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All content videos on #OER, #MOOC and #opened13

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Go home, activate your internet, take which ever device you like best and look at one of the sessions coming from last weeks Open Education conference. And there are a lot of content topics to choose from: If you are interested in Open Educaitonal Resources (cases and theory - either from educational, library resources or a researcher perspective. there are sessions of interest.

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#OER #mobile and online learning videos

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Yesterday the last of a set of 10 videos on Open Educational Resources (OER) was uploaded by the Ontario Online Learning Portal. Through the videos, Rory guides you to effectively find and make use of OER for more time- and cost-effective course development. will share just the one video from those 10 movies here focusing on OER and mobile learning.

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Flipped #eMOOCs2015 conference videos via EdX course

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The eMOOCs2015 conference will be starting in two weeks, and as a pre-conference treat videos and discussions on 10 top papers are presented in a real EdX MOOC format. By offering the videos and discussions prior to the actual conference sessions, we (= all conference organisers) hope to get a more in-depth discussion going during the sessions themselves. What you need to do?

Video reflection on my #CoP lifelong learning experiences #discuss

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The video is shared below. Warning, it is a really low-tech video, as I am in a bit of a state (strained my back, which resulted in having to take medication to dim the pain, so my brain is a bit numb, but. I had to jump to help out my friend Chahira - I hope the video is in some way helpful Chahira). took her up on that, as I recently had a new (new to me) insight on this.

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Can the #MOOC format respond to the educational challenges #altc2013?

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Problem In the educational reality of the second decennium of the 21st century education is molded by a variety of new factors. Due to these new technologies and emerging formats, education is forced into a process of transformation. As such many tensions accompany this educational transformation, and especially when looking at the more vulnerable learner groups. 87-88).

How #mobiles helped save Los Angeles Adult #education with Sean Abajian

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With education being at the crossroads it says to be and with the crisis cutting educational initiatives around the world, this video can give us some strategies to see positive change happening thanks to grassroot action. Adult education has been thriving in the Los Angeles area from 1870's and last December 2011 it was said to be cut completely by the local government.

Noam Chomsky on the purpose of #education via #LWF

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In this 21 minute video you can hear his opinion on education. The video was produced for the wonderful and energetic conference of 'Learning Without Frontiers'. Noam's ideas on education in short (and paraphrased by me at times): There is a constant struggle between two realities: the principles of the enlightment and indoctrination. These two sides are always there.

iPad 2: whats in it for education?

uLearning Blog

Despite being a consumer device, it has seen massive adoption by professionals in business, medicine, and education. Here are the top 3 things that iPad 2 has going for it as far as education is concerned: 1. So what does the iPad not have yet for education? We also need clarity around education use off apps and iTunes content.

#Situated learning via #mobile #augmented learning for our #educational future

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Lave and Wenger assert that situated learning "is not an educational form, much less a pedagogical strategy" ( Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger (1991) Situated Learning. In case you doubt whether this could be of interest to your learners, doubt no more, just take a look at this simple situated simulation video proposed by Gunnar Liestoel (Norwegian 'oe') and his companions.

Intro to Educational Technology by Mike Sharples #EdTech

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A nice overview of early educational technology presented by Mike Sharples , the pedagogical lead of FutureLearn and longtime EdTech researcher. The focus of this talk is first on technology for education, followed by zooming in on the learning bit of the EdTech, and at the end a brief look at evaluating learning.

Learning Solutions #LScon: indirect learning on Education

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David Metcalf from METIL redirected me to James Tooley , on his project/book 'the beautiful tree' which talks about how the poor educate themselves. His project is fabulous, he gets a micro-finance business going that offers communities in any poor area around the world to organize, set-up and deploy education. Before including the video of James talking about the low-cost private schools in the slums of India. If you have not heard of him, check out the video to get inspired on new ways of education. education k12 books mhealth ICT4D

Here’s Why I am Excited about Google Glass [Video]

mLearning Revolution

Secondly, today’s smart watches aren’t a viable replacement for our smartphones, most of the videos I have seen of smart watches show they merely serve to display the same notifications we get on our smartphones. screen shot of a hands-free video of my son riding his electric scooter using a GoPro camera and a Chest Mount Harness, while riding my own scooter.

Take Note: ‘Explain Everything’ app is THE top education app right now

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For educators, it means the option to create video podcasts is now available whenever and wherever we require it. Indigenous Education and Training Futures Division | [link]. Department of Education and Training | Queensland Government. of Queensland or the Department of Education and Training. What all have so far lacked is a local export to camera roll option.

Free #mobile research papers from #mLearn Qatar

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The paper by Edgar Napoleon Assiimwe and Sana Zubair Kahn on the topic of "Ubiquitous Computing in Education: A SWOT Analysis by Students and Teachers " immediately appealed to me as the idea of doing such an investigation is so needed! Idea is simple: small video sizes (enabling download or streaming), short questions within video content (waiting for a response of the learner) and.

This Week in mLearning Podcast – Video in #mLearning [Episode 4]

mLearning Revolution

Welcome episode #4 of our new podcast entitled “ This Week in mLearning. ” In this episode, Robert and I talk Adobe CS6, Google Drive and the impact of Video in mLearning, as well as SceneChat, the Khan Academy, the Flipped Classroom and more. The video revolution: some stats. Best practices and current use of video in mLearning. SceneChat : making videos more interactive.

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Our Mobile Commons Enroll Video Explains How Text Messaging Can Help Enroll People in Health Insurance

Mobile Commons

Well, we made a video to show you! Check out our video below! Mobile Commons Enroll – How To Reach, Educate, and Enroll the 48 Million Uninsured with Text from Mobile Commons on Vimeo. All Posts Blog Our Products Videos How can text messaging inspire people to enroll in health insurance?

Two new ubiquitous technologies for Education

uLearning Blog

Wanted to post about two new technologies I am exploring for their ubiquitous impact on technology that I wanted to share… Both are currently being deployed, but as it is very early days, especially for Education, the ultimate uses of them in a learning context are yet to be defined. 1. Check out this quick video of what’s being done by fellow ADE Paul Hamilton here in Australia.

Blogphilosophy on the #MOOC for credit Global Freshman Academy #GFA

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Second reaction: let me look at the video… *watching* … oh no. For it is clear that he – among others – is a man with a clear educational mission, and I admire that, but … it takes a neighborhood (the globe) to really make a change happen, and as such reflection must happen by the people for the people, not by the few under the cloak of the many. First reaction: THIS IS GREAT.

Launch of the Really Useful #EdTechBook #elearning enthusiasts

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This book has took only 6 months to gather 16 educational technologists, and all-round eLearning practitioners (both in online education, mobile learning, and any sub-section in technology enhanced learning). books ebook education eLearning online education online learning technology So what is the book about? Price Paperback: $29.99 / £19.99 / €24.99

Social learning expert panel #emoocs2015 #social

Ignatia Webs is not really a social learning platform, it is more a catalogue of videos, so less social. There is a tension between what we can do to keep the diversity in terms of cultural, religious approaches that are used in MOOCs, but in the end all of us have our own educational paradigm which we think is ‘ideal’ whether that is or not. What do you feel is social learning?

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Future of #mLearning inspiring ideas @dave_parsons

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As well as the tool-like functions that are built in to the device hardware (camera, sound recorder, video recorder,multimedia messaging, etc.), education future future of education mLearning mobile mobile learning Imagine a future world where mobile learning is intuitive. What a refreshing research document! What a refreshing and easy to read paper. from mLearning.

Future of Ed #AI DeepMind computer teaches itself to play Atari 2600 games

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Education might get under pressure, as automation and learning creeps in from the digital world. Education as savior to get us from human-biological to computational-digital But there is a downside as we are in a transition zone, where AI is not yet capable of taking over, and humans are decreasingly needed. What about game-based learning ? Will Art be the last job standing?

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#ict4d challenges to deliver sustainable #mLearning in developing regions

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The video below is provided by the University of Kwazulu-Natal , the recording can be downloaded from their seminar website here. The video you see here is the low bandwidth version, but on their site you will find a high resolution version (which works great on a television set as well). and so on.

free BJET issue on #MOOC disrupting teaching & learning in #HigherEd

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The British Journal of Educational Technologies just published a Special Issue: Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs): ‘disrupting’ teaching and learning practices in higher education. Will MOOCs transform learning and teaching in higher education? assessment education eLearning higher education journal mooc networking participation researchLozano and Víctor M. R.

Durable, rural #mLearning with the Cofimvaba project

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Rural learners, Indigenous people, refugees, nomadic travelers, all vulnerable learner groups in general still face a lot of challenges and one of these challenges always comes down to education. Education for all still has a long road to travel, but some of us keep on paving the roads to get everyone on board no matter what the challenges. they will do it!

What Adults Can Learn from Kids

The Mobile Learner

In this very engaging talk, young Adora Svitak reminds us all, including educators, that we need to listen to students, provide them with a voice, and remember that learning is reciprocal. edushifts reflections video education learning The most poignant part of the talk are the statements around adults adding layers of control to what we fear. Svitak speaks about.

Embracing Mobile To Educate For Tomorrow | MobileBehavior

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Mobile Behavior: an Omnicom Group Company Home People Blog Work Events Press About Us May 12, 2010 by Caleb Embracing Mobile To Educate For Tomorrow The classroom was traditionally a controlled environment; when wireless technology began to invade, skewing the rules of time and space, teachers panicked. Lets educate accordingly. Tags: K-12 classroom education At  St.

Join the first #FutureLearn #MOOC courses

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There will be videos, trailers of the courses to come, descriptions. The trailer can be viewed below: education futureLearn games mobile learning mooc xMOOC The first courses will be going live on FutureLearn platform, the first UK-led provider of massive open online courses (MOOCs). FutureLearn is the result of nine months intense work and testing since its initial launch.

Free report durable Technology Enhanced Learning #Telearning

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It is a nice, 40 page report describing three cases: The microelectronics education program The £23 million Microelectronics Education Programme (MEP) for England, Wales and Northern Ireland was established by the Government in November 1980 and ran for six years. education eLearning ICT4D mobile learning online learning technology The focus is also on design-based research.

New review: Owle iPhone video recording rig |

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Read my review of the Owle rig for educators and parents at mobile/miniaturisation uLearning appcessory camera rig iPhone Owle review video

Does blended learning increase student results? Yes, a case from the Tilburg University

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it worked, after embedding web-lectures, web-excercises and video's into his lectures, an additional 15% of the students passed their exams. educational methodology educational institution instructional design eLearningDuring the innovation day at the university of Ghent, one of the speakers got my attention. His topic: accounting (no wonder students fall asleep! The iPod in Education - video overview

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skip to main | skip to sidebar * Newsletter * LinkedIn * Facebook * * mLearning World Live Friday, December 14, 2007 The iPod in Education - video overview //This new mLearn Vidcast looks at how the iPod can be used for educational purposes - over 7 different examples are detailed and demo’d, with practical uses of things such as quizzes, podcasts, audiobooks and more covered.

Selecting meaningful #socialmedia tools for a #MOOC or #PLN

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Real life: educators have twitter meetings where they discuss a particular educational issue (#lrnchat) Twitter Extra: using a hashtag (#) to keep on track of specific topics. Video (e.g. Extra: geotagging, sharing the location of the object of the video, audio or picture that is shared. social media mooc mobimooc eLearning open educationA big part of setting up an open, online course (e.g. MOOC), or gearing up for a Personal Learning Network (PLN) is the selection of meaning social media tools. Look here for all tweets regarding mLearning (updated life).

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Education users of the iPad – I present video mirroring! #slide2learn #iPadEd #mlearning

uLearning Blog

As I said before getting an iPad2, I now say again after- video mirroring is the number 1 advantage of the new iPad model for education. Posted via email from Jonathan Nalder’s posterous. uLearning

The new Camtasia Studio 8, the Flipped Classroom and Mobile Learning [Review]

mLearning Revolution

For all the mind-boggling stats we read about the video revolution, like how we are publishing video to YouTube at the rate of 72 hours every minute, and consuming over 3 billion hours of video each month, as well as other stats you can see here , video as a medium hasn’t really evolved. Video and the Flipped Classroom. Quizzes and Hotspots in Video.

Liveblog #emoocs2015 Amdocs a corporate training MOOC

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So each mooc is different, but using recorded videos, online sessions, links to external contents, reading material, hands-on sessions (this was considered as a priority), and creating a workers community (also perceived as important). conferences corporate eLearning emoocs liveBlog mooc online education online learningSo the challenge is to increase these retention rate.

#OER on higher ed, corporate, personal & #development

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Thanks to my new contact Vivienne Bozalek from UWC, I got redirected to ROER4D (Open Educational Resources for the Global South or for development). Pathgather is not an open educational resource or OER, nor is it Open Source, so it cannot (yet) be used in the open. corporate eLearning higher education ICT4D mooc OER open education personal learning environment tools

Tech Innovation Now Led by Hot New Bands

Mobile Learning Edge

The other example is from The Black Eyed Peas who have released an app for the iPhone that includes an immersive 360 degree, augmented reality music video that puts you in the middle of a party, dancing to the music. Think of the educational uses for this app! If you don’t have an iPhone, you can see the effects of the new 3D app in this video demo.

Eliademy a mobile MOOC platform resides in the Cloud

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From a content angle you can really easily add a picture, file, youtube or vimeo video, or link it to slideshare, but that just is not enough. mobile mLearning ubiquitous learning mobile learning mooc eLearning open educationAnother great initiative called Eliademy is getting more attention as it rolls out one day at the time.

Call for papers and proposals #eLearning, #MOOC, #mlearning

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This year’s OEB will be addressing this question by looking at the challenge of modernity for education and training. More information : [link] Workshop proposal for MOOC: MOOC based models for Hybrid Pedagogy From the website: "Since the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) phenomenon started to take off, Higher Education (HE) institutions have been facing a revolution.