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Nota tool for collaborative #mLearning with eBooks

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They only launched in January 2013 so still beta, which is the nicest state as all of our remarks on the tool are as such welcomed. After playing around a bit with Nota, it sure seems a nice tool. community of practitioners could use the tool to start up their own text and multimedia rich training/learning HUB. which then can be commented on, liked, shared. all over again.

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15 Authoring Tools For mEnabling Your eLearning For iPads

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– pointers on some of the tools out there, that you can use to help you take that ‘leap of faith’ into mLearning. So here’s the list of the tools that can do the job and which you might want a closer look at. One of the best tools, if you are already using Articulate, to convert your existing (Articulate based) courses to run on iPads, other tablets and mobile devices.

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5 Rapid Authoring Tools To Publish Courses For Your iPads

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Given this trend, it is but obvious that the demand for rapid authoring tools which can publish content in HTML5 will also increase. In this post, we examine 5 rapid authoring tools which show tremendous promise. 1) Adobe Captivate 5.5 Once these files are converted to HTML5, you can edit them with an HTML editing tool, such as Adobe Dreamweaver. Upcoming Tools. Thanks!

How Personal Technologies Enable Individualized Performance Tools

Float Mobile Learning

What does personal technology in the workplace have in common with Netflix and your local home improvement store? Find out here! Mobile Development Pedagogy and Learning CHAMPIONS learning management system LMS Netflix performance support user-generated content workplace performance

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New to Mobile Learning Development: 3 Big Problems and 7 Solutions

Solution #3: Using Standards-based Cross-platform Authoring Use an authoring tool that allows you to build content once, then publish it in a format. Intake's authoring tools allow you to do what is called a 'joint package' which means. the quiz and showing the tools on the smartphone form factor •Dynamic links to the glossary terms so that the definitions pop up on top of the.

7 Free Online Tools for CSS Optimization

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Unfortunately, most rapid eLearning tools today require us to use absolute dimensions when developing learning, this means the resulting learning will only look optimized (or at least decently optimized) on devices with that specific resolution. Here are the tools in the article I found. Online Tools for CSS Optimization. This tool really does the job better than anyone else.

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Selecting meaningful #socialmedia tools for a #MOOC or #PLN

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MOOC), or gearing up for a Personal Learning Network (PLN) is the selection of meaning social media tools. If you see that I have missed a group or set of social media tools, feel free to let me know. Social Media Tool Why use it + implementation Example with possible extra Idea and content sharing Microblogging Twitter allows the learner group to share short messages with one another, linking it to more content. Virtual meetings Virtual meeting tools allow synchronous communication to take place. A big part of setting up an open, online course (e.g. Video (e.g.

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Mobile Video: A Powerful Tool for Training

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A Forbes study revealed C-level decision-makers preferred online video to reading text. Learn more about why and how to get started with mobile video. Mobile Strategy tips videos

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#html5 #authoring tools and how you can code it yourself

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This makes room for instructional designers that are in fact no longer building designs from scratch, but who use templates and designer tools to put any content in a beautiful and accessible jacket. For those wanting to test there html5 coding If you do delve into the html5 code and you have come up with some pages, make sure to test drive them through the free W3C markup validation tool.

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Using Cameras as Powerful Mobile Learning Tools

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Mobile affords us the opportunity to use cameras in our smartphones and tablets to engage users in learning. Mobile Devices Pedagogy and Learning cameras for learning mobile device cameras smartphone cameras tablet cameras

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Best tools for cross platform app development


As part of our work on the MoLE project we have been revisiting the rapidly growing number of frameworks, libraries and platforms that developers can use to create cross-platform mobile apps If you are new to app development, you may know there is a constant debate between app developers, building “native” apps, and mobile web developers, championing “web apps”. We have hope you find it useful.

A tool for screening #gender and #ethnicity in #mobile courses

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It is a simple tool, with a simple clicking system and systematic, but nevertheless it has provided me with many insights into my own repetition of the norm embedded in me by culture and habit. The description of the tool can be read here via academia , in a short paper that was published in de Waard, I., & Zolfo, M. 2009). Or for very local courses at that.

New mLearning Authoring Tools – Wave #2

mLearning Trends

There were plenty of tools to create interactions (ala Engage-style functionality) as well as define animations and path-based motions which all rendered well in the final outputs. As detailed in a recent post, Rapid Intake’ s new mLearning Studio tools are preparing to hit the market and will enable IDs to publish their content as either Flash or HTML5 packages. Check it out here.

This One Tool Helps You Complete More Than A Dozen Tasks

Float Mobile Learning

The post This One Tool Helps You Complete More Than A Dozen Tasks appeared first on Float. Recruiting, hiring, onboarding, HR, enterprise management - you name it, this thing can do it. Mobile Strategy affordances enterprise mobility management hiring HR mobile learning onboarding recruiting training

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The State of Rapid Development Tools for Mobile Learning: Webinar Recording Now Available

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If you were not able to attend our Webinar yesterday on mLearning and the state of rapid development tools for mobile learning, the recording is now available. I’m very happy with how the webinar turned out and I would like to thank Jeff Tillett  and Chad Udell  from Float Learning for having me, as well as Robert Gadd  for sharing the microphone with me. Send to Kindle.

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ClassWith.Us A New SMS Parent-Teacher Communication Tool

Cell Phones in Learning

ClassWith.Us is a brand new text alert tool that focuses on parent-teacher communication. The focus is on making sure that the teacher can easily let parents know about a child''s progress in school on a daily basis. I can see this tool being extremely helpful in elementary classrooms, where the teacher can give a quick update at the end of each week. The ClassWith.Us ClassWith.Us

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#Quiz tool with options for multiple grades or profiling

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In order to build multiple choice questions, and build a profile based on multiple profiles (categories): select the 'assessment' option, select the 'multiple categories' option create the categories (in this case your profiles: I used 3 categories: learner, facilitator, course organiser - crude categories, but simple for the sake of testing the tool). But you can also leave it blank.

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Why Text Messaging is the Optimal Tool for Patient Engagement: Interactivity

Mobile Commons

The post Why Text Messaging is the Optimal Tool for Patient Engagement: Interactivity appeared first on Mobile Commons. Interactivity is a crucial factor in patient engagement because it facilitates the back and forth exchange that patients need in order to stay consistently engaged in healthy regular routines. Information capture is simple and convenient with text messaging.

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Using Mobile Devices as Research Tools

Float Mobile Learning

Because traditional e-learning has mostly been about presentations and activities designed by expert instructors, distributed to learners via desktop and laptop screens, we tend to forget the power of the

Free Webinar: Mobile Learning Conversations Session Focuses on Rapid Development Tools in Mobile Learning

Float Mobile Learning

It’s time for a “soft reset” in the learning community, according to several experts in the industry. “I think that we’re at a point that we really need to pause and [.]. Mobile Development Mobile Technology Webinars Mobile Learning Conversations

3 Tools To Help You Optimize Your PhoneGap App’s Performance

Float Mobile Learning

Float''s lead developer shows to create a better user experience for your PhoneGap apps by measuring CPU usage, as well as using Safari’s remote Web inspector and the JavaScript profiler. Mobile Apps Mobile Development User Experience DevLearn javascript phonegap Safari

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Why Text Messaging is the Optimal Tool for Patient Engagement: Reach

Mobile Commons

The post Why Text Messaging is the Optimal Tool for Patient Engagement: Reach appeared first on Mobile Commons. A wide reach is necessary for any patient engagement strategy for the simple reason that patients come from varied demographics, lifestyles, and communication preferences. Almost every person in the United States owns a mobile phone. As of April 2014, wireless penetration was 104%.

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My Top 10 Mobile Tools for Learning

Ignatia Webs

Jane Hart from the Center for Learning & Performance Technologies is still looking for Top 10 Tools for Learning. have added my Top 10 Mobile Tools for Learning and they are: Opera mini browser [link] : this browser saves me on download time and size (which comes down to saving money). Let me know any great mobile tools you are using, always hungry to learn

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Why Text Messaging is the Optimal Tool for Patient Engagement: Personalization

Mobile Commons

The post Why Text Messaging is the Optimal Tool for Patient Engagement: Personalization appeared first on Mobile Commons. A person’s health is a private and intimate affair. The more personalized the attention a patient receives, the more likely they are to respond and take part in managing their own health. Let patients know that they are talking to a real person.

Mobile Learning Edge Roadmap

Mobile Learning Edge

How-to Presentations ToolsDownload the Mobile Learning Implementation Roadmap by Gary Woodill, i5 Research. mlearning implementation road map.

Managing SMEs #3 - Tools and Tips for Gathering SME Content for eLearning & mLearning Development

Developer on Duty

What's the right tool for you and your team when it comes to SME information gathering? You have to find the right tools, process and workflow for your team.  . In this article, I will try to give you some tips and tools to gathering SME knowledge and experience. I've done the email thing, the word doc thing, and the spreadsheet thing. That’s an interesting question.

CCTV interview: Technology as a tool to transform learning

Steve Vosloo

I appeared on CCTV America along with Scott Himelstein, director of the University of San Diego’s Center for Education Policy and Law and Mobile Technology Learning Center , to discuss our vision for using technology as a tool to transform learning. Here is the interview. Uncategorized cctv mobile learning pearson

#OEB the exhibition ideas and a great peer reviewing tool

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What do you look for, when you are wandering through multiple online learning stands at a conference? start out looking around just out of curiosity, but as soon as I get a few stalls further… I get ideas. Positive and negative one’s. Let me start with a really nice surprise. The Peergrade was the best surprise (for me). David Kofoed Wind (from Denmark) built this during his PhD years.

Solutions for learners with #disabilities using specific #social media

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The reason of interest was his focus on the actual usability of a broad range of alternative social media tools that people with disabilities need to use in order to actually access social media. I had no idea and I am very grateful that Karel got me so excited. tools education social media disability eLearningHe gave an amazingly interesting talk.

Add your knowledge to the #mLearning toolkit from #JISC

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mobile tools mLearning iamlearn mobile learningJISC, the UK agency for leadership in digital technology and learning (and also the host of the IAmLearn mail list) launched a new guide: Emerging Practice in a Digital Age: A guide to technology-enhanced institutional innovation. At launch, it comprises a wiki-based resource collating information and guidance from JISC and others sources.

How to choose a #mobile device for #mLearning purposes

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mobile tools mLearning technology howto mobile learningChoosing the best (smart)phone or tablet for mobile learning can be quite a challenge. It also depends on what you want to do with it and how easy you can get used to technology. The amount of features you want to use will also allow you to purchase a low or high cost smartphone or mobile device. Or is it of interest to you?

Complacency, failure, improvement cycle and #pearltrees #pkm14

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One of our current assignment is testing out new tools. As such I strolled through Jane Hart''s eLearning tools and I found pearltrees as a new tool to put together content in a jiffy, make it visual and retrievable and share it with others. eLearning knowledge knowledge management lifelong learning open content presentation social learning tools This does not happen.

Adobe Unveils Updated Tools for Developers

Float Mobile Learning

It’s hard to argue with the developments Adobe presented at Tuesday’s keynote address, the second in as many days at the Adobe MAX conference in Los Angeles. The theme around [.]. Mobile Technology Adobe MAX CSS regions CSS shaders development Flash Player 11 jQuery Mobile phonegap Starling

Create #mobile #quizzes free & paid options for #mlearning

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Will the mobile quizzes be embedded in a learning platform? (if so, you need to make sure that if you use mobile authoring tools that are SCORM-compatible Why? An example of a mobile quiz option for Moodle is Mobile Study For mobile authoring tools, look at the end of this blogpost, for a free and easy mobile quiz tutorial just read the following section.

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Desktop Screen Video Resolutionator- anator for eLearning Screen Video Sessions

Developer on Duty

Over the years and hundreds of screen video sessions later, I realized there is one layout tool that I use all the time for screen video sessions, and I wanted to share. ToolsWhen creating graphics, screens, or courses, I always layout my screen with margin and functional guides before I begin. You know, the lines pulled from the rulers that assist in element layout.

Write, create, curate and collaborate: preparing for #digiWriMo

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collaborative learning collaborative working multimedia online learning open education social media tools writingGreat initiative to combine digital writing and creativity all through the month of November 2015. learn by writing. It always feels like the movement of my fingers on my keyboard makes me think more clearly, and even pushes thoughts right into the open. So this Digital Writing Month initiative (#DigiWriMo), organised by the Hybrid Pedagogy bloggers ( Maha Bali , Sarah Honeychurch , and Kevin Hogdson ), is right up my alley. It is simple and open. oh, nice initiative!

Mobile Learning Tools #2

mLearnopedia on Blogspot

In January I posted a listing of tools for mobile learning and received some great comments. Are you using any tools for mobile learning development or deployment that are not listed on this new listing? Tags: tools development mobile learning know that there are several missing in the content and K-12 areas, but what else? If so, please leave a comment below.

@LucidChart for #collaborative work and organizing

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have added it to my working tools. quick overview of the options of LucidChart can be found here: collaborative working tools mooc instructional design oldsmooc eLearningAs I am following (read this as occasionally reading and even more infrequently reacting) in OldsMOOC (the free open online course on learning design), I got hold of LucidChart. Nice stuff.

Video: Rapid Development Tools for Mobile Learning

Float Mobile Learning

Float welcomed two experts in the mobile industry to speak during our latest webinar yesterday. We’d like to offer a sincere thank you to special guests RJ Jacquez and Robert [.]. Mobile Development Webinars Chad Udell free webinar Jeff Tillett Mobile Learning Conversations RJ Jacquez Robert Gadd

New ADL #mLearning Design Reference model: adjust to your needs

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adl design instructional design mLearning mobile mobile learning research toolsPeter Berking who is the lead of the MOTIF project just released the core slide deck for the newly adapted mLearning Design Reference model, and is now inviting us all to have a look at the reference model, and adapt it to our own needs. It is a really useful slide deck.