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design mobile learning objects for student owned mobile devices over 15 weeks, multi-disciplinary, cross platform, researching what kinds of mobile devices students are using, researching design principles, too many variables? Why am I doing research??

Research & Instruction Services » Blog Archive » “Mobile Learning 2.0: The Next Phase of Innovation in Mobility,” the 2010 ELI Online Spring Focus Session

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Where is Australia at on the mLearning to uLearning journey?

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So I was forced to research where mLearning was going, and to think about what was the next phase that the world of education needed to be hearing about. The first is the continued convergence of the standard mobile device from being a phone or a mp3 player into one that does everything.

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MASHe » Blog Archive » Mobile Learning: Some resources, tools and statistics

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It’s not about control; it’s about convergence. And community forms when people explore and collaborate together, connecting their experiences – convergence. Any technological solution aimed at increased learning must enhance communication and convergence.

Five Types of Mobile Learning

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“ My answer: Research on the impact of smart phones on student engagement and student learning. Tags: research examples

Learning as Reflexive; Reality as a Series of Filters « The Ddeok is Always Greener on the Other Side ?? ?? ? ? ???

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With Layar it is approaching seamlessness, the technical and waking reality converging as filters. Research communities, saving, sharing, notetaking. 17 hours ago How does this research logic sound? MIT researcher finds social networks influence health behaviors.

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