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5 Calls for #papers, presentations or/and proposals for #mlearning and #eLearning

Ignatia Webs

mLearning gender research eLearning call for papers presentation conferencesIf anyone is organizing a conference, workshop. feel free to send it to me @ignatia I will gladly add it to the next call for papers post. EdMedia attracts more than 1,500 leaders in the field from over 70 countries. Everyone concerned with eLearning in Africa is welcome to share and learn. It's about TIME.

Converting eLearning to mLearning (Presentation)

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“We are interested in moving to mLearning, but don’t know how.” Mobile Learning Converting eLearning to mLearning e-Learning to m-Learning eLearning to mLearning” As an eLearning vendor, how often have you heard your clients say this, or as an organisation, have had this thought cross your mind? Quite often than not, I bet! With a dynamically evolving technology as the base, Mobile Learning involves careful consideration and […].

Mobile Learning Pitfalls To Avoid – Presentation

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According to Towards Maturity’s In-focus report titled Mobile Learning in the Workplace, 2013 was the year when mLearning became the norm rather than the exception; with seven out of ten businesses now adopting mobile […]. Mobile technology, having seeped into popular culture, is now finding widespread acceptance as a learning tool in the workplace as well. Mobile Learning Mobile Learning Pitfalls Pitfalls of mobile learning

presentation on eLearning and #mobile influences for #ICT4D

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Sharing a presentation I gave for the Deutsche Welle Akademie in Bonn, Germany. These were my shared slides: Presentation eLearning and ICT4D changing realities and challenges from Inge Ignatia de Waard. eLearning ICT4D mLearning mobile mobile learning mooc presentation The questions were multiple, and gladly sharing those that are posed frequently.

New to Mobile Learning Development: 3 Big Problems and 7 Solutions

However, HTML5, by itself, doesn't really get the job done, as far as mLearning goes, because HTML5 by itself is largely a static, one-way presentation-capable kind of. In Rapid Intake’s mLearning Studio™, HTML affords animation and interactivity that. build with Rapid Intake’s mLearning Studio™ work on just. began. Unlike prescribed IT hardware. devices? issues. Rapid.

Call for papers and presentations on #mobile and online learning

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mLearn 2014 conference Dates of conference : 3 - 5 November 2014 Location : Kadir-Has University, Istanbul, Turkey (which is a WONDERFUL location with GREAT researchers!) mLearn was the first conference on mobile and contextual learning and has developed to be the premier meeting point for interested researchers, practitioners and decision makers busy with mobile learning around the world.

From eLearning to mLearning: The Top 5 Challenges beyond Technology

mLearning Revolution

So if technology isn’t the real challenge for us in transitioning from eLearning to mLearning, then what are the real challenges? Here are 5 things I think are more difficult to overcome than technology, on our way to the promise mLearning land: 1. For more information, check out this post I did on the advantages of thinking mobile-first in mLearning. 5. vision.

Free #mobile research papers from #mLearn Qatar

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Free papers on mobile learning research are made available to all thanks to the mLearn Qatar organizing team. There is a wonderful and rich overview of the latest mLearning research available at [link] With no particular reason except my own interest, I gladly highlight 3 papers I found interesting (so far, reading one paper at the time, whenever possible so lot of time to read still).

Think Multiscreen (vs. iPad-only) when developing an mLearning Strategy

mLearning Revolution

One thing I stress in my mLearning workshops is the fact that having an iPad-only strategy for Learning is not a thorough mLearning Strategy. In this post I want to share with you a great presentation I found on Slideshare, that inspired me for my workshops, and that helps me make a case for developing a multiscreen mLearning strategy vs. an iPad-only strategy.

The “m” in mLearning means More

mLearning Revolution

When you go to a conference on Mobile Learning or attend a webinar, you pretty much know the drill; the Presenter spends most of his or her time going through a long list of challenges we face as an eLearning industry considering the move to mobile learning (mLearning). So say it with me a few times, the “m” in mLearning means “More!” Send to Kindle.

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great paid eBook on #mLearning field work

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This is a paid book (10 dollars), which is understandable as Michael is currently an experienced eLearning and mLearning expert, but gone back to University to become a PhD student (and that is an expensive moment in anyone''s life, so extra income is always welcome). mobile mLearning education research mobile learning books ebook eLearning Really imaginative illustrations!

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Learning Designers have 3 Choices Regarding Mobile Learning [#mLearning]

mLearning Revolution

Upcoming Events: Here’s a list of some of my upcoming events and conferences: August 13-14 : From e-Learning to mLearning Design Training [6-hr Online Workshop]  [link]. If you are looking for Speakers for your 2013 eLearning, mLearning and Mobile Events, please contact me  [link]. Here''s a recent Keynote Presentation I delivered for ASTD Houston: [link]. Conclusion.

SAMR & Transformational Learning slide from my NMC Summer Conference presentation today

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Future mlearn mlearning overview uLearning infographic NMC NMC13 SAMR Transformational Learning Click HERE to view this infographic slide FULL size. Right click or tap and hold to download.

8 Things we MUST do in 2013 to seize the potential of mLearning

mLearning Revolution

However we need more from our Industry and it’s my hope that 2013 will be the year we fully immerse ourselves into what I call the ‘ Post-eLearning era ‘ and seize the potential of mLearning. To fully realize the potential of mLearning, though, we need to think outside the eLearning box and question many of our traditional practices. iPhone) and Android (e.g.

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Implementing mLearning In The Workplace

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Implementing mLearning In The Workplace. View more presentations from Upside Learning. Mobile Learning Workplace Learning Implementing mLearning Implementing mLearning In The Workplace mLearning mLearning In The WorkplaceHere’s the slide deck of the same. We also released a ebook on getting started with mobile learning last week which you may find useful.

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Great mobile presentation by Judy Brown on mobile project planning

Ignatia Webs

As the MobiMOOC is well in its second week, the presentations are becoming increasingly inspiring. If you are interested in mobile project planning, Judy Brown's presentation will get you on the way in just a couple of relevant steps. Mobimooc Week 2 - Planning mLearning View more presentations from Judy Brown. mobile mLearning mobimooc

Are #mLearning projects in Africa really successful? #ICT4D critique

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He moves away from the main trend of depicting mLearning as successful simply because it brings education to people that did not use technology for education before and of the main narrative that mLearning is a sure benefit. John starts of the seminar with putting question marks on widely promoted mLearning projects like Nokia Maths project. But what are they buying into?

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free eBook with 61 tips for #mLearning from eLearning Guild

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The eLearning Guild has published a free eBook, sharing 61 tips on mLearning from a wide variety of mobile learning experts. Knowing these details can be the difference between success and failure for your mLearning project. mobile mLearning eLearning guild mobile learning ebookThe report focuses on: Do you know how and when people use mobile devices?

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unesco: opportunities, threats & challenges of #mLearning #mlw2013

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At the second day of the UNESCO's mLearning week , where Agnes Kukulska-Hulme from the Open University in the UK started the day with a very enlightening presentation bringing together the latest on mLearning pedagogies and focusing on a gender related project. social network mobile mLearning research social media social learning mobile learning unesco

FutureLearn: pedagogical & mLearning MOOC platform - the approach

Ignatia Webs

So how does FutureLearn seem to tackle these challenges (remember, I only took notes during the presentation of the platform, so I could be wrong at some point due to my speedy note taking)? Ever since I was 9 years old I have watched school television on BBC where the Open University UK rolled out wonderfully rich and comprehensible visual content. So will it work?

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Free papers on mobile learning from #IMLF2016 conference #mlearning

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In this study, a thematic synthesis methodology was used to develop and present a framework for thinking about the integration of mobile devices in teaching and learning. The mobile learning (mlearning) integration framework is comprised of four main parts: beliefs, resources, methods, and purpose. Every page got me thinking and gave me new ideas related to my own interests.

#ict4d challenges to deliver sustainable #mLearning in developing regions

Ignatia Webs

In a previous post I linked to a presentation by John Traxler , focusing on the discrepancy between current mLearning projects constructed by the mLearning research community that are often lacking rigorous evaluation and sustainable options, and the mobile corporate world pushing for scalable, sustainable mobile projects that are based on pragmatic, transparent facts.

Scalable, durable #mLearning intro drill down

Ignatia Webs

Tom Wambeke and Robin Poppe from the Delta unit of ILO/ITC in Turin, Italy asked a couple of mobile learning people to come over and have a brainstorm on mobile learning options, The dialogue that appeared was interesting as it enabled all of us present to bring together similar priorities, add personal mLearning experiences and building options for people wanting to start, roll-out mobile learning. The slides here reflect the generic ideas or topics that were shared as pointers to start with mLearning or embedding mobile learning into existing (online) learning environments.

Nota tool for collaborative #mLearning with eBooks

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At present Nota is focusi ng on the free STEM catalog of high school and college textbooks, as such Nota is targeting students who can support each other in a peer-to-peer learning environment, without the high cost of textbooks or tutoring. Overall a nice addition for mLearning. mobile tools mLearning OER collaborative learning mobile learning ebookall over again.

eBook 55

The Time to Mobilize Learning is Now: ASTD Houston Keynote Presentation [Slides]

mLearning Revolution

ASTD Houston Keynote Presentation by @rjacquez. I had the great fortune of being invited to deliver the opening keynote presentation at this year’s annual ASTD Houston conference. The title of my presentation was ‘ The Time to Mobilize Learning is Now! Mobile Learning ASTD Houston eLearning featured mLearning RJ Jacquez frameborder="0". marginwidth="0".

Mobile Learning Revolution – Round-Up Of Our Best mLearning Posts

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Coming to this article, we have rallied the best of our mLearning posts. For all of you who are testing the waters or have already implemented a mLearning strategy, this post, we assure you, is manna from heaven. 1. Get your mLearning basics cleared here. 2. Learn about the 4 components of a good PSS and how you can leverage mLearning platforms as PSSs. 6. See you there.

Amit Garg on #mLearning in the #workplace

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As mLearning is still growing in interest from a variety of stakeholders (government, corporate, education), it is always great to read a short presentation that brings everything together. mLearning eLearning

Merging #mLearning with #MOOC is a good idea

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While MOOC are of interest for any training and learning, the surplus of mobile learning or mLearning can not be underestimated. In many ways I feel that the benefits that mLearning offers would add to many MOOC environment. To me a future training platform would merge both mLearning features, as well as MOOC options to come to an ultimate online learning environment that caters intuitively (read ubiquitously) to the learner''s own contexts ans needs. mobile mLearning ubiquitous learning mobile learning mooc seamless learning future of education flow

Setting up a #mLearning Curriculum Framework for any institution

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The paper was presented during IST Africa in Tanzania. mobile mLearning education mobile learning ICT4DIn the past months I have had the pleasure to work on the idea of getting a generic Mobile Curriculum Framework structure built. One that would allow any institute, corporation, organization. to set up their own mobile learning curriculum for their own target audience or students.

The Promise of True mLearning is a Tough Sell

mLearning Revolution

For the last few weeks, I have been busy delivering webinars and workshops on the topic of mobile learning, and throughout, the one question I hear constantly has to do with people asking me for mLearning examples. In other words, I was thinking about what most people really expect to see as mLearning examples? eLearning Mobile Learning featured Learning mindset mLearning mobile

The New Articulate Storyline iPad App and mLearning [VIDEOS]

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We strongly believe in simple but still engaging designs, and for that reason, we’re always trying to find creative ideas to present learning content in order to get our message across. In my opinion, the need to look for new metaphors for learning becomes even more crucial if we seek to make a successful transition from eLearning to mobile learning (mLearning). Send to Kindle.

Video 71

Serious Games? Join the free #mLearning course #MobiMOOC

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To get an overview of the essential factors of why games stimulate us for learning and which implications this have I gladly link to a wonderfully inspiring presentation by Sebastian Deterding (seriously, it is mind blowing beautiful and intelligent!). Make sure you look at the presentation in full screen, as the comments Sebastian provides in his presentation are what makes it an inspiring slide set. games mLearning education mooc mobimoocWith the start of MobiMOOC getting closer, all the course pages become populated. Not registered yet? Don't Play Games With Me!

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Going Mobile: Transforming Metrix Group

Mobile Learning Edge

Several members of the Metrix Group team will be presenting at the eLated event on November 22nd. Future of Mobile Learning Interviews and Presentations Mobile learning Presentations change management eLated mlearningWe have been working on individual professional development projects that have transformed our knowledge base in order to prepare for the increasing demand that we have from our clients for mobile learning projects. The topic we will be speaking about include: Performance Model for Digital Learning Consultant. Primer on Digital Learning.

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Mobile Learning is where the Puck is Going to Be [#mLearning]

mLearning Revolution

Last night I returned home from attending a conference in Houston, TX, called e-Learning Symposium 2013, which is put together by MicroAssist, Inc. I was invited to attend and present my workshop and I was very happy that I did as it was very much worth the trip. I met a lot of great people and had a very tuned-in group of 13 Learning Designers participating in my workshop. Send to Kindle.

5 Call for #papers on #mLearning, #MOOC and #eLearning

Ignatia Webs

You may also consider consulting the guidelines on the format of presentations before handing in your proposal. The IADIS Mobile Learning 2013 International Conference seeks to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of mobile learning research which illustrate developments in the field. mobile PLE mLearning research mobile learning mooc call for papers conferences

Read #MobiMOOC team's best #paper award for #mLearning research

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At the beginning of 2011 I got the idea of organizing a mLearning course, simply because there was no open and free course available. The team got 'Best Paper Award at the academically prestigious mLearn conference in Beijing. The great thing is, the mLearn conference full papers also get published in a peer reviewed mLearning journal iJIM, so. What a thrill it has been.

Call for peer review on #mLearning Curriculum Framework

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MobiMOOC will be starting Saturday 8 September 2012 with an introduction to mLearning, and from 15 - 22 September the topic of Mobile Learning Curriculum Framework will be open. You can find more information in a paper here: this link opens a paper on the Mobile Learning Curriculum Framework that was presented during the IST Africa Conference in 2012.

Call for papers and proposals #eLearning, #MOOC, #mlearning

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Design samples help the reviewers to understand the solution, the design approach and visual presentation skills of participants. conferences education eLearning mLearning mobile learning mooc online learning workshopsA quick list with calls for papers (journals and conferences), workshops and events. pages) as PDF via EasyChair and design samples of own work (e.g.

mLearning #research focus: new features of #html5 for future offline #mLearning

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What I found of immediate interest was their list of new, useful html5 features related to offline mLearning and semantic features - really nice: HTML5 provides a number of new features that almost all yield to the possibility to enrich HTML sites either by new communication mechanisms or by new presentation techniques. In the following the three most important new features with respect to mobile learning scenarios will be presented shortly: Canvas: With the new CANVAS implementation HTML5 provides the possibility for an easy and flexible provision of 2D graphics.

John Traxler with questions on the global impact of #mobile devices #mobimooc

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mobile mLearning mobile learning mooc mobimooc presentationYesterday was again an enlightening day at MobiMOOC. John has listed the main ideas in the course wikipage: And here are two blogposts with some comments: [link] uk/2010/04/john-traxler- mobile-learning-and.html [link].