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w/ MobilED IOL: Jozi college goes mobile By Sholain Govender While cellphone use is banned in most South African schools, a Centurion college has decided to embrace the technology and use it to educate pupils. Use your iPod/iTouch/iPhone to.

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What better solution than to ban cellphones altogether? Abilene Christian University gave out 2,000 iPhones and iPod Touches to its students and teachers, urging them to "go mobile, go digital." or 56k modems; todays youngest will not consider the iPhone 3GS to be extraordinary.

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The factors that should be considered while choosing a mobile phone device for e-learning are operating system (Symbian, Linux, Windows Mobile, Apple, Android, RIM Blackberry, Palm), internet accessibility, screen-size, user interface, keyboard, memory, PC synchronization and security.

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