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Free online multimedia book on persuasive #presentations

Ignatia Webs

It also fits with my aim to lift my presentation skills to the next level. This free, online multimedia book is written by Nancy Duarte and it gives magnificent pointers on how to make your presentation stand out. books ebook multimedia presentation This is just a wonderful book. The book is called Resonate and can be found here.

eBook 94
eBook 94

Presentation on #MOOC for KM change

Ignatia Webs

Just finished my presentation on Change and how MOOCs can help with coping change, given during the Managing and Surviving Change MOOC organized by the University of Aberdeen. Or you can have a look at the video recording: knowledge knowledge age mooc change eLearning presentation knowledge management You can see the slide deck here.

#Ectel2015 presentation Self-Directed Learning dimensions #MOOC

Ignatia Webs

The EC-TEL conference is organised in Toledo, Spain, and I just got my slides ready for the presentation on Thursday. It will be a short paper based presentation, describing the background, method, challenges. The presentation will be on Thursday 17 September in session 5A from 14.30 - 16.00 (for unknown reasons in the learning analytics and visualisation session? eLearning futureLearn informal learning mooc online learning presentation research self-directed learningThe short paper is available through Academia here.

Mobile Learning Pitfalls To Avoid – Presentation

Upside Learning

Mobile technology, having seeped into popular culture, is now finding widespread acceptance as a learning tool in the workplace as well. According to Towards Maturity’s In-focus report titled Mobile Learning in the Workplace, 2013 was the year when mLearning became the norm rather than the exception; with seven out of ten businesses now adopting mobile […]. Mobile Learning Mobile Learning Pitfalls Pitfalls of mobile learning

New to Mobile Learning Development: 3 Big Problems and 7 Solutions

However, HTML5, by itself, doesn't really get the job done, as far as mLearning goes, because HTML5 by itself is largely a static, one-way presentation-capable kind of. New to Mobile Learning Development: 3 Big Prob- lems and 7 Solutions Mobile Learning is Here to Stay With the introduction of the Apple iPhone and iPad, a mobile computing revolution. began. Unlike prescribed IT hardware.

The best Presentation on Social Learning and the New Role for Educators

mLearning Revolution

Last week I was on looking for a good presentation on Social Learning that would inspire me and I came across this one by TribalCafe and I was extremely impressed with it. have embedded the entire presentation below. View more presentations from TribalCafe. Some people may call this Social Learning, or Informal Learning, I just call it Learning. Social Learning.

presentation on eLearning and #mobile influences for #ICT4D

Ignatia Webs

Sharing a presentation I gave for the Deutsche Welle Akademie in Bonn, Germany. These were my shared slides: Presentation eLearning and ICT4D changing realities and challenges from Inge Ignatia de Waard. eLearning ICT4D mLearning mobile mobile learning mooc presentation The questions were multiple, and gladly sharing those that are posed frequently.

UNESCO presentation why a MOOC should be mobile #mooc #mlw2013

Ignatia Webs

While most of the discussions focus on the impact of MOOCs on Higher Education, the focus of the presentation below will be on the effect of mobile accessibility on learner interactions, as well as overall description of the MobiMOOC case (a MOOC course on mobile learning). The presentation will be shown and discussed during the upcoming UNESCO mobile learning week in Paris, France and a short description of the presentation can be found here. MOOCs are getting everyone excited. MobiMOOC Unesco mlearning week 2013 from Inge Ignatia de Waard.

5 Calls for #papers, presentations or/and proposals for #mlearning and #eLearning

Ignatia Webs

mLearning gender research eLearning call for papers presentation conferencesIf anyone is organizing a conference, workshop. feel free to send it to me @ignatia I will gladly add it to the next call for papers post. EdMedia attracts more than 1,500 leaders in the field from over 70 countries. Everyone concerned with eLearning in Africa is welcome to share and learn. It's about TIME.

Adobe Presenter 7.0.7 is HERE with ActionScript 3.0 Support

mLearning Revolution

Today I’m happy to report that our much anticipated update of Adobe Presenter with full support for ActionScript 3.0 (AS3) is here, and this is a free update to anyone who owns Adobe Presenter 7, or any version of our Adobe eLearning Suite. In case you are not familiar with Adobe Presenter, it is a Plug-and-Play Rapid eLearning development tool for Microsoft PowerPoint.

Adobe 50

Converting eLearning to mLearning (Presentation)

Upside Learning

“We are interested in moving to mLearning, but don’t know how.” ” As an eLearning vendor, how often have you heard your clients say this, or as an organisation, have had this thought cross your mind? Quite often than not, I bet! With a dynamically evolving technology as the base, Mobile Learning involves careful consideration and […]. Mobile Learning Converting eLearning to mLearning e-Learning to m-Learning eLearning to mLearning

Call for papers and presentations on #mobile and online learning

Ignatia Webs

The conference programme will highlight keynote talks, symposia/workshops, plenary sessions, parallel presentations, roundtables and debates, special focus sessions, poster sessions, technology and product/service demonstrations. The conference program will offer a full complement of presentations that reflect the implications for the field of specific e-learning experience and practices.

SAMR & Transformational Learning slide from my NMC Summer Conference presentation today

uLearning Blog

Click HERE to view this infographic slide FULL size. Right click or tap and hold to download. Future mlearn mlearning overview uLearning infographic NMC NMC13 SAMR Transformational Learning

Top mobile apps for presenting


We all know that mobile can be very effective in a classroom as a tool to "do stuff". Here is a fantastic round up of all the best apps, and websites that your students can use to record, show and tell what they have done.  Even if you think you know it all - I guarantee you''ll get a few new ideas by the time you finish reading this infographic!   How are you planning on using this? Thanks to Tony Vincent at learninginhand for the excellent round up! mobile in schools infographics learners as creators applications free resources authoring

Gary Woodill: The Past, Present and Future of Mobile Learning

Float Mobile Learning

Float Learning and Bradley University’s Department of Interactive Media in the Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts teamed up to provide a one-day event focused on mobile on Friday, [.]. Conferences Float Symposium Pedagogy and Learning Strategy future symposium

#Change11 #MOOC a great audio slide presentation about connected knowledge and collective learning

Ignatia Webs

The Mother of all Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), the so called Change11 is well on its way and the course keeps generating amazingly good content. The latest slidecast is offered by Allison Littlejohn director at the Caledonian Academy and she talks about Connected Knowledge and Collective Learning. Connected Knowledge, collective learning View another webinar from caledonianacademy.

Course 55

In Presentations and eLearning Visuals are worth a thousand Bullets on a Slide

mLearning Revolution

Whether you are a presenter or developing eLearning, our job is to engage our audience and no other things does the exact opposite more than a never ending list of bullet points on a Powerpoint slide. One of the best presentations I have ever witnessed in person was delivered by Seth Godin. He came to speak to us when I was at Adobe during one of our annual sales and marketing conferences and wow, was I blown away, not only is he sharp and funny but the visuals he uses in his presentation leave you wanting more. Amen to that. Outstanding Tips. Send to Kindle.

Adobe 30

Great mobile presentation by Judy Brown on mobile project planning

Ignatia Webs

As the MobiMOOC is well in its second week, the presentations are becoming increasingly inspiring. If you are interested in mobile project planning, Judy Brown's presentation will get you on the way in just a couple of relevant steps. Mobimooc Week 2 - Planning mLearning View more presentations from Judy Brown. mobile mLearning mobimooc

Converting PowerPoint Presentations Using Rapid Intake

Developer on Duty

When creating your course, there may be times that you will need or want to incorporate PowerPoints that you have previously created. You can quickly load these pre-made pages into your project but there are a few key things to remember when doing so. When the PowerPoints are loaded into the system they are converted into SWF's. For the most part, you won't notice any difference. Tools

ADL Presents 3-Day Mobile Learning Webinar #IMLWS May 20-22, 2014

Float Mobile Learning

The Interagency Mobile Learning Webinar Series features more than a dozen mobile experts over a three-day period. Get the latest on mobile learning from this jam-packed event. Experience API Industry News ADL Clark Quinn David Metcalf Interagency Mobile Learning Webinar Series Steven Hoober xAPI

The Time to Mobilize Learning is Now: ASTD Houston Keynote Presentation [Slides]

mLearning Revolution

ASTD Houston Keynote Presentation by @rjacquez. I had the great fortune of being invited to deliver the opening keynote presentation at this year’s annual ASTD Houston conference. The title of my presentation was ‘ The Time to Mobilize Learning is Now! ‘ and you can find all 105 slides I used, embedded below. frameborder="0". marginwidth="0". marginheight="0".

mLearnCon presentation


I have just finished a very enjoyable discussion-filled presentation at mLearnCon – a mobile learning conference in Silicon Valley arranged by the eLearningGuild. learning in USA case studies pedagogy work-based blended learning on the road mobile coverage reading south africa africa mobile events trends why mobile

Video: 10 Essentials for Successful Mobile Learning Implementation

Float Mobile Learning

Conferences Mobile Strategy mLearnCon 2013 presentations videos In this video of his mLearnCon 2013, Scott McCormick shares his "10 Essentials for Successful Mobile Learning.".

Video 71

Sign up now: Float Mobile Learning and Apperian present a free webinar on August 24

Float Mobile Learning

Tyler Stone and Inese Pumpure will present the webinar [.]. Float Mobile Learning is pleased to host a free webinar that will help teach you how to publish your mobile apps. Apps Webinars Apperian publishing webinar

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New conference formats in Experience track of #emoocs2015 share

Ignatia Webs

Once the conference started we needed to find a way to balance the discussion that could take place in the room: on the one hand there would be people in the room having seen the videos/read papers, but there would also be people in the room being new to the presented projects. really nice) took the chance and started preparing a 15 min presentation on the spot. All of that happened.

Presentation given at Girl Geek Dinner Cape Town

Steve Vosloo

Below is the presentation that I gave at the Girl Geek Dinner in Cape Town , 4 May, about women, mobiles ( mwomen ) and exciting possibilities. In 2004 I attended a screening of Shake Hands with the Devil , a documentary about General Romeo Dallaire who headed up the UN peacekeeping forces in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide.  This really struck me. Since that night, I do believe it.

All content videos on #OER, #MOOC and #opened13

Ignatia Webs

change conference future of education mooc OER open education presentation If you can, take the rest of the week off for research purposes. Go home, activate your internet, take which ever device you like best and look at one of the sessions coming from last weeks Open Education conference. there will be a session of interest for you). there are sessions of interest. Great stuff!

Video 100

Going Mobile: Transforming Metrix Group

Mobile Learning Edge

Several members of the Metrix Group team will be presenting at the eLated event on November 22nd. Future of Mobile Learning Interviews and Presentations Mobile learning Presentations change management eLated mlearningWe have been working on individual professional development projects that have transformed our knowledge base in order to prepare for the increasing demand that we have from our clients for mobile learning projects. The topic we will be speaking about include: Performance Model for Digital Learning Consultant. Primer on Digital Learning. The Future of Learning.

Games 34

#Flipped classroom overview and options for #teachers

Ignatia Webs

In this presentation I am giving an introduction to the Flipped classroom approach, while focusing on what is proven, the pro''s and con''s, the options you have as a teacher, and some related links. The presentation was part of a set of pedagogical sessions for the GuldenSporenCollege in Kortrijk, Belgium. There are two versions of the presentation, one in English (also shown below) and one in Dutch (with more Dutch links and sources) the Dutch presentation is also uploaded and can be found through this link here.

Mobile Learning Edge Roadmap

Mobile Learning Edge

How-to Presentations ToolsDownload the Mobile Learning Implementation Roadmap by Gary Woodill, i5 Research. mlearning implementation road map.

Infographics for Social Media

Mobile Learning Edge

Presentations Social Media executives infographic mobile phones mobile technology SFNCR social mediaFive social networking and social media infographics that have application to mobile learning: both within an organization and between a company and it’s clients from CreativeFan’s list of 60 great infographics for social media. Mark Horton, Socialcast ).

#Informal learning and the master deck of the guru

Ignatia Webs

It is a treasure of key ideas and at the same time such a great personal time saver, as well as a knowledge/management tailoring device. I can see how such a deck, build with my own set of slides and key pointers would enable me to draw up a meaningful presentation in no time, or I could even tailor a presentation on the go having such a master deck at my back hand draw. It can be used for both face-to-face, as well as virtual presentations, so you could even use it while teaching a subject. eLearning presentation knowledge management informal learninggreat.

Mobile Learning Implementation: Need, Myths & Success Factors (ASTD TK 2013 – Slide Deck)

Upside Learning

Here’s a quick summary of the topics that I touched upon in the session, followed by a slide deck of my presentation. Mobile Learning ASTD TK 2013 Mobile Learning Implementation Mobile Learning PresentationAnd there lies our next challenge – Are we doing it right? Hope you find it helpful and useful in your mobile learning endeavors.

Top 1% of most viewed on #slideshare in 2013 #MOOC #mobile

Ignatia Webs

eLearning mLearning mobile mobile learning mooc online learning presentation Just got a boost from Slideshare! As I was sleepingly looking at my slideshare account (I go there sometimes, procrastination, I admit), I found that the content I uploaded was within the top 1% of most viewed content. That was quite a surprise. for later retrieval. Share the knowledge! download as you like.

Mobile Commons Advocacy Presentation at the Personal Democracy Forum

Mobile Commons

Next Thursday, June 6, Mobile Commons will be presenting Mobile Commons Advocacy at the Personal Democracy Forum  here in New York City. We’re particularly excited to present Mobile Commons Advocacy to the PDF audience, because MCA’s very purpose is to use technology to make political advocacy easy. We liked the conference so much, we decided to sponsor it! All Posts Blog Events

Mobile Learning: The Future of Workplace Learning (CLO Summit India – Slidedeck)

Upside Learning

Then I shared how the transformation of world into a ‘mobile world’ and the changes in work and workplace, are together presenting a great opportunity for L&D to transform the training and learning in an enterprise as well. think the presentation was well received and I hope you will find it useful as well. Mobile Learning CLO Summit India mLearning Presentation

Tips for planning Your #MOOC #OEB13

Ignatia Webs

conference eLearning mooc online learning presentation This slide deck will be used at Online Educa Berlin 2013 to allow people to set up their own MOOC. It is a short set of slides, with links to other MOOC information. The main idea is to get people on their way, and to make them think on where to go with their overall training. If you are at Online Educa Berlin, feel free to join me in room Lincke (first floor) between 14.30 - 16.00. will start / end the session on time. And if you plan a MOOC yourself, why not connect with me from anywhere? The template can be found here.

John Traxler with questions on the global impact of #mobile devices #mobimooc

Ignatia Webs

mobile mLearning mobile learning mooc mobimooc presentationYesterday was again an enlightening day at MobiMOOC. This webinar is part of the MobiMOOC 2012 free, open, online course on mobile learning ( [link] ) You can see the recording of the webinar, with questions and answers from participants here [link] For those on mobile [link] Some of you have requested some additional information.

#Plagiarism and digital #citizenship

Ignatia Webs

The presenter is the wonderful Sophia Mavridi talking about digital plagiarism versus digital citizenship, a war of words. Well, reflections on this topic do not seem to stop, so feel free to watch and reflect here: conference eLearning online learning presentation workshop content repetition. So in a way, you can enter the actions of this workshop after the actual fact.

#MOOC benefits & realities for teachers & students #k12

Ignatia Webs

will give the presentation in Dutch, so I prepared two slide decks, which I gladly share. The Dutch version, for those of you interested in Germanic languages and their difference or similarities (it is quite similar): education mooc online education online learning presentation In preparation of a workshop that I will give this afternoon at the Guldensporencollege in Kortrijk, Belgium., a k12 school. In this overview, I have put what I consider to be the benefits and realities of MOOC for teachers and students. Below the English version, and further down the Dutch version.