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#Augmented Reality #AR overview and examples provided by Victór Alvarez

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Augmented reality is moving us slowly moving towards the future of embedded intelligent technology. In this webinar recording from Victór Alvarez he gives a comprehensible overview of what augmented reality is and can be. augmented learning mobile mLearning augmented reality mobile learning mooc mobimooc eLearning AR

#html5 and #augmented reality combined into a great music clip by the Black Eyed Peas

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So, yes, I think html5 is quite innovative and augmented reality is as well, but. here come the Black Eyed Peas with an incredible fabulous iPhone application that puts you - as a music listener - in the middle of their video-clip (great tip from Gary Woodil l, thx!). If you want to get a feel of what they did and you have an iPhone, rush to the iTunes store and search for the BEP360 (Black Eyed Peas 3D 360 application) and put it on your iPhone (it does cost 0.79 mobile augmented reality html5 eLearning iphoneWill.I.Am Now how cool is that! cents).

#Googleglass out, other smart tech in? Where is #educational bonus?

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This virtual reality app/option allows everyone to either build a Google cardboard from the Google cardboard kit which turns a mobile into a virtual machine, or to buy a cheap cardboard box to be used with a smartphone (and apps which you can search for depending your mobile operating system: e.g. android - Google play , but also to be said working with iPhone ). Time or budget wise.

Mobile Augmented Reality – A Brief Overview

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This combination of the real world with the virtual world is known as “Augmented Reality&#. . Wikipedia defines Augmented Reality as: [Augmented reality (AR) is a field of computer research which deals with the combination of real-world and computer-generated data (virtual reality), where computer graphics objects are blended into real footage in real time. At present, most AR research is concerned with the use of live video imagery which is digitally processed and “augmented&# by the addition of computer-generated graphics.

Augmented Reality and On-Demand Learning

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Augmented Reality apps take this just-in-time, on-location learning to a new level. For those new to the concept of Augmented Reality, take a look at my July 25th, 2009 post on Augmented Reality. While I have experimented with a number of apps that incorporate Augmented Reality, one that I find really interesting right now is a service called Wikitude. Having this type of Augmented Reality app on one’s mobile device will begin to change the nature of field trips. Tags: augmented reality edushifts AR

AR mobile quest part 1: first steps taken for mobile augmented reality with Android phone

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So I decided to take hold of all the steps leading up to a new Augmented Reality (AR) mobile learning application. Layar is currently a top tool if you want to try out AR for mobile phones (iPhone 3GS and Android phones). Tags: mobile augmented reality mobile learning android Why do I look at AR? to add a virtual layer of information to the real world. So what did I do today?

My top 10 #eLearning and #mLearning posts from 2010

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Beware critics of Connectivism : or how I feel connectivism opens up content creation and access Plenk: my vision of the educational future: yes augmented reality is mentioned. And the absolute top post was on the joint Mobile Moodle for iPhone project that we started in 2010 together with a wide variety of Moodle'rs. How to add a retweet and facebook button to your blog.

New Mobile Augmented Reality browser

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iPhone 3G s anyone? Yes, according to a recent press release the browser will become available for the new iPhone. Tags: Mobile Education android augmented reality iphone Mobile Learning netherlands I stumbled upon an interesting article about the Dutch company SPRXmobile. Together with, they have created the “Worlds first&# AR-Browser for smartphones. I don’t know whether their claim about being first is really appropriate (see my earlier post [link] ), but nevertheless it looks really interesting. Check out the short video on it. Links: [link].

10 Things Adobe gets Right about Mobile Learning with Captivate 8 [Review]

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Articulate for example has gone the native app route for deploying learning projects to tablets and HTML5 for smartphones like the iPhone and the Moto X. expect geolocation to be the beginning of Adobe adding other similar features like the microphone and camera to augment the learning experience. 7. eLearning. — RJ Jacquez (@rjacquez) January 9, 2015. Responsive Projects. link]. 2.

Adobe 81

A brief update on Augmented Reality

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Augmented Reality has been on the map for quite a while now, but at the ETH (Zurichs renowned University) we were allowed to have an upclose look at what some companies are doing. Unfortunately, this is not yet available for the iPhone.  Be my guest to comment on that one… Tags: Mobile Education augmented reality iphone ipod Mobile Learning school software wikipedia Mobile Monday at Zurich was interesting from a mobile learning perspective. Here is a short overview: GBanga – GBanga is a small company which specializes in creating AR games. link]. link].

Mark Power » Augmented Reality - A Game Changer in Mobile Learning?

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Mark Power A JISC CETIS blog Contact Subscribe Meta Log in Entries RSS Comments RSS Augmented Reality - A Game Changer in Mobile Learning? Oct 20, 2009 augmented reality , mobile learning , mobile technologies I think we’re getting to the point where, by now, many of you will have found it hard to avoid hearing about the latest technology buzz. Still. Cheers!

Enterprise mLearning Predictions for 2011

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Sure, companies may still provided workers with an old BlackBerry (on a 2-year contract), but increasingly more people will opt to use their own iPhones/iPads or Android handsets or tablets once their devices can be secured and supported within their organizations. 3. It is time once again to ponder the research, extrapolate on recent experience, and attempt to read the tea leaves so we can predict the future of enterprise mobile learning in 2011. mLearning Engagements Expand. If 2010 was the year of the pilot, then 2011 will be the year of the deployment. Pad/Tablet Use Explodes !

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Enterprise mLearning Predictions for 2012

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As people and companies replace their older BlackBerries , iPhones and Android devices, their new equipment will sport cool next-gen functions like dual core processors making big media and big data easier to manage on our smaller devices. feel the positive effects of the aforementioned evolutions will be more pronounced than similar advances in areas like augmented reality that will remain costly to design, produce and manage. 8. Here on the last day of the year, I offer my predications for the big and shaping trends we’ll see in the enterprise mobile learning space for 2012.

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My 2012 Enterprise mLearning Predictions Recap

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As people and companies replace their older BlackBerries, iPhones and Android devices, their new equipment will sport cool next-gen functions like dual core processors making big media and big data easier to manage on our smaller devices. Here’s the analysis of how it all played out. Prediction #1 - Mobile Learning Goes Mainstream. On Target But. Prediction #2 - Access Points Diversify.

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QR Codes and Mobile Learning

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The code above is a link to Wikipedia’s English mobile website found at [link] While QR codes have been in existence for quite some time in business (used initially to track product parts), I have only recently come across the concept.  I recently installed a QR reader on my iPhone and made use of QR codes at #ECOO2010 as each of the conference’s sessions had a QR code.

Embracing Mobile To Educate For Tomorrow | MobileBehavior

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Abilene Christian University gave out 2,000 iPhones and iPod Touches to its students and teachers, urging them to "go mobile, go digital." Even from an early age, we see 2-year olds using Fisher Price iPhone apps and iXL mobile learning devices. The Youth will not know of Microsoft DOS, Windows 3.1, or 56k modems; todays youngest will not consider the iPhone 3GS to be extraordinary.

Mobile E-learning Publishing: iPad, iPhone, or Kindle – Which do iChoose?

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Tablet-like in size only, the iPad’s conformity to the iPhone OS, features and ergonomics suggest that we’re seeing Apple promote a renewed focus on empowering crowdsourced content creation over significant platform enhancements—perhaps in a way we have not seen before. Add Adobe Air and CS5’s export to iPhone/iPad and you have some interesting options.

2010: mLearning Year in Review

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Several more of the Tier 2/Tier 3 LMS vendors also “tossed their hat in the ring” (or towards it anyway) announcing some way of publishing content so it could appear via a mobile browser on the iPhones , iPads and Android device trying to capture a few of their most “loyal fans” in learning land. A.K.A. How our January 2010 Predictions Played Out! Validated (“Double”). Validated (“Triple”).

#mlearn2010 Virtual Mobile City Guide by A. Dingli

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they will now enhance it with Gyro (all movements) and implement it for iPad and iPhone. This view uses augmented reality to indicate the location of attractions and displays information in the same augmented reality. Tags: mobile mLearning mLearn augmented reality mobile learning mLearn10 Based on Wikitude and depending on the user they can choose different applications. The way forward to sustain such a system: have the plumbing in place. Get information from stakeholders (commerce, public). This project got a Learning award in Munich just last week.

Big Question: 5 strategies to keep up with all the latest technologies

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To reduce this uneasy feeling, I use 5 strategies to keep up : Strategy 1: true innovation through collaboration and trust The last new development that blew my mind was a lens equipped with nanotechnology that enabled augmented reality. In the Big Question launched by Tony Karrer this month , he wonders how do we keep up? This is a question I pose myself every week.

Place-based Learning and Mobile Devices – Part I

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Some of the recent examples of this are most apparent with augmented reality. Here at Oregon State University, we recently finished a place-based tree tour iPhone application and many of these instructional issues helped us define our design and development process. I’ll share more about this in the next post. UF Pest Identification. UC Davis Soil Survey.

March Hot List: Mobile Learning Content

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Our iPhone for Moodle web application aks for your feedback - Ignatia Webs , March 19, 2010 The Back-Channel Effect: Are Educators Ready for Real-Time Feedback? - The Mobile Learner , March 17, 2010 Tweet Call! YES , March 22, 2010 Moodle and iPhone update: the movie , March 8, 2010. Talkin' 'bout my cerebration.

Mike Sharples: Innovationi n mLearning: an international pespective

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Other example: the advanced augmented, 3D, high resolution mobile app with head-mounted display (HMD) which is build for geology students in the Lake district. OOKL is the iPhone business model, it is based on revenue sharing: venues join free of charge, OOKL sells their content to iPhone users and on the web, shares 60% of revneues with the venues. Mike Sh.

The mobile future

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Other products which seemed promising to the presenters were the Lenovo U1, the Google Tablet, the Google Nexus One and of course the iPhone 4G. According to Schärer and Wieser, some of the mega trends of 2010 are the more increased use of social networks on mobile phones, location-based services and augmented reality. believe that location-based learning especially in combination with games and augmented reality might be something extremely popular for the next coming years. Some of these, obviously aren’t even on the market. In Europe that is.

Google Goggles will rock m-learning.


Back in 2006, I made some predictions about where mobile learning might be heading, including the use of augmented reality or “Heads Up&# data displays to provide information on a learner’s environment and allow learning “in situ,&#.  augmented reality" "google goggles" "image recognition" "visual search" goggles google layar m-learning mlearning

June Hot List: Mobile Learning Content Community

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Here is the monthly top ten list for from June. Enjoy. Top Posts The following are the top posts from featured sources based on social signals. » The future of social networking – a concept investigation

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It’s an investigation into how social networking may work in the future, focusing on mobile and augmented reality (AR). Augmented reality is just a type of interfacing. For example, the real estate app, it can be done on an iPhone with the Google Maps service, with the exact same information displayed on the pins. The future of social networking – a concept investigation Posted by matt on October 01, 2009 If youre new here, you may want to subscribe to my blog and get updates either via email or via RSS. Thanks for visiting! Admittedly AR is the new hype. scary.

Mobile Learning: A 3rd Reading List

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The title says it all. 7) 100 Free iPhone Apps That Will Make You Smarter – This truly is a subjective list but I present it here as it is a long list and you will likely be able to find a few jems. 50 Fun iPhone Apps to Get Kids Reading and Learning – The iPhone and iPod Touch can be both a entertainment and learning device.  10) Are Cellphones the Next Paper and Pencil – a user forum where educators and other interested parties discuss the implications and the future of cell phones in learning.

April Hot List: Mobile Learning Content Community

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Here is the monthly top ten list for from April. Enjoy. Top Items: Network platform integration for the new education - Golden Swamp, April 13, 2009 Create Oral Quizzes & Speech to Text Transcripts with Google Voice - Cell Phones in Learning, April 6, 2009 Solar power for your small and big mobile devices!

#OEB16 opening plenary live blogpost on owning learning

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But augmented reality can bring the real world into any location. If we think of the science changes… it is amazing, we have developed 3D printing, iphones, google maps… you no longer need to teach people something, but skills. Owning learning: A great session with a range of experts on the topic of current learning problems… and possible solutions. This is a live blogpost.

November Hot List: Mobile Learning Content

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Practices by Christine Redecker - Ignatia Webs , November 19, 2009 The Powerful Combination of Mobile Devices and Learning Apps - The Mobile Learner , November 15, 2009 Spacing Effect for Mobile Learning - mLearnopedia on Blogspot , November 3, 2009 courses compatible with iPhone and iPod - Golden Swamp , November 19, 2009 PBS Kids go Mobile! eLearning report: Review of Learning 2.0

August Hot List: Mobile Learning Content

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Best of Mobile Learning August 1, 2010 to August 31, 2010 Featured Sources The following are the top items from featured sources based on social signals. open academic education: people with an open PhD and master? Yes, they do it!

E-Learning Queen: Mobile Learning: Is It Doing What It’s Supposed To?

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Let’s look at a few: iPhone and iPad do not accommodate Flash. However, being social networking, simulations, and augmented reality activities need to be designed with care as they can quickly devolve into unfocused activities that do not contribute to achieving learning goals. The edublog emphasizes real-world e-learning issues and appropriate uses of emerging technologies.

Mobile Learning: A 4th Reading List

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Here are 10 of the more recent articles and blog posts that I have read concerning mobile learning. Bonus Poscast: Jesse at TEDx : Jesse Brown from TVO’s Search Engine talks about digital comics in the classroom. 9) 12 Interesting Ways to Use an iPod Touch in the Classroom : A google docs page providing various tips on utilizing an iPod Touch for Learning. 10) Why Mobile Innovation is Blowing Away PC’s : A Techcrunch article comparing innovation trends between mobile devices and PC and a discussion about why mobile will surpass PC’s. Mobile Learning: A 3rd Reading List.

E-learning in the Mobile World and the Right Business Model to Deliver It

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Smartphones like the iPhone and Palm Pre are quickly building a loyal following of application developers and end-users. The iPhone 3 will be released soon and Apple recently stated they have over 50 thousand applications for download in their App Store where over 1 billion applications have been downloaded by their 40 million iPhone and iPod Touch customers. 

Stickybits: Scan your mobile world for social learning | Instructional Design Fusions

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Instructional Design Fusions Skip to content Home About Archives ← QR Codes: Augmenting Augmented Reality Stickybits: Scan your mobile world for social learning Posted on September 28, 2010 by diannerees | Leave a comment In my last post , I described instructional strategies for using QR codes, particularly in augmented reality applications. Bookmark the permalink.

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My mLearning Predictions for 2010

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The first several "sizable" enterprise mlearning projects using Apple iPhones and Android-based smartphones will be delivered into the marketplace as mitigated security concerns make way for a superior on-device experience versus today's standard corporate-centric BlackBerry, WinMo and Symbian (Nokia) interfaces. Augmented reality applications for mobile learning will begin to appear but because solution development is expensive, technically challenging, and device dependent, AR will capture more headlines than actual budgets. Knock, Knock!! Who's there? Mobile. Mobile Who?

What needs to be researched in mobile Learning? Let’s share ideas

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Topics that will be covered during the workshop : augmented learning, connecting mobiles to learning management systems, what mobile projects are currently developed successfully all around the world, successes and lessons learned… It will be a brainy blast of ideas! Because of the iPhone/Moodle project (which is currently in its next stage: the cleaning up of the code = a challenge which my developer friends are working on in collaboration with wonderful php programmers from all around the Moodle world). As it will be a workshop, most of it will be dynamic exchange of ideas.

ADL workshop first day - rough notes

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giunti labs look at the research scorm standards makes content packages consistent, but also interchangeable iphone is only 3rd mobile device producer, after blackberry and android. Every undergraduate receives an iPhone/iPod touch. This ADL workshop focuses on the challenges that mLearning has to tackle in order to improve both the educational and technical issues. The notes taken are mine and rough, so mistakes are more than probable. Judy Brown: Assessment of Military mLearning trends Wonderful and intelligent woman who knows how to get people thinking. Robert Sottilare: U.S.

David Metcalf: mLearning theory mashups at mLearncon

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Socio-constructivism example Abilene Christian University: ACU connected: gave iPhones to all students. Something really cool: augmented cognition (Denise Nicholson? Very intelligent man with charisma, with homepage. liveblog notes from the conference. Link to presentation (pdf, look from 7th slide). So it does not have to have the wrapper of learning on it. Immersive environment.