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Free papers on mobile learning from #IMLF2016 conference #mlearning

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The mobile learning (mlearning) integration framework is comprised of four main parts: beliefs, resources, methods, and purpose. conferences education learning theory mLearning mobile learning mobile technology QR code research technologyThis is a really wonderful set of papers that encompass the latest mobile learning realities and implementations.

Call for peer review on #mLearning Curriculum Framework

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MobiMOOC will be starting Saturday 8 September 2012 with an introduction to mLearning, and from 15 - 22 September the topic of Mobile Learning Curriculum Framework will be open. Utilization is, however, often hampered by the knowledgeable implementation of the technology in ways that are relevant and meaningful to the education. Look at the course wikipage here for more information.

Free mobile learning papers from mLearn2016 conference in Sydney #mLearning #mobile

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This is a great set of mobile learning papers ( proceedings available here ) written for the 15th mLearn conference that was organised in Sydney, Australia on 24-26 October 2016. This sustainable and broadly societal focus, provides mLearning proceedings that cover a wide variety of impactful mLeanring insights. augmented learning conference mLearning mobile mobile learning online learning papers quantified self research social learning technologyThe theme chosen for the conference was Mobile Learning Futures – Sustaining Quality Research and Practice in Mobile Learning.

#ict4D: the complex mLearning challenges for specific ethnic groups #mlw2013

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For those interested in the number of challenges that can be encountered when diving into a mLearning project with very specific target learners. The texting utility gap due to the complex literacy and language environment, women's mobile use is basic ( "What is literacy when u have 2 spoken dialects?") mobile mLearning gender research m4d mobile learning unesco ICT4D

The Future Of Mobile Learning

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The success of a technology depends on its mainstream adoption, which in turn depends on a lot of factors not necessarily linked to the quality or utility of the technology. Mobile Learning Corporate mLearning Future of Mobile Learning mLearningYou can find our presentation here. Ubiquitous and pervasive computing. Social (human) and Machine networks.

10 eBook/Audiobook Resources for Mobile Learning

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Reading this article about how ebooks will change the way we read and write inspired me to share some ebook/audiobook resources that can be utilized with mobile devices for mobile learning. Tags: audiobooks cell_phone ebooks mobilelearning mlearning Here’s a list of 10 eBook/Audiobook resouses for mobile learning: 1) Project Gutenberg : over 28,000 free public domain ebooks. 2) iTunes: Purchase a wide variety of high quality audiobooks. 3) Librivox : A large database of audiobooks read by volunteers. 

The Emergence Of Mobile Learning For Higher Education In Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

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The biggest education-centric exhibition held in Feb 2011 in Saudi Arabia focused on the increased utilization of modern technology to bring the quality of education in the Kingdom on par with international standards. Mobile Learning mLearning Mobile Learning in Saudi ArabiaThis is now considered as an essential learning style in the future. JUSUR, LMS System. Saudi Digital Library.

#Mobile instructional #design is getting a push, join in!

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The focus of the project is on exploring the intersection of multiple design and research methods in order better understand, and potentially influence how education and training professionals determine how to best utilize and leverage mobile-based technology to develop and implement optimal training and performance support solutions. this is your chance! guess that is all of us.

Mobile Learning should be more than converting Desktop eLearning to HTML5

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First, I’d like to say that I applaud the idea around this contest because it adds some much-needed engagement to the Captivate community, however I wonder if Adobe may be sending the wrong message to users who are interested in mobile, regarding what mobile learning (mLearning) is. In other words, while I think HTML5 will play a big role in how we develop and deploy learning and how our learners will consume those learning experiences on mobile, I think mLearning should be a lot more than just ‘converting’ desktop eLearning to HTML5. The entry with the most votes wins. eLearnin

Computers aren’t so special anymore, but the kids may be better off: An introduction to mobile ‘appliance computing’ in Queensland schools

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This process can also be described as a move towards ‘appliance computing’, where the low cost and wide-spread use of mobile computers reaches a point where society views them as expected utilities, or everyday appliances in the same category as TVs, DVD players or microwaves. Future mlearn Australia iPad mobile phone OLPC queensland XOHow do we know this? Responsible Behaviour Plan?

mLearning: ‘Using Your Senses’

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Much of mLearning has to do with repurposing existing content or building modules similar to other eLearning modules. I see the value in that particularly for compliance training and other types of information dissemination. Besides the always on, always connected, always with you nature of mobile devices, they also have a number of different sensors that we can utilize in our learning design. Sometimes learner’s needs are met by simply having content available in multiple places (i.e. desktop and mobile device). So how can you start to use these in your designs? link].

Considerations on What mLearning Now Means

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haven’t written for a while because I am considering what mLearning looks like as we head into 2014. Back in 2007, when I began this blog, the posts often focused on ways educators and students could utilize mobile devices for learning in an attempt to make it’s use ubiquitous. Considering this new reality, I’ve been asking myself the following question: “What does mLearning look like when use if mobile devices is ubiquitous?” In this environment of multimodal devices and BYOD, what are next steps for mLearning?

Cloud Computing and mobility Part 2.

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In part one we looked at how computing may just become a service utility in the same sense as electricity or water, and be accessible anywhere via wireless technologies. mlearning m-learning mobile-learning mobile+learning podcasting iphone apple web+2.0 mobile mLearning mLearn cloud utility computing computingNot accessible on a desktop PC you can’t lug anywhere. And available to devices that don’t have the processing power of decent laptops. But is this what we see happening around us? So will these trends impact mobile learning? That seems like a winner.

Mobile Devices and 21st Century Skills: Part 1 – Communication

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Mobile devices are support tools that students can utilize to record data (including pictures and video), communicate with audiences and research information. 21C edushifts Uncategorized mlearning mobilelearningBack in 2007 when I began this blog, the main thrust was sharing ideas about why mobile devices can improve teaching and learning. They need to augment their ideas.

Cloud Computing: money and mobilty

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The first angle its coming from has nothing to do with mobile technology, but I’ll detail it briefly in this mLearning blog just for context. Cloud computing then (also called utility computing) foresees that supplying this service will eventually look much like the other utility service providers we take for granted - such as power, electricity and water. mlearning m-learning mobile-learning mobile+learning podcasting iphone apple web+2.0 cloud utility computing wireless computingAnd just what is ‘cloud computing’? It cost over $2500 at the time. With Yahoo!,

IPhone- User Interface Guidelines- Part I

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Utility applications: primarily deals with checking quick summary of information or performing quick task. Tags: Mobile Learning IPhone Iphone Guidelines IPhone Interface mLearning The iPhone’s revolutionary user interface has changed the way we look at mobile devices. The iPhone SDK let’s you create native applications for the device. This is the first. It runs in safari browser. WebEx Presentation- Hitting a Moving Target: Serving the Mobile Learner

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skip to main | skip to sidebar * Newsletter * LinkedIn * Facebook * * mLearning World Live Tuesday, January 23, 2007 WebEx Presentation- Hitting a Moving Target: Serving the Mobile Learner For reference: Hitting a Moving Target: Serving the Mobile Learner mlearning m-learning mobile-learning mobile+learning podcasting iphone apple web+2.0 learing+2.0 Training. iTunes 7.7

mLearning Content Types - Level 6: Rich Media

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Level 6 is the final stage of the mlearning content model comprising rich-media formats such as podcasts or video, targeted firmly at the smartphone/netbook audience. Typical Use Cases for Level 6 include: Additional Considerations Level 6 rich media content is probably the most challenging mlearning content format with respect to cost and performance.

Why 1:1 May Not Be Necessary

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However, when utilizing a smaller number, in our case 4 iPad minis, in a learning centre where students are rotating between centres, students tended to be more focused and teachers, who now naturally fall into the role of facilitator, are able to observe student activities more directly and provide that timely descriptive feedback that everyone is talking about these days. In the meantime, necessity had created an environment that has challenged my thinking about 1:1 and the best way to utilize mobile devices to support learning in classrooms.

Putting Handheld Devices to Work in Mobile Learning

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Yet, the most common question is – how do we actually use it in workplace?&# His company’s infographic (shown below) provides an overview of where mobile learning can be utilized within a corporate environment. Articles Industry Amit Carg Blended Learning corporate learning eLearning handheld devices information sharing mlearning Mobile Learning Upside LearningAggregated inputs.

The Powerful Combination of Mobile Devices and Learning Apps

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For younger children, the utilization of apps that provide drill and practice or flash cards to develop basic mathematical skill. Utilize mapping software such as Google Earth or Google maps in the study of physical geography or urban design/planning. realize that when I make reference to apps, it tends to imply the use of an iPhone or iPod Touch. Mobile Devices and Literacy.

Mobile Learning: A 4th Reading List

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Bonus Poscast: Jesse at TEDx : Jesse Brown from TVO’s Search Engine talks about digital comics in the classroom. 9) 12 Interesting Ways to Use an iPod Touch in the Classroom : A google docs page providing various tips on utilizing an iPod Touch for Learning. Tags: Cell Phones in Education digital culture edushifts iPod in Education mlearning mobilelearning Here are 10 of the more recent articles and blog posts that I have read concerning mobile learning. Links to the other 3 reading lists: Mobile Learning: A Brief Reading List. Mobile Learning: Another Brief Reading List.

iPods in Education Part 14: Enhanced Science Education

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In addition, there are the built in apps that can be utilized during study: scientific calculator. There are many digital tools that students can utilize that can assist them in their scientific learning.  Tags: apps differentiatedinstruction iPod in Education mlearning mobilelearning tools True, mobile devices work well across the curriculum.  Much time as been spent in this “iPods in Education&# series on uses as they relate to Language Arts or geography instruction.  This time, I’d like to branch out and look at some uses in science.  notes app.

August Hot List: Mobile Learning Content

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Best of Mobile Learning August 1, 2009 to August 31, 2009 Featured Sources The following are the top items from featured sources based on social signals. Daydreamer , August 22, 2009.

Addressing Some More Critiques of Mobile Learning

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Even one – to – three computers over the span of 6-7 hours per day can be utilized to engage students and teach them online skills. Tags: Cell Phones in Education edushifts mobilelearning rants tools mlearning Fact: Mobile Devices Are not the Only Things that Distract Students. This is not a new phenomena.  Don’t take my word for it, try it for yourselves. 

Current thoughts on ubiquitous computing and learning

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My reason was that while mobile learning (or mLearning) had finally started to catch on amongst educators, we are often a conservative lot, and I felt there was much more yet to be done – such as using the mLearning as a basis to start preparing for the real show – what learning would have to look like in a world of totally universal, ubiquitous computing. Well, I started this ubiquitous learning blog just over 12 months ago as a successor to a long-runing mobile learning blog. And what should an educator’s response be?

Media Encoding Tools for Mobile Learning

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mlearning #elearning The offering cited in the post is for a new cloud-based application/service called from a company of the same name. Site operators can now focus on content and the user experience while allowing us to ensure that content is available to all users on the most popular Internet and mobile devices." As a techie actively involved in mlearning content production every day - much of that media-based - I can fully appreciate the benefit this sort of service can offer mlearning content producers and practitioners. Here's my quick take.

CellCast Takes Top Honors at DemoFest 2010

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The awards were given in support of our entry titled " mLearning: Learning on the Go " in the Sales Training category that OnPoint jointly submitted for consideration with CellCast customer Verizon Wireless. Our winning entry in the Sales Training category also was recognized as "Best in Show - Vendor" for the entire event.

Learning as Reflexive; Reality as a Series of Filters « The Ddeok is Always Greener on the Other Side ?? ?? ? ? ???

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That being said, I do maintain a hefty dose of social media channels , dabble in Second Life (which has a lot more utility than I initially thought), love my podcasting /video tools, but I am most excited (academically giddy) with the possibility of mobile learning, of using mobile devices to achieve that desired goal of lifelong learning. Michael Sean Gallagher ?? ?? ? ? ??? Immediately.

Michael Yeap.potential PhD Candidate: Aug 28 - Definition of Usability & Mobile Learning

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book of papers from MLearn 2004. So, utilizing mobile devices in education is mainly considered as enhanced tools. Aug 25 - Wattenberg, Accessibility Heuristics util. skip to main | skip to sidebar Michael Yeap.potential PhD Candidate Friday, August 28, 2009 Aug 28 - Definition of Usability & Mobile Learning Definition of Usability Evaluation of the technical and pedagogical mobile usability. Antti Syvänen. antti.syvä Hypermedia Laboratory, University of Tampere, FIN-33014 Tampereen yliopisto, Finland. Petri Nokelainen. Mobility 06, Oct.

Duke Digital Initiative into its fourth wireless year | EDC Blog

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Home About RSS Log in Duke Digital Initiative into its fourth wireless year Posted on January 30, 2009 by Hamish Filed Under Uncategorized As promised, I’d like to bring to your attention a few items regarding mobile learning (mLearning) and the way it’s being used in educational spheres. Belkin soon got on board by offering free microphones that could be plugged into the iPods for recording purposes, and something highly valuable was thrown into the mix that if utilized during class sessions would be a great interactive study tool for students. Subscribe What is RSS?