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Setting up #LGBT help in crisis #uganda

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feel that with the current Ugandan LGBT crisis involving prosecution and incarceration of LGBT, and even alleged LGBT people - actions must be set up that help those at immediate risk. Brainstorming on solutions for LGBT inside Uganda At this very point in time, the first focus in my opinion should be on supporting and helping LGBT people inside Uganda. While find targeted actions.

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How SMS Alerts Are Helping Curb Africa’s Ebola Outbreak

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Since the beginning of the Ebola outbreak in April 2014, the Red Cross – with the help of a local cellphone provider – has sent out about two million text messages a month to residents in Sierra Leone. By using SMS alerts to broadcasting urgent information to Sierra Leone’s citizens, text messaging is helping curb the spread of the Ebola virus with clear and immediate health information.

How Blood Banks Use SMS to Raise Support and Help Save Lives

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One such example of this is Sweden’s blood banks, which use text messaging to inform donors when their donation helps save a life. In order to respond to this challenge, Sweden’s blood banks have implemented a new text messaging service that alerts donors when their donation helps save a life. How Sweden’s blood banks use text messaging to engage donors.

How To Leverage Mobile For Effective Performance Support

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Read up on these 3 major components that will help you deliver performance support in the best way possible. Conferences Mobile Apps Mobile Development Mobile Strategy affordances CHAMPIONS context custom mobile applications mobile mobile affordances performance support target audienceDon't push mobile to the back burner yet.

4 Ways Smartphones are helping People Learn a new Language

mLearning Revolution

Being a ubiquitous device in mobile learning, a smartphone has done almost all of the unthinkable, especially in helping learners master a foreign language. A  2012 survey  done by the University of Colorado, revealed that 14% of instructors and 60% of foreign students use mobile phones for language-learning purposes. Smartphone Applications. Image courtesy of: Michael Cahill.

Problems Faced By Miners Less Painful With Mobile Learning Applications

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A video on how mobile learning applications have helped workers do their jobs better through performance support. Mobile Apps case studies just-in-time learning performance support videos

Training Plan For iPhone Application Development

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Right now, everyone wants to develop applications for mobile devices and in particular for the iPhone, as it has changed the way we look at mobile devices. Having knowledge of a server side programming language like J2EE, PHP, or ASP.Net will certainly help as any reasonably sophisticated iPhone app will require communication with third party services for data. Simple application. 3. Develop application using in built table control. Develop complete application. Reading The Core Application Design. Key Practices for iPhone Application Development.

Enterprise Mobility and Mobile Learning

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My current focus is on building an enterprise application for my company. like the idea of working on internal applications for a number of reasons. First, enterprise applications can really allow you to focus on the problems you see on an every day basis within your organization. Enterprise Mobility. Many predictions for 2013 include the rise of enterprise mobility.

Problems Faced By Heavy Equipment Operators Made Easier With Mobile Learning Applications

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A video on how mobile learning applications have helped workers do their jobs better through performance support. Mobile Apps case studies just-in-time learning performance support videos

Rapid Prototyping For Mobile Learning Applications – II

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As I mentioned in my last post about Rapid Prototyping mobile apps , I’ll be discussing levels of fidelity and how you could determine which level works for your mobile application design project. When considering prototyping, think of the aspects of the applications that you’d typically want to model. To my mind there are three: Visual – how the application will look –an application’s look and feel is important, and is the one aspect that clients and stakeholders notice. There is no single correct approach to rapid prototyping mobile applications.

9 Ways Smart Glasses Can Increase Employee Productivity

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Enterprise applications for augmented reality are here, enabling businesses to be more productive. From work site safety to sales, here's how smart glasses can help you. Mobile Apps Mobile Devices augmented reality enterprise mobile learning Epson Moverio Google Glass ODG R-6 smart glasses workplace performance

iBreathe, An Innovative Application to Allow Military Men and Women to Relax

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Reading about iBreathe at Information Week gets me thinking about the combination of real-time performance support and learning and how it integrates so well on the mobile device. I’ve never used this application of course, but the idea of it is very cool.

15 Authoring Tools For mEnabling Your eLearning For iPads

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– pointers on some of the tools out there, that you can use to help you take that ‘leap of faith’ into mLearning. multimedia authoring tool that goes beyond Flash and builds applications based on HTML5, Javascript, jQuery and CSS3 and works well on iOS and Android devices, and the latest HTML5-compatible browsers. This is a free eBook authoring application by Apple for iPad.

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8 Things we MUST do in 2013 to seize the potential of mLearning

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My advice is to resist the temptation and instead try and reimagine what your existing courses need to look like on mobile, considering the context in which people use mobile devices, plus all the sensor superpowers built into mobile devices, and then go out and look for the right tools and technologies that will help you bring your ideas to life. 5. 2012 has been an amazing year for mobile!

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Free M-Learning Applications


It’s fantastic for students to have access to powerful software tools that help them develop their skills; and it’s even better if the software is free. prolific developer of mobile applications, Tea Vui Huang, provides the tools he develops for free via his website; and many of his applications are either very useful for education, or are made-for-education.

From David Hockney to Photosynth: applications that build on social media content

Ignatia Webs

If you have not heard of it yet, I think you will like this application: photosynth of Microsoft. It is an application that builds on the result of social media applications that all of us help build together. This is an application that falls back on mobile devices or mobile learning in which the mobiles are used to capture pictures and add it to the group repository.

7 reasons why the new Articulate Storyline is a Game-Changer for eLearning

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Undertaking a monumental job such as writing an application like Storyline from the ground up is no easy feat. If there’s one thing Articulate knows is helping customers design eLearning and it shows in the way they developed Storyline. Storyline is a standalone application that isn’t built on top of PowerPoint, however if you know how to use PowerPoint you are going to feel comfortable using Storyline. First, let me start by congratulating everyone who works for Articulate for the launch of Storyline. But of course, there’s a lot more. 2. Virtually No Learning Curve.

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Think Multiscreen (vs. iPad-only) when developing an mLearning Strategy

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In this post I want to share with you a great presentation I found on Slideshare, that inspired me for my workshops, and that helps me make a case for developing a multiscreen mLearning strategy vs. an iPad-only strategy. One thing I stress in my mLearning workshops is the fact that having an iPad-only strategy for Learning is not a thorough mLearning Strategy. Send to Kindle.

Infographics for Social Media

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Five social networking and social media infographics that have application to mobile learning: both within an organization and between a company and it’s clients from CreativeFan’s list of 60 great infographics for social media. Even more interesting is that 76 percent of executives check these social sites at least once per day. Mark Horton, Socialcast ).

6 Steps To A Better Mobile Learning Strategy

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When implementing mobile learning in workplace, following 6 steps will help create an effective mlearning strategy. 1. Most often it is just made accessible on mobile devices for the staff when they need it to perform – when they are stuck, when they forget something, or need help. Additionally, MDMs and MAMs are of great help in providing remote erase facility on lost devices.

Tappestry: Kicking the Informal Learning (Tin) Can

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Some features mark a significant departure from Twitter functionality, however, that make this an app “designed specifically for learning” The first unique feature is the organization of posts by categories, such as Physics, Basketball, Application Design, and, my personal favourite, Homebrewing (containing one lonely post at the time this article was written – thanks Chad).

The New Articulate Storyline iPad App and mLearning [VIDEOS]

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Mayra Aixa Villar: As Instructional Designers, every day, we look for that spark of inspiration that can help us design our next eLearning project. Easy-to-use triggers, powerful interactive objects as well as slide layers allowed me to create an interactive infographic with a software application that as Tom Kuhlmann describes it, democratizes eLearning. Send to Kindle.

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Mobile Learning And The BYOD Movement

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However, by using Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) platforms, organizations may be able to manage the security risks posed by BYOD. Mobile learning will help organizations to leverage the BYOD trend to distribute ‘ just-in-time’ training snippets that are both targeted and tracked. What makes BYOD popular? Why are organizations apprehensive?

Healthcare…Mobile devices…lessons for learning?

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It is as applicable to learning professionals as it is health care data caretakers. These technologies, properly secured, are offering healthcare professionals the ability to spend more of their time focused on helping patients and less of their time trying to get the access they need from their limited computing infrastructures.” Two questions: Do you let employees use their personal mobile devices for learning?  How do you protect company information on their device? And, I recently saw an “opt-out” plan for diabetics’ patient info-sharing.  link].

Mobile Learning – The Third Dimension

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Mobile learning allows us to provide just-in-time information, knowledge or resources at the “moment of need”, thereby providing valuable performance support and helping to raise our learners knowledge retention ability. Another instance and application of mobile learning and performance support! An engineer working on servers in data centre accessing help via a tablet device.

MIT Launches a new Center for Mobile Learning

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MIT has launched a new Center for Mobile Learning that “will focus on the design and study of new mobile technologies and applications, enabling people to learn anywhere anytime with anyone. Research projects will explore location-aware learning applications, mobile sensing and data collection, augmented reality gaming, and other educational uses of mobile technologies. &#. This is the kind of initiative that can really help drive research and growth in the field of mobile learning. To read the press release, click here

The Mobile Learner » Beyond Banning: Rules for Classroom Use of Cell Phones

The Mobile Learner

Effectively using with Adobe Captivate 5 for Tracking Learners’ Quiz Results [Webinar]

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There’s absolutely no limit to the number of Learners who can post results and Captivate 5 comes with an AIR application that can help you Analyze the Quiz Results from an eLearning course. UPDATE. In case you missed this eSeminar, the recording is now available here: [link]. This week I’m hosting a webinar on how to use our free Adobe cloud (i.e. with Adobe Captivate 5 as a lightweight Learning Management System (LMS) for publishing and tracking Learners’ Quiz Results. The only thing you will need to participate is your free Adobe ID and password.

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5 Rapid Authoring Tools To Publish Courses For Your iPads

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Lectora Inspire can help you to quickly create dynamic video and Flash content as well as transform your e-Learning to HTML5 for mobile delivery. Claro comes complete with layout themes to get you started quickly, and a robust set of in-tool authoring features to help you create mobile learning courses. 4) mLearning Studio from Rapid Intake. with HTML5 Converter. into HTML5 format.

Three Ways to Use Mobile Devices in Workplace Learning

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Regardless of whether it’s a pre-class micro-course (5 -10 min) or a post class follow-up in the form of summaries, scenarios that help learner apply some of what they learnt; quizzes (you can even track scores if you wish), mobile devices work perfectly well. Mobile device based follow-up could increase retention and aid application of knowledge and skills. 2.

Book Review: Designing mLearning: tapping into the mobile revolution for organizational performance, by Clark Quinn

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This is why there’s so much talk of performance in this book; mobile learning, if properly implemented, helps people to do their jobs, as well as to learn whatever they want when they want to learn it. The past six months has seen the publication of three new books on mobile learning. Springer, 2010). It will appeal only to other academics. It is an enjoyable book to read.

The Question Of Why (Not) eLearning On iPads Or Tablets?

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So while technically it may not be mLearning it is indeed helping mLearning adoption. ”. To supplement eLearning with support material or social/collaborative elements (just-in-time help/reference). To increase eLearning uptake and use ‘down’ time spent on planes, trains, waiting at airports and train stations or just free time (most applicable to senior executives).

New mLearning Authoring Tools – Wave #2

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Published modules are packaged as SCORM objects and deployed with nominal hiccups for local/disconnected playback via an installed CellCast application on our test iPhones, iPads and Android devices. actually got to check out the new Storyline application from Articulate running in pre-beta form this past week and it is impressive and promising on many fronts. Check it out here.

Mobile Learning Revolution – Round-Up Of Our Best mLearning Posts

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This post will help you understand how and where you can use mLearning, and the possible plan of action you would need to follow to get the most out of this endeavor. 3. Mobile hardware has its own limitations and hence we need to adhere to some critical design conventions in order to make our mobile applications a success. See you there. What Is Mobile Learning? But what next?

Getting Started With Mobile Learning?

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If you’re a new to the m-learning space, this post will help you get started with mobile learning. What services will help learners be more productive? Mobile Learning (mLearning) Applications – An Example. The other two do provide some help on planning a strategy. Mobile learning is in the air. We realize most of what we discuss with prospects is on our blog already.

My First 72 hours with the Blackberry Playbook

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The Online Help. While most users wouldn’t pay attention to this, I have spent the majority of my professional career in the world of Technical Communications, so I’m always interested in seeing what companies are doing in the area of Online Help to aid their users in familiarizing themselves with any product. Unboxing the Playbook and Setup. update. The Web and Flash.

Global Mobile Awards

mLearnopedia on Blogspot

This category was created “to highlight the rapidly increasing convergence of the mobile and education sectors, and to highlight some of the key areas of genuine innovation in learning initiatives, products, services or applications throughout the world today.” An important part of this conference is the 17th annual Global Mobile Awards. The device also has phone functionality.

A Mobile Learning Decision Path for Instructional Designers tasked with developing #mLearning [Download]

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Application of Decision Paths to Sample Projects … 105. created this guide for the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative to help instructional designers plan and implement mobile performance support and to repurpose existing learning content for the mobile platform. Consult the “Defining the MLDP Target Audience” diagram below to determine how the MLDP could help you.

Here’s how Adobe Captivate 6 could have been a Game-Changer for mLearning

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Take for example how Dreamweaver CS6 is helping web designers develop adaptive layouts for multi-device publishing. Easy, Adobe acquired PhoneGap, which I would argue is one of the most solid HTML5 app platforms that allows you to author native applications with web technologies and even gain access to APIs and app stores. That’s it. True mLearning a la Dreamweaver CS6.

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Mobile Learning – What It Can Do For A Global Workforce

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Effective mobile learning solutions can help you manage learning for your workforce that’s constantly on the move. Globalization has changed the paradigms of business dramatically. The organizations of today need to be more agile than ever to maintain their competitive edge in the marketplace. That involves adapting to situations and regularly updating strategies, structures and processes.