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FutureLearn: pedagogical & mLearning MOOC platform - the approach

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For all of you out there wanting to push your government into setting up a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platform gathering knowledge from all your national universities, take a look at the approach of UK’s open university on planning a MOOC platform, it looks very promising. The only people really knowing what online learning is about, are the open universities world wide.

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NY Health Department Uses Text Messages to Keep HIV+ Patients Healthy

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New York Presbyterian, Columbia University and Harlem Health Send Targeted Health Reminders over Text. All Posts Blog Government health Last month on World AIDS Day, the New York City Department of Health launched a text message service that can help save the lives of HIV+ patients. HIV+ patients often face a complex schedule of medications and appointments.

#ic_moveme Janesh Sanzgiri on Critical reflections on MOOCs in India @janeshsanzgiri

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In India the most privileged universities put their content online in 2006, mostly stem and technology courses. Home ) a government initiative to support the remote universities with MOOCs for credit. In india lack of infrastructure, lack of university systems to cope with the demand for educators. Fabulous critical talk on MOOCs by Janesh Sanzgiri.

American Journal of Public Health Shows How Mobile Health Campaigns Can Reach Underserved Populations

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University of Maryland Changed 95% of Lower-Income Parents’ Behaviors with Nutrition Information. All Posts Blog government healthAn article in the American Journal of Public Health documents how mobile health campaigns can reach undeserved populations with vital healthcare information. The article chronicles the development and execution of Text4Baby, a text initiative that provides pregnant and new mothers with nutrition and care information to help the development and birth of their children. Ultimately more than 320,000 people enrolled between February 2010 and March 2012.

#ic_moveme Challenges and opportunities of MOOCs in Iran by Shahrzad Ardavani

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25% university students leave Iran: lack of jobs, superior research options, avoiding military service, candidates for suitable jobs in governments have to meet many non-professional related factors. Education is an economic, political and social development and this idea and the problems this results in is tackled by research from Shahrzad Ardavani. What are the pedagogical problems?

Module on open education: policy, accreditation by George Siemens #openEd

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It is however a paid for course organised by Athabasca University (yeah!). He acts as the Associate Director of the Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute (TEKRI) at Athabasca University, has authored many books and articles including Knowing Knowledge and the Handbook of Emerging Technologies for Learning , and is the founding member of the Society for Learning Analytics Research.

Free report durable Technology Enhanced Learning #Telearning

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The report also looks at challenges and misconceptions of TELearning: e.g. MISCONCEPTION: Most of the TEL innovation process takes place within universities. similar long-term relationship with the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Sheffield has also helped with the development of the simulator. The focus is also on design-based research.

Mobile Messaging News Roundup

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US Government plans unhackable alternative to WhatsApp  – The US Government is planning to build an “unhackable” alternative to current over-the-top messengers, like WhatsApp. Every week, our Lead Mobile Strategist Ti Chesley posts a roundup of the biggest news in mobile messaging.  Mobile providers (and the  CTIA ) don’t think so. Remember to stay compliant, folks!

One textbook policy = bad idea. Here’s why, from Jansen, Attwell and Spaull

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Description from the programme: Government’s controversial proposal to limit textbooks to one per subject has raised alarms across disciplines. Francis Wilson asks Arthur Attwell (Book Dash), Jonathan Jansen (How to Fix South African Schools) and Nic Spaull (post-doc Education fellow at the University of Stellenbosch), what the implications are. Apparently, even though the government has asked for public input on the policy-in-making, it is a fait accompli and the decision was taken some time back at an ANC conference in Bloemfontein. Nic Spaull. Every year 1.1m

#EDENRW9 The increasing im-possibilities of justice and care in open distance learning

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Government subsidies have tumbled while student numbers rose in South Africa. How do we talk about university care with top ranking of universities, the rankings increase marginalisation of knowing. Paul Prinsloo ( ) was looking particularly good this morning in his light blue jacket and his radiant presence. Red-lining?

#OEB2014 keynote debate #data corrupts #education

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The digital divide – or the data divide - trickles down from the big Universities all the way to the vulnerable learners. As big universities might be able to pay for data access and results, and use those data to improve the learning goals of their (cognitive, and data minded) students. The less financially strong universities will have access to less data, less tools, which will affect learning/Teaching (although I do add that this might indeed not result in loss of teaching quality). Which students will be able to pay for those universities? And based on what?

New Yorkers Find Out Where to Vote over Text Message

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Princeton University study found that a text message reminder increased a person’s likelihood to vote by 4-5 percent. All Posts Blog Company News Government Nonprofit npo Use Cases Why Mobile Commons Mobile Commons is launching a new polling place locator to ensure that New Yorkers can find their way to the polls on Tuesday’s election. Many of these people can’t turn to the Internet.

Current trends in Learning Technologies: a bluffer's guide


If you are using government funding to generate new resources, think seriously about making them available to all.  So conversations about mobile learning "at school", are likely to be massively different from "at university", and different again from "at work". Why the hype: Several big universities have started offering free access to their course materials. What they are.

How Text Messaging Will Change for the Better in 2016

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Concurrent with the resurgent recognition of SMS as a universal platform for connecting with people, other tech developers are working to make text messaging even better.   As recently as three years ago, reputable sources wondered if text messaging — after a two-decade ramp-up — had peaked in popularity. So, what has been propping up the popularity of text messaging?

Text Messaging Increases Patients Adherence In Medicaid Populations

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According to a report by the Government Accountability Office , approximately 5 percent of Medicaid patients account for almost 50 percent of the program’s spending. That’s why Sense Health researchers at Montefiore Medical Center’s University Behavioral Associates conducted a clinical trial to see if text messaging could increase medication adherence among high-cost Medicaid patients.

@eLaconference #ICT4D #eLearning Africa report covers a lot of ground

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ICWE people who organize the conferences Online Educa Berlin and eLearning Africa have just published a report on the status of eLearning in Africa (which is organized in Benin this year). The report is published at the beginning of the conference, which I think is a wonderful idea. It is a free report and can be downloaded here. Now who would not be interested in that? eLearning report ICT4D

#OER on higher ed, corporate, personal & #development

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She shared an interesting talk with Cheryl Hodgkinson-Williams from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Una also shares some good OER coming from government resources in the Public domain : NASA, Department of Labor, department of energy (all US). But she does mention that not much is known in the public about these high quality OER provided by government.

UNICEF Report on Children, ICTs and Development

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The points about funding being limited in time and scope from governments/foundations, or being driven — and dictated — by the private sector, are not at all new to ICT4D. If governments/foundations have not changed their funding habits by now, and private companies continue to ultimately be driven by profit, then the change may never happen. Equity. Gender issues. Pilots.

Two-Way Text Messaging: Interacting with Your Mobile Subscribers in One-on-One Conversations

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Whether you’re a government agency, a public college, or a healthcare organization, responding to questions in a timely manner is very important. One of the most sophisticated features of the Mobile Commons platform is the ability to communicate with individual mobile subscribers in one-on-one conversations. The value of two-way text messaging. Agent View. Chat sessions.

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Crisis Text Line Uses SMS Data Mining to Save Lives

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All the compiled information from CTL’s text messaging service essentially creates a data “map” that can be used not just by researchers who want to help teens, but also by schools, other organizations, and even the government to help teenagers proactively navigate their problems. Text messaging’s trademark is fast, efficient communication. That’s right. Since CTL’s inception, over 3.3

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Computers aren’t so special anymore, but the kids may be better off: An introduction to mobile ‘appliance computing’ in Queensland schools

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Much has been said about the parental responsibilities involved with students having mobile phones by experts such as the Queensland Governments bullying adviser Michael Carr-Gregg who has advised parents not to “outsource responsibility to schools” (Brisbane Times, October 26 2010). In Australia it could be said Queensland is one of the epicenters of this change. How do we know this? phone?

5 Take-aways from the UNESCO Mobile Learning Week Webinar

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Prof Mike Sharples  (Open University) put forward the single, strongest point on mobile learning: that it needs to be led by pedagogy and not technology. They were frustrated that, once in the confines of the school, their devices and mobile lives were being governed by narrow policies. However, old challenges have dug their heels in deeper. Pedagogy, not technology, must lead.

5 Call for #papers on #mLearning, #MOOC and #eLearning

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CONFERENCE THEME: "CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION IN EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH" National governments and the European Union see innovation as increasingly important for the development of the 21st century knowledge society. Having finished my draft thesis to submit for review, I am ready to dive into the call for papers and … get some abstracts in. Here are some of the calls that got into my mailbox.

ICT lessons learned from Rwanda

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At the recent  Africa – Continent of Opportunities: Bridging the Digital Divide   event in Berlin (see my notes here ),   Mr Jean Philbert Nsengimana, Minister of Youth and ICT, Rwanda, shared some lessons from 15 year of ICT adoption in his country: Vision 2020   is a Government development program in  Rwanda , launched in 2000 by Rwandan president  Paul Kagame. Keeping focus and momentum.

CommLab University Blog » Blog Archive » Is m-learning a better platform for effective learning?

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CommLab University Blog « How effective is eLearning in imparting Product Training? Recent studies in Europe and US have shown that many educational institutions and government organizations are using the portable mobile devices to conduct research projects as these user-friendly devices are helping them achieve better results in reduced time period. Tony Post Comment CommLab Global Online University Blog The CommLab Global Online University blog is all about the latest, most useful and most talked about topics under Self Assessment, Career Growth and Success Tips.

Province, industry, and university partner for mobile learning research | Tony Bates

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iCORE is providing $760,000 over five years, Athabasca University is contributing $1.6 ’ Written by tony2 · Filed Under Events , Technology , geolocation , mobile learning Tagged: 2009 , Alberta , Athabasca University , iCORE , k , Kinshuk , Malkin , mobile learning , Xerox Canada Comments Got something to say? million, Xerox Canada is contributing $310,000, and Allan Markin is contributing $450,000.’ et al. 2008) The Tower and the Cloud Kimberly on Laptops in lectures Blog@UOe-L » Blog Archive » Laptops nas aulas teórias?

Should #iPad be used as a major #mobile device in high schools? David Parson makes them compulsory for a pilot

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David Parsons from the Massey University of Auckland , New Zealand has lined up the advantages and possible pitfalls for using iPad in higher education. The government does not have the funds to provide nation wide devices. A lot of us talk about the iPads and how to use them. Why is this a defining college initiative? Why do we buy into the idea of ONE product of a certain company?

4 Calls for #papers and 2 #PhD opportunities

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We will explore their learning cultures, technology use patterns and discuss new approaches in the schools, universities, lifelong - informal - adult learning settings that respond to them. The Governing Board for the AERA Grants Program has established the following four strands of emphasis for proposals. degree or above in a relevant subject area The Open University provides excellent support and offers training in computer, library and presentation skills. Equal Opportunity is University Policy. For entry to the MRes you should have a 2.1

Free book on the Future of Reputation on the Web and the importance of Understanding Privacy

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In this world where privacy is challenged by every imaginable company (and government), the tendency is that privacy should no longer matter for everything is out in the open anyway. Surf to The Future of Reputation by Daniel Solove published by Yale University Press in October 2007 and get into the dark side of the Web. This book is not for free, but the one mentioned below is.

Call for papers: Digital Futures: learning in a connected world

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So all of you k12 teachers, university pioneers, and trainers. This years keynote speakers are: Stephen Heppell: Stephen's ICT career (he is credited with being the person who put the C into ICT), began with the UK government's Microelectronics Education programme (MEP) in the early 80s, after he had been teaching for some years. And I will keynote as wel l. Web 2.0:

UNESCO report: A mobile reading revolution

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Because increased reading carries numerous educational and social benefits, governments and other institutions can take steps to promote mobile reading, especially in areas where illiteracy is widespread, but mobile phones are common. Indeed, many are funded by governments, foundations or CSI budgets (and the report’s recommendations talk to these stakeholders).

A Must Read Blog- New Learning Playbook

mLearning World

The New Learning Playbook tracks innovations and trends in corporate learning and talent management among corporations, universities and government agencies. I've discovered a new blog today that I would recommend for everyone to add to their feed list. mlearning m-learning mobile-learning mobile+learning podcasting iphone apple web+2.0 learing+2.0 eLearning Education for the iPod Generation

Centene’s Start Smart For Your Baby Texting Program Receives Children’s Health Award

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Centene Corporation provides programs and services to government sponsored healthcare programs, focusing on under-insured or uninsured individuals. Mobile Commons is excited to announce that Centene received the Children’s Health Award last week! The Start Smart For Your Baby Texting Program. In particular, the program encourages breastfeeding and doctor’s visits during and after pregnancy.

WNYC Wins Major Award for Crowdsourced Snow Map Using Mobile Commons Platform

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When the government was saying the snow cleanup was going fine, WNYC listeners told the station otherwise by texting the snow situation on their block. Thirty-four judges from a diverse range of media organizations and universities selected the winners at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Fla. This elite group, composed of creative minds in the new media industry, included representatives of Storify, NPR, Facebook, CNN International and universities such as the University of North Carolina and the College of Staten Island. ONA’s press release.

How to Insure a Country, 160 Characters at a Time – Part 3

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This post was written by Benjamin Stein, CTO & Co-Founder of Mobile Commons, and Mark Hunter, MPH PhD(c) Health Services & Policy Analysis, University of California, Berkeley. Others may have antipathy toward “government-run” health care and may avoid exchanges because they (incorrectly) believe that only public plans are available. What To Say and How To Say It.

Your Weekly Mobile News Roundup

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Skype’s new Universal Windows 10 app will soon include SMS integration  – This seems to support insider previews that there are plans to reintegrate Skype and its  operating system messaging experience. Also, as a reminder, in April I reported that KPN unit iBasis  agreed  to sell its A2P & P2P SMS hubbing business to the company. Notable Notable for M&R. Industry News


Get People to Do What You Want Them To by Turning Your Everyday Outreach into a Game

Mobile Commons was a forerunner in adopting a new strategy that is revolutionizing business, government, and non-profit work. An op-ed from Richard Thaler in the New York Times described how governments, universities and companies are adopting gamification to encourage good behavior. It’s easy to use and almost universally adopted. When the non-profit wants to mobilize its teen audience, they do it by text. As their CEO Nancy Lublin has said, “If you want to reach teens, you’re … better off sending them a text message.”. It’s called “gamification.”

Déjà Vu

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Businesses and government are finding how much more productive workers can be using these devices for communication, data gathering, information access, and yes, even learning and performance support. Some forward thinking colleges and universities have also begun to integrate mobile capabilities into their infrastructures. Students use these devices and throw them away.

The 35 Dollar Tablet Computer

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The tablet is intended for children from the primary to university level. The Indian government wants to put the tablet into production by 2011, but hasn’t yet found partners to build it. I’ll be watching and would love to get my hands on one of these devices when they’re out in the market. Am I glad to hear this; it was high time India jumped on the low-cost tablet and its happened!

enlightening conference

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Government, universities and research centers were represented and attended. What a wonderful conference it was in Fredericton, New Brunswick on mobile learning. It was a real treed to be able to speak in front of such an enlightened audience. The speakers were the cream of the crop on mobile learning: John Traxler, Steve Wexler, Stella Lee, Kevin Harvey and me (me not being cream, just soje). My presentation focused on mobile learning projects and social media to support the participants in those mobile projects.