing and designing an eBook can be an excellent way to reach a much wider audience and build a loyal base of readers. Today, there is a range of excellent tools available in the market to help you create an aesthetically pleasing and well-designed eBook.

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eTextbooks: Reasons Students Prefer Digital Reading Experience


The digital reading experience is fundamentally different from that of reading print material. Digital reading enhances the overall experience for readers with its dynamic nature of presentation and ability to bring content to life with interactive videos and animation.

Best ePUB Readers for iOS


The emergence of digital content has taken the traditional world of book publishing by storm. Readers across the world are simply not interested in the archetypical, paper-based, and voluminous textual publications anymore.