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SMS Nation: Mobile Strategists, Renewing Library Books, And Child Services Support

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Springfield, Missouri library uses text messaging for patron services. The service sends you a text message when books or other library materials are available for pickup. As Renee Brumett, the electronic resources librarian, states, “We are particularly attentive to mobile trends as we see usage of mobile devices climb. Mobile strategists are the hottest new hire.

SmokefreeMIL Helps Service Members Win The Battle Against Smoking

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SmokefreeMIL, a part of the Defense Department’s “ Quit Tobacco – Make Everyone Proud ” campaign, sends service members motivational text messages that can help them bust through cravings, navigate relapses, and stay on the path toward a healthy, smokefree future. This powerful tool, especially alongside other aids, can help service members quit and stay smoke-free.

Think Multiscreen (vs. iPad-only) when developing an mLearning Strategy

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The company goes on to say that: During the last years, our design studio has been involved in many different projects – from designing mainly websites and desktop software in our early days, to smartphone apps, prototypes for TV interfaces and more recently, applications for tablet devices. Working for all those devices was interesting and challenging. Send to Kindle.

5 Views of the Future of Mobile Learning

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It is notoriously hard to predict the future of anything, but predicting technology trends can be done if you look for products and services already in development. That means digging for innovations, inventions and ideas that have been already developed in the past 3-5 years, and assessing their potential growth. Some are clearly pushing the envelope more than others.

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8 Things we MUST do in 2013 to seize the potential of mLearning

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This year we have seen technology companies introduce a myriad of mobile devices of all sizes, prices and operating systems. Instagram was not only a mobile-first success story, but until recently it was a mobile-only photo sharing service. The more devices you have for testing, the better. 2012 has been an amazing year for mobile! Embrace Change and Adopt a new Mindset.

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A List of Interesting Mobile Learning Links

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The Worldwide Market for Mobile Learning Products and Services: 2010-2015 Forecast and Analysis. The State of Mobile America , Lee Rainie provides a look at some of the most recent survey results obtained by the Pew Internet Project on mobile computing and the use of handheld devices. Do note some of these link up to dated articles. Why You Need A Mobile Learning Strategy. Mobile ESL. More Info on Alltels Podcasting Service

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► 07/27 - 08/03 (4) Mobile Learning Device Poll mLearning and Baseball Making the classroom a playground for learning (In. eLearning DevCon Day 3 eLearning DevCon Day 2 Recap More Info on Alltel's Podcasting Service Edu Podcasting Gains New Tool eLearning DevCon Live! Podcasts are like radio shows. The podcast catalog is organized by category for easy browsing. Training.

When Designing Mobile Learning, Think Less is More [#mLearning]

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With obvious constraints, such as smaller screens, different platforms and multiple devices to target, unreliable connections, etc. Over the weekend I came across this fascinating article that really got me thinking about how we should approach the design of mobile learning (mLearning). also believe that each new era in computing brings challenges and mobile is no different. Send to Kindle.

Twitter as a Mobile Learning Platform

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Since then, and resulting from a series of key improvements to the service, we have a tool that can be shaped and molded to whatever the need may be. The link to mobile learning stems from the very nature of Twitter – that tweets can be viewed on any mobile device using the web app or a native app.  create complex learning activities (i.e. hashtags, lists).

Learning Mobile App Review: NearPod [Podcast Interview]

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There’s no denying there’s a revolution happening today in Education driven by important trends such as the Flipped Classroom, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and of course schools embracing mobile technologies creatively for learning. There are many great Apps out there from companies who are disrupting Learning and Education in a positive way through the use of Technology.

The Emergence Of Mobile Learning For Higher Education In Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

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The students can learn just in time in their daily lives whenever they need to learn using mobile devices like Tablets and Smart Phones. Interest in mobile learning in Saudi Arabia has grown enormously within the last few years due to the rapid advancement in mobile technologies, wireless networks, and specifications of today’s mobile devices. JUSUR, LMS System. Saudi Digital Library.

My First 72 hours with the Blackberry Playbook

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also want to point out that I have never owned or used a BlackBerry smartphone before, so the Playbook is my very first experience with any BlackBerry device. found the packaging to be very elegant and the device itself was inside of a black BlackBerry-branded pouch, plus it comes with simple getting started instruction sheets in three languages, English, French and Spanish. update.

Global Mobile Awards

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This category was created “to highlight the rapidly increasing convergence of the mobile and education sectors, and to highlight some of the key areas of genuine innovation in learning initiatives, products, services or applications throughout the world today.” The device also has phone functionality. An important part of this conference is the 17th annual Global Mobile Awards.

10 Things I Love about

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When I worked at Adobe and we announced, I was so excited with all the free Cloud services included, and it also meant that I could leverage the story in promoting my apps because of some of the integration between them that we had built. thought not only would this be awesome for people to use, but I also envisioned the tremendous marketing benefits this would create for us.

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My Reflections on the Mobile World Congress

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There was a lot of excitement with new announcements such as LG’s 3D phone, Sony’s Experia Play, HTC ChaCha and Salsa devices with integrated Facebook, new Samsung devices and lots of tablets from companies such as HTC with their Flyer, Samsung which includes a pen, Motorola’s Xoom and RIM’s PlayBook, all trying to distinguish themselves from the absent iPad. I was honored to serve as a judge for the Mobile World Congress 2011 16th annual Global Mobile Awards in the category of Best mLearning Innovation. This event grew to over 220,000 attendees and over 20,000 vendors. The U.S.

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SMS Study Service Success in NZ | Mobile Learning


Mobile Learning An Online Reflective Journal on Mobile Learning Practice Home Winksite Store Resources About Mobile Contact SMS Study Service Success in NZ 15 06 2006 Auckland University has successfully implemented a first-in-the-world, SMS-based “learning on demand&# service for its students. The “StudyTXT&# service, operating since October 2005, provides small amounts of information to students which can be stored on their mobile phones for later recall – the contemporary equivalent of study flashcards. learning device for $60. Ubiquette.

New mLearning Authoring Tools – Wave #2

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The new web-based HTML5 authoring package looks and performs quite well and delivers an impressive array of authoring features that can produce exceptionally nice looking mobile content for the various web kit-based mobile devices and tablets including Apple’s iPad and the full range of Android-based tablets. This first post will focus on LS2011 and I’ll post again on CTIA tomorrow.

India And The Mobile Internet Revolution

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Mobile devices also are inherently easier to operate than PCs, and the ability to access Web sites with a single touch or a voice command (critical given India’s high illiteracy rate) is becoming a reality.”. With ARPUs (average revenue per user) stagnating, the providers are having to turn to VAS (value added services) to bolster revenues. In fact, they consume an average of 4.5

Mobile Learning Has A Promising Future In India

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While India is a relatively poor country, more than 70 percent of its urban consumers already spend about $1 a month on content and services through offline, unorganized retail channels – a market estimated to be worth more than $4 billion annually. It is a well-known fact that Mobile learning hasn’t yet picked up steam within India. Key Points. In fact, they consume an average of 4.5

Enterprise Mobile Learning 2011 - Year in Review

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using different types of devices in multitudes of languages across diverse geographies are sure to drive awareness in mobile learning and generate interest from organizations of all sizes seeking to achieve their own successes and become more innovative in the way the train and support their ever-mobile learning communities. Device Diversity is the “New Normal”. a.k.a. Prediction #2.

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Getting Started With Mobile Learning?

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What services will help learners be more productive? What content is already on hand that could be made easier to access via mobile devices? We believe there are 3 ways to use mobile devices in workplace learning. - As part of a blended program. Mobile learning is in the air. It’s the buzz word in training these days and you can’t escape all the noise surrounding it.

Emerging trends in education and mobile learning

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Devices are easy-to-use and pervasive. Device uptake is already huge, and will only grow. huge amount of mobile apps and services bring education content to mobile devices. We must get this right on mobile – and we will as adaptive learning engines, more computational power and seamless learning (across multiple devices) become a reality. At the UNESCO Mobile Learning Week 2014 I sat on a panel titled Emerging Trends and New Technology – considered in the context of mobile learning. Below are the notes of the key points that I made. More work is needed here.

Enterprise mLearning Predictions for 2011

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using different types of devices in multitudes of languages across diverse geographies are sure to drive awareness in mobile learning and generate interest from organizations of all sizes seeking to achieve their own successes and become more innovative in the way the train and support their ever-mobile learning communities. 2. Device Diversity is the “New Normal”. devices – each with tens of thousands of available apps – will help fuel continued adoption of Apple and Google-designed tablets in the learning space. 5. mLearning Engagements Expand. Pad/Tablet Use Explodes !

RIM 22 RIM to Launch Multimedia Device for Consumers - The Blackberry Pearl

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skip to main | skip to sidebar * Newsletter * LinkedIn * Facebook * * mLearning World Live Thursday, September 07, 2006 RIM to Launch Multimedia Device for Consumers - The Blackberry Pearl Another step forward in devices that would enhance mLearning experience. Canadas Rim plans to launch the device with T-Mobile USA, the No. Research In Motion Ltd., Training.

3 Essential Themes for Mobile Learning Systems

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Taking the trends I’ve mentioned before, and the huge increase in persistent internet connection personal computing devices, I feel there need likely be three key themes around which the features would coalesce. Second, providing an easy to use interface with clear push/pull/sync of user-generated content to individual devices. Take with a liberal pinch of salt please. technologies.

Mobile market share 2011 – really?


They offer analytics services to millions of websites. If you use their services to track your site, your visitors contribute to these stats. Nor is it an assessment of which mobile devices are dominating in each market. Fascinating overview of mobile operating system market share - but is it real? It is a great visual image. I use it often. OS Nokia stats iPhone android

Enterprise mLearning Predictions for 2012

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The acceptance of mobile learning within the business community probably won’t happen with much fanfare, it will just happen and be accepted as a “norm” wherein the market no longer asks “should we offer learning to our employees (or partners or customers) via mobile device?” There will be more types of devices and ways to connect with our mobile learning world in 2012. The ability to move seamlessly from one device experience to another will be critical with complete synchronization of our learning progress, status, achievements, etc. Mobile Learning Goes Mainstream.

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A Mobile Game World

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These days, I see more and more smart-phones – Android, BlackBerry, even the occasional iOS device (a rarity in India because of their relatively prohibitive cost; plus the typical iOS user in India is not one who takes public transport). Facebook adds to these numbers, another 901 million active users (in March, 2012), a lot of which play games through the social networking service.

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Mobile Learning in Canada: an Update

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Psion – ruggedized mobile devices. Kevin Taylor - Mobile Device Insight – Toronto, ON -  great technical expertise on mobile devices. The mission of CMER is to engage in leading edge applied research to develop state-of-the-art applications and services to facilitate and enhance mobile education and learning, and to provide leadership in integrating mobile devices into the computer science curriculum. In February 2011, I wrote a brief overview of the mobile learning industry in Canada. Rob is a vice-principal in Toronto. Hardware Vendors. Dr. K.

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Hacking Siri for Learning

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When they started out, their hardware and software platforms were fairly open; as time has gone by, Apple has closed of its product/service ecosystems and removed much of that initial openness in favor of tight control (curation of sorts) over its platform. love the thought of being able to ask a personal computing device to find things for me, with minimal intervention required.

My 2012 Enterprise mLearning Predictions Recap

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Back on December 30 2011, I scoped eight predictions ranging from hardware/software to content types and authoring tools to macro-level mobility trends our team felt would influence the market for mLearning products and services for the year and I wasn’t disappointed (or much surprised) about how it all played out. Here’s the analysis of how it all played out. On Target But. Bullseye.

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Two Examples of how Brands are still not Joining the Social Media Conversation

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For the last three weeks I have been Tweeting loads on Evernote, the popular and pretty awesome technology that allows you to capture anything and access it from virtually anywhere and from any mobile device. One thing I love doing on Social Media networks is to observe how other people and Brands approach conversations with their customers. Social Media gives Brands Permission Marketing.

Designing eLearning for iPads – Webinar Recording and Q&A

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What is mLearning? A: mLearning or Mobile Learning is designed specifically for mobile devices, mostly for learners who are constantly on the move or do not have regular access to traditional learning methodologies. We can build content, applications that are designed for the device and accessed from an LMS. Q 9. We hope you enjoyed it and found it useful. Design Considerations. Q 14.

4 Traditional PC Features Mobile is NOT About

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Tablet makers, who add USB ports to their devices can’t let go of the past. We shouldn’t have to carry around heavy hard drive with us, what we need to do is embrace the cloud as a storage innovation and improve how our devices automatically synchronize what’s important to us. The goals is to grab whatever device may be closest to us. Namely: 1. Peripherals.

Mobile Learning in Canada

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Psion – ruggedized mobile devices. The mission of CMER is to engage in leading edge applied research to develop state-of-the-art applications and services to facilitate and enhance mobile education and learning, and to provide leadership in integrating mobile devices into the computer science curriculum. Here is what I have found: Blogs and Websites. Hardware Vendors.

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How Blood Banks Use SMS to Raise Support and Help Save Lives

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In order to respond to this challenge, Sweden’s blood banks have implemented a new text messaging service that alerts donors when their donation helps save a life. Karolina Blom Wilburg, communications manager at Stockholm’s blood service, explains that “it’s a great feeling to know you made such a big difference and maybe even saved someone else’s life.

Mobile Learning Solutions – Infographic

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Recently, Upside Learning updated its website to reflect the evolution of our brand and services. We added pages that focus on our mobile learning services as well. Game-based learning applications are also emerging on mobile platforms and provide a more engaging experience than typical courseware pushed to mobile devices. The diagram is self-explanatory.

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Mobile Messaging News Roundup

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Mobile eases into IoT through Twilio’s new Programmable Wireless service for developers  – T-Mobile US will power a new service from Twilio called  Programmable Wireless  that gives developers the ability to control voice, texting and data operation on Twilio’s T-Mobile-powered SIM cards. Notable in the context of a lot of recent tech IPO failure.

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No Escaping Mobile Learning – Webinar Recording & Audience Queries Answered

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Computing shifting to handheld devices. Here’s the list of questions asked and our thoughts on those: Q1: What are location based services? A: LBS are services that use the location information from your phone to provide pertinent, contextual information. MP3 players could be a great set of devices to get you started in line with our advice – ‘just do it’. They are -. Trying out a new tool- Voice2Text

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This service converts voicemail to text messages. I can see a lot of great mLearning opportunities with this. service like Voice2Text allows the end user to choose how they are presented with the information. ► 07/27 - 08/03 (4) Mobile Learning Device Poll mLearning and Baseball Making the classroom a playground for learning (In. skip to main | skip to sidebar * Newsletter * LinkedIn * Facebook * * mLearning World Live Thursday, May 01, 2008 Trying out a new tool- Voice2Text Quick note: Ive been trying out a great new feature that Alltel has, Voice2Text.