10 Things Adobe gets Right about Mobile Learning with Captivate 8 [Review]

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When comparing the two big players in the rapid eLearning market, Articulate and Adobe, they approach mobile learning design very differently. Having said that, here are 10 things Adobe gets right about Mobile Learning with Captivate 8: 1.

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Adobe Presenter 7.0.7 is HERE with ActionScript 3.0 Support

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Today I’m happy to report that our much anticipated update of Adobe Presenter with full support for ActionScript 3.0 (AS3) AS3) is here, and this is a free update to anyone who owns Adobe Presenter 7, or any version of our Adobe eLearning Suite.

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Articulate Storyline vs. Adobe Captivate 6 for iPad Publishing [FAQ]

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Take a traditional software ‘try-it simulation’ in Captivate 6 that is scored, convert it to HTML5 and then use your finger to try and find the right tap-target and you will see what I mean.

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Check Out Adobe Captivate eLearning Content on the Motorola Xoom Tablet via the Flash Player 10.2 [VIDEO]

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attending our fourth Adobe Learning Summit, and staying the rest of the week for the Learning Solutions 2011 conference. Our Adobe eLearning conference went very well and I’d like to thank everyone who spent their day here with us learning and sharing what they do with our software.

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7 reasons why the new Articulate Storyline is a Game-Changer for eLearning

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I have been a fan of Articulate for a long time even as I worked for Adobe on the Captivate and eLearning Suite products. The day after leaving Adobe, I had my first meeting with Arlyn Asch, Articulate CTO, who spent time with me going over Storyline and after an hour of talking to Arlyn and seeing what they were working on, it was a enough for me to believe that sure enough Storyline was going to be a game-changer.

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The new Camtasia Studio 8, the Flipped Classroom and Mobile Learning [Review]

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Perhaps this is why in eLearning we have always gravitated toward using tools that publish learning in the Adobe Flash format in order to create engaging desktop experiences. Re-Thinking Traditional Software Simulations.

10 Things I Love about Screenr.com

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When I worked at Adobe and we announced Acrobat.com, I was so excited with all the free Cloud services included, and it also meant that I could leverage the story in promoting my apps because of some of the integration between them that we had built.

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Corporate Training & Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2020


Simulations and role play are prime examples of experiential learning, where employees have to work upon hypothetical yet real-world scenarios and come up with a logical solution to mitigate problems. Since Adobe decided to put an end to Flash, HTML5 has taken over its place. Enterprises are leaving no stone unturned in order to create an efficient workforce. Today’s workforce is competitive. They are goal-oriented and self-motivated.

Very Impressed with the work TechSmith (i.e. Camtasia) is doing on iPad

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My point is that not too long from now, we will be recording and editing app simulations like we do today on the desktop using products like Adobe Captivate, the question is who is going to bring these mobile apps to us.

Flash Player On Devices – Going Mobile Just Got Easier

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Some of you may be familiar with the trials Adobe has had in bringing the Flash player to the mobile area. But now Adobe has adapted the Flash player to run higher end content on new devices. But iPhone aside, Adobe has been doing a lot to try to get mobile device manufacturers to include the Flash Player on their devices as either a stand-alone player or a browser plug-in. As one Google guy I spoke with recently said, “everyone is thinking about mobile.&#

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Designing eLearning for iPads – Webinar Recording and Q&A

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If Adobe Flash is not supported, how can we design using Captivate 6? CreateJS plug-in for CS6 converts animation into HTML5, Adobe Edge allows you to re-create animations and interactivities).

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Assistive Technology: Technology Predictions for 2010

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From what I have been reading Adobe is working hard with Research in Motion ( BlackBerry ) and Google to build Flash into their development tools. From Adobe Captivate 4 to YouTube SOLO 6- A Literacy Tool with the Right Balance of. Polaroid PoGo Working with CodeBaby Production Studio & Adobe Ca. Today's Webspiration Training Glance to the Rescue Creating Interactive Handouts with Adobe Acrobat.

Reading the signs | Work, Learn, Play

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Adobe’s Flash technology gave toolset makers a brilliant platform to create authoring tools like iSpring, Articulate, Coral and Adobe’s own Captivate. This means that a lot of the sophisticated interactions, simulations and fly-ins and outs will need to be dumped.

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