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Why Recycling Our Mobile Devices Is Critical

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The post Why Recycling Our Mobile Devices Is Critical appeared first on Float. Mobile Devices Mobile Strategy circular economy recycling reuse virtualizationThe enterprise plays a pivotal role in the move away from the “take-make-dispose” pattern of product manufacturing and toward a “reduce, reuse, recover, and recycle” strategy.

Healthcare…Mobile devices…lessons for learning?

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Two questions: Do you let employees use their personal mobile devices for learning?  How do you protect company information on their device? Does he wait until I report updates or does it come to his mobile device he uses to check his vacation property and personal stock updates? Well, Forbes gave me some insight today.   The article, “Doing More with Mobile Devices in Healthcare: Eliminating the Security Compromise.”  I With these opportunities there are also some inherent challenges for mobile access too.  link].

8 Ways to Use Sound With Your Mobile Device

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Mobile Apps Mobile Devices Newsletter audio mobile affordances sound Smartphones are capable of recognizing various audio inputs, allowing for secure authentication, annotation and translation.

Mobile Devices and the Flipped Classroom Model

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Throughout this blog, we have always looked at the application of mobile devices in learning. I, for one, have always had the belief that mobile devices can be used to help student achieve in their learning because of the flexibility and access to content and collaboration tools that mobile devices allow.

New to Mobile Learning Development: 3 Big Problems and 7 Solutions

New to Mobile Learning Development: 3 Big Prob- lems and 7 Solutions Mobile Learning is Here to Stay With the introduction of the Apple iPhone and iPad, a mobile computing revolution. dissemination of the past, these devices are often being introduced in the workplace. do we take advantage of these devices to deploy learning content and how do we. devices?

mLearning Is Not eLearning on A Mobile Device (Part Deux)

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John Feser talks about the role of performance support, unique affordances of mobile and user-generated content in mobile learning. Mobile Strategy Pedagogy and Learning eLearning vs. mLearning mobile affordances performance support user-generated content

Mobile Devices: Breaking Through the Walled Garden

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I am a fan of the HowStuffWorks podcast “Stuff You Should Know” Recently, I listened to the episode titled, “What’s The Future of the Internet” and the discussion on net neutrality and the walled garden of devices got me thinking about how device and OS manufacturers are restricting our experience of the Internet and the implication this could have to learning in general and mobile learning in particular. There’s Apple and their iOS platform and there are the other devices that use Android. Let me provide a little context.

Three Ways to Use Mobile Devices in Workplace Learning

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Mobile learning is certainly a hot discussion topic with elearning and training solutions providers in Australia – like anywhere else in the world. In my meetings with clients and prospects in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne over that last couple of weeks, it is clear that the interest in mobile learning is very strong. Device to Access Information. Used as a Part of the Blend.

How To Bring Mobile Devices To Their Senses And Extend Our Performance

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Mobile technologies, in particular, can detect even more. The post How To Bring Mobile Devices To Their Senses And Extend Our Performance appeared first on Float. Industry News Mobile Development Pedagogy and Learning computer vision geolocation magnetoreception Project Tango TAOAll five of our senses can be replicated by computers. So how does this phenomenon help with human performance?

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mLearning is Bigger than Mobile Devices. The “m” is for Multiscreen.

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Here’s how Wikipedia defines mLearning today: Any sort of learning that happens when the learner is not at a fixed, predetermined location, or learning that happens when the learner takes advantage of the learning opportunities offered by mobile technologies. [1]  In other words mobile learning decreases limitation of learning location with the mobility of general portable devices

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Goldilocks and the Three Mobile Devices

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Mobile Development Mobile Technology resolution screen sizeOnce upon a time, there was a little girl named Goldilocks. She went for a walk in the forest. She was enjoying her walk and wanted to listen to some [.].

Using Mobile Devices as Research Tools

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Because traditional e-learning has mostly been about presentations and activities designed by expert instructors, distributed to learners via desktop and laptop screens, we tend to forget the power of the

Mobile Devices in the Classroom: is this really mobile learning?

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8th, I outlined how the definition of mobile learning has changed over the last 15 years or so. In my first post for this blog, on Aug. We have moved [.]. Pedagogy and Learning

What To Do When Sales Team Members Use Mobile Devices For Personal Use

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The real problem isn''t accessing social media or using devices for personal reasons. Mobile Strategy byod personal use policy social media Let them. Rather, it''s about making sure they''re still achieving the tasks and goals expected of them.

The Unique Affordances of Mobile Learning

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With more than 20 unique affordances, mobile learning designers and developers should work toward understanding the potentially complex possibilities available to them. Mobile Development Mobile Devices Mobile Strategy cloud storage geolocation instructional design learning technologies mobile affordances mobile device cameras mobile device sensors

3 Examples of How to Use Google Glass for Performance Support

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Industry News Mobile Devices Google Glass performance support Firefighters, surgeons, and medical professionals are some of the first to pilot Google Glass to help them do their jobs better.

3 Augmented Reality Smart Glasses You Should Know About

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Mobile Apps Mobile Devices Research Android augmented reality Epson Moverio Google Glass ODG R-6 smart glasses wearables Smart glasses can be used to improve employee performance. In this first of three posts, we review the hardware with which we''ve been experimenting.

Research: New Uses for Mobile Devices in Healthcare

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Research EHR EMR Float Mobile Learning Primer health care hospitals mam mdm mhealth-tag mobile application management mobile device management mobile medicineYesterday, we announced the release of the final series of our healthcare research. Throughout the rest of this week, we’ll preview what these documents contain. The wonderful thing about tablets such [.].

Employing Mobile Device Sensors for Enhanced Learning Experiences

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Float''s August 2013 mobile learning newsletter looks at using sensors house in your mobile devices to enhance learning. Newsletter Pedagogy and Learning mobile affordances mobile device sensors Wayfiler

Using Cameras as Powerful Mobile Learning Tools

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Mobile affords us the opportunity to use cameras in our smartphones and tablets to engage users in learning. Mobile Devices Pedagogy and Learning cameras for learning mobile device cameras smartphone cameras tablet cameras

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Multichannel Retail Requires Smart Use Of Enterprise Mobile Information Technologies

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The post Multichannel Retail Requires Smart Use Of Enterprise Mobile Information Technologies appeared first on Float. Industry News Mobile Devices Mobile Strategy omnichannel retailPwC says 86% of people shop across at least two channels, while 25% use up to five channels to shop. IDC finds multichannel shoppers are more valuable.

10 Reasons Why Mobile Learning Is More Secure Than Desktop Learning

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Get up to speed on how to secure your mobile learning efforts, ensure your data is safe, and track and record usage. Mobile Devices Mobile Strategy enterprise security mam mdm mobile analytics mobile application management mobile authentication mobile data protection mobile device management mobile management strategy mobile security

Mobile Devices and 21st Century Skills: Part 1 – Communication

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Back in 2007 when I began this blog, the main thrust was sharing ideas about why mobile devices can improve teaching and learning. Now in 2013, not only has the use of mobile devices become much more widespread both in schools and society at large, but the attitudes toward the use of mobile devices for learning has changed. They need to augment their ideas.

4 Challenges Designing Augmented Reality Applications for Smart Glasses

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The transition from desktop to mobile computing required a new approach, and so does the transition from traditional mobile devices to smart glasses and other wearable technology. Mobile Devices Mobile Strategy augmented reality Google Glass intent ODG R-6 smart glasses

Infographic: The TAO of Enterprise Mobility

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No matter how fancy they appear to be, most mobile solutions are derived from 3 key ingredients: technologies, affordances, and organizational change. The post Infographic: The TAO of Enterprise Mobility appeared first on Float. Industry News Mobile Apps Mobile Devices Mobile Strategy Press affordances cup of joe blog infographic mobile affordances organizations TAO technologies

9 Ways Smart Glasses Can Increase Employee Productivity

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Mobile Apps Mobile Devices augmented reality enterprise mobile learning Epson Moverio Google Glass ODG R-6 smart glasses workplace performanceEnterprise applications for augmented reality are here, enabling businesses to be more productive. From work site safety to sales, here's how smart glasses can help you.

Mobile Devices and 21st Century Skills: Part 2 – Knowledge Construction

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In the first post of this series on mobile devices and 21st century skills, I focused in the use of mobile devices in developing communication skills. We move now to a discussion in the use if mobile devices and knowledge construction. Similar to what is stated above, mobile devices can easily support information attainment by allowing students to access information online. In the days before computer technology and the Internet, access to information was scarce. Alternatively, one could access the knowledge of an expert.

Why Open Technology Is The Future of Computing

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Mobile Devices Mobile Strategy Uncategorized Apple CHAMPIONS conference Experience API future Google mobile MOOCs open-source openness privacy SDKThe exchange of information in the enterprise has always been an important issue. But with open technology in your business, the possibilities are endless.

SCORM Implementation For Mobile Devices

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Recently we’ve made the UpsideLMS compatible to mobile devices and also launched a new version – UpsideLMS Version 4.0. While ensuring compliance, we encountered some interesting issues in the implementation of SCORM and found very little help online about implementing SCORM for mobile devices. Mobile devices have limitations: - Screen size. Mobile browsers now almost fully support JavaScript and this makes it possible to implement SCORM using JS support. For identifying devices we used the information in request headers.

Peripheral Vision Turns Mobile Phone Cameras Into Watchdogs

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New mobile learning apps could use immersive, panoramic footage taken with a mobile device''s camera. Industry News Mobile Apps Mobile Devices mobile device cameras Surround-See

Mobile Learning 911: How to Use Your Mobile Device in an Emergency

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It’s no secret how mobile devices have been used to document emergencies. Research Chad Udell Gary Woodill mhealth-tag mobile emergencies mobile health mobile researchferryboat passenger gave the world its first glimpse of the remarkable “miracle on the Hudson” in January [.].

Getting Pushy with Mobile Affordances

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Use push notifications – a unique mobile affordance – to enhance your mobile learning efforts. Pedagogy and Learning mam mdm mobile affordances mobile application management mobile device management push notifications training effectiveness

How To Gain Robust Enterprise Data Security With Mobile Virtualization

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It can be difficult to strike the right balance between using a BYOD policy and keeping mobile devices secure. The post How To Gain Robust Enterprise Data Security With Mobile Virtualization appeared first on Float. Industry News Mobile Apps Mobile Devices byod COPE mam mdm virtualizationVirtualization remedies this.


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Apps Implementations Mobile Learning Glossary Mobile Technology Security Strategy mobile application management mobile device management mobile learning ROI securityWe all know the scene. Row after row of cubicles as far as the eye can see with each one looking almost exactly the same. That may describe a corporation [.].

How To mEnable Your eLearning

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With the advent of mobile devices, there is a natural desire in L&D folks to put (or even push) some of their organization's existing eLearning onto mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets, and everything in between) too. Related Posts: Designing eLearning For iPads (LT 2013 – Slide Deck) eLearning – Responsive & Responsible eLearning on iPads – 10 Bright Ideas Tablet Learning – Neither Mobile Learning Nor… Have You mEnabled Your eLearning For iPads? The first question, possibly, is [.]

How To Turn Your iPad Into A 3-D Scanner

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Mobile Devices 3-D Kickstarter Structure Sensor Tech enthusiasts have pledged more than $600,000 – far beyond the $100,000 goal – through Kickstarter for Structure Sensor, a 3-D scanning add-on for iPads.

Four Futures for the Mobile Age

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Mobile Devices Pedagogy and Learning books David Rose Internet of Things review As a culture, we struggle to keep up with the constant technological changes that surround us. David Rose''s new book helps us think about where we''re going with all this.

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Interesting Study on Mobile Device Addictiveness

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Here’s a link to a Yahoo news story about mobile device addiction. This is a quick and interesting read, and it speaks to the fondness that many people have for their mobile devices. Mobile devices definitely hold a special place in our lives, and therefore they hold a whole new place in our culture. iPhone is definitely an example of a device that holds a special place in the hearts of its’ owners, now you’ll get an idea of how people feel about it. Here’s a link to the Yahoo News article.

From Semantic Search to Social Search using Mobile Devices

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Starting about 1970, the Internet was built on a base of text; most early communications between computers were text messages or documents. Then, in 1992, Tim Berners-Lee invented the World [.]. Apps Search semantic search social search

Enterprise Mobility and Mobile Learning

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Enterprise Mobility. Many predictions for 2013 include the rise of enterprise mobility. Many companies and organizations from small private companies to large government agencies are beginning the move to enterprise mobility and most have long ago abandoned the notion that it’s a bad thing. think there’s space for all of it with mobile learning.