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Free book increasing access through #mlearning

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193 Christoph Pimmer and Norbert Pachler Chapter 15 Changing the Tunes from Bollywood’s to Rural Livelihoods — Mobile Telephone Advisory Services to Small and Marginal Farmers in India: A Case Study. books BYOD ebook mLearning mobile mobile learning OER research What to expect: Part I describes considerations for, and approaches to, designing mobile learning materials.

8 Things we MUST do in 2013 to seize the potential of mLearning

mLearning Revolution

Instagram was not only a mobile-first success story, but until recently it was a mobile-only photo sharing service. However we need more from our Industry and it’s my hope that 2013 will be the year we fully immerse ourselves into what I call the ‘ Post-eLearning era ‘ and seize the potential of mLearning. Learn everything you can about mLearning. Samsung S3).

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Think Multiscreen (vs. iPad-only) when developing an mLearning Strategy

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One thing I stress in my mLearning workshops is the fact that having an iPad-only strategy for Learning is not a thorough mLearning Strategy. In this post I want to share with you a great presentation I found on Slideshare, that inspired me for my workshops, and that helps me make a case for developing a multiscreen mLearning strategy vs. an iPad-only strategy. Send to Kindle.

unesco: opportunities, threats & challenges of #mLearning #mlw2013

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At the second day of the UNESCO's mLearning week , where Agnes Kukulska-Hulme from the Open University in the UK started the day with a very enlightening presentation bringing together the latest on mLearning pedagogies and focusing on a gender related project. social network mobile mLearning research social media social learning mobile learning unesco

#ICT4d Using #mHealth to improve access to family planning and child health services in #Malawi by Limbanazo Kapindula

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Challenges in Malawi Challenginginfant mortality rates (69/1000 children die in the first year) and only 40% ofwomen in Malawi had access to family planning services. mobile mLearning ITM health ICT4DHe comes all the way from Malawi where he was involved in three 5year projects with Management Sciences for Health , they all came to an end inSeptember 2011 (5 year projects).

#ict4D: the complex mLearning challenges for specific ethnic groups #mlw2013

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For those interested in the number of challenges that can be encountered when diving into a mLearning project with very specific target learners. mobile mLearning gender research m4d mobile learning unesco ICT4DLeslie Dodson from the University of Colorado on The mobile utitly gap and literacy challenges in oral-language communities: sms use by Berber women. this is it!

Introducing a new Podcast: This Week in #mLearning [Episode 1: The new iPad and Mobile Learning]

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In this first episode, we review the new iPad as compared to the first and second generations, plus its impact on mLearning. iCloud and the importance of having a singular computing experience for eLearning and mLearning. I’m am extremely excited to introduce a brand new weekly Podcast entitled ‘This Week in Mobile Learning” with my friend and co-host Robert Gadd. Here are some sound bites of what you can expect in this first episode: Introductions. First Impressions of the New iPad as compared to the first and second generation iPads. iBooks and Adobe Shadow.

Call for peer review on #mLearning Curriculum Framework

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MobiMOOC will be starting Saturday 8 September 2012 with an introduction to mLearning, and from 15 - 22 September the topic of Mobile Learning Curriculum Framework will be open. mobile collaborative working mLearning education collaborative learning mobile learning mooc mobimoocAdele Botha took the lead to construct a Mobile Learning Curriculum Framework.

A List of Interesting Mobile Learning Links

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While I haven’t blogged in a while, I continue trawling through my RSS feeds, seeing more and more references to mobile learning, mlearning, performance support, ‘just-in-time’ and so many other terms that make sense in that context. Reports About Or Related To mLearning, Mobile Learning. The Worldwide Market for Mobile Learning Products and Services: 2010-2015 Forecast and Analysis.

mLearning Demand Is Growing

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We have been interacting with a number of clients, understanding their requirements and discussing possible learning solutions, and one thing that stands out in these discussions is the surge in the demand for mLearning solutions. have always believed that mLearning will be the future of eLearning and have also written about it here. We see exciting times for mlearning ahead.

Get off your butt & create real #mLearning solutions #mlw2013

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Here are my live blogging notes and be sure to contact Theo if you really want to engage in a mLearning build solution. He shares that he was doubting why he was out here, paid for its own to come to UNESCO mLearning week. there are too many mLearning adds, not enough pragmatic foci and outcomes that really change the world. Theo is a driven, engaging, outspoken speaker.

This Week in mLearning Podcast – Video in #mLearning [Episode 4]

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Welcome episode #4 of our new podcast entitled “ This Week in mLearning. ” In this episode, Robert and I talk Adobe CS6, Google Drive and the impact of Video in mLearning, as well as SceneChat, the Khan Academy, the Flipped Classroom and more. Successful launch, new features, the importance of these features as well as cloud computing for mLearning, and some drawbacks.

New mLearning Authoring Tools – Wave #2

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mLearning Studio from Rapid Intake. As detailed in a recent post, Rapid Intake’ s new mLearning Studio tools are preparing to hit the market and will enable IDs to publish their content as either Flash or HTML5 packages. This first post will focus on LS2011 and I’ll post again on CTIA tomorrow. The Learning Solutions 2011 Event. Storyline from Articulate. slide to slide hyperlinks).

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Enterprise mLearning Predictions for 2012

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Whatever it is, this one is music to my ears after many years of toiling away to make mLearning a reality for the enterprise. Gamification Accelerates mLearning Adoption. And more advanced operating systems combined with embedded chips will provide support for new forms of proximity computing using Near Field Communication (“NFC”) thus allowing new kinds of location-based services for learning. mobile learning CellCast mlearningSo, in no certain order, here are my predictions… 1. Mobile Learning Goes Mainstream. Access Points Diversify. Summary. Happy New Year 2012!

How can health within clinics be improved by mLearning? A research report with 29 recommendations

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Full research reports sometimes stop me from really reading it in full, so I was very happy when the Epic newsletter dropped this summary research report on mLearning for NHS (UK's National Health Service, but also accessible for other countries health services) in my mailbox. mobile mobile learning health eLearning

Enterprise mLearning Predictions for 2011

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mLearning Engagements Expand. Mobile Apps Become Essential to Enterprise mLearning. We wouldn't be shocked to find Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 OS appearing on new Nokia handsets or tablet device, or RIM getting acquired by Microsoft or another tech titan like IBM Global Services in a deal akin to HP acquiring Palm in 2010. 8. It is time once again to ponder the research, extrapolate on recent experience, and attempt to read the tea leaves so we can predict the future of enterprise mobile learning in 2011. examples the industry has waited for over the past many years.

4 calls for #papers on #mLearning and #eLearning

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This year I am also looking forward to finalizing my thesis (thanks to Athabasca University), co-launching the mobile curriculum framework (a free framework for institutes willing to get cracking with a mLearning curriculum, with thanks to Adele Botha, Jaqueline Bachelor and John Traxler), getting some research papers and chapters out (thanks to my typing hands), enjoying all your company (online and f-2-f), and organizing the MobiMOOC2012 in September with an adjusted format. mLearning eLearning call for papersHappy New Year to all of you! Review paper is warmly welcome.

My 2012 Enterprise mLearning Predictions Recap

mLearning Trends

Back on December 30 2011, I scoped eight predictions ranging from hardware/software to content types and authoring tools to macro-level mobility trends our team felt would influence the market for mLearning products and services for the year and I wasn’t disappointed (or much surprised) about how it all played out. Prediction #5 - Gamification Accelerates mLearning Adoption.

The Future of mLearning?

Mobile Learning Edge

The Mobile Learning Edge Home About Contents Resources Apps & Content Assessment Associations Authoring Tools Bibliography Blogs Collaboration Conferences Consultants Content Creation Games & Sims Hardware Information Sources Learning Management Mentoring Presentation Skills Researchers Services Social Media Videoconferencing Buy the Book The Future of mLearning?

JNXYZ training site debuts

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Head to JNXYZ training if I can help you in this way! 1:1 AI/automation/semantic web appcessories cloud computing Connectivism Future mlearn mlearning mobile/miniaturisation natural digital interfaces uLearning wireless communications business elearn help jnxyz jonathan nalder products projects Schools services training

Call 4 #papers: #mobile #mLearning IADIS conference in Avila Spain

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Corporate Showcases & Exhibitions – The former enables companies to present recent developments and applications, inform a large and qualified audience of your future directions and showcase company’s noteworthy products and services. The latter enables companies the opportunity to display its latest offerings of hardware, software, tools, services and books, through an exhibit booth.

The Emergence Of Mobile Learning For Higher Education In Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

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Source: Ambient Insight’s 2010-2015 worldwide market forecast for Mobile Learning Products & Services). Mobile Learning Products & Services Revenue Forecast (in US$ millions). Source: Ambient Insight’s 2010-2015 worldwide market forecast for Mobile Learning Products & Services). Mobile Learning mLearning Mobile Learning in Saudi ArabiaJUSUR, LMS System. More Info on Alltels Podcasting Service

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► 06/13 - 06/20 (3) Ignatia Webs: Richard Clark: mLearning on multiple. Ignatia Webs: David Metcalf: mLearning theory mash. mLearnopedia: mLearnCon Mobile Learning Content ► 06/06 - 06/13 (3) Featured mLearning Books Too Funny The Disadvantages of Mobile Learning (Only 5 years. Podcasts are like radio shows. The catalog is updated regularly while in use. Training.

Twitter as a Mobile Learning Platform

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Since then, and resulting from a series of key improvements to the service, we have a tool that can be shaped and molded to whatever the need may be. edushifts mlearning mobilebrowsing mobilelearning twitterIt’s been almost 5 years since Twitter came into existence and it has become quite the versatile platform. create complex learning activities (i.e. hashtags, lists).

Get Mobile to Implement Mobile Learning

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In an article from Float Mobile Learning , an mLearning firm based in Illinois, Scott McCormick suggests that to really discover what your firm requires in terms of mobile education and support, you have to get mobile yourself. Equally important, McCormick stresses, is to ask your employees what educational support they’d like to have. You make some really important points.

Google App Inventor – Can It Boost mLearning?

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App Inventor can be used for developing mLearning, quiz apps, mini learning games etc. It also has social media blocks for connecting to services like Twitter. With the cost of experimenting with new designs and timelines to develop an app being reduced we should see some significant progress on mlearning apps development. doubt.

Basic mLearning with BlackBerries

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thought I’d share my adventures here and talk about some of the speed bumps I encountered (to hopefully save you some time and frustration). I’ll assume you… Have done up-front analysis and determined your organization has a need that can be addressed by mobile learning (mLearning). Go back to the BlackBerry Development Tools and Downloads page and click Download the BlackBerry Email and MDS Services Simulator Package. Have an audience that primarily uses BlackBerry phones. Heads up, Mac users. The BlackBerry tools and simulators are for Windows only.

Getting Started With Mobile Learning?

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In this post General Considerations for Mobile Learning (mLearning) we lay down the questions that drive the decision to go for mobile learning: - Can you use mobile capabilities to enhance learning? What services will help learners be more productive? Mobile Learning (mLearning) Applications – An Example. Mobile Learning mLearningMobile learning is in the air.

Native Apps vs. Mobile Web: Pros and Cons [infographic]

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One of the questions I hear often with regards to mobile learning (mLearning) is whether companies should consider building mobile apps or developing mLearning that can be consumed by learners via browsers on mobile devices. On the one hand, mobile apps provide more possibilities because developers can make use of features like location services, camera, gyroscope, accelerometer, etc.,

New open journal #iJim issue is out on #mLearning topics

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International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM) has just published its latest issue at --> [link]. We invite you to have a look at the Table of Contents here and then visit our web site to read articles and items of interest. McManus, H.H. Carr, B.M. Arévalo, Estela L. Muñoz, Juan M. Gómez) [link] Collaborative Rural Healthcare Network: A Conceptual Model (U. Raja, D.J.

Mobile Learning Has A Promising Future In India

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While India is a relatively poor country, more than 70 percent of its urban consumers already spend about $1 a month on content and services through offline, unorganized retail channels – a market estimated to be worth more than $4 billion annually. Mobile Learning mLearning In India Mobile Learning In IndiaKey Points. In fact, they consume an average of 4.5 billion.

2010: mLearning Year in Review

mLearning Trends

So here’s the tally for "runs batted in (or attempted)" during the 2010 mLearning season. From our own experience, enterprise mLearning engagements were more complex and multi-faceted given the fact the average deployment was bigger, more varied in terms of content and devices supported, and customer/partner expectations were far higher. A.K.A. Validated (“Double”). Maybe next year.

My Reflections on the Mobile World Congress

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There was a lot of excitement with new announcements such as LG’s 3D phone, Sony’s Experia Play, HTC ChaCha and Salsa devices with integrated Facebook, new Samsung devices and lots of tablets from companies such as HTC with their Flyer, Samsung which includes a pen, Motorola’s Xoom and RIM’s PlayBook, all trying to distinguish themselves from the absent iPad. I was honored to serve as a judge for the Mobile World Congress 2011 16th annual Global Mobile Awards in the category of Best mLearning Innovation. Barcelona Congress mLearning MWCmHealth was evident though.) The U.S.

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3 Essential Themes for Mobile Learning Systems

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This is where the rubber meets the road, by dreaming up features we invent the mLearning systems future right here. services, we see that there is scope for slowly bringing in Web 3.0 Can we truly look forward to the day when there truly is an application/web service to facilitate or assist every sort of learning? Mobile Learning mLearning Mobile Learning Systems

Call for papers and presentations on #mobile and online learning

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mLearn 2014 conference Dates of conference : 3 - 5 November 2014 Location : Kadir-Has University, Istanbul, Turkey (which is a WONDERFUL location with GREAT researchers!) mLearn was the first conference on mobile and contextual learning and has developed to be the premier meeting point for interested researchers, practitioners and decision makers busy with mobile learning around the world.

#mLearn2010 Sustainable, scalable and affordable mobile learning service for formal education in South Africa / Finland by Riitta Vanska

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mLearning Feature Sets: Possibilities Wide & Deep

mLearning Trends

In our experience, enterprise customers serving the exact same markets will often select and apply vastly different feature sets to achieve their own stated mlearning goals and objectives. It has certainly been a "month of Sundays" since I last posted to this blog and I offer apologies for not sharing more throughout what has proved to be a very busy and productive summer and fall season.

Publishing for Kindle Amazon early lessons learned

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The “look inside” feature that you can see on some of the books, needs to be activated by becoming a member of that Amazon service. I did not realize this until a few days later. So I registered for the service. edupunk mobile mLearning books publication mooc ebook To be honest, I never anticipated the anxiousness I would feel pressing a publish button. Simple. Argh).

Call for #papers & pre/postdoctoral #Fellowship in Japan

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call for papers education eLearning funding mLearning mobile learning research Great news this morning, an interesting funding opportunity (travel cost, residency, settling in) for people residing in the UK, but having a European, Canadian, American or British nationality and looking for a collaboration with research institutes in Japan. More information on the fellowship can be found here.

Where Does the mLearning Go?

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But two questions come to mind when I reflect on my conversations with students and learning professionals: Where does mLearning fit in? What does mLearning look like? wouldn’t want to suggest that we only use a particular strategy for mLearning. Provide text messaging based question and answer services. Task based learning with mobile devices.  . Another option -.