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Fabulous ideas: economics, innovation, #education

Ignatia Webs

text to mobile book, or boring class to instructivist MOOC), or the importance of personal (not personalized), networked learning and a lot of links to new tools (indietools) and yes philosophers. cooperation education educational institution future of education heutagogy mooc networked learning networking online learning Really. And there are similar minds that connect.

Nota tool for collaborative #mLearning with eBooks

Ignatia Webs

As she mentioned that it was linked to Open Educational Resources (OER) of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) textbooks, I got intrigued. They only launched in January 2013 so still beta, which is the nicest state as all of our remarks on the tool are as such welcomed. After playing around a bit with Nota, it sure seems a nice tool. all over again.

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Selecting meaningful #socialmedia tools for a #MOOC or #PLN

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MOOC), or gearing up for a Personal Learning Network (PLN) is the selection of meaning social media tools. If you see that I have missed a group or set of social media tools, feel free to let me know. Social Media Tool Why use it + implementation Example with possible extra Idea and content sharing Microblogging Twitter allows the learner group to share short messages with one another, linking it to more content. Virtual meetings Virtual meeting tools allow synchronous communication to take place. social media mooc mobimooc eLearning open educationVideo (e.g.

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Free book on Open Educational Resources #OER

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like a first exam, with a defence in front of a small jury), I came across this wonderful free book on Open Educational Resources. Technological considerations in OER are not limited to authoring or remixing tools. The latter can also be used to combine OER to create lesson plans online (Open Science Education Resources in Europe).

A free book on changing #education in challenging settings #ICT4D

Ignatia Webs

It is simply amazing how this talented and inspired group of people turned a really challenging situation in deep rural South Africa (Eastern Cape province) into a fruitful, inspiring educational surplus in only 3 years time! Various frameworks, models, guidelines and tools were developed by adopting Design Science Research as the chosen methodology.

#OEB the exhibition ideas and a great peer reviewing tool

Ignatia Webs

For if we need such software’s, than it is clear to me that education is not at all as disrupted as some say it is. What do you look for, when you are wandering through multiple online learning stands at a conference? start out looking around just out of curiosity, but as soon as I get a few stalls further… I get ideas. Positive and negative one’s. Let me start with a really nice surprise.

Report on risks of #learning analytics in education #educause

Ignatia Webs

In June 2012 Educause already launched a 44 page report on possible risks and benefits of using learning analytics in Higher Education written by Randall Stiles. education eLearning higher education learning analytics High-quality data and information (meaningful patterns of data) are essential for success, as is a data-friendly culture.

#Quiz tool with options for multiple grades or profiling

Ignatia Webs

Shaf Cangil , an educational consultant (and Open University alumni: hooray!), who has a strong experience in SCRUM mailed me last week with a challenge: find a quiz (preferably for free) that allows multiple grading, so you can use those grades to visualize or distill a profile. Nice tool with options, and really easy to use. Also add a description to each category.

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#CALRG14 #heutagogy as option & thoughts on learners and education emerged

Ignatia Webs

During the #CALRG14 conference, something emerged in my minds eye: fluidity and the move from fixed learning outcome driven education to more fluid information sharing and resulting knowledge. But during CALRG14 the focus on informal learning, and specifically the move towards students (e.g. We live in such creative times! Well, idealistic but nice thought. image from: [link] ).

Serious #gaming conference with #education interest

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With mobile gaming getting more and more attention in education as well, this conference seems a good immersion for serious gaming. Professors of game development programs will get the tools to help students begin a serious game career". games education conferencesThe conference organizers also address different gaming subheadings. That sure looks promising.

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Emerging trends in education and mobile learning

Steve Vosloo

Overlapping of education trends and mobile-enabled opportunities. Why is this technological innovation different for education than previous moments (for example, the rise of television or the popularity of personal computers)? I don’t believe that technology is the single driver of education transformation, although it is certainly a key influencing factor. Education is under pressure to change because of a number of factors. Recently, a United Nations task team led by UNESCO produced a  think piece on education and skills  beyond 2015 – key points listed below.

NMC horizon #report 2014 on #education in #HighEd

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The report also addresses some challenges that are still standing in this digital age (scaling teaching innovation, relative lack of rewards for teaching, low digital fluency of faculty, competing educational models - although I like the debates coming from the competition). eLearning future of education learning learning analytics mobile mobile learning online learning report

Solutions for learners with #disabilities using specific #social media

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The reason of interest was his focus on the actual usability of a broad range of alternative social media tools that people with disabilities need to use in order to actually access social media. I had no idea and I am very grateful that Karel got me so excited. So if you are looking for inclusive education that can be accessed by all people, have a look at his presentation.

Improve Healthcare Education in Your Community with Text Messaging

Mobile Commons

Text messaging is a powerful tool in improving knowledge about broader health issues within a community. Whether The University of Maryland’s Food Supplement Nutrition Education program sends text messages to parents about keeping their children healthy. With text messaging, your organization can deliver messages to an entire community quickly and effectively.

Robo-readers: towards automated #MOOC grading

Ignatia Webs

This post is one in a set of posts that I am planning on TELearning solutions that affect all of us in face-to-face, blended, or/and online education. Some research, some critiques One of my fellow students is Duygu Simsek , who is investigating "t o what degree can computational text analysis and visual analytics be used to support the academic writing of students in higher education?".

#OER on higher ed, corporate, personal & #development

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Thanks to my new contact Vivienne Bozalek from UWC, I got redirected to ROER4D (Open Educational Resources for the Global South or for development). Pathgather is not an open educational resource or OER, nor is it Open Source, so it cannot (yet) be used in the open. If anyone knows of such a tool, feel free to share. Would like to see something similar in the open though.

CIDER free webinar: Facilitating quality learning in a Personal Learning Environment through Educational Research

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The researchers speaking in this session will report on the educational research involved in the National Research Council of Canada, Institute for Information Technology’s Personal Learning Environment project. This presentation will highlight important components, applications and tools in a PLE as identified through surveys of potential end users. PLE education CIDER eLearningNext Wednesday (4 May 2011) you can follow a free webinar featuring a presentation and discussion with Dr. Rita Kop and Dr. Helene Fournier of the National Research Council, Canada. When: Wed.,

Write, create, curate and collaborate: preparing for #digiWriMo

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collaborative learning collaborative working multimedia online learning open education social media tools writingGreat initiative to combine digital writing and creativity all through the month of November 2015. learn by writing. It always feels like the movement of my fingers on my keyboard makes me think more clearly, and even pushes thoughts right into the open. So this Digital Writing Month initiative (#DigiWriMo), organised by the Hybrid Pedagogy bloggers ( Maha Bali , Sarah Honeychurch , and Kevin Hogdson ), is right up my alley. It is simple and open. oh, nice initiative!

Benefits in #mobile technology development: the implications for #education #unesco_mlw

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Panel: Mario Deriquito, Jill Attewell, Don Knezek, Jonghwi Park on mobile tech development benefits Mario Deriquito, beliefs in mobile technology for improving the educational system (works in Philipines). So there are barriers in harnessing mobile technologies for education. Mobile tech can be used as a collaborative tool, to produce ideas, knowledge and sharing thoughts.

How Text Messaging Improves Educational Outcomes for Students

Mobile Commons

For years researchers have been searching for small yet effective improvements to current educational models. Loosely defined as “behavioral nudges,” the idea is that educational systems don’t need major overhauls that exhaust budgets in order to make a change. Two recent studies showed positive results on the use of text messaging for improved educational outcomes.

Social learning expert panel #emoocs2015 #social

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Questions: What is the effect of tools inside mooc platforms (likes, marked as done…)? The challenge is to make tools that feel very intuitive, so that the participation threshold would be really low (eg conversational discussions that go on and are not threaded). The latest tools do not make the most social learning, only those that survive can become social in use.

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CCTV interview: Technology as a tool to transform learning

Steve Vosloo

I appeared on CCTV America along with Scott Himelstein, director of the University of San Diego’s Center for Education Policy and Law and Mobile Technology Learning Center , to discuss our vision for using technology as a tool to transform learning. Here is the interview. Uncategorized cctv mobile learning pearson

Future of #mLearning inspiring ideas @dave_parsons

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As well as the tool-like functions that are built in to the device hardware (camera, sound recorder, video recorder,multimedia messaging, etc.), there are also many applications that can take advantage of various combinations of functions and sensors to make the phone into all kinds of tool.) education future future of education mLearning mobile mobile learning

FutureLearn: pedagogical & mLearning MOOC platform - the approach

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They understand Open Educational Resources, online dynamics, getting learners accustomed with online learning. So FutureLearn is rolling out the big guns, building a platform which is embedding educational tools and formats enriching todays educational reality. mobile futureLearn education ubiquitous learning mobile learning mooc informal learning future of education

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Good positive coverage of tablets in Education

uLearning Blog

Want to point you all to this story published in major newspapers across Australia recently that gives a positive look at where tablets in Education are going rather than the ‘we did alright with pencils’ view thats often offered up. I was privileged to be interviewed for it: “ SCHOOL technology is no longer limited to communal computer labs and a laptop lugged in every backpack.

Future of Ed #AI DeepMind computer teaches itself to play Atari 2600 games

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Education might get under pressure, as automation and learning creeps in from the digital world. Education as savior to get us from human-biological to computational-digital But there is a downside as we are in a transition zone, where AI is not yet capable of taking over, and humans are decreasingly needed. What about game-based learning ? Will Art be the last job standing?

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Add your knowledge to the #mLearning toolkit from #JISC

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The Mobile Learning infoKit is a practical guide for educational institutions planning to implement mobile learning initiatives. mobile tools mLearning iamlearn mobile learningTo augment this guide, JISC infoNet are developing a Mobile Learning infoKit with version 0.1 of this resource now available at [link].

free BJET issue on #MOOC disrupting teaching & learning in #HigherEd

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The British Journal of Educational Technologies just published a Special Issue: Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs): ‘disrupting’ teaching and learning practices in higher education. Will MOOCs transform learning and teaching in higher education? assessment education eLearning higher education journal mooc networking participation researchLozano and Víctor M. R.

The future of #HigherEd and #apps & #web two free report by Pew

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On many occasions these reports are linked to educational technology or trends, which is great when you are interested in training/education with innovative technologies. But they disagree about how these whirlwind forces will influence education, for the better or the worse". mobile education research mooc applications open education future of education

Hopes for #Google #MOOC partnership with #EdX

Ignatia Webs

With a bit of a delay some thoughts on Google''s move towards education ( lining up with EdX for the platform ). It does not come as too much of a surprise, as Google has been exploring education for a longer period of time. Another angle which I find of interest is the Google teacher approach: or how to use Google tools for teachers.

Ipsative #assessment for keeping track of learner progress

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As such this personal growth is an interest for higher education, and more specifically it would be good if a more personalised (personal best) assessment might become part of formal education. The Assessment Careers project at the UCL institute of Education explored how technology could support feedback over a whole programme and not only at the module level.

keynote #emoocs2015 @davecormier on rhizomatic learning

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So now we can connect directly, not via ‘tools’. We have all been programmed to see education in a certain way, and we proof it that that is indeed teaching. Most of the target people are experienced educators for rhizo. He did try with laymen, but it is tougher for the less literate on education. He is a teacher by nature. But mentors do not scale very well.

Embracing Mobile To Educate For Tomorrow | MobileBehavior

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Mobile Behavior: an Omnicom Group Company Home People Blog Work Events Press About Us May 12, 2010 by Caleb Embracing Mobile To Educate For Tomorrow The classroom was traditionally a controlled environment; when wireless technology began to invade, skewing the rules of time and space, teachers panicked. Lets educate accordingly. Tags: K-12 classroom education At  St.

20 strategies for learner interactions in mobile #MOOC

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The research was done to get my Master in Education at Athabasca University. Overall, this research hopes to add to the body of knowledge strengthening the field of distance education. Offer a ubiquitous learning environment based on BYOD design and content, making use of existing ubiquitous tools (social media, e-mail…) so people can switch between devices at their own preference. 2.

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Three wonderful resources for eLearning

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Choosing authoring tools by ADL (29 April 2010): the purpose of this paper is to help those involved in the process of choosing authoring tools to make an informed decision. Good practices and methodologies for HEI (Higher Educational Institutes) using ICT in the different fields of LifeLong Learning (30 October 2010). See more details in the research plan.)

Are #mLearning projects in Africa really successful? #ICT4D critique

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He moves away from the main trend of depicting mLearning as successful simply because it brings education to people that did not use technology for education before and of the main narrative that mLearning is a sure benefit. How can we move ahead getting all the major, willing stakeholders around an ethical educational project development table? But what are they buying into?

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Limitless learning plenary #OEB16 on owning learning

Ignatia Webs

We need to really think about what we teach students on getting online tools. using the conversational framework , see picture) The outline of her argument is: what it means by learning, and what it takes to teach in the digital world, who owns the responsibility fr learning, how to plan the shift to effective blended learning, the education context for teachers and leaders.

Topics of free #mLearning course #MobiMOOC

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And I hope that open education and critical thinking will move all of us towards a more humane, peaceful world. All the topic content will be shared via Open Educational Resources (synchronous sessions will be recorded and shared, resources will be bookmarked and shared.) to add to the idea of free education. mLearning OER open content mobile learning mobimooc open education

#MobiMOOC free, online course on #mLearning runs 8 – 30 September 2012 choose your favorite topics

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And I hope that open education and critical thinking will move all of us towards a more humane, peaceful world. OER open content mobile learning mobimooc open educationIn 2011 the first MobiMOOC ran from April - May 2011. Now it is time for the second course, feel free to put it in your agenda! This is the first mail to get the word of mouth going. What is a MOOC? Via this form.

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Tin Can: learner #analytics for the next #research frontier

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Looking at Tin Can will reveal a bit of the future of learner tracking and open opportunities for future educational research. What Tin Can does is getting all the diversity of tools that all of us use to build brick-à-brack solution for learner analytics, and centralizing them so that it becomes more intuitive. THAT is what I am looking for. version, so near public release). Great!