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Introducing: mLearning Design Training [6-hr Workshop with RJ Jacquez]

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Why Register for this Training? Making a business case for mLearning. Hands-on workshop exercises. *  mLearning Opportunities and Challenges. mLearning lessons from mobile apps. Hands-on workshop exercises. *  The Current State of mLearning Design Tools. Pros and Cons of Articulate Storyline, TechSmith Camtasia and Adobe Captivate for mLearning Design.

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Google’s Android Training Initiative – Will it boost mLearning?

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On the 15th of December 2011, the Android Developer Relations team at Google launched the beta version of Android Training — a collection of classes to help developers build better Android apps using best practices in a variety of framework topics. Android Training will be led by the Android Developer Relations team. You can access the Android Training home page here.

In Training.

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Yet, I have suffered injuries so I am cautious and curious about any fads as I train.  The For our purpose, training for the body with these new shoes and training for the mind using mobile learning has been met with the same excitement and divided opinions.  Let’s step back briefly and see the similarities of making a change to a new shoe – or a new training modality.  Cross Train. One mode of training for all topics, experience levels, audiences? Use a variety to cross train based on the needs of your feet and the minds involved. 4.

Will Mobile Apps Change Training Forever?

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Work is changing and, to keep pace with it, training is changing too. Which of these technology changes will impact training the most? think mobile applications are the game changer for training. For me, it shifts the focus from ‘Training’ to ‘Performance Support’. It is only natural for it to exert an influence on the learning & training market as well.

New to Mobile Learning Development: 3 Big Problems and 7 Solutions

by employees’ choice, leaving corporate training departments with the question: How. The Three Big Problems In order to be successful at any mobile learning effort inside an organization, training. In traditional e-learning, training managers are faced with a similar problem: all of the. devices, training managers are inextricably tied to the vendor’s proprietary platform.

JNXYZ training site debuts

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Just a quick post to let readers know I have launched the beta version of a site dedicated to those who need innovative training for their staff around technology and learning.

Free book increasing access through #mlearning

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141 Christian Glahn PART III: Using Mobile Learning in Education and Training Chapter 12 Orchestrating the Flexible Mobile Learning Classroom. Prabhakar Chapter 16 The Future of Mobile Learning and Implications for Education and Training. books BYOD ebook mLearning mobile mobile learning OER research 125 Panagiotis Zervas and Demetrios G. 205 Balaji Venkataraman and T.V.

Future of #mLearning inspiring ideas @dave_parsons

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His paper swooped me from one train of thought to another, adding new insights, challenging old ideas and reshuffling current mobile learning ''facts''. Because David is such an expert, his paper also spans decades of mobile learning knowledge and evolutions, which provides new insights in how the history of mLearning has (or has not) evolved. from mLearning.

Learning Designers have 3 Choices Regarding Mobile Learning [#mLearning]

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We can hope that our learners will continue using traditional PCs to access the training we develop, and that they never try to access our content via mobile devices. Upcoming Events: Here’s a list of some of my upcoming events and conferences: August 13-14 : From e-Learning to mLearning Design Training [6-hr Online Workshop]  [link]. Mobile Learning featured mLearning mobile

8 Things we MUST do in 2013 to seize the potential of mLearning

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However we need more from our Industry and it’s my hope that 2013 will be the year we fully immerse ourselves into what I call the ‘ Post-eLearning era ‘ and seize the potential of mLearning. To fully realize the potential of mLearning, though, we need to think outside the eLearning box and question many of our traditional practices. iPhone) and Android (e.g.

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Topics of free #mLearning course #MobiMOOC

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After consulting all you wonderful mLearning enthusiasts, I gladly share the the topics that will be covered in the next free, open and online course on mLearning called MobiMOOC. The topics of the second week are a bit more complex, yet they add to already existing learning experiences or more holistic mLearning views. What is meant by the (peace) tree architecture?

MLearning and a Global Workforce

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Putting it another way, Clark Aldrich and Tom Parkinson blogged in 2010 that a corporation must examine the different “lenses&# or contexts that reveal the effectiveness of their employee training and provide insight into potential “blind spots&# where training is ineffective. In providing 10 lenses through which we can view employee training, Aldrich and Parkinson suggest it is equally important to consider both employee demographics and situations as well as the form information is provided in. Bhat, 2011). Industry Learning Technologies

6 Drivers Of mLearning In The Workplace

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Mobile learning (or mlearning) is probably a hot topic of discussion in your organization right now. In some organizations, L&D staff is struggling to build a business case for mlearning. These will help you make the business case for mLearning. 1. Instructor led training may not be the most desired modes of learning for them. Doing More With Less.

Free #mobile toolkit and link to the FRAME mLearning model

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Mobile Learning: Transforming the Delivery of Education and Training (Vol. 1, pp. mobile mLearning research mobile learning eLearning The University of Leicester has been looking at a framework for mobile learning to fit their learning with iPads in university project called PLACES. 2011). Emerging Practice in a Digital Age (Mobile Learning Info Kit) (pp. 1-65). 2009). Ally (Ed.),

Two days before free, open, online #mLearning course #MobiMOOC launches

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There are 12 mLearning topics, all facilitated by wonderful mLearning pioneers. Apart from the three topics mentioned below there will also be: corporate mLearning, mHealth, augmented reality, mobile gaming, mobile activism in education, train-the-trainer, mLearning pedagogy and theory, mLearning for development, mobile tools. crossing fingers").

Nota tool for collaborative #mLearning with eBooks

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community of practitioners could use the tool to start up their own text and multimedia rich training/learning HUB. Overall a nice addition for mLearning. mobile tools mLearning OER collaborative learning mobile learning ebookThey only launched in January 2013 so still beta, which is the nicest state as all of our remarks on the tool are as such welcomed. all over again.

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Free #mLearning papers from IJIM, an open access journal

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mobile mLearning journals research paper mobile learning eLearningGreat news! There is a new free edition of the International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM). iJIM has just published its latest issue at --> [link]. In order to view the papers and articles, you only need to register (which is for free) and once you are registered you can access any article you want.

Read the #mobile education report and join @gsma for #mlearning projects

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For those interested, there is also a report on the mLearning landscape, focusing on mLearning in Japan, France, Spain and UK, with examples from these areas. mobile mLearning education lifelong learning mobile learning informal learningIt also describes the assets and expertise the mobile ecosystem (i.e. That report can be viewed here. So get your bid in!

Mobile Learning Revolution – Round-Up Of Our Best mLearning Posts

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Coming to this article, we have rallied the best of our mLearning posts. For all of you who are testing the waters or have already implemented a mLearning strategy, this post, we assure you, is manna from heaven. 1. Get your mLearning basics cleared here. 2. Learn about the 4 components of a good PSS and how you can leverage mLearning platforms as PSSs. 6. See you there.

A Lesson in Mobile Learning Design from Yelp [#mLearning]

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I love this tweet, because it epitomizes how most people view the mobile experience, often as the “light” version of the desktop: “It looks like you’re on a train. Learners are ready for Mobile and it’s time to deliver powerful mLearning experiences! Mobile Learning eLearning featured mLearning mobile Yelp Send to Kindle.

Merging #mLearning with #MOOC is a good idea

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While MOOC are of interest for any training and learning, the surplus of mobile learning or mLearning can not be underestimated. In many ways I feel that the benefits that mLearning offers would add to many MOOC environment. To me a future training platform would merge both mLearning features, as well as MOOC options to come to an ultimate online learning environment that caters intuitively (read ubiquitously) to the learner''s own contexts ans needs. mobile mLearning ubiquitous learning mobile learning mooc seamless learning future of education flow

Drawing up an #mLearning #strategy in 10 steps

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Everyone is joining mLearning, but in many cases some of the basic steps are missing. Looking at my own mLearning roll out, I now see much more elements that will support a good and strong adaption and roll out of any mobile project. Here are 10 steps that make up my own mLearning strategy if I want to work on a new project, if you have additions, please add them via comment or social media: The 5 core steps are similar to any TELearning environment 1. What is the goal of the mLearning project? What is a mLearning content user allowed to do? BYOD or not?

The mLearning Bullet Train

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When those of us at Float are interacting with colleagues or clients and talking about the impact of mobile learning we often comment that the change from eLearning to mLearning [.]. iOS Mobile Technology

How to choose a #mobile device for #mLearning purposes

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When deciding on a phone, it is good to know what features are most important to you and what type of mLearning you are envisioning, e.g. if you want to use location data to tag your pictures for field trips or similar, GPS will be necessary. Such a feature can be of interest if you are looking to follow physical training courses. Tablets have the advantage of having a bigger screen.

Free report on #teaching to reach education for all

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UNESCO is right on that train of thought and has recently published an extensive report entitled: Teaching and learning: achieving quality for all. Investing in teachers is key: in around a third of countries, less than 75% of primary school teachers are trained according to national standards. must admit I like the addition of ''quality'' to the ''education for all'' concept.

#MobiMOOC free, online course on #mLearning runs 8 – 30 September 2012 choose your favorite topics

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Specifics: Course name and description: MobiMOOC is a Massive, Open Online Course (MOOC) with a focus on learning with mobile devices (mLearning). The course will look at specific fields where mobile devices can be used and are used to increase learning and training. Can’t wait to choose your favorite mLearning topics? In 2011 the first MobiMOOC ran from April - May 2011.

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Call for peer review on #mLearning Curriculum Framework

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MobiMOOC will be starting Saturday 8 September 2012 with an introduction to mLearning, and from 15 - 22 September the topic of Mobile Learning Curriculum Framework will be open. If all of us pitch in, the framework can be released as on open educational resource that will enable any interested person to pick up certain modules and add it to their own learning/training structure.

Mobile Learning is where the Puck is Going to Be [#mLearning]

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mLearning Workshop Exercise. I was very pleasantly surprised when everyone had so much to say after I gave them 5 minutes to think about it. Upcoming Events: Here’s a list of some of my upcoming events and conferences: August 13-14 : From e-Learning to mLearning Design Training [6-hr Online Workshop]  [link]. Mobile Learning eLearning featured mLearning Send to Kindle.

5 Call for #papers on #mLearning, #MOOC and #eLearning

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mobile PLE mLearning research mobile learning mooc call for papers conferencesHaving finished my draft thesis to submit for review, I am ready to dive into the call for papers and … get some abstracts in. Here are some of the calls that got into my mailbox. The conference theme will provide a focus for keynote addresses and invited events. No late submissions will be accepted! 2007).

Call for papers and proposals #eLearning, #MOOC, #mlearning

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On the verge of submission: Online Educa Berlin 2015 One of the top online learning/training conferences in Europe. This year’s OEB will be addressing this question by looking at the challenge of modernity for education and training. conferences education eLearning mLearning mobile learning mooc online learning workshops

Free mobile learning papers from mLearn2016 conference in Sydney #mLearning #mobile

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This is a great set of mobile learning papers ( proceedings available here ) written for the 15th mLearn conference that was organised in Sydney, Australia on 24-26 October 2016. This sustainable and broadly societal focus, provides mLearning proceedings that cover a wide variety of impactful mLeanring insights. augmented learning conference mLearning mobile mobile learning online learning papers quantified self research social learning technologyThe theme chosen for the conference was Mobile Learning Futures – Sustaining Quality Research and Practice in Mobile Learning.

#ict4D: the complex mLearning challenges for specific ethnic groups #mlw2013

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For those interested in the number of challenges that can be encountered when diving into a mLearning project with very specific target learners. mobile mLearning gender research m4d mobile learning unesco ICT4DLeslie Dodson from the University of Colorado on The mobile utitly gap and literacy challenges in oral-language communities: sms use by Berber women. this is it!

5 Calls for #papers, presentations or/and proposals for #mlearning and #eLearning

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eLearning Africa is the premier gathering place for all experts and stakeholders engaged or interested in ICT-based education, training and development on the African continent. mLearning gender research eLearning call for papers presentation conferencesIf anyone is organizing a conference, workshop. EdMedia attracts more than 1,500 leaders in the field from over 70 countries.

Preparing a massive open online course on mLearning, balancing old and new thinking

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A couple of weeks ago I started to structure an idea I had on organizing an MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on the subject of mLearning. It will emphasize the possibilities of using mobile devices for educational or training purposes (basic cell-phones, to smartphones, mp3 players, tablet pc's,). mobile mLearning knowledge mooc mobimooc eLearningwe are well on our way.

Win 500 $ with your mobile project overview for #mLearning

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The free online course on mobile learning MobiMOOC will launch on 8 September 2012 and guide you through different mobile learning (mLearning) fields for three weeks. At the end of the three week course the MobiMOOC Award will be offered to the winning mLearning project, as voted by the MobiMOOC participants. mobile mLearning award mobile learning mooc mobimooc

#mobile toolkit with 15 #mLearning methods to choose from

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In the manual you can choose out of 15 different methodologies where a mobile device can add value to the learning and training process. The MyCOOP training package “ How to set up and run agricultural cooperatives “ will certainly make a positive impact, and to be honest, I am in need of some positive world vibes. Sometimes a project appears that is so inspiring you cannot but see the Light. The world is in turmoil, but all around the world small initiatives really make a difference. The 98 page toolkit manual was also the master thesis of Jennifer. Toolkit Lo.

Get off your butt & create real #mLearning solutions #mlw2013

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Here are my live blogging notes and be sure to contact Theo if you really want to engage in a mLearning build solution. you do not train people, you develop people We need to finance and solve real problems, and restoring the impact that young people can make. He shares that he was doubting why he was out here, paid for its own to come to UNESCO mLearning week.

Enterprise mLearning Predictions for 2012

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Whatever it is, this one is music to my ears after many years of toiling away to make mLearning a reality for the enterprise. Gamification Accelerates mLearning Adoption. Once everyone has the right devices and organizations accept the mandate to provide training, performance support and business communications via mobile, what will compel learners to participate and keep them engaged when there are so many distractions like Facebook , Twitter , Farmville and mobile shopping? mobile learning CellCast mlearningSo, in no certain order, here are my predictions… 1.

Join the facilitators of the free course on #mLearning MobiMOOC

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MobiMOOC is a free, open, online course on mobile learning (mLearning) which will be running between 8 and 30 September 2012. Covered mLearning topics: augmented learning, mobile gaming, corporate mLearning, train-the-trainer, building a mLearning curriculum, global mLearning issues, ICT for development, mlearning strategies/pedagogies and we will start with a look at the basics of mLearning including how to set up a mobile learning project. me focusing on an introduction to mLearning and planning a project ! Interested?

Book Review: Designing mLearning: tapping into the mobile revolution for organizational performance, by Clark Quinn

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This was followed by my book, The Mobile Learning Edge (McGraw-Hill, 2010), and, most recently, Clark Quinn’s new book on this topic, Designing mLearning: tapping into the mobile revolution for organizational performance (Pfeiffer, 2011). He argues that mlearning is not about formal learning in classrooms. Springer, 2010). It will appeal only to other academics.