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Hopes for #Google #MOOC partnership with #EdX

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With a bit of a delay some thoughts on Google''s move towards education ( lining up with EdX for the platform ). It does not come as too much of a surprise, as Google has been exploring education for a longer period of time. Another angle which I find of interest is the Google teacher approach: or how to use Google tools for teachers.

Serious Games? Join the free #mLearning course #MobiMOOC

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Simply become a member of MobiMOOC google group to become a participant in MobiMOOC). In the third week of the course (23 - 29 September 2012) David Parsons from the Massey University in New Zealand will take us on a one week journey into serious games. He will ask all of us participants to exchange experiences, challenges and ideas on games for education and showcase a game he has been developing. Don't Play Games With Me! Promises and Pitfalls of Gameful Design from Sebastian Deterding. games mLearning education mooc mobimoocNot registered yet?

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Future of Ed #AI DeepMind computer teaches itself to play Atari 2600 games

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What about game-based learning ? Is it really such a game-changer, and if it is, than what do we think about computers teaching themselves to be better (than us humans in these games)? DeepMind takes over Atari high scores Google''s DeepMind is something to be reckoned with, and an technological evolution that will push us to rethink society (at least, that''s what I think).

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Tryout this #Android #mLearning game and alter it for your setting

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David Parsons from the Massey University in Auckland, New Zealand has developed a mobile business consulting game. The game is not yet fully finished, but he and his team offer us the means to go and install the game on our Android mobile phones and give it a try. The game also has augmented features, so it is nice for a variety of reasons.

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New to Mobile Learning Development: 3 Big Problems and 7 Solutions

With competition from Google, Blackberry (RIM), Microsoft, and HP heating up. As of the writing of this article, the main players in the mobile device space are: •Apple with iOS •Google with Android OS •RIM with Blackberry OS •Microsoft with Windows Phone OS •Symbian which has plans to use the Windows Phone OS So how do you create content that works on all of these devices? began.

Join the facilitators of the free course on #mLearning MobiMOOC

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Covered mLearning topics: augmented learning, mobile gaming, corporate mLearning, train-the-trainer, building a mLearning curriculum, global mLearning issues, ICT for development, mlearning strategies/pedagogies and we will start with a look at the basics of mLearning including how to set up a mobile learning project. Join the free course by becoming a member of the MobiMOOC google group (registration point of the course). Mobile gaming : David (Parsons) from Australia is an old school new school mobile programmer, now completely emerged in mobile gaming. Interested?

Sean McCracken Wins the $10,000 Rackspace Google Glass Developer Contest

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Augmented reality and gaming developer says winning project, Psyclops, is like a mix between Space Invaders and Missile Command. Mobile Apps Pedagogy and Learning augmented reality Google Glass

6 Reasons Why Responsive Design Makes sense as the Future of e-Learning and m-Learning Design

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To say that Mobile has been a game-changer in our lives is an understatement. According to Google, 90% of users use multiple screens sequentially to accomplish a task over time. OMD research: viewers switch devices regularly while the TV is on (Image credit: Nathan Daniels). How many devices do you own? For me, the answer is a whole lot, perhaps too many. mobile devices per capita.

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Google App Inventor – Can It Boost mLearning?

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Last week Google launched App Inventor a visual development tool to build Android applications. App Inventor can be used for developing mLearning, quiz apps, mini learning games etc. Tags: Mobile Learning Android App Inventor Google mLearning This tool will allow anyone to create an Android app without writing even a single line of code. doubt.

10 Things Adobe gets Right about Mobile Learning with Captivate 8 [Review]

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With Responsive Design, the idea is to maintain and point people to a single URL, using a single set of content on the back end, while using the same code, and with the help of CSS Media Queries , deliver great experiences across multiple devices, including desktop and laptops, tablets and smartphones and in the near future, wearables like the iWatch and Google Glass. Responsive Projects.

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15 Authoring Tools For mEnabling Your eLearning For iPads

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Google Swiffy. code into HTML (though no Flash games yet). 8. Last week I asked if you had thought about mEnabling your eLearning for iPads (mEnabling, is what we are calling the process of getting your existing eLearning to run on iPads and other tablets) but didn’t really tell you how? So here’s a few – 15 actually! Adobe Edge Animate. And the icing on the cake? It’s free! 2.

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Boom Town: Another win for HTML5. A good thing for mLearning [video]

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I’m not a coder, nor am I much of a gamer but I would imagine that with all the interactivity that games include, it must be fairly complicated to develop one. Perhaps this is why game developers have thus far gravitated toward developing games as native apps. Yesterday,  appMobi  showed off  Boom Town , a game built entirely in HTML5. Part of this is by design.

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This Week in mLearning Podcast – A Review of Articulate Storyline [Episode 5]

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Pebble is a customizable e-paper watch, promoted by Kickstarter , a funding platform. 2- Articulate Storyline: killer features and performance limitations. 3- Articulate Community. 4- Articulate Storyline´s mobile story and challenges for the future (SCORM support, security, etc). 5- Articulate Storyline compared with Adobe Captivate. 6- Apps of the week: Wolfenstein 3D (free game) and Zite (personalized magazine). Welcome episode #5 of our new podcast entitled “ This Week in mLearning. ” In case you missed previous episodes, you can find them HERE. Send to Kindle.

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Mobile Learning in India

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There are also innovative games based around SMS that have strong learning potential. 3. Having a browser on the phone opens up all the learning resources available on the web, including Google, LMS applications, typical eLearning courseware and other tools/applications. There is a definite appeal in gaming for learning using mobile phones.

Google’s App Inventor Will Allow ‘The Rest of Us’ to make Apps

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Google has decided to help us with that need by creating App Inventor , which claims to allow people who don’t have programming skills to create mobile apps through a drag and drop interface. This is welcome news for learning content creators who feel shut out of the app development game because they lack the programming skills or can’t afford to hire an app developer.

MIT Launches a new Center for Mobile Learning

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Research projects will explore location-aware learning applications, mobile sensing and data collection, augmented reality gaming, and other educational uses of mobile technologies. &#. The project is housed in MIT’s famous Media Lab, and is funded with seed money from Google. MIT has launched a new Center for Mobile Learning that “will focus on the design and study of new mobile technologies and applications, enabling people to learn anywhere anytime with anyone. To read the press release, click here

Why Windows 8 and Touch-enabled Laptops Bode well for the Future of Mobile Learning – [Video]

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Google’s Chromebook Pixel is a fully touch-enabled laptop. Google understand the importance of touch and recently introduced the next generation of their Chromebook, which is fully touch enabled: Google’s Chromebook Pixel is a fully touch-enabled laptop. Touch-enabled laptops and desktops are game-changers. Check out the video for more on this. Conclusion.

Free Mobile Learning Course – MobiMOOC2012

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You can register for the course by becoming a member of the Google group here. Mobile games. The second edition of MobiMOOC starts next month. Inge De Waard ( @ignatia ), the organizer of MobiMOOC started this fantastic event last year which was quite successful. Do feel free to send in your thoughts on the topics you would like me to include. quick overview of MobiMOOC 2012. TOPIC.

Topics of free #mLearning course #MobiMOOC

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The registration is simple: just sign up for the MobiMOOC Google group and you will be informed of any new developments, announcements. After consulting all you wonderful mLearning enthusiasts, I gladly share the the topics that will be covered in the next free, open and online course on mLearning called MobiMOOC. The architecture of this course will follow the (peace) tree architecture. The Learning Circuits Blog: Federation of American Scientists Bland Report on Harnessing the power of video games for learning

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► 07/04 - 07/11 (3) eLearning Kindle eBook From Toy to Tool: Cell Phones in Learning: Speak U. From mLearnopedia: April - June Hot List: Mobile L. ► 06/27 - 07/04 (2) Mobile Learning: A 4th Reading List Ignatia Webs: What to take into account when chosi. ► 06/20 - 06/27 (1) mLearnCon 2010: Dr. Mimi Ito – What the User Wants. ► 11/16 - 11/23 (1) Forget the laptop?

Upcoming the Really Useful #EdTechbook and chapter

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Even if we tried we’d still have to deal with other developments and distractions in classroom and learning technology like smart boards, blogs, video, games, students-led learning, virtual learning environments, social media, etc. What a great start of a new year, to be able to work with wonderful people and get a chapter out as well. Zak Mensah: “Why do we do what we do?”

Two days before free, open, online #mLearning course #MobiMOOC launches

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For those not registered for the free, open, online course on mobile learning, the so called MobiMOOC, join us by becoming a member in the MobiMOOC google group here ! Okay, I admit, as organizer of MobiMOOC I am at this point feeling both very anxious ("I will never get everything done in time!), crossing fingers"). Yes, three weeks of intense mobile knowledge exchange.

Enterprise Mobile Learning 2011 - Year in Review

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HTML5 web apps might be ideal for consumer-centric marketing efforts, mobile games and some social tools but these experiences are one-dimensional compared with the full-on, multi-functional mLearning experiences mixing formal and informal interactions, performance tools, ready access to information and experts, gaming systems and more. a.k.a. How On Target Were My 2011 Predictions?

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Even the US Military wants mobile APPs!


Tags: open source m-learning in USA App Stores phone games gPhone google applications android

Free mobile learning papers from mLearn2016 conference in Sydney #mLearning #mobile

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The papers range from the indigenous use of mobile learning, wearable technologies, eyetracking for gaming, teaching digital citizenship, simulation games, augmented realities, micro-credentials and mobile assisted language learning. This is a great set of mobile learning papers ( proceedings available here ) written for the 15th mLearn conference that was organised in Sydney, Australia on 24-26 October 2016. The theme chosen for the conference was Mobile Learning Futures – Sustaining Quality Research and Practice in Mobile Learning. Yue, Lisa Y. Law, Hiu Ling Chan, Jade B.

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Launch of the Really Useful #EdTechBook #elearning enthusiasts

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Even if we tried we’d still have to deal with other developments and distractions in classroom and learning technology like smart boards, blogs, video, games, students-led learning, virtual learning environments, social media, etc. Today is the day that the Really Useful #EdTechBook is launched (at 9.00 am London time ). So what is the book about? Price Paperback: $29.99 / £19.99 / €24.99

Mobile Messaging News Roundup

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Karan Brar Reveals the Text Message He Totally Regrets Sending  – Actor Karan Brar talks about his  Context Clues  campaign (which encourages students to read over the summer with a fun texting mystery game) with our awesome customer DoSomething. Have you used our multiple choice functionality for surveys, games, or quizzes? Industry News The TCPA As Great Uniter?

Serious Games as Mobile Learning At School | FUTURE-MAKING SERIOUS GAMES

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“Pupils are using a whole range of devices that can be used on the Internet - mobile phones, gaming devices, MP3 players," he says. View my complete profile Miscellaneous Statistics Ads By Google. Tags: games UK Notre Dame is a Catholic co-educational comprehensive with more than 1,400 students (more than 400 in the sixth form) and uses ICT extensively.

Current trends in Learning Technologies: a bluffer's guide


Game based learning: This has been described as the "next big thing" for at least the past 10 years. Two disastrous models, often repeated are: interesting game, often of first-person adventurer / puzzle solving variety, with really naff 2-d content quizzes scattered through it. A fun game ruined by lame learning. Do you know your MOOCs from your OERs? What they are.

Enterprise mLearning Predictions for 2011

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devices – each with tens of thousands of available apps – will help fuel continued adoption of Apple and Google-designed tablets in the learning space. 5. It was no surprise to many of us that Facebook was the most heavily trafficked web site in 2010 and displaced Google for the first time in many years. Some form of consolidation will come to the mobile device/handset sector as a few of the key but descending players –namely Nokia, Microsoft, HP and RIM – aligning themselves together to try and overcome the momentum of the two ascending players – namely Apple and Google.

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Interested in #augmented learning join #MobiMOOC for free

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More information on MobiMOOC: Where: online, you can sign up for the course by becoming a member of the Google group at [link] Cost: this is a free course: registration and participation are free When: 8 – 30 September 2012 Central course location: [link] Participate in the MobiMOOC Award : if you participate in the MobiMOOC award, your mobile learning project overview can earn you 500 USD. Augmented learning is one of the revolutionary technologies of contemporary learning. Augmented technology is still emerging as applications are being explored. See here formore information.

Mark Power » Augmented Reality - A Game Changer in Mobile Learning?

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Mark Power A JISC CETIS blog Contact Subscribe Meta Log in Entries RSS Comments RSS Augmented Reality - A Game Changer in Mobile Learning? Oct 20, 2009 augmented reality , mobile learning , mobile technologies I think we’re getting to the point where, by now, many of you will have found it hard to avoid hearing about the latest technology buzz. No, not Cloud Computing.

My 2012 Enterprise mLearning Predictions Recap

mLearning Trends

Not that companies need to even create “games” per se; rather, the trend will be towards gamifying our standard formal learning actions and informal social interactions through the addition of point systems, achievement leveling/scaling, overall leader boards, badging systems and tangible reward/incentives. Here’s the analysis of how it all played out. On Target But. Bullseye. Near Bullseye.

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Win 500 $ with your mobile project overview for #mLearning

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If you have not registered for the course yet, you can enroll for free by becoming a member of the MobiMOOC Google group which can be found here. The free online course on mobile learning MobiMOOC will launch on 8 September 2012 and guide you through different mobile learning (mLearning) fields for three weeks. Want to learn more about the course, than look at the course wiki here.

Of Mobile Devices, Apps, Games and Casual Mobile Learning - Classroom 2.0

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partnered with a couple of grad students to design and program an app to teach boolean logic while playing a fun robot shooter game the only difference being that that our "guns" were logic gates, and the bit that the player had to shoot based on 2 random 1/0 input bits was the bit that matched the "rogue bot" moving towards the gate "gun". Tags: Stanford iPhone games Hosts" CR 2.0

Pontydysgu – Bridge to Learning » Blog Archive » Google Goggles – an important tool for mobile work based learning?

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Pontydysgu – Bridge to Learning Home Blogs Wales Wide Web Working & Learning My Learning Journey Anges Blog Jos Blog WordPress and more Google Goggles – an important tool for mobile work based learning? Is Google running short of imagination. But Google Goggles – who thought that up? Tags: Google Goggles Its a terrible name.

Apple announcement is excellent news for cross-platform app developers!


We have only recently found out about MotherApp, so don’t know much about it apart from the fact that you use a special subset of html to define your app, then upload to motherapp who will render it into native apps for different devices, passing any calls for data back to your website (supports iPhone, Android, WinMob) Corona (by Ansca) – Corona is specifically for building games.

Plan your corporate #mobile learning with Amit Garg

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Register for free: you can sign up for the course by becoming a member of the MobiMOOC google group. Amit Garg is one of the facilitators in the upcoming, free, online course on Mobile Learning (mLearning). He is one of the co-founders of Amit will take us all on a tour to see what it takes, how to strategies and successfully implement mobile learning for corporations and business organizations. He has been implementing corporate learning solutions for the last 12 years. Below you find a powerpoint on the subject of mLearning at the workplace.

2 Events that Could Help Push Mobile Learning

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The Windows Mobile 7 update will integrate devices with the XBox gaming system, which could be another option for distributing learning – perhaps along the lines of the Apple App Store or Google’s Android Marketplace or the many other marketplaces available for different mobile operating systems. Tags: Mobile Learning m-Learning mobile landscape mobile learning market mobile technology mobile user experience us mobile learning Android Blackberry Flash Google iPhone RIM Safari Windows Mobile Why are these events important?

Flash Player On Devices – Going Mobile Just Got Easier

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As one Google guy I spoke with recently said, “everyone is thinking about mobile.&# And that is a really good thing for mobile learning. And the newest version of the plug-in is good by most accounts – take a look at what it’s capable of here: Flash Plug-in Running on Google’s Nexus One. Many simulations use Flash, many games available in e-Learning courses use Flash and Flash is used a lot to deliver graphics, animations and different kinds of user experiences that are not able to be produced with HTML, JavaScript or any other traditional web technology.