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Tips For Creating Rapid Video For Learning

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For several years now, I have been attending conferences and interviewing thought leaders on video. I am telling you – it is not fun schlepping high-end gear across the country [.]. Mobile Technology Pedagogy and Learning employee training learning and development rapid video

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Free report durable Technology Enhanced Learning #Telearning

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The Beyond Prototypes report provides a UK-based in-depth examination of the processes of innovation in technology-enhanced learning (TEL) with a special emphasis on building online learning solutions that are durable. It uses eye-tracking technology to enable coaches to analyse drivers’ performance and assess their control during the simulation.

#LScon Redefining #training via technology perspectives

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The business objective is crucial to understand what training success will look like (outcomes) Technology offers new options, but it is the mindset that needs to be changed. Find champions for each new technology you want to implement. Camtasia provides a good bang for the buck: short videos on how-to''s. eLearning mobile technology Leading by teaching.

7 Trends in Learning Technologies From #FocusOnLearn

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The post 7 Trends in Learning Technologies From #FocusOnLearn appeared first on Float. Conferences analytics assessment software augmented reality big data content library DemoFest eLearning FocusOn Interactive Video Interoperability microlearning mobile collaboration OnPoint Digital performance support RISC robotics video xAPI

New to Mobile Learning Development: 3 Big Problems and 7 Solutions

as built-in support for video). different technologies. technologies are: HTML. Combined, these three technologies make interactive e-learning. deploy more interactive courses in less time with Rapid Intake technology. in the Instructional Technology program at Brigham Young University (Hawaii). began. Unlike prescribed IT hardware. devices? issues. Rapid.

Intro to Educational Technology by Mike Sharples #EdTech

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A nice overview of early educational technology presented by Mike Sharples , the pedagogical lead of FutureLearn and longtime EdTech researcher. The focus of this talk is first on technology for education, followed by zooming in on the learning bit of the EdTech, and at the end a brief look at evaluating learning.

Check Out Adobe Captivate eLearning Content on the Motorola Xoom Tablet via the Flash Player 10.2 [VIDEO]

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During the closing session, our panel received many questions on this very topic, and we shared some of the things Adobe is working on, including Wallaby, which is an experimental technology on Adobe Labs for converting Flash files to HTML5 , Device Central, as well as what the availability of Flash Player 10.2 This week I am traveling in Orlando, FL. Send to Kindle.

Two new ubiquitous technologies for Education

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Wanted to post about two new technologies I am exploring for their ubiquitous impact on technology that I wanted to share… Both are currently being deployed, but as it is very early days, especially for Education, the ultimate uses of them in a learning context are yet to be defined. 1. Future mlearn mlearning mobile/miniaturisation uLearning glass Google ibeacon iPad

Boom Town: Another win for HTML5. A good thing for mLearning [video]

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Perhaps HTML5 technologies weren’t ready for primetime. Check out this amazing video: via Finally, a Cross-Platform HTML5 Game. I’m not a coder, nor am I much of a gamer but I would imagine that with all the interactivity that games include, it must be fairly complicated to develop one. Maybe this is about to change. Native apps do not behave that way on iOS and Android.

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Debut video capture software, free option #media #screencapture

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Sometimes conference organizers demand that you send them a video of one of your public speaking events, as such having some relevant talks at my fingertips makes it easier to fill in my speaker data. To capture this video, I wanted to have a very user-friendly screen capture software, that would allow me to quickly edit the movie clip, as well as ensure its video and audio quality.

Natalie Panek on Learning without Boundaries #devlearn

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The video is available here (in the archive of the eLearning Guild ). It is definitely worth half an hour, for all of us dreamers and actors in learning technology. Once you are registered, you get access to the video (this week). collaborative working gender informal learning research robotics technologyIn this inspiring session, Ms.

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The Future of Mobile Technology: The Sixth Sense?

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Although the challenge today is integrate current technology in today’s classroom in a way that is useful and practical for personal productivity and for learning, it is always interesting to see what the future of technology will be and the potential uses for it.  In this newly released TED video, Pattie Mae and Pranav Mistry demo their wearable technology nicknamed “Sixth Sense&# and discuss what may be possible in the near future.  If we can access all of the information we need from wherever we are, what is the need for memorization? Enjoy.

Modern Technology and the Return of Oral Communication

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One could easily make the claim that when it comes to communication, the rise of modern technology beginning in the early 20th century has ushered in a resurgence in the use and importance of oral communication skills. Writing, a technology in and of itself, changed society radically in that it allowed people to communicate with other people over vast distances of both space and time. The advent of the telephone, the television and radio began to change this as new electronic technology allowed people to record spoken words and transmit them over large distances of space and time.

Launch of the Really Useful #EdTechBook #elearning enthusiasts

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This book has took only 6 months to gather 16 educational technologists, and all-round eLearning practitioners (both in online education, mobile learning, and any sub-section in technology enhanced learning). Technology has invaded our working and recreational lives to an extent that few envisaged 20 or 30 years ago. So what is the book about? Price Paperback: $29.99 / £19.99 / €24.99

eLearning On Tablets – Free eBook

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Tablets are no longer limited to entertainment purposes like watching video or playing games; but now are a part of organizational L&D activities across businesses large and small. eLearning Technology Mobile Learning We truly believe tablets are a game changer and that there is strong merit in delivering eLearning on tablets. The tablet market is showing exponential growth with […].

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Can the #MOOC format respond to the educational challenges #altc2013?

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This is the first day of Alt-C2013 which takes place in Nottingham this year. I am glad to be part of the preparation group of the panel discussing Technology Enhanced Learning in times of crisis. The learning and teaching processes of today are impacted by the use of social media, new mobile technologies and pedagogical formats. For a full time schedule, look here. 87-88). Hogue, R.,

Benchmark study in UK shows mobile learning technologies at 39%

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The answer is “both&# in that for many people the ideas in The Mobile Learning Edge are still too radical for their particular corporate setting, while others have embraced these new technologies and are rapidly moving ahead in their deployment. Europe and Japan have always been ahead of North America in terms of innovative uses of mobile technologies for learning. So, it is not surprising that a UK benchmark study of 600 organizations would show that mobile technologies had a 39% penetration rate. Video content 49%. Mobile technologies 39%.

3 Ways Glass Could Transform Mobile Learning

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The opening of the video begins with a tagline that states, “Enabling a future of communication, collaboration, and connectivity.” Implementations Innovations Mobile Technology A Day Made of Glass augmented reality collaboration Corning Gorilla GlassEarlier this month, Corning released A Day Made of Glass 2. These [.].

Mobile Learning Revolution – Round-Up Of Our Best mLearning Posts

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Mobile Technology – Empowering The Workforce. In the same vein, this post talks about a new app developed by the BBC which will allow its reporters in the field to file video, stills and audio directly into the BBC system from an iPhone or iPad. 8. The Advent Of Mobile Learning Technology – Presentation. Mobile Learning has been on our minds and for all the right reasons.

Leveraging Mobile Learning Platforms As Performance Support Systems

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Information Component - The information component of the PSS consists of the tools that the learners can use to access information in the form of procedures, regulations, company policies, specifications, images, graphics, videos and podcasts. You can also view this video which showcases the capabilities of Upside2Go – our mobile learning solution. The four components of a good PSS.

eLearning is dead! Multi-screen learning is the next big thing.

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Flash was never supported on iOS devices, nor is it supported on Android devices, and this year, Google announced that YouTube would stop serving its videos using the Flash plugin for anyone visiting the site using a modern browser. YouTube is now solely using HTML5 to serve videos. single experience across multiple screens is the holy grail of computing these days. eLearning is dead!

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#mLearn12 on #augmented reality with Elizabeth Fitzgerald

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authentic learning augmented learning pedagogy mobile conference mLearning technology mobile learning ARLive blogging from mLearn12, so writing and vocabulary is influenced by writing speed need. Elizabeth Fitzgerald from Open University UK gives an overview of augmented learning state of the art. Is it a matter of time? Increased hapticness, audio. see E.

The brand new Captivate 9 puts Adobe years ahead of the competition

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What a difference three short years make in technology. The sooner we embrace this truth and rally around tools and technologies that can enable us to deliver compelling learning experiences across multiple devices anytime and anywhere, the better off we will be as an industry. However, about a year ago I started to notice the tables turning. Adobe Captivate Draft for iPad.

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Free mobile learning papers from mLearn2016 conference in Sydney #mLearning #mobile

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Future mobile learning research needs to look beyond technological intervention per se. Instead, it must consider a more ecological approach, in which the conditions under which mobile technology contributes to learning are closely examined. Issues to consider include teachers‘ technological and pedagogic expertise when evaluating the effects of mobile technology on learning and the achievement of the goals of instruction. augmented learning conference mLearning mobile mobile learning online learning papers quantified self research social learning technology

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Noam Chomsky on the purpose of #education via #LWF

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In this 21 minute video you can hear his opinion on education. The video was produced for the wonderful and energetic conference of 'Learning Without Frontiers'. Technology is a neutral instrument, education is a framework Currently there is a substantial growth in technology, culture. Technology is a neutral instrument, also for education.

6 Reasons Why Responsive Design Makes sense as the Future of e-Learning and m-Learning Design

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Another advantage of continuing to design learning around web technologies is that your mobile learning is Learning Management System (LMS) friendly, which means that you don’t have to switch LMS vendors in order to create learning modules that will be accessible anytime, anywhere and from any device. 4. How many devices do you own? For me, the answer is a whole lot, perhaps too many.

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How Using Mobile Technology in Agriculture Benefits You

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A video on how mobile agriculture professionals achieve success when and where they need it with mobile technology. Mobile Apps case studies custom mobile applications mobile agriculture Pioneer Planting Rate Estimator videos mAgriculture is on the rise and giving promising results.

The new Camtasia Studio 8, the Flipped Classroom and Mobile Learning [Review]

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For all the mind-boggling stats we read about the video revolution, like how we are publishing video to YouTube at the rate of 72 hours every minute, and consuming over 3 billion hours of video each month, as well as other stats you can see here , video as a medium hasn’t really evolved. Video and the Flipped Classroom. Quizzes and Hotspots in Video.

Mobile Learning Considerations – Native Apps or Web Apps

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High end (rich) applications can be developed if HTML5/CSS3 technology is used for development, which also enable use of audio, video and animation within the application. Tags: Mobile Learning Frameworks mLearning mLearning Technology I stumbled upon this presentation , shared by Chad Udel , comparing four main mobile OSes. Take a look -. So Native Apps vs Web Apps?

Blogphilosophy: Microsoft's #Hololens, the #augmented journey

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In education augmented reality has been used in video support of specific historical reenactments (now frequently used in documentaries, for example in the 3-D imaging put on top of the real world in this trailer of Archaeology of Portus ). Mobility as a driver The roll out of mobile technology and mobile devices was crucial for sending augmented reality out into the real, mainstream world.

Exploring Educational Technology

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Exploring Educational Technology Front Page About Multimedia Photos Files 2009 MLearning Projects Overview June 19, 2009 · Leave a Comment The projects are guided and supported by weekly “technology sessions” (Communities of Practice, or COP) facilitated by a ‘technology steward’ (Wenger et al., technologies for integration within each course.

Mobile Learning: The natives

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Younger generations have an obvious advantage and therefore an easier time adapting to using new technology (because they’ve grown up with it) than many of the people who are now in the highest positions within corporations, who, having worked their way to the top, have had to actively learn new technology to remain competitive within the digital world. INFOGRAPHIC] | Voxy Blog.

10 Things Adobe gets Right about Mobile Learning with Captivate 8 [Review]

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If you are new to Responsive Design, it isn’t necessarily a single technology that you can point to, but rather a set of principles aided by a number of HTML5 technologies such as CSS media queries , fluid grids and flexible images and videos. will record a how-to video later and post here on my blog. 6. eLearning. — RJ Jacquez (@rjacquez) January 9, 2015.

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Upside2Go – Changing The Game

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It also allows you to capture photos and videos from your mobile phones and share with other users leading to collaborative learning. Upside2Go will be formally unveiled at ASTD TechKnowledge 2011, on 3rd February at 1.00 PM (local time) by Amit Gautam, Director of Technology Solutions at Upside Learning. Upside2Go is a novel platform for mobile learning. Key Features Of Upside2Go.

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The Future Of Mobile Learning

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We’d like to share what we presented because it encapsulates technologies that will impact/affect the future of mobile learning and learning in general, readers of this blog will probably find it of special interest. Our presentation identified four key technology areas that will impact learning in the future: Big data, huge quantities of user generated content and sophisticated curation.

iPad 2: whats in it for education?

uLearning Blog

mobile/miniaturisation uLearning apps consumer device education iOS iPad iPad2 mlearning tablet computing video outSo, version 2 of the device that has spurred the tablet computing market into the mainstream over the last 12 months (15 million sold) has been announced. Despite being a consumer device, it has seen massive adoption by professionals in business, medicine, and education.

Big Question: How to use Text-to-Speech in eLearning and when

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The three posts focused on different angles of TTS: Text-to-Speech Overview and NLP Quality : this post focuses on what TTS is and what the quality of the voices are when using these technologies (how natural do they sound?) This was also done with other eLearning movies that were based on animations (Spanish example below, the second half of the 2 min video features the animation).

Back from a year-long Sabbatical from Tech: 9 Things I’m excited about

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Here’s a short video:  [link]. They also have a mobile App called Fuse, that can allow you to record video on the go and then import it into Camtasia to supplement your projects. Skype Translator – Microsoft has been busy working on some exciting technology for Skype. Storyline 2.0 Kudos to Articulate! Kudos to TechSmith! Kudos to Adobe! That’s pretty cool.

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6 Drivers Of mLearning In The Workplace

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” Mobile technologies bring efficiencies in businesses and are beginning to impact operational strategy. It says – “CIOs concentrating on IT as a force of operational automation, integration and control are losing ground to executives who see technology as a business amplifier and source of innovation. They are using technology to ‘amplify’ the enterprise.”

Learning Mobile App Review: NearPod [Podcast Interview]

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There’s no denying there’s a revolution happening today in Education driven by important trends such as the Flipped Classroom, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and of course schools embracing mobile technologies creatively for learning. There are many great Apps out there from companies who are disrupting Learning and Education in a positive way through the use of Technology.