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JIT Performance Support Mobile App Development

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I mentioned before in one of my posts about the growing use of smart phones application as a form of Just-in-Time performance support; as mentioned before ; I feel eventually technology will enable individuals and not just companies/departments to deliver applications. When developing applications for just-in-time performance support, here are some items I keep on my checklist.

Leveraging Mobile Learning Platforms As Performance Support Systems

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In an earlier blog post, I had written about how Microlearning is changing the face of learning at the workplace. This post specifically talks about how a Mobile Learning Platform can be used as an effective Performance Support System. If they need to understand something in greater detail, the learners can access the other components of the performance support system.

Environmental Scan of Text Messaging Interventions Supports SMS Applications in Healthcare

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The research indicated that there was strong evidence to support text messaging as a tool for changing behavior and improving clinical care outcomes, and saw significant improvements specifically for smoking cessation, diabetes self-management and asthma. population will continue to support the spread of health text messaging programs. In May 2014, the U.S.

Blogging the Mobile Learning Revolution as it Happens [#mLearning]

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People ask me all the time what I’m going to do next and for the most part I say I still don’t know exactly, and then in a more serious note, I say that things are becoming more clear every day. I am going through this great exploratory phase where I embrace every opportunity that comes my way. I’m learning a great deal of new things and meeting great, supportive people along the way. From everything I’m doing and Blogging about, there are certain topics that I’m clearly more passionate about. One of those topics is this mobile thing we are witnessing. What can you do now?

SMS Nation: Mobile Strategists, Renewing Library Books, And Child Services Support

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The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services uses text messaging for child support services. Until recently, the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS) used landlines to communicate with parents enrolled in their child support program. Keep an eye out for the next blog post in this series! Mobile strategists are the hottest new hire.

Sierra Club Uses SMS Campaign to Map Environmental Support

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The Sierra Club used a recent speech about climate change by President Obama to engage their base with an SMS campaign designed to create a telling image of national support for the President’s “bold climate plan.”. How Mapping Can Help Your Organization. A map of people’s opinions is a great way to gauge support for policy ideas. All Posts Blog Nonprofit npo Use Cases

eLearning is dead! Multi-screen learning is the next big thing.

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Flash was never supported on iOS devices, nor is it supported on Android devices, and this year, Google announced that YouTube would stop serving its videos using the Flash plugin for anyone visiting the site using a modern browser. wrote extensively on why I’m impressed with Adobe Captivate 8, especially because of Adobe’s support for Responsive Learning Design.

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6 Reasons Why Responsive Design Makes sense as the Future of e-Learning and m-Learning Design

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via 10 Things Adobe gets Right about Mobile Learning with Captivate 8 [Review] | The mLearning Revolution Blog. This is also why I encourage you to choose your Learning Design tools wisely and lean towards those with support for Responsive Learning Design, for example, the new Adobe Captivate 8. See this article for supported HTML5 browsers. How many devices do you own?

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The brand new Captivate 9 puts Adobe years ahead of the competition

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Also new in version 9 is full support for importing SVG files, plus if you have Adobe Illustrator, you can actually round-trip changes between the two applications. Most notably, it supports offline course playback and delayed reporting. Source: Introducing A Brand New LMS from Adobe – Adobe Captivate Prime « Rapid eLearning | Adobe Captivate Blog. It really is impressive. Incidentally,

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Going Mobile: Debating and Using Cellphones in School - The Learning Network Blog -

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In what ways can the use of mobile technology support and strengthen curriculum? Other useful sites about technology and learning include Tech & Learning , The Innovative Educator , Suite 101: Teaching & Technology SimpleK12 and Living in the 4th Screen , along with the Times blogs Gadgetwise , Bits and Pogue’s Posts. Politics Education Bay Area Chicago N.Y.

MLearning and a Global Workforce

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UpSide Learning blogger Aneesh Bhat suggested this week that to remain competitive, companies must increase their agility in the informational and educational support they provide their employees. Mobile Learning, Bhat suggests, can provide instant support as well as reinforce other learning formats as mobile devices have become so much a part of our business lives. Also, their real time connection to individuals and support systems means they provide what is missing from more traditional methods of sharing knowledge within a company. Bhat, 2011).

Blackboard Mobile Learn 2.0 makes improvements

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It also now supports Angel and WebCT customers, LMSs that are owned by Blackboard. Blog access and commenting. Blackboard is the leading learning management system (LMS) in the college and university market, with installations in over 500 institutions. According to David Nagel in T.H.E. Journal , version 2.0 of Blackboard Mobile Learn has significant improvements. Universities WebCT

15 Authoring Tools For mEnabling Your eLearning For iPads

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Looking to develop interactive training and support videos, flawless screen capturing for tutorials, etc.? You can create interactive videos with clickable links, table of contents, search, embed quizzes and it supports both Flash and HTML5. You can choose to either replace the activity with something your table supports or else you will need to drop it. 5. Adobe Edge Animate.

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mLearning Book to Blog

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Instead, these are practical solutions that you can implement tomorrow with no help from any technical support. As a side note, although I want to keep this blog, I am considering selling the top level domain and Sometimes you have to make one of those decisions. I've been working on an mLearning book for several years now but life takes its twists and turns and I have files upon files of notes with no time to put it together. I've decided I'm simply going to share them with the world. mobile learning elearning mlearning eLearning

8 Things we MUST do in 2013 to seize the potential of mLearning

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Every new version comes with more interactions, more widgets, more timelines, more triggers, more ways of animating text, and more support for all those animations in PowerPoint. Mayra has done several reviews on her blog HERE. 8. Read and subscribe to as many blogs, newsletters and Podcasts on mLearning as possible, attend conferences, webinars and workshops whenever you can.

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PERFORMER Support: Learning @ the Moment of Need: M-Learning vs. M-Support

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Mobile “Support”: Is it the next generation of M-Learning?Con thought I’d share a few in this week’s Blog entry. Learning vs. M-Support: There appears to be two disciplines emerging within this Con and I have been watching the buzz around what our industry is calling “Mobile Learning”, or M-Learning, for quite some time with some very interesting trends emerging! Any and ALL comments are welcome!!M-Learning

7 reasons why the new Articulate Storyline is a Game-Changer for eLearning

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In a blog post entitled 5 Reasons why you should join the Articulate Community if you are in eLearning I wrote that in reviewing Articulate’s apps, I would have to say the community would have to be the killer feature because it was unmatched in the eLearning Industry. also said in this article that for me, one of the most frustrating things about working at Adobe on the Captivate team was the poor support and customer care Adobe provided to our customers, because it negated all the great things we all did as Evangelists. But of course, there’s a lot more. 2. Conclusion.

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A List of Interesting Mobile Learning Links

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While I haven’t blogged in a while, I continue trawling through my RSS feeds, seeing more and more references to mobile learning, mlearning, performance support, ‘just-in-time’ and so many other terms that make sense in that context. Mobile Learning Blog To Follow. Do note some of these link up to dated articles. Why You Need A Mobile Learning Strategy. Mobile Learning Portal.

Mobile Learning: A Quick SWOT Analysis

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In last many months we have written a number of blog posts around mobile learning ranging from development tips, general examples, tips and tricks, etc. One of the most relevant tools (currently) for performance support. One of the best ways to offer quick, real-time on-demand performance support. number of these posts can be found at this link. Weaknesses. Opportunities.

5 Reasons Every Nonprofit Should Use Text Messaging [Infographic]

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We understand the value of a supporter, and we know it can often be difficult to turn a brief introduction into a long-term relationship. See our infographic to learn why text message campaigns are the most effective way to communicate with your supporters and get them to take action! All Posts Blog Collateral Infographics Mobile Resources and Research Nonprofit npo Resources

Are You Guilty of Bad Texting Etiquette? The Dos and Don’ts of Mobile Engagement

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Staying on top of the news will show your supporters that you are constantly working towards your goals. Whether it’s to celebrate an accomplishment or to recognize a new obstacle, it’s nice to update your users and remind them why they should keep supporting your campaign. Texting a group of supporters isn’t that different from texting your friends. Do Segment Your Users.

A Text Message a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

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Friends and family members, for instance, may try to assist, but they cannot ensure full-on support 100% of the time. Theses features—accessibility and immediacy — make text messaging a more effective support system than informational packets, friends and family members, Post-it notes, or even daily calendars. Blog health Fortunately, there is a solution. own a cell phone.

Tappestry: Kicking the Informal Learning (Tin) Can

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Tappestry most closely resembles Twitter in that users have 140 characters or less to describe what they learned, be it a fact, a conference they attended, an article they read, or a blog entry they wrote. A review by Jessica Knox. Full disclosure: My employer, Metrix Group, is currently partnering with Float Mobile on an app development project). This tracking functionality is important.

Back from a year-long Sabbatical from Tech: 9 Things I’m excited about

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Looking back, perhaps I should have done this right after leaving Adobe. I’m feeling refreshed and ready for round two with new ideas for my blog, books, courses on mLearning, presentations, and excited to take on a new projects for organizations looking to mobilize their learning. and the new Android Support and Sliders – I’m now working on a review of Storyline 2.0

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About Mobile Commons Advocacy

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By connecting your supporters directly with their Congressional representatives, you can turn popular support into legislative results. All Posts Blog Company News Our Products Product Tour Videos Mobile Commons Advocacy offers a powerful, effective way for organizations to petition Congress for legislative change. For more questions, email us at

How to Craft the Perfect Text Message

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They found that by including a personal signature, supporter response rates increased by up to 250 percent! If you’re launching an advocacy call-in day, include a phone number for supporters to call. Blog Text Messages Text messaging may be the most effective way to communicate, but do you know how to compose your texts to drive the most action? Make it Personal.

Voto Latino Uses Mobile Commons Advocacy To Support Immigration Reform

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Voto Latino has created a Mobile Commons Advocacy campaign to let callers directly petition their House Representatives to support the immigration reform bill. Supporters can go to the Voto Latino website and provide their phone number, email address, and zip code , and can optionally decide if they wish to receive text message updates. Engagement Beyond the the Phone Call.

6 Trends in Rapid eLearning Tools to watch in 2012

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Since it’s still January and people are blogging about trends or predictions for the new year, I thought I’d share some areas I believe Rapid eLearning Vendors should focus on in 2012 in order to stay ahead of the curve or worse, have a small startup eat their lunch. 1. I absolutely love software, apps, applications, extensions, plug-ins, add-ons, whatever you want to call it. Fun times.

Top 7 Myths Of Mobile Learning

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Also contrast with a list of myths we posted on this blog a couple of years ago. 1. You don’t even need a lot of interaction either- a simple checklist or a well written text & image file work just as well as a more sophisticated solution for performance support needs. 5. When it comes to mobile learning myths and misconceptions abound. It’s just learning on the move.

Piers Morgan on Mobile Commons Advocacy: “I Love This Idea. This is Direct Action.”

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Tony and Danny had noticed that there was an “overwhelming majority” of Americans who supported expanded gun laws, but they didn’t have a centralized political voice. All Posts Blog Calls to Action Nonprofit npo Press Success Stories Successes Use Cases Last night, CNN host Piers Morgan also had praise for our Advocacy product. “I love this idea,” he said. This is direct action.”.

5 Examples of Great Mobile Calls to Action

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People are more likely to support an organization that cares about them as an individual rather than just another statistic. Oregon United for Marriage is using text messaging to inform supporters of the latest updates in the fight for same-sex marriage in the state. All Posts Blog Calls to Action Inspirations Mobile Resources and Research Nonprofit npo Stand out!

A Lesson in Mobile Learning Design from Yelp [#mLearning]

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Assumptions like these often lead to limiting the mobile learning use case to performance support or an insultingly light version of the much more powerful flash-based desktop version of the course. Here’s what Yelp said on their Blog: Mobile phone usage has come a long way since the days of the hunt-and-peck, shorthand “C U L8R” texts. Send to Kindle.

Get Mobile to Implement Mobile Learning

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In an article from Float Mobile Learning , an mLearning firm based in Illinois, Scott McCormick suggests that to really discover what your firm requires in terms of mobile education and support, you have to get mobile yourself. Equally important, McCormick stresses, is to ask your employees what educational support they’d like to have. You make some really important points.

The New Adobe Captivate 7 Marches Backwards into the Future [Review]

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A year ago I wrote a post entitled  An Honest Assessment of Adobe Captivate 6 [First Impressions] , which garnered 81 ReTweets and 62 comments, and to this day is the most read post here on my blog. via  An Honest Assessment of Adobe Captivate 6 [First Impressions] | The mLearning Revolution Blog. Fast Forward One Year Later. Hence the title of this post. Conclusion.

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The End of the Road for me at Adobe. 2012 and Beyond.

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hope that if you ever heard me talk, Tweet, or Blog about one of my Adobe products over the last 6 years, you felt the passion I had. In addition to covering Rapid eLearning Tools, I will also blog about mobile technologies, with emphasis on how these help advance Mobile Learning, for example HTML5, Tablets, the Cloud and Mobile Apps. First and foremost, Happy New Year! Not really.

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The Question Of Why (Not) eLearning On iPads Or Tablets?

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Upside Learning has supported research bodies like ASTD (Mobile Learning: Delivering Learning In A Connected World) and Towards Maturity ( Mobile Learning at Work ) to bring out independent research reports on mobile learning. To enable learners to carry learning with them for just-in-time performance support (field / technical staff). But largely in the wrong context! Summing up.

A Mobile Learning Decision Path for Instructional Designers tasked with developing #mLearning [Download]

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One such project I was a part of recently, was developing a ‘ Mobile Learning Decision Path, ‘ which was produced by Adayana Government Group in collaboration with the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative and the Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO). Sample Project 2—Boarding Officer Support for Rules & Regulations … 11. … 33.

Getting Started With Mobile Learning?

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Along the way we’ve shared quite a few blog posts , a few SlideShare presentations , and a whitepaper about mobile learning. Our sales and consulting team provides guidance and support to prospects to understand mobile learning and take them through the initial steps of evaluation and implementation of mobile learning. Performance support. Mobile learning is in the air.

Mobile Learning in Education – What to Consider — Learning Blog

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Learning Blog home archives about ← Hitch – Device for transferring files Student-generated Content → Mobile Learning in Education – What to Consider February 9th, 2010 | Mobile Learning In the January 28, 2010 issue of Academic Impressions, the article “ Considering Mobile Learning for Your Institution &# discusses what institutions should consider when determining if they want to get involved in mobile learning. And institutions should provide as much support as possible to the faculty involved in the pilot project.

Instructional Design for Mediated Education | Blog | Location-Based Learning

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IDOS Blog IDT Roundtable Search Instructional Design for Mediated Education Blog Entry Location-Based Learning by Eruditio Loginquitas One comment 07 January 2010 In higher education, the uses of location-based learning seem to be limited to particular projects. Various applications allow mobile device users to simultaneous micro-blog and reveal their physical locations, which may allow for serendipitous meetings with those they’ve friended or those who are following their blogs. One reads of digital installations as parts of student social spaces and libraries.