Mobile University Access

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For those in higher education looking for examples of a campus that is providing mobile access, you might want to check out a very nice solution at Australia's Curtin University of Technology CurtinMobile. The application automatically provides both an icon-based layout for current higher-end phones or a text format for older phones. Tags: campus university Curtin

University of Adelaide’s Faculty of Science going Mobile


From next year, the University of Adelaide’s Faculty of Science will be moving towards mobile delivery, with all first-year students provided with iPads , and textbooks replaced by digital materials. I hope the University of Adelaide will take time to consider how learning with technology is much more than learning ON technology. Applications Pedagogy Tablet apple australia education ict ipad learning m-learning mlearning mobile pedagogy teaching university of adelaide

Adam S. Brooks: Mobile Learning :: Abilene Christian University (ACU) is the first university in nation to provide an iPhone or iPod Touch mobile device to all incoming freshmen

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Brooks: Mobile Learning :: Abilene Christian University (ACU) is the first university in nation to provide an iPhone or iPod Touch mobile device to all incoming freshmen An Apple iPhone or iPod touch will become a central part of Abilene Christian University's innovative learning experience this fall when all freshmen are provided one of these converged media devices, said Phil Schubert, ACU executive vice president. Adam S.

Austrian University studies Augmented Reality on mobile devices

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This Monday I attended an extremely interesting presentation by Daniel Wagner of the Graz University of Technology. Another application was a museum tour in which a virtual cartoon guide would explain them certain items whenever they looked through their mobile. If you have the time and haven’t visited it yet, I really recommend to check out the demo page of the Graz University of Technology. Link demo page of Graz University of Technology: [link].

Design a mobile application, win a scholarship « The Point of It All

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Hire a stripper to go in your place » Design a mobile application, win a scholarship Attention all full-time students and staff! Full-Time Students: If you’re interested in developing creative and innovative mobile learning, mobile identity, and student system integration applications, then this is the contest for you! Work with them to create a mobile application that will stand up to the 2009 Big Mobile on Campus Challenge!

ACU brings iPad, Mobile Learning to West TX science teachers - Abilene Christian University

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ACU News Championship Central Recent News ACU Videos News Archive ACU brings iPad, Mobile Learning to West Texas middle and high school teachers Abilene Christian University is bringing cutting-edge Mobile Learning technology to middle and high schools across West Texas. When you give them an iPad that is loaded with well-done learning applications, students are highly motivated to explore and learn."

From David Hockney to Photosynth: applications that build on social media content

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If you have not heard of it yet, I think you will like this application: photosynth of Microsoft. It is an application that builds on the result of social media applications that all of us help build together. This is an application that falls back on mobile devices or mobile learning in which the mobiles are used to capture pictures and add it to the group repository. The below application is actually what I was dreaming about when I was a child.

Are students ready for QR Codes? Findings from a student survey at the University of Bath []

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Findings from a student survey at the University of Bath « H E » email posted Wednesday, 18 February 2009 Student awareness and interactions with QR Codes. This is starting to generate some very interesting applications for this technology in education (see [link] ). This working paper aims to investigate the issue of student access through the analysis of a recent student survey undertaken at the University of Bath."

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iPad + apps = amazing archaeology


As an ex-archaeologist I keep an eye on digital trends in the digging world, and came across a great post on about an old friend and colleague Dr Steven Ellis of the University of Cincinatti and his digitally-enhanced fieldwork at Pompeii. Tags: projects data collection mobile africa 3rd world gps applications android archaeology

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Australian uni goes mobile!


An article in the respected Australian newspaper has showcased the new mobile student support website recently implemented by Curtin University of Technology. “What we wanted was an application layer that recognised that our students were using netbooks and smartphone devices more and more and they wanted to be able to access a lot more information through these devices rather than desktop PCs,&# he said.

Apple Mobile Learning Roadshow


All attendees were loaned an iPod Touch 16GB to use during the seminar: The device was pre-loaded with a number of “apps&# (applications/software) that supported learning, most of which were “connected&# (i.e. Such applications can be particularly valuable for reference, revision, learning from instruction, or for learning activities based on exploration and investigation of existing resources. Tags: Applications Events Interactive Mobile Phone Products

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Ensuring Continuity in Learning in the Times of COVID-19

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Universities and schools in many countries have been forced to close and learning of millions of students is interrupted. As such, universities and enterprises are turning to online methods to engage with learners and offering them a wide range of courses like PMP training , cloud computing courses, Azure training, and more. It is worth noting that many universities and companies had online platforms in place, but they were not utilized much.

4 Ways Smartphones are helping People Learn a new Language

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A 2012 survey done by the University of Colorado, revealed that 14% of instructors and 60% of foreign students use mobile phones for language-learning purposes. Last November 25, Camelia Nunez , a Spanish instructor from the University of Waterloo, launched a facility that would aid students in mastering a certain mode of verbal communication. As of the moment, Milao is conducting a beta test at the University of Waterloo. Smartphone Applications.

Designing Good Educational Podcasts | Mobile Learning


Mobile Learning An Online Reflective Journal on Mobile Learning Practice Home Winksite Store Resources About Mobile Contact Designing Good Educational Podcasts 15 06 2006 Andy Ramsden, a Learning Technology Advisor at Bristol University in the UK recently posted up a great guide for educators designing podcasts.

Saving money with Straight Talk using coupons for cell phones

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That is the place coupon applications can act the hero. In the event that you write “coupon” into your cell phone’s application store, you’re certain to get many returns. A lot of applications guarantee to spare you cash, however finding the most useful ones with the best components is another story. At last, it can be justified, despite all the trouble however – the best couponing applications can spare you some genuine time and cash.

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SMS Study Service Success in NZ | Mobile Learning


Mobile Learning An Online Reflective Journal on Mobile Learning Practice Home Winksite Store Resources About Mobile Contact SMS Study Service Success in NZ 15 06 2006 Auckland University has successfully implemented a first-in-the-world, SMS-based “learning on demand&# service for its students.

Learner-Centric Design of Digital Mobile Learning | Mobile Learning


Mobile Learning An Online Reflective Journal on Mobile Learning Practice Home Winksite Store Resources About Mobile Contact Learner-Centric Design of Digital Mobile Learning 27 09 2006 “ Learner Centric Design of Digital Mobile Learning ,&# [ doc ] [ pdf ] (which I co-authored with my colleague Margaret O’Connell), received the Best Paper Award at Queensland University of Technology’s “Learning on the Move&# conference which I attended yesterday (despite a raging flu!).

Mobile Learning Conferences

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May 11-13, 2011 – m-Libraries Conference, 3 rd , University of Southern Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. June 22-24, 2011 Mobilware2011 : International Conference on MOBILe Wireless MiddleWARE, Operating Systems and Applications, 4 th , London, the United Kingdom. June 30-July 2, 2011 International Conference on Innovative, Mobile and Internet Services in Ubiquitous Computing (IMIS2011), 5 th , Korean Bible University, Seoul, Korea.

iPod Power | Mobile Learning


Andy Ramsden at the University of Bristol regularly publishes some of the best material on capture and delivery of podcasting materials on the web through his blog. Mobile Learning An Online Reflective Journal on Mobile Learning Practice Home Winksite Store Resources About Mobile Contact iPod Power 7 07 2006 Podcasting is standing out as a leading mobile learning approach, supported by good case-studies and a wealth of best-practice advice from practitioners.

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Mobile Learning in Canada: an Update

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Since that time, I have become more aware of other mobile learning initiatives in Canada, especially being part of the “Taking Ontario Mobile” (TOM) project at the Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCADU). Athabasca University is a world leader in mobile learning research, under the leadership of Dr. Mohammad Ally. The research carried out in CMER has real and immediate applications in mobile education and learning. Online paper, University of Toronto.

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How Can Publishers Benefit From PDF to ePUB Conversion


Their compactness, near-universal compatibility, and portability are some of the primary reasons for their popularity. It is also highly compatible with a wide range of software applications. On the other hand, ePUB files do not require any additional tool or application for software support. eBooks have slowly but steadily gained traction in the past few years. And while there might be several formats, PDF and ePUB are, by far, the most common of the lot.

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How Education Technology Will Revolutionize Learning

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Software and Applications. Among the most used resources are software and applications that bring a full range of information, in addition to pedagogical and management tools. However, it is possible to use the digital universe to encourage the habit of reading. Some applications have the option to consult dictionaries within the digital books themselves, and there are also libraries that lend e-books. The classroom reality has changed drastically in the past decade.

Mobile Learning in Canada

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Athabasca University is a world leader in mobile learning research, under the leadership of Dr. Mohammad Ally. Durham College and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) both on the same campus in Oshawa, Ontario, provide a mobile learning environment and resources on campus. The Laurier University School of Business & Economics has engaged its 100 full-time Waterloo, Ontario, MBA students in an innovative one-year mobile e-learning pilot.

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Google App Inventor – Can It Boost mLearning?

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Last week Google launched App Inventor a visual development tool to build Android applications. The App Inventor comes loaded with many blocks for creating UI elements, programming blocks, storage blocks, social blocks, media blocks etc, these blocks can be arranged in to logical sequence by drag and drop to develop an application. This tool will allow anyone to create an Android app without writing even a single line of code.

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Busy Week for Mobile Learning

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Stanford University started an iPhone Application Programming course this week and has made the slides and video available through iTunes U here. A new 320-page book entitled “Mobile Learning: Transforming the Delivery of Education and Training” edited by Mohamed Ally and published by Athabasca University is available for sale or as a free PDF download. Where do I start?

The brand new Captivate 9 puts Adobe years ahead of the competition

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Also new in version 9 is full support for importing SVG files, plus if you have Adobe Illustrator, you can actually round-trip changes between the two applications. Here’s how Adobe describes Captivate Prime: Adobe Captivate Prime uses a single universal player that, like a fluid, dynamically provides eLearning content in all major media types, and for desktop and devices all through a common player. What a difference three short years make in technology.

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A Great Resource for Mobile Learning

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The book is called “Innovative Mobile Learning Techniques and Technologies&# and it’s a collection of studies and resources put together by Hokyoung Ryu and David Parsons at Massey University in New Zealand. Hokyoung Ryu, Massey University, New Zealand. David Parsons, Massey University, New Zealand. Patrick Danaher, University of Southern Queensland, Australia. Raj Gururajan, University of Southern Queensland, Australia.

This Week in mLearning Podcast – Thinking Mobile-First [Episode 3]

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Creating a universal and multifaceted learning experience. Learning from other industries and innovations to explore possible applications from an mLearning angle. Welcome to our third episode of our new podcast entitled “ This Week in mLearning. Below is a summary of topics we discussed this week. Great news, our Podcast is now live on iTunes and you can subscribe HERE.

The Emergence Of Mobile Learning For Higher Education In Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabian universities have been early adopters in the region followed by corporate. The Higher Education Ministry’s recent decision restricting e-learning to Saudi Electronic University (SEU) will boost distance education in the Kingdom , offering advanced courses to students. With the rapid development of mobile technologies, a new style of learning, termed as mobile learning, has exploded everywhere in the world.

Kitaboo College – Enabling Higher Education with Technology

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The requirements of a higher education institution such as a college or a university are quite different from that of a K-12 institution. Therefore, the education provided in colleges and universities must be at par with the requirements of the job market. Kitaboo is a white label application. Kitaboo is a fully customizable application where you can decide the features you want on this platform.

4 Ways Technology Improves Teaching for the Next Generation

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Whether it is in K-12 or university, educators who embrace digital learning activities can make their lessons more interactive, enjoyable, and straightforward for their students. Since technology continues to improve daily, more application of tech in education will be realized in the coming years. The effects of technology have been felt across the board. In education , students have benefited from using computers, smart devices, and tablets.

Tappestry: Kicking the Informal Learning (Tin) Can

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Some features mark a significant departure from Twitter functionality, however, that make this an app “designed specifically for learning” The first unique feature is the organization of posts by categories, such as Physics, Basketball, Application Design, and, my personal favourite, Homebrewing (containing one lonely post at the time this article was written – thanks Chad). A review by Jessica Knox.

10 Must-Have Features of an Online Education Platform

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And therefore, these platforms are in high demand in schools and universities across the globe. Since it is an application, it must be readable on most of the devices and operating systems. An online education platform is meant for delivery of educational content to students. The platform, unlike a textbook is an interactive medium where students can engage with the content.

Mobile Devices as Musical Devices

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Using an iPhone as a musical device is an interesting application of a cell phone. The video below profiles experiments being conducted at Stanford University in using a mobile device such as an iPhone/iPod Touch to create a mobile phone orchestra. While known as a music player designed to allow users to consume music, developers have created apps that can transform the iPhone into a musical device to create music as well.

A brief update on Augmented Reality

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Augmented Reality has been on the map for quite a while now, but at the ETH (Zurichs renowned University) we were allowed to have an upclose look at what some companies are doing. On site at the Switzerlands renowned ETH University it worked great. Wikitude is probably the most interesting of all applications since it combines Wikipedia with AR. Summary: All in all it was very interesting and there are many applications which could be used to enhance mobile learning.

Are Apps the Future of Mobile Learning?

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In a much more casual way, I also try to observe how people use their mobile devices and what applications they have on those devices. “As of October 2008, there were over 1600 Mobile Learning applications in the [Apple App] store&#. “In just one week after the launch of their Android Market store, there were 24 Mobile Learning applications in stock&# , reference to Google’s recently opened Android Market Store.

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Enterprise Mobile Learning 2011 - Year in Review

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We witnessed more than two dozen companies who had purchased 200+ tablets for their workforce because it was cool rather than with a plan in mind – this situation drove ample opportunity given employee training and workforce development are universally needed and desired by every organization and tablets are viewed by many as the first practical mobile device to overcome the plethora of perceived limitations in mLearning (e.g., a.k.a. How On Target Were My 2011 Predictions?

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Higher Education and the Mobile Revolution: How Texts Make Better Schools and Students

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Many Universities Already Text Their Students. Universities nationwide are embracing the mobile revolution. Minnesota State University uses texting to help students who are struggling academically. And the University of Virginia offers application support through text messaging. Ten years ago, text messaging’s role in the classroom was a head scratcher. These days, however, it is a no brainer.

The Challenges of Being a Sustainable Edtech Venture – Your Weekend Long Reads

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As the GSMA explains , many users are “stuck on ‘application islands’, primarily using only WhatsApp or Facebook, without being aware of the broader potential of the internet.” The next round of the GSMA Startup Accelerator Innovation Fund for Africa and Asia-Pacific, which tries to bring MNOs and startups closer together, is open for applications until 15 April. Earlier this month I attended FUTUR.E.S

Enterprise mLearning Predictions for 2011

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I speculate RIM’s first generation PlayBook tablet will also ship to mixed fanfare with enterprise learning customers due to the lack of available applications supporting off-grid learning. It is time once again to ponder the research, extrapolate on recent experience, and attempt to read the tea leaves so we can predict the future of enterprise mobile learning in 2011.

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Training Top 125 2008: Winners- Congrats to my team #38

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Corporate university. An outside research and statistical data company, under the guidance of Training magazine, scored companies on this data supplied by applicants. Then, our editors subjectively reviewed each application. Training Top 125 2008: Winners Congrats to my team, ranked 38- and in the top 125 for eight years in a row! For the seventh year in a row, Training tackled the task of ranking the top companies of employer-sponsored workforce training and development.

CellCast App for BlackBerry 10

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Our team has had the good fortunate to work on project to bring our CellCast Solution platform for enterprise mobile learning to the BlackBerry 10 device platform and we officially launched our new offering in the BlackBerry App World earlier this month in support of today’s product introduction (along with 70K other applications). Oh what a difference a few years makes, eh?

Learning Objects for Mobile (MLOs)

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I continue to read through “ Mobile Learning Transforming the Delivery of Education and Training &# edited by Mohamed Ally – Athabasca University in Canada. Some of the navigation design issues noted by the authors may not be applicable to touch screen devices where the navigation is a bit more free form, the user’s finger is similar to a mouse on a desktop computer.

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