New mobile platform arrives: Android

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By Jonathan Nalder of As most geeks would know, the Google-developed mobile OS known as Android had its public unveiling last week. While only available on one handset in the US at the moment, its open-source nature and backing from Google mean that it is destined to become a major new mobile platform alongside the existing Palm OS, Windows Mobile, RIM Blackberry, and iPhone OSX. mLearning mLearn Jonathan Nalder cloud Google android

Flash on my iPhone? It’s showdown time!


For several years Adobe has been promoting Flash as a great technology for mobile devices (and it is). For several years Apple have been making amazing mobile devices (and they are). … The latest move in the ongoing showdown is this slightly aggressive message iPhone and iPod Touch.

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Apple announcement is excellent news for cross-platform app developers!


Those are the app developers using one of a few choice systems (many open source, collaborative frameworks) that allow you to code once, and deploy to iPhone, Android, WinMob, Blackberry …. On iPhone and Android, it uses Webkit.

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2 Events that Could Help Push Mobile Learning

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In recent days a couple of technical events of note have given hope for mobile learning. Microsoft announced that later this year it will release Windows Mobile 7 and RIM (maker of Blackberry smart phones) announced that it will release an updated WebKit based browser. Well, here’s my take: Windows Mobile 7: Windows ties well into the overall infrastructure of many organizations (whether we always like that or not).

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Mobile Landscape Really About to Change

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surroungding the release of the newest Android device in the US. A lot of reviewers consider the device and it’s operating system to be the first formidable competitor to the iPhone in terms of overall capability. Anyway, the recent release of a Android 2.0 Android is very capable, and the development community for Android is increasing daily. iPhone is the well established champion that has long lacked a real challenger.

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Which m-learning devices should I buy?


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NoteM audio recorder for Windows Mobile PDAs: unlike the standard audio recorder provided in Windows Mobile (in Notes), which records to WAV file format, NoteM records to MP3 format. It is also much more configurable than the standard Windows Mobile audio recorder.

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iPhone 3.0, mobile learning and the ID

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The blogs and news feeds have been filled with news from yesterday's Apple's press event during which the iPhone 3.0 There are many learning industry practice leaders who believe that Apple's iPhone has jump-started the long-anticipated adoption of mobile devices, products and services for learning and performance support. His Apple mobile stats are impressive: iPhone now in 80 Countries - 13.7M Tags: Learning Instructional Design eLearning Mobile

15 Authoring Tools For mEnabling Your eLearning For iPads

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A multimedia authoring tool that goes beyond Flash and builds applications based on HTML5, Javascript, jQuery and CSS3 and works well on iOS and Android devices, and the latest HTML5-compatible browsers. Hot Lava Mobile. Mobile Learning

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Back from a year-long Sabbatical from Tech: 9 Things I’m excited about

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I’m feeling refreshed and ready for round two with new ideas for my blog, books, courses on mLearning, presentations, and excited to take on a new projects for organizations looking to mobilize their learning. What can I do to help you with your eLearning and Mobile Learning projects?

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mLearnCon Mobile Learning Content

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In preparation for the workshop, Jason and I had been working on a mobile application with content all about mobile learning. We had gathered resources that we had been using in workshops and presentations for ADL and decided to make it available on various mobile devices.

Mobile Strategies, Mobile Software, Handhelds and PDAs: Questions to Ponder before Starting a Mobile Software Development Project for Handheld PDAs, iPhones and Smartphones

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skip to main | skip to sidebar Mobile Strategies, Mobile Software, Handhelds and PDAs Mobile technology discussions, enterprise mobile computing strategies, reviews of PDAs, Smartphones, handheld computers, rugged mobile devices, windows mobile, iphones and much more. Windows Mobile, Google Android, RIM Blackberry, Symbian , iPhone, etc.)? How secure does the mobile data synchronization need to be?

Are Apps the Future of Mobile Learning?

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As I continually survey the mobile technology landscape, I try to predict what learning will look like in 1, 2 or 5 years. In a much more casual way, I also try to observe how people use their mobile devices and what applications they have on those devices. There are also several mobile learning apps that are specifically designed for learning, i.e. language learning, brain training, etc. Here are some statistics to consider when it comes to mobile learning and apps.

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Barcodes Offer Interesting Opportunities for Mobile Learning

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Google is now offering a barcode reader on the Android Mobile Platform, which in itself is not a big triumph for mobile learning, but it’s just the latest company to offer the capability as part of it’s mobile platform. Apple has a barcode reading app for the iPhone and you can purchase barcode or QR code (similar to barcodes) readers for almost all popular mobile platforms. QR Code reader for Windows Mobile devices: [link].

CellCast App for BlackBerry 10

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Our team has been involved in mobile learning for enterprise customers for almost a decade now on devices spanning basic feature phones in the beginning (think old Nokia handsets with voice only service) through simple smartphone devices (remember Windows Mobile?)

CellCast mSCORM Player Announced

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We're pleased to announce the availability of the CellCast mSCORM Player , the latest extension to our CellCast Solution platform for enterprise mobile learning delivery. This new functionality allows mobile workers to access learning content deployed as standard SCORM v1.2

mLearning Testing Tools & Methods

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As active practitioners and consultants for enterprise mobile learning initiatives, a frequent question we get asked is “What kinds of tools can you recommend to help us test our mLearning content before we release it to our mobile workers?” Android G1 and G2 Emulators (for all 1.x,

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Dissecting Saba's New "Anywhere" Product for Mobile Learning

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I happened upon a tweet last week while trolling my Twitter in-box that heralded a product announcement from Saba for their new " Saba Anywhere " offering designed to make training delivery to mobile workers easy, practical and secure.

Growth Accelerates CellCast Solution Innovations

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We're pleased to report the adoption and use of mobile learning by enterprise customers has been accelerating throughout first half of 2010 -- yeah!!; But the bigger the enterprise, the more apt these customers are to want ( even demand ) more sophisticated features and service offerings to ensure their mobile initiatives are scalable, secure and standards-based. Advanced Mobile + Social Features.

Picking the "Right" Smartphone for mLearning

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In our role of assisting customers and partners with planning and deploying successful mobile project projects, one of the key requirements every team wrestles with is where they need to "set the bar" when determining the target mobile devices they'll need to reach and support. But if you're planning to support a broader audience where every mobile user picks their own devices for their own personal reasons, your set of challenges grows wide and varied. Windows Mobile v5.0 How To Create Rapid and Cheap Mobile Learning- Text Messaging

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How To Create Rapid and Cheap Mobile Learning- Text Messaging. T here are many challenges with setting up any sort of mobile learning program, not the least of which is the diversity of devices. Challenges were sent to their mobile phones and the students would text back their answers.

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mLearning Content Types - Level 5: Courseware

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Until recently, this type of content, while easily accessible over the mobile web, was actually one of the most difficult types of learning to try and deploy out to a mobile device. Available third party tools can also streamline the mobile content creation process.

Media Encoding Tools for Mobile Learning

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Site operators can now focus on content and the user experience while allowing us to ensure that content is available to all users on the most popular Internet and mobile devices." In fact, we've spent over 2 years working to develop an efficient way to streamline all of the necessary media conversion processes and business work flows our mobile customers/partners face prepping and deploying content both to the web and out to mobile devices.

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More Mobile Learning - by GlobalEnglish

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GlobalEnglish has developed a mobile feature – the Mobile Learning Network – for its online business English training system. Via: ] Related News from IntoMobile Urban Planet mobilizes English language learning Nokia launches WidSets, Mobiledu in China BBC World Service Trust uses Ericsson to do Mobile learning in Bangladesh What are your thoughts? iPhone and iPhone 3G jailbreak guide - Pwnage Tool 2.2 jailbreaks iPhone 2.2

Cisco Blog » Blog Archive » Educause 2010 Proves Learning is (Going) Mobile

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What I should have said instead though is “Learning is Mobile”. Mobility in Education is not a future trend; it is happening right now all around us. Here is a quick summary of those discussions: Cisco: Right next to my mobility demo was the Flip prosumer video.

Just Another Mobile Phone Blog: St. Marys City Schools In Ohio, Verizon Wireless And GoKnow! Bring Wireless Technology To The Classroom

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Mobile Learning Software Pilot Project Delivers Improved Test Scores within the School District. a provider of educational software designed specifically for mobile devices, the St. The district is currently the largest in the country to deploy mobile learning devices.

Designing mobile content « learning about learning….

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learning about learning… read, reflect, refine, apply, redefine Home About jump to navigation Designing mobile content December 14, 2008 Posted by ppang in Mobile learning. trackback Introduction With the boom in the mobile device industry, opportunities abound for us to make use of these devices to support learning. Mobile learning (m-Learning) may be simply described as e-Learning on a mobile device, combining mobile computing and e-Leaning.

Mobile Learning « Shijina’s Blog

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billion inhabitants will have mobile phones by the end of the year 2008. Mobile learning or m-learning is touted as being the next big thing in e-learning. More the mobile phone users, bigger the e-learning market. What types of mobile phones can be used for mobile learning?

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Increase in mobile internet « e-Learning Stuff

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e-Learning Stuff news and views on e-learning, ILT and tech stuff in general… Home About James Clay New Stuff Old Stuff Increase in mobile internet The Guardian reports on the surge in mobile internet use: Google UK today revealed that mobile internet use was surging thanks to the Apple iPhone. The head of Google UK, Matt Brittin, said iPhone owners search online 30 times more than those who use rival smartphones.

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Mobile learning in a military context « e-Learning Stuff

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e-Learning Stuff news and views on e-learning, ILT and tech stuff in general… Home About James Clay New Stuff Old Stuff Mobile learning in a military context Yesterday I was in that for me was in some ways a very alien environment and in other ways a familiar environment. I delivered a session on mobile learning to a group of military personnel down in Torpoint in Cornwall. link] 49 minutes ago Blog post: Mobile learning in a military context [link] 1 hour ago @ xlearn where?

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Handheld Reflections Day Two « e-Learning Stuff

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Three days of mobile learning stuff, presentations, discussions, networking and people. It was very apparent how the credit crunch is impacting on the mobile learning business with what looked like a 30% drop in exhibitors compared to 2008. Dave Foord’s Blog Learning with ‘e’s Lorcan Dempsey Blog m-Learning with MoLeNET Mobile Learning moblearn Some Links Jaiku Feed My