QR Codes and Beyond?

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17, 2010). 11, 2010). Scan this QR code to see a super creative use of the technology from 2006. Tried using a QR (quick response) code yet?

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The Future of mLearning?

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by Stephanie Wright on December 3, 2010 A video from Megan Iemma, an mLearning consultant in Australia who suggests a number of ways she sees mobile learning evolving.

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Mobile stats for 2010 and 2011


We will be uploading some of our own perspectives on this in the future. I can’t help but be bowled over when I try to get my head around exactly how many people are doing useful tasks on their phones.

Mobile Learning Considerations – Native Apps or Web Apps

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Chad used this for his presentation at mLearnCon 2010. With advent of HTML5 and the emergent web standardization across smartphone devices, I feel rather optimistic about web apps as better choice over native apps in near future.

This Flash Player (Frash) Runs On iPad

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Related posts: Smokescreen – The Future Of Flash Player? About a month back I blogged about Smokescreen which allows advertisers to run simple Flash movies on iPad/iPhone using HTML5/JavaScript.

Flash 34

Five Mobile Learning Implementation Tips | Upside Learning Blog

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The Upside Learning Solutions Blog Five Mobile Learning Implementation Tips Abhijit Kadle | March 1st, 2010 | Mobile Learning 1 3 There really is very little different about designing mobile learning from other forms of learning.

2010: the year we make contact?

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Welcome to 2010. I feel a bit foolish writing my first 2010 blog entry when the announcement that might define mobile and ubiquitous computing this year is still a week away, but there have been enough early signs from a range of companies to make some assumptions, and speculate on what they will mean for learning that attempts to take advantage them. So, is learning and the institutions who’s job it is to propagate it ready to embrace a touch-computing future?

QR Codes: Here Today, but Gone Tomorrow


I still see QR Codes as being a useful tool for mobile and situated learning in the present day, but I have never been content to simply look at the present without looking towards the future; and in that future, I see QR Codes becoming rapidly redundant.

mLearning Demand Is Growing

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I have always believed that mLearning will be the future of eLearning and have also written about it here. The Horizon Report 2010 on Mobile Computing also points out some interesting trends that will alter the way we live and learn.

Embracing Mobile To Educate For Tomorrow | MobileBehavior

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Schools are slowly beginning to realize that the future lies in mobile communication and utility; instead of building resistance, they are opting to design curricula supporting it, preparing todays youth for a designed tomorrow.

How To Create Successful M-Learning Strategy: mLearnCon – Part I

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Judy had this quote on a slide which I think summarizes how important mobiles are for our future: “Mobile phones are misnamed.They should be called ‘gateways to all human knowledge.”. -

Interesting Mobile Statistics By Tomi Ahonen: mLearnCon

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In 2010 Estonia has also become the first country to allow tax returns to be filed by SMS. Related posts: The Future Of E-learning Is Mobile – mLearnCon How To Create Successful M-Learning Strategy: mLearnCon – Part I Mobile Learning – SMS Can Get You Started.

mLearnCon 2010: Dr. Mimi Ito – What the User Wants in mLearning

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Good to look at Japanese youth to monitor future trends as they’re about 10 years ahead of US youth. Read the rest at: mLearnCon 2010: Dr. Mimi Ito – What the User Wants in mLearning Education for the iPod GenerationPeople will go to great lengths to have personal content at hand. Users customize their media environment themselves, filling in gaps inherent in devices. We can harvest this drive this potential. Social Media, Mobile Media, is highly personal content shared with others.

The Future of Reality – Controlling Objects With Your Mind

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Take the red pill if you dare and watch what could be the future of learning. This video from TED demonstrates new technology being developed where a human can interact with devices to control objects simply by thinking about them. On the one hand, a very exciting development, especially when it comes to supporting children with physical disabilities.

The Future of eLearning is…

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It’s hard to believe that three weeks have already passed since we were networking and learning at the DevLearn Conference in San Francisco. It was a vibrant gathering of 1,600+ [.]. Conferences Mobile Development

My mLearning Predictions for 2010

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After many years of sitting on the sidelines and reading the postings of others, I've decided to enter 2010 with this new mLearning Trends blog where I can post my own scattered thoughts and musing about all things "mobile learning" and begin sharing my own experiences in the design, development, deployment and support of mlearning solutions for the enterprise. So, these pages and all future posts will likely stay in that vein.

MOCOM's Vision for 2020

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2010: A year in review

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This is my “brag pack&# for 2010. Future plans. Read the one for 2009. What I did. As fellow for 21st century learning at the Shuttleworth Foundation I spent the year focusing on my m4Lit , or mobiles for literacy, project.

October Hot List: Mobile Learning Content

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Best of Mobile Learning October 1, 2010 to October 31, 2010 Featured Sources The following are the top items from featured sources based on social signals. PLENK2010 the future of education, my vision of the future - Ignatia Webs , October 15, 2010 Sad News.Drop.io

September Hot List: Mobile Learning Content

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Best of Mobile Learning September 1, 2010 to September 30, 2010 Featured Sources The following are the top items from featured sources based on social signals. Three reasons why I hesitate - Ignatia Webs , September 22, 2010 Will Mobile Apps Change Training Forever?

A List of Interesting Mobile Learning Links

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2010 Horizon Report. 25+ mLearning Tools in 60 Minutes – DevLearn 2010. The Future of Learning is Mobile. Future Mobile Learning (29 August 2011) by Judy Brown.

Computers aren’t so special anymore, but the kids may be better off: An introduction to mobile ‘appliance computing’ in Queensland schools

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The results of a Telstra Neilsen survey from July 2011 revealed that Australian smartphone ownership may already be as high as 46%, a 10% jump from 2010 ([link]. Future mlearn Australia iPad mobile phone OLPC queensland XO

April - June Hot List: Mobile Learning Content

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Best of Mobile Learning April 1, 2010 to June 30, 2010 Featured Sources The following are the top items from featured sources based on social signals. how to get students engaged by Kevin Roberts - Ignatia Webs , April 14, 2010 What is mobile learning?

Where is Australia at on the mLearning to uLearning journey?

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1:1 Future mobile/miniaturisation uLearning Australia iPad iPod Touch mlearning OLPC XONearly two years ago, I closed down my Google top ten Mobile Learning blog after 3 years and over 10,000 hits. I felt that the time of calling from the roof tops that mobile learning existed was over.

Review of the cheapest ubiquitous learning tech I’ve yet seen: Talk Time

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Tags: Future mobile/miniaturisation uLearning audio recorder ubiquitous

The mobile future

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Last week I went to another seminar, or rather a presentation about the future of the mobile web in 2010. According to Schärer and Wieser, some of the mega trends of 2010 are the more increased use of social networks on mobile phones, location-based services and augmented reality. A few interesting products (hardware and software), some of which I have never heard of, were shown.

mLearning Gets Physical

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The Mobile Learning Edge: Table of Contents

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Cisco’s Tablet Cius

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More evidence that more IT majors are turning to tablet computing as the future. Good for consumers, good for the future of learning. Tags: Future Learning Mobile Learning apple ipad Cisco's Cius Cius Tablet Computer Tablet Interface

The future of education in Africa is mobile (BBC article)

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The article I wrote for the BBC Future site (24 August 2012) is not available to users in the UK, so here it is below … The future of education in Africa is mobile.

Another Tablet Computer – Blackberry Playbook

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Tags: Future Learning Mobile Learning apple ipad Blackberry Playbook Tablet Computers Tablet Interface

The 35 Dollar Tablet Computer

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Tags: Future Learning Mobile Learning Apple Tablet Tablet Computer Tablet Computers for Learning in India

Cisco Blog » Blog Archive » Educause 2010 Proves Learning is (Going) Mobile

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That is how I closed each of my 8 presentations at the Cisco booth at Educause 2010 this week. Mobility in Education is not a future trend; it is happening right now all around us. Lindsay Kniffin | 11 Oct 2010 2,830 11 Cisco ?mi:

Moving at the speed of Learning: a case for mLearning and the iPod touch

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It draws on Blooms Taxonomy and challenges teachers to aim higher and to engage with how mobile tools are becoming an increasingly necessary tool for all of us as we seek to prepare students for a digital future (and present).

So what are these super popular tablet computers capable of anyway?

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I am really hoping that in near future the developers will add a video-out capability so the work could be projected to a big screen to show the brainstorm taking place live – that way the whole class could contribute.

Mobile learning - The Future of Education

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Join The Future of Education RSS Welcome to The Future of Education Sign Up or Sign In About Steve Hargadon created this Ning Network. July 26-30, 2010 | August 2-6, 2010. 13 hours ago RSS © 2010 Created by Steve Hargadon on Ning. Ning Create a Ning Network!

Get some perspective… (a primer piece re: lofty ideals vs on the ground realities in regards to educational technology deployments)

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I’ll have more to say about this stage of the process in a future post… Posted via email from Jonathan Nalder’s posterous. I just found out that I’m one of about 20,000 people in Australia working in the area of information and communication technology in education ( [link] ).

The Future of Mobile Learning? « Online Blogucation

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Online Blogucation Subscribe via RSS Home About 28 Jul/10 1 The Future of Mobile Learning? If you’ve had any exposure to media about distance education or online learning lately, then you’re probably aware that just about everyone is talking about mobile learning.

Instructional Design for Mediated Education | Blog | Location-Based Learning

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IDOS Blog IDT Roundtable Search Instructional Design for Mediated Education Blog Entry Location-Based Learning by Eruditio Loginquitas One comment 07 January 2010 In higher education, the uses of location-based learning seem to be limited to particular projects. Privacy concerns (which arise with wireless connectivity) for users are fairly low but may change in the future.

mLearnCon 2010: Dr. Mimi Ito – What the User Wants in mLearning « Jenise Cook

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of Informatics, Univeristy of California, Irvine Keynote: Dr. Mimi Ito, 16 June 2010 Dr. Ito began with photos of what Japanese teenagers carry in their purses or backpacks. Good to look at Japanese youth to monitor future trends as they’re about 10 years ahead of US youth.