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Computers aren’t so special anymore, but the kids may be better off: An introduction to mobile ‘appliance computing’ in Queensland schools

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While some teachers in Queensland participated in a small PDA (personal digital assistant) trial in 2005, and others purchased small numbers of Nintendo DS handhelds, it has really been the release of the iPod touch (and then iPad), as well as the introduction of the XO mini-laptop program from One Laptop per Child Australia (OLPC), that has boosted the numbers of devices in schools. phone?

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A bright future for mobiles in schools? Yes.

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even talk about why they should be used and make reccomendations that hopefully future policy makers can use to get the balance right. The paper concludes with a summary of recommendations drawn from these examples that may form the basis for more learner-centered policy to be developed in the future. What future developments this ‘always on’ access to local networks and the entire internet, combined with the digital storage capabilities of todays devices will lead to has yet to be determined. Enjoy! ? Copyright 2007 Jonathan W. Introduction 2.0 learing+2.0

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Futures of Learning | Home | about us | Publications | Literature Reviews | Book Reviews | Field Reports | Announcements | Archive | Tuesday, June 30, 2009 Mobile Experiences in Art Museums Museums today seek a balance between the one-way transmission of curatorial expertise and the pluralistic modes of interpretation by visitors. 2005). 2005). They charge a comparable fee.

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For example: Quinn (2000) Mobile Learning Network Traxler (2005) Wikipedia I particularly like the  direction and indecisiveness that Dr. Traxler (e.g., 2005, 2007, 2010) puts on the difficulty in defining mobile learning in a number of his articles on defining mobile learning.  2005). The definitions of mobile learning that I’ve read and have found, I believe are incomplete.

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Meta Register Log in Entries RSS Comments RSS License « Remember OPAC Suckiness The past present and future of mobile learning » Mobile learning: What exactly is it? Tags: augmentedreality definition future Panlibus Search Subscribe Updates Follow us on: Panlibus Podcasts All UK Focused Talis The Library 2.0 Library 2.0 Web 3.0

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Meta Register Log in Entries RSS Comments RSS License « The past present and future of mobile learning Mobile learning: The bigger picture 22nd September 2009, 06:28 pm by Sarah Bartlett In: Education If anyone ever delivered the bigger picture at a conference, it was John Traxler from University of Wolverhampton. Library 2.0 Web 3.0 Adoption has not scaled.

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Panlibus » Blog Archive » Mobile learning: The bigger picture Panlibus » Blog Archive » The past present and future of mobile. Panlibus Search Subscribe Updates Follow us on: Panlibus Podcasts All UK Focused Talis The Library 2.0 Library 2.0 Web 3.0 Panlibus » Blog Archive » Mobile learning: What exactly is it? Panlibus » Blog Archive » LibLime Cause Upset in the Open Source.

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Mobility in Education is not a future trend; it is happening right now all around us.  That is how I closed each of my 8 presentations at the Cisco booth at Educause 2010 this week.  What I should have said instead though is “Learning is Mobile”. Here is a quick summary of those discussions: Cisco: Right next to my mobility demo was the Flip prosumer video. My conclusion? 

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Here are some quotes from the artistic video: "Mobile computers are the future. New Video & Blog About Mobile Learning Two of my favorite educators are Cathie Norris and Elliot Soloway (who have been evangelizing mobile learning for nearly a decade now). This dynamic duo are featured in a new video from the Mobile Learning Institutes video series A 21st Century Education. In the video Cathie and Elliot speak with teachers and students as they travel to some handheld-using schools. While en route, Cathie and Elliot talk about mobile learning. Laptops are very 90s. 2001-2008.

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But it is the future and there is no escaping it. Now, let’s do a quick bit of future-esque imagining. Tags: layar future classroom taxonomy Michael Sean Gallagher ?? ?? ? ? ??? However, mobile learning generally is the black sheep of the classroom>elearning>mlearning continuum precisely because it is so far off the pedagogical radar. Learning with a phone? link].

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2005) Mobile Learning: A Handbook for Educators and Trainers, Routledge. and Traxler, J.  Cell phones have become more of individually-geared fashion statements than they have learning devices, at least in a formal learning way. I was intrigued by Johns input on formal learning and how it could be done via mobile devices by scenario based drills seem to be a very worthwhile pursuit. 

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This paper discusses the happenings in the field of mobile learning and discusses the future of ‘m-learning’. Future of m-learning Mobile phones are easily available and reach out to more people than we could ever imagine. Gilbert, Sangwan, & Han Mei lan, 2005, p.1). Paper presented at Mlearn 2005, October 25-28. 2005). Tags: future research 2005a).

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Directory Technology Channel Science Channel Stores « Why were we born in the now human history, not in the past or in the future? 13% MOCOM 2020 - The Future of Mobile Media and Communication 12% How public libraries can overcome budget cuts through cultural, educational, and business partnerships 12% What are some different examples of pop culture and/or technology in the 1960s?

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After a swift start in September 2005, and some rough periods in the projects first year in 2006 we managed to complete the project by september 2008 and got the final approval of our end results from the board of SURF this november - the official letter just arrived this week. but even more importantly, time for looking ahead and guarantee a future for our product. Posted by Jan S.

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Low Processing Power Intel released 300MHz-700MHz desktop CPUs in 1998, and released XScale processors with clock speeds in that range for PDAs and mobile devices last year (2005). In 2005, PDAs such as the Dell X50 were released featuring resolutions of 480×640 (although most mobile devices continue to be produced with a screen resolution of 320×480 or less). wireless have the potential to improve the connectivity of mobile devices and competition should help reduce the cost and improve the performance of these services in future. « Welcome. Ubiquette.

Now class, please take out your phone… | danny and ollie

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Well this might be our future! This document was actually written in 2005. danny and ollie musings of teachers to be… Home About us… Now class, please take out your phone… Imagine during class time, students take out their phone and they are working quietly on their phone. for teachers) An American wireless industry trade group, Mobile Learning 09, CTIA, a , plans to start making its case for the educational value of cellphones. So I went on their websites to check iPods out! Let’s see. What do you think? Image made available under Creative Commons 2.0

Province, industry, and university partner for mobile learning research | Tony Bates

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iCORE is providing $760,000 over five years, Athabasca University is contributing $1.6 million, Xerox Canada is contributing $310,000, and Allan Markin is contributing $450,000.’ ’ Written by tony2 · Filed Under Events , Technology , geolocation , mobile learning Tagged: 2009 , Alberta , Athabasca University , iCORE , k , Kinshuk , Malkin , mobile learning , Xerox Canada Comments Got something to say? et al. 2008) The Tower and the Cloud Kimberly on Laptops in lectures Blog@UOe-L » Blog Archive » Laptops nas aulas teórias?

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Mobile Learning in the Near Future Mobile device sales have exploded in the past few years and all estimates project continued exponential growth, which presents a tremendous opportunity for educators – especially as the price of mobile devices continues to decrease. 1 “ Student Achievement Data 2009-2010 ,&# iPod User Group, 2010. 2 “ Duke University iPod First Year Experience Final Evaluation Report ,&# Duke University, 2005. 3 “ Merrill Lynch: Bullish on Mobile Learning ,&# Kristofor Swanson, 2008. More About Us | Join Us! What is Mobile Learning in Real-life?

learning elearning: PSP2 - play station portable in education

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Update on mobile learning - the future of mobile c. skip to main | skip to sidebar learning elearning Learning about elearning, m-learning, eportfolios and how these can be combined to create tools for learners to record their learning experiences.Usual disclaimers apply. This blog records my personal learning journey, experiences and thoughts and may not always be similar to the opinions of my employer. Monday, September 14, 2009 PSP2 - play station portable in education Obtained a Sony Playstation Portable using academic research funds a couple of weeks ago. Web 2.0

ScienceDirect - Computers & Education : Using mobile learning to increase environmental awareness

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Purchase PDF (1107 K) Diffusion and success factors of mobile marketing Electronic Commerce Research and Applications Diffusion and success factors of mobile marketing Electronic Commerce Research and Applications , Volume 4, Issue 2 , Summer 2005 , Pages 159-173 Arno Scharl, Astrid Dickinger, Jamie Murphy Abstract Mobile marketing offers direct communication with consumers, anytime and anyplace. The paper closes with future research avenues for this emerging marke ting tool.  Factors to consider in implementing ML ( Attewell, 2005 ). Introduction 2. Method 4.1.

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OAuth is being implemented in a future version to solve this issue. finally listening to #mandarin radios in iTunes: [link] #chinese finally listening to #mandarin radios in iTunes: [link] #chinese Archives June 2009 May 2009 April 2009 March 2009 February 2009 January 2009 December 2008 March 2007 February 2007 January 2007 December 2006 November 2006 October 2006 September 2006 August 2006 July 2006 June 2006 May 2006 April 2006 March 2006 February 2006 January 2006 December 2005 November 2005 October 2005 September 2005 Powered by WordPress. Great job!

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Youre not likely to see Harding give iPhones to every incoming freshman anytime soon, but some point in the near future I think its likely that all freshmen will have some smart mobile device with them. skip to main | skip to sidebar Questio Verum The adventures of academia, or how I learned to stop worrying and love teacher evaluations. Some think its just a gimmick to attract new students.

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Mobile technology may well be one of the critical components of teaching and learning in the future in the developing world, enabling AKU-IED, EA to offer high quality, context-relevant programmes in East Africa. In Africa, less than 5 per cent of people use the internet – in Kenya only 2.2 per cent of households have internet access and the figure drops to 0.6

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Links Cool Cat Teacher Home Page Best Teacher Blog Winner Wikis Flat Classroom Project ISTE Online Learning Award 2007 Horizon Project Best Wiki Project Nominee Class Wiki Digiteen Project Subscribe Subscribe to this Blog Comment Feed Audio Podcast Subscribe in Itunes Subscribe to blog over e-mail: Would love to meet you! This is a concern and one that you should alleviate. tags : education , web2.0

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In five years, very short, we went to "play" with toys in the planning of the future or our infrastructure to allow mobile service in all its forms … I have been involved in mobile learning since 2003 and it is interesting to reflect on how he grew up and was taken on what is really ashortly. 2005 – mLearn in Cape Town: "Learning is your hands" was particularly appropriate in a country where Internet coverage is minimal, but the mobile phone coverage is almost complete! " to "please come and help us get it going!"

Text messaging for collaborative learning in South Africa | Tony Bates

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2009) MXit: How to Encourage and Facilitate Communication Among Students eLearning Africa Newsletter , May 12 This interview with a professor from the University of South Africa describes how instant messaging is being used to encourage collaborative learning. In a long-term study she conducted, she found that isolated students have a need for informal support that is often neglected in distance education. It has about 11 million log-ons per day and over 210 million messages sent / received per day. World | Tony Bates « MyPage Builder on Higher Education in a Web 2.0