Industry Quicklook: Defense and Space Industry

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By monitoring the companies who frequently visit our website, download our content, and reach out to our web and communications teams, we’ve determined which vertical markets are most interested … The post Industry Quicklook: Defense and Space Industry appeared first on Float. With the question of who exactly is interested in mobile learning, in the back of the mind, Float decided to get down to the bottom of things.

Connections: Articles on Mobile Learning in Security and Defense Organizations

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Quarterly journal features articles on mobile learning research ethics, the Experience API (xAPI) and mobile serious games. Experience API Industry News Mobile Strategy Connections journal government security

The Top 10 Industries Interested in Mobile Learning

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Industry News Mobile Strategy Newsletter Research agriculture defense and space eLearning government admin HR industries industries interested in mlearning industries interested in mobile learning learning mining and metals mLearning mobile mobile learning mobile learning in restaurants mobile technology pharmaceuticals research retail telecommunications Top 10Have you ever wondered what industries are interested in mobile learning?

The iPad Now Has Overflight Dominance

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In air defense and reconnaissance strategy, establishing air dominance or “Overflight&# is a key element in any successful campaign. Well, it’s clear that the Apple iPad now has established Overflight [.]. iOS Mobile Technology electronic flight bags iPad Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck United Airlines

m-learning is good » The First Pitch

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Mobile Learning interview - geoffstead


You'll get our current thinking on the industry, as well as the first public info about the work we are doing to mobilise the US Department of Defense. While in the states I met up with Ewan MacLeod of MobileIndustryReview who was enthusiastic enough about our mobile learning work to interview us for his site. As he was new to m-learning (and a good questioner), the interview ended up like a crash course in mobile learning. What works. what doesn't. What we are up to. Check it out.

What the Army is Doing in Mobile Learning

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This article in Defense Industry Daily notes several initiatives under the CSDA umbrella of programs. I’ve been trying to keep up with all of the latest in the US Army’s Connecting Soldiers with Digital Applications (CSDA) program. The big idea behind the program is to leverage mobile devices to deliver information, training, performance support and even intelligence to soldiers to increase their situational awareness.

Mobile Learning Proves Valuable for Military

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The defense forces of various countries have a long history with mobile technology. Mobile Learning with Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. In many ways, military uses of mobile technology have blazed trails for advancement in consumer mobile technologies. But in the case of the “VCommunicator&# program used by the US Army, we see the military adopting a popular consumer tool to help soldiers learn basic Arabic phrases.

Top 10 Use Cases of Mobile Training Solutions


Defense Sector: In defense, mobile training is being used to enable the army personnel to hone their skills in gaining hands-on training in operating heavy machinery or use weapons in virtual environment; test and refine various war theories without the need for actual hostilities; and train in various environments which would not be feasible in physical environment. Technological advances have made people addicted to their portable devices be it smartphones, tablets or laptops.

SmokefreeMIL Helps Service Members Win The Battle Against Smoking

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SmokefreeMIL, a part of the Defense Department’s “ Quit Tobacco – Make Everyone Proud ” campaign, sends service members motivational text messages that can help them bust through cravings, navigate relapses, and stay on the path toward a healthy, smokefree future. This costs the Department of Defense $1.6 The military has a new tool in the fight to keep its soldiers healthy: the text message.

Green Day and the NRDC Team Up To Move America Beyond Oil

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Green Day and the National Resources Defense Council have teamed up for a major campaign called Move America Beyond Oil. The campaign highlights America’s dependence on oil – and ways we can reduce that dependence. But the campaign doesn’t stop at just presenting the facts. It also provides easy and powerful ways for fans to take action – right from their mobile phones.

When Lo-fi Becomes Cool

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Also coming soon is a new Sushi Guide put together by Blue Ocean, Monterey Bay Aquarium , and the Environmental Defense Fund. Blue Ocean ’s FishPhone program, powered by Mobile Commons and mData, just got mentioned on Cool Hunting ! We’ve always thought that one of the best ways to delight our customers and their constituents is to come up with simple solutions that get the job done—they don’t need to be flashy.

It's about reading, not paper vs pixels

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In Nadine Gordimer advocates book over screen , the Mail & Guardian reports on a defense of the printed book against the onslaught of technology by Nadine Gordimer, Nobel laureate and one of South Africa’s most distinguished literary figures.

Californians Txt 4 Flu Info

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MOBILE COMMONS’ MOBILE MESSAGING PLATFORM PROVIDES ADDITIONAL LINE OF DEFENSE THIS FLU SEASON. Text FLU and your address to 30644 to find the closest H1N1 vaccine in California. Mobile Commons, Inc., a pioneer of easy-to-use technology for mobile messaging, today announced its partnership with the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) to power a unique, California-based flu vaccination awareness program.

A New Way Of Learning Through Mobile Computing

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Goggle phones to aid student communication | The Daily Illini

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The Illini Media Network The Daily Illini Calendar Restaurants Buzz WPGU 107.1 Illio Technograph Alumni Club Advertise Academy Award Contest Movie snob? Prove it. Enter to win movie passes for a year from Savoy 16. The Daily Illini The Independent Student Newspaper at the University of Illinois since 1871 19.4 °F

mLearning Is the New Custom eLearning @

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Drafted by the United States Department of Defense, Section 508 states that any and all electronic materials used by federal government agencies must include handicap-accessibility for persons with disabilities.

Views from the Vanguard of Using Mobile Media for Learning » Spotlight

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Late last year, the Department of Defense announced it would pick up the program, funding it for $2.5

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Learning in Hand Blog by Tony Vincent

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s Strategic Defense Initiative. Create It in Your Hand, Share It with the World Below is some of my 30 minute talk at Handheld Learning 2009 in London. The presentation is called Create It in Your Hand, Share It with the World. I decided to become a teacher when I was in sixth grade. From then on I studied each and every teacher I had and analyzed each and every activity they had me do.