Where to Find Case Studies on Mobile Learning

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You can find mobile learning case studies in several places: books and apps, awards programs, and other compilations of case studies. Industry News Mobile Strategy case studies eLearning Guild Technology adoption

FREE Webinar: Case Studies in Mobile Learning

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This time, they’ll focus on case studies in mobile learning. Implementations Webinars case studies free webinar Mobile Learning ConversationsFloat Mobile Learning’s experts are back Dec. 14 with another free webinar in the Mobile Learning Conversations series. Jeff Tillett and [.].

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Call for Case Studies on Mobile Learning

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I am writing a report on the near future of mobile learning, and would like to include 4 or 5 case studies in the final document. If your case study is included, I will send you an autographed copy of my book. Uncategorized Case StudiesHave you implemented mobile learning in the past year or two? Please contact me at gary@i5research.com or send a message to me using the form on this page.

mLearning-World.com: Reference - Weblog Case Study

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skip to main | skip to sidebar * Newsletter * LinkedIn * Facebook * 2mLearn.mobi * mLearning World Live Friday, January 26, 2007 Reference - Weblog Case Study From, Supernova 2006 - Weblog , for reference, a case study of incorporating Web 2.0

Protected: Mobile Learning Conversations Recording: Case Studies – Dec. 14, 2011

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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. Webinars

Mapping client success in a mobile environment – a case study and tutorial

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Recently, Float Learning was approached by a client to develop an iPad application for a trade show that allowed customers to learn more about their product. The basic premise of [.]. Implementations Mobile Development iPhone iPad

Problems Faced By Miners Made Easier With Mobile Learning Applications

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Mobile Apps case studies just-in-time learning performance support videos A video on how mobile learning applications have helped workers do their jobs better through performance support.

Problems Faced By Heavy Equipment Operators Made Easier With Mobile Learning Applications

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Mobile Apps case studies just-in-time learning performance support videos A video on how mobile learning applications have helped workers do their jobs better through performance support.

Problems Faced By Miners Less Painful With Mobile Learning Applications

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Mobile Apps case studies just-in-time learning performance support videos A video on how mobile learning applications have helped workers do their jobs better through performance support.

How Can the Telecommunications Industry Benefit from Mobile Learning?

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Industry News Mobile Development Research Top 10 Industries Interested in Mobile Learning Android BlackBerry case studies Chad Udell CHAMPIONS iOS mLearning mobile mobile learning mobile technology OnPoint OnPoint Digital research Top 10

Mobile Learning + Mining and Metals

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Industry News Research Top 10 Industries Interested in Mobile Learning artificial intelligence augmented reality case studies implementations mining and metals mining industry mining industry safety mLearning mobile mobile learning mobile technology research safety wearables

Mining 130

Leveraging Mobile Learning for Sales Enablement

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Case Studies Mobile Strategy Webinars ASTD mobile apps for sales sales enablement In this new ASTD Infoline written by Float’s mobile learning experts, learn how to help your sales team measure effectiveness, eliminate waste and produce results.

How Using Mobile Technology in Agriculture Benefits You

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Mobile Apps case studies custom mobile applications mobile agriculture Pioneer Planting Rate Estimator videos A video on how mobile agriculture professionals achieve success when and where they need it with mobile technology. mAgriculture is on the rise and giving promising results.

mLearning Straight Talk Webinar on HR.com Wednesday, Sept. 19

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Webinars case studies HR.com mam mdm mobile learning implementation prototypes webcast webinarOne of Float's founders, Scott McCormick, discusses successful mobile learning implementation in the enterprise.

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Vicki Owen's Topically Technological Library Blog: Case Study 2 – London School of Economics (LSE)

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Thursday, 5 March 2009 Case Study 2 – London School of Economics (LSE) Yesterday I went to London for a visit to LSE and to meet with Jane Secker (Learning Technology Librarian) and Dave Puplett (Data Librarian) to discuss mobile learning. This implies to students that there isn’t a physical support layer with regards to using mobile devices to access the university network when in truth this is not actually the case.

Book Review: Work-Based Mobile Learning: concepts and cases

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Work Based Mobile Learning: concepts and cases. Pedagogy and Learning Research case studies souveillance work-based mobile learningBook Review: Pachler, N., Pimmer, C., and Seipold, J. 2011). Bern, Switzerland: Peter Lang. Professor Norbert Pachler at the Institute of Education, University of [.].

…and the App was Good.

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Android Apps BlackBerry iOS Mobile Development User Experience WebOS Bible case study LifeChurch.tvWhat if I told you there was an app that has been installed on one out of every 17 iPhones, iPads and Android devices, downloaded more than 34 million times [.].

iPhone 139

mLearnCon presentation


m-learning in USA case studies pedagogy work-based blended learning on the road mobile coverage reading south africa africa mobile events trends why mobile

m-learning improves South African English Lit.


Tags: cool kids case studies mUbuntu africa 3rd world blended learning learners as creators primary school on the road south africa free resources

MobiMOOC 2012: Mind the Gap


mobile conference case studies mUbuntu work-based usage blended learning learners as creators innovation trends MOOC applicationsThis morning I completed the second of two online presentations as part of MobiMOOC 2012 (an online, free to access course on mobile learning). Initially, when I was asked to do a session on "mLearning pedagogy and learning theory" I thought they had the wrong guy.

Book: Education and Skills 2.0: New Targets and Innovative Approaches

Steve Vosloo

The book critically reviews existing and new ideas, perspectives and frameworks on education through relevant analyses and case studies. Uncategorized case studies Education and Skills return on investment wef world economic forum yoza

mobile phones: the e-readers of choice in South Africa


Tags: projects case studies 3rd world interviews learners as creators constructivism on the road user trials phone south africa reading cool kids mUbuntu africa primary school

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mobile learning in a taxi …


We are in the closing stages of a great project called BLOOM, which is all about using m-learning in the workplace (in this case, for the transport sector). BLOOM-ing marvellous!

m-learning for trade unions


Tags: case studies work-based unionlearn mobile events trends authoring

mLearning-World.com: mLearning: Mobile Learning and Performance in the Palm of your Hand

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skip to main | skip to sidebar * Newsletter * LinkedIn * Facebook * 2mLearn.mobi * mLearning World Live Thursday, February 16, 2006 mLearning: Mobile Learning and Performance in the Palm of your Hand I received notification from Dr. David Metcalf that his new book, mLearning: Mobile Learning and Performance in the Palm of your Hand is soon to be released and Ill have a small acknowledgement based on some case studies Ive submitted to David. The following is a brief review from the Institute for Simulation and Traini ng. In his new book, mLearning: Mobile Learning and Performance in the Palm of Your Hand, IST’s David S. Metcalf II lays a foundation for learning on the go by cell phone or personal data assistant (PDA) device. “Rather than allowing your time to be completely wasted by circumstances beyond your control,&# Metcalf tells commuters and business travelers enduring the endless down-time of mass transportation travel, “[w]hat if, in the not-to-distant future, you could gain back hours of such useful time each day?&# Read the rest here : As soon as I receive my copy, Ill provide a detailed review here Posted by Matthew Nehrling at 11:13 AM 1 comments: Nidsu said. Matthew, I found a blog that I thought you might like loosely relating to m-Learning. [link] 3:25 AM Post a Comment Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Education for the iPod Generation The world of personalized, on demand educational technology. m obile-Learning m y-Learning m atrix-Learning m odern-Learning m oto-Learning m ob-Learning m illennial-Learning Click Here to eMail Questions, Comments & Requests Contributors jnxyz Thomas Curtis Matthew Nehrling mLearning Books mLearning News Links mLearning World for your Mobile mLearnXYZ.net eLearning Magazine Instructional Design Central mLearning@edublogs New Learning Playbook Bloggy Award Learning Online Info Experiencing eLearning PodTec Educational Bloggers Network Janes eLearning Pick of the Day Instructional Technology Clive on Learning Adele Lims Learning & Development Boxes and Arrows Will at Work Learning Learning Rocks Thiagi Tracy and Matts Blog eduResources Blog Articulate Blog Tony Karrers eLearning Technology Tom Clark Plan B Harold Jarche The Learned Man Blog Kevin Kruses E-Learning Guru Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie Internet Time Blog Dave Mozealous elearningpost Online Learning Update George Siemens elearnspace Connectivism Blog Breakthrough eLearning Jenna Sweeneys Corporate Training & e-Learning Blog Robin Goods MasterViews International Mobilemind Learning Circuits Blog Corporate eLearning Development E-Learning Queen Stephens Web Google Mobile eLearning Guru mLearnopedia Zimbios mLearning Wiki mLearning @ Wikipedia eLearning Entrepreneur Teaching Supply Store Blog Archive ► 2010 (14) ► 07/11 - 07/18 (1) mobileDot » Using Android to Launch Mobile Learnin. ► 07/04 - 07/11 (3) eLearning Kindle eBook From Toy to Tool: Cell Phones in Learning: Speak U. From mLearnopedia: April - June Hot List: Mobile L. ► 06/27 - 07/04 (2) Mobile Learning: A 4th Reading List Ignatia Webs: What to take into account when chosi. ► 06/20 - 06/27 (1) mLearnCon 2010: Dr. Mimi Ito – What the User Wants. ► 06/13 - 06/20 (3) Ignatia Webs: Richard Clark: mLearning on multiple. Ignatia Webs: David Metcalf: mLearning theory mash. mLearnopedia: mLearnCon Mobile Learning Content ► 06/06 - 06/13 (3) Featured mLearning Books Too Funny The Disadvantages of Mobile Learning (Only 5 years. ► 04/04 - 04/11 (1) mLearning and Accessibility ► 2009 (15) ► 05/17 - 05/24 (1) 6 Teachers talk about the iPod Touch and learning ► 05/10 - 05/17 (2) Training Top 125: Alltel Links Training to Sales S. New Apps on Blackberry Make Online Learning Easy ► 05/03 - 05/10 (1) Perpetual motion ► 04/26 - 05/03 (3) Interactive technology keeps classes 'relevant' The Cloud and the power cut mLearning-World Welcomes our Newest Author- Thomas. ► 04/19 - 04/26 (2) Now on Twitter iLearn program launching next year ► 03/01 - 03/08 (1) Mobile wireless eReader a sign of the ubiquitous f. ► 02/15 - 02/22 (2) How to Create a Flash Lite RSS Reader- Part 1 **Announcement** New Mobile Learning Content Commu. ► 02/01 - 02/08 (1) Who are the post-millennials? ► 01/11 - 01/18 (1) Hot Lava brings science to 100,000 people over thr. ► 01/04 - 01/11 (1) Is Twitter Being Used As A Training Tool? | New Le. ► 2008 (47) ► 12/21 - 12/28 (1) 100 eLearning Articles and White Papers : eLearnin. ► 11/16 - 11/23 (1) Forget the laptop? Use your iPod/iTouch/iPhone to. ► 11/09 - 11/16 (2) Nominate 2009 Top Young Trainers Today! (Training. Open Discussion- Is There an Educational Laffer Cu. ► 10/05 - 10/12 (1) New mobile platform arrives: Android ► 09/21 - 09/28 (1) mLearning and Geocaching ► 09/14 - 09/21 (2) What we've been up to? Uploading 2008 Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning. ► 07/27 - 08/03 (4) Mobile Learning Device Poll mLearning and Baseball Making the classroom a playground for learning (In. iTunes 7.7 Warning ► 07/20 - 07/27 (2) Three Great iPhone Tips Courtesy of eWeek Is Your Training in the Red or in the Green? ► 07/13 - 07/20 (1) The Art of Learning Better: 101 Tips to Find and F. ► 07/06 - 07/13 (2) mLearning Developing while Mobile Detecting Mobile Browsers- Applying CSS ► 06/29 - 07/06 (5) Script to Detect iPhone and Blackberry OnPoint Digital CellCast- Opinions Our Domains Reminder Learning Solutions Mag- Mainstreaming Mobile Learn. ► 06/22 - 06/29 (1) ► 06/15 - 06/22 (1) ► 06/08 - 06/15 (1) ► 05/04 - 05/11 (2) ► 04/27 - 05/04 (12) ► 04/13 - 04/20 (1) ► 03/09 - 03/16 (2) ► 02/17 - 02/24 (1) ► 02/10 - 02/17 (1) ► 01/27 - 02/03 (2) ► 01/20 - 01/27 (1) ► 2007 (44) ► 12/09 - 12/16 (1) ► 11/18 - 11/25 (2) ► 11/04 - 11/11 (1) ► 09/02 - 09/09 (1) ► 08/26 - 09/02 (1) ► 08/19 - 08/26 (1) ► 08/12 - 08/19 (3) ► 07/29 - 08/05 (3) ► 06/10 - 06/17 (1) ► 06/03 - 06/10 (1) ► 05/27 - 06/03 (2) ► 04/22 - 04/29 (1) ► 04/08 - 04/15 (1) ► 03/11 - 03/18 (1) ► 02/25 - 03/04 (1) ► 02/18 - 02/25 (1) ► 02/11 - 02/18 (3) ► 02/04 - 02/11 (3) ► 01/28 - 02/04 (2) ► 01/21 - 01/28 (6) ► 01/14 - 01/21 (3) ► 01/07 - 01/14 (5) ▼ 2006 (85) ► 12/31 - 01/07 (2) ► 12/24 - 12/31 (4) ► 12/17 - 12/24 (2) ► 12/10 - 12/17 (7) ► 12/03 - 12/10 (13) ► 11/26 - 12/03 (12) ► 10/22 - 10/29 (1) ► 10/15 - 10/22 (2) ► 10/01 - 10/08 (5) ► 09/24 - 10/01 (10) ► 09/17 - 09/24 (2) ► 09/03 - 09/10 (1) ► 08/27 - 09/03 (1) ► 08/20 - 08/27 (3) ► 08/13 - 08/20 (4) ► 08/06 - 08/13 (10) ► 04/16 - 04/23 (1) ▼ 02/12 - 02/19 (5) mLearning: Mobile Learning and Performance in the. Mobile Learning Sign Language Mobile Learning Design- the Post-It Method Educational Development for the Gameboy Generation. M-Learning World Recreated Subscribe To mLearning-World.com Posts Atom Posts Comments Atom Comments Tools ; ;; edublog list >> Directory of Education Blogs Tags: mLearning-world.com , mobi ,mobi , xml , iPhone , Cingular Phone , Android Phone , Alltel , m-learning , mlearning , mobile , mobile learning , eLearning 2.0 , Learning 2.0 , Web 2.0 , podcasting , educhaos , asynchronous learning , ipod , educast , Learning 2.0 , m-learning , mlearning , mobile phone steaming , 3gpp , H263 , H.263 , mpeg , mpeg-4 , keynote , quicktime , quicktime pro , final cut , quicktime streaming server , qtss , streaming , apple , G3 , GPRS , cell phone , mobile phone , Mac OS X , iMovie , iPhoto , iSight , Nehrling

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8 Ways to Enhance Sales Enablement Strategy with a Mobile-First Approach


Highlight Case Studies: Case studies have the ability to influence prospects. A case study acts as proof of your claims and therefore, it is an essential element that can elevate the sales pitch. Being a sales executive is not an easy job.

Coming in March 2017! Book that Features Triple E Framework Published by ISTE

Cell Phones in Learning

Coming this March, a practitioners guide to effective technology integration in the K-12 classroom. The book is published by ISTE and features the Triple E Framework.

iPod Power | Mobile Learning


Mobile Learning An Online Reflective Journal on Mobile Learning Practice Home Winksite Store Resources About Mobile Contact iPod Power 7 07 2006 Podcasting is standing out as a leading mobile learning approach, supported by good case-studies and a wealth of best-practice advice from practitioners.

iPod 40

The 360 mLearning Report from eLearning Guild

mLearning World

Unfortunately, I was unable to get the OK to release the two case studies I had prepared for the report in time for the publication, however, there are two excellent case studies included with this report: Case Study: Integrating m-Learning with a Learning Management SystemTristan Evans, president of Perago Learning Solutions, Inc., The 360 mLearning report from the eLearning Guild is now available to download.

Analysis piece: Mobile learning – Key principles for success

Steve Vosloo

I was asked to analyse a number of their South African case studies and draw out key principles for success for mobile learning.

Online Training Solutions and the Art of Enterprise Training Delivery


You can include graphics, animations, interviews, case studies, expert testimonials or even recordings. Online training solutions , unlike their traditional brick-and-mortar counterparts, are more engaging and immersive.

Six Digital Inclusion Takeaways – Your Weekend Long Reads

Steve Vosloo

UNESCO, in partnership with Pearson , has released ten case studies of digital solutions that are inclusive for people with low skills and low literacy, helping them to participate in the knowledge society in innovative ways.

1:1 Educational Computing Initiatives — Lessons learned and confirmed at the Global Symposium on ICT in Education 2014

Steve Vosloo

I presented on 2 Case Studies at National Level: 1:1 Educational Computing Initiatives in South Africa – namely the large-scale tablet implementation at CTI and MGI higher education institutions, and the ICT4RED school tablet rollout in the rural Eastern Cape district of Cofimvaba.

Refugee education – your weekend long reads

Steve Vosloo

Promising Practices: Case Studies. The result is a set of 18 case studies , many using tech to provide support somewhere in the education value chain. A juicy synthesis report distills the key findings and lessons learned from the case studies.

New issue of the International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM)

Mobile Learning Edge

A Case Study in Madeira (Portugal). A new issue of the International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM), Volume 6, Issue 1 (2012), is available. The journal is free but you have to register on the site.

MLearnCon 2012

Mobile Learning Edge

To illustrate the process, you’ll see a case study on developing a mobile learning implementation for a major pharmaceutical company. Mobile learning is finally coming of age, and many organizations are preparing to implement mobile learning in the coming year.

Mobile Knowledge for Social Change

mLearnopedia Blog

Although not specifically for m-learning, there are case studies about civic engagement, economic empowerment, education, environment, health and safety and humanitarian relief. A new site ShareIdeas.org : Mobile Knowledge for Social Change was just launched for NGOs with the support of Nokia and Vodaphone. It definitely is a wiki site which I plan to follow.

Social 100

Corporate M-Learning Realized!!

mLearning is Good

We see quite a few articles and studies on m-Learning in k-12 and university settings, but we don’t often see a good case study in corporate mobile learning. Mobile Learning. Those who read my posts know that my biggest area of interest is corporate mobile learning.

Six Practices for Digital Inclusion – Your Weekend Long Reads

Steve Vosloo

UNESCO, in partnership with Pearson , has released the final batch of case studies of digital solutions that are inclusive for people with low skills and low literacy, helping them to participate in the knowledge society in innovative ways.

A List of Interesting Mobile Learning Links

Upside Learning

Marys City Schools, Links To Other Case Studies, And News Articles. Mobile learning is in the air, almost everyone realizes the potential, and some companies are now taking tentative first steps.

Training Magazine Conference 2014: Truths, Myths and Proven Practices for Enterprise mLearning

Float Mobile Learning

Now that more companies are training their employees using mobile devices, there are more use cases, new ideas, deployments and case studies and metrics out there. There is good news and bad news now that mobile learning is becoming more prevalent in the workspace.

Why Not A Snapguide For Your Workplace?

Upside Learning

We’ll share a case study on that soon. I stumbled across this article at Gigaom.com talking about how Snapguide is trying to be the how to guide for everything – on your mobile.

Creating Killer ICT4D Content – Your Weekend Long Reads

Steve Vosloo

The UNESCO-Pearson case study on the project highlights key content development approaches and lessons, drawn from over ten years of experience. Creating killer content is critical to ICT4D success.