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Enterprise Mobile Learning 2011 - Year in Review

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How On Target Were My 2011 Predictions? It’s time once again to take stock of what happened in enterprise mobile learning and see if any of my 2011 predictions hit their intended targets. If 2010 was the year of the pilot, 2011 will be the year of the deployment. Flash will still not be supported on iOS devices in 2011 but this fact will matter far less over time. a.k.a.

Enterprise mLearning Predictions for 2011

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It is time once again to ponder the research, extrapolate on recent experience, and attempt to read the tea leaves so we can predict the future of enterprise mobile learning in 2011. If 2010 was the year of the pilot, then 2011 will be the year of the deployment. Sure, companies may still provided workers with an old BlackBerry (on a 2-year contract), but increasingly more people will opt to use their own iPhones/iPads or Android handsets or tablets once their devices can be secured and supported within their organizations. 3. mLearning Engagements Expand. Buyer, beware! 9.

Mobile Learning: A Quick SWOT Analysis

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Concerns still revolve around basic device security and data security. For over two years now, we have not only just been hearing about mobile learning but also actively understanding and working on it. In last many months we have written a number of blog posts around mobile learning ranging from development tips, general examples, tips and tricks, etc. Weaknesses. Opportunities.

Are #mLearning projects in Africa really successful? #ICT4D critique

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This is a description of a seminar given by John Traxler at the London Knowledge Lab (London, UK): “Too many elephants in the room: learning with mobile devices in developing regions" on 8 November 2011. John Traxler lives and breathes mobility. During his seminar, John raised two major questions: Are learning projects based on mobile devices really helping Africa forward?

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July Hot List: Mobile Learning Content

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July 1, 2011 to July 31, 2011 Featured Sources The following are the top items from featured sources based on social signals. Float Mobile Learning , July 12, 2011 Help us #save new born babies lives by using #mobile devices for #ultrasound - Ignatia Webs , July 25, 2011 Josh Topolosky has written my fave #WebOS Touchpad review. Best of Mobile Learning. Oh My!

My Reflections on the Mobile World Congress

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There was a lot of excitement with new announcements such as LG’s 3D phone, Sony’s Experia Play, HTC ChaCha and Salsa devices with integrated Facebook, new Samsung devices and lots of tablets from companies such as HTC with their Flyer, Samsung which includes a pen, Motorola’s Xoom and RIM’s PlayBook, all trying to distinguish themselves from the absent iPad. I was honored to serve as a judge for the Mobile World Congress 2011 16th annual Global Mobile Awards in the category of Best mLearning Innovation. Security was as high as I have seen with badges scanned regularly. The U.S.

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JIT Performance Support Mobile App Development

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Security and Updates – with increased data integration with corporate information systems, the security of data will become an increasing concern for companies rolling out mobile applications for performance support. Data security cannot be an afterthought, it must be carefully considered during design. They are good to consider when taking on that app development assignment.

mLearning Tech A’plenty Released at CES 2011

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As security and control issues for enterprise-grade mlearning solutions are mitigated to infosec’s satisfaction, BYOD policies can actually save organization tremendous amounts of money every year. To me, the more significant advances introduced at CES 2011 were the formal introductions from the leading carriers of their much anticipated “4G”, high-speed networks. This year’s event is as big as ever with 100K+ attendees roaming through 2,700 vendor booths across multiple sites. Better Devices. Way Faster Networks.

10 Reasons BlackBerry Can Survive and Even Thrive

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The reasons range from RIM’s focus on security to “the stickiness of BBM&# (BlackBerry Messager). 10 Reasons BlackBerry Can Survive and Even Thrive | | Natasha Lomas | 1 July 2011. Research in Motion (RIM), the makers of the BlackBerry smartphones, and the Playbook tablet, is a current client of mine. agree. Tools BlackBerry Research in Motion

50,000 people say NO to Social Security cuts

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With the recent threat of cuts to benefits like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid looming, groups like AARP have been spurred to action. The television ad below debuted last week, urging people to make a phone call to protect Social Security: As of today, nearly 50,000 calls have been made! Not too shabby. Have you made your call yet? Customer News Our Products

Enterprise mLearning Predictions for 2012

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The many advantages of mobile web apps – like cross platform OS support for iOS, Android and others – will still be mitigated in key areas like security, off-line storage, sync updates, access to device features like cameras (although this is improving in the spec) plus critical infosec concerns like SSO support when disconnected and remote wipe capabilities that just don’t work in mobile web apps yet. suspect the annual Consumer Electronics Show (“CES”) event in Las Vegas next week will have far fewer tech OEMs wading into the tablet pool as compared with January 2011. Summary.

New open journal #iJim issue is out on #mLearning topics

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International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM)* Volume 5, Issue 3 (2011) *Table of Contents* *Guest Editorial* From the Interdisciplinary Conference of AHLiST 2010 Conference IS/IT Program Chair (Hyo-Joo Han) -- [link] *Special Focus Papers* Global Telecommunications Security: Effects of Geomagnetic Disturbances (D.J. McManus, H.H. Carr, B.M. Arévalo, Estela L.

Business models for #gaming #medialearning2011

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The game must also be secured, at all levels. And if a security breach happens. this is the reason Balthazar builds simple user games, not multi-player games as security is different for each of them. A panel of game developers who all shed their light on how they got their games funded/financed during the media and learning conference in Brussels, Belgium. It was amazing to see that the main route was via government funding (national). Getting money from the parents, as they want the best for their children. growing). Her games are aimed at disabled learners.

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Taking mLearning to the Gridiron?

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Mobile Technology Security StrategyIn the lead up to the Super Bowl, I saw this interview discussing the possibility of NFL teams considering replacing their traditional playbooks with iPads or other tablets. As soon [.].

New mLearning Authoring Offerings - Wave #1

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As detailed in my list of mobile learning predictions for 2011 , a collection of smart and savvy authoring tool vendors offering solutions for online training delivery will start to introduce specialized tools that will enable some form of single sourcing that outputs mobile-friendly content with little or nominal effort over and above what's already been invested to create online courseware and training materials. Let's take a quick look at both companies and their respective offerings: Rapid Intake's mLearning Studio. Moreover, we really like what we see in their "version 1.0"

Addressing Mobile Security with What Else? An App!

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While most of us in the learning community are more concerned with engaging the learner and providing effective learning content to our mobile learners, there are a lot of people who think of one thing when you mention mobile learning and that is security. When I give a presentation on mobile learning, there’s always someone who questions the security.

Defining Mobile Learning Isn’t Enough | Knowledge Management System (KMS) Blog

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This article was originally posted at [link] Posted by admin @ 20 January 2011 0 comments Tags : E-Learning , eLearning , Improve Learning , Mobile Learning Are you interested in receiving e-Learning Courses for Healthcare, which maximize your business performance at reduced costs? The definitions of mobile learning that I’ve read and have found, I believe are incomplete. Please let me know.

Mobile Viruses Expanding at an Alarming Level

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” This quote is from the Mobile Threat Report issued by F-Secure Response Labs, a company with offices in Helsinki, Finland, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that monitors security threats on a world-wide basis. Android’s market share rose to 79% worldwide in 2012 from 66.7% in 2011. The reason the report focuses on Android is simply because of its market share.

What the Army is Doing in Mobile Learning

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In the long run, it looks like the Army is even going to push commercial mobile devices  (iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 devices) into combat situations as long as they can figure out the security. Security is a very hard problem to solve, but it’s being worked on by several big and small industry players at the moment and it’s on everyone’s mind. It sounds like the Army and other agencies are grappling with how much security is enough and is there such thing as too much? think it’s even more important when that workforce is widely dispersed.

GeoLearning Acquired by SumTotal: The mLearning Impact?

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In short, getting a course on a phone is relatively easy but the 250 other things the mobility enterprise is concerned with today represent the true challenges that need to be addressed to ensure the learning experience is fully functional, appropriate, customizable, secure and fully scalable. Interesting news indeed. So, what does this move mean to the enterprise mobile learning market?

Mobile Learning And The BYOD Movement

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Some organizations have embraced it with open arms while many are still apprehensive about security risks that BYOD poses. As per a survey conducted by Good Technology in October 2011, 72 percent of its customers were already formally supporting BYOD programs. Their concerns are quite understandable given the problem of enforcing security and compliance at such a large scale.

Even More Secure Access to Accounts

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Mobile Commons has numerous health care customers that demand the highest levels of security. Enhanced Security Access provides an additional level of security, including: Strong Password Reinforcement. Enhanced Security Access is available to all Mobile Commons customers with highly sensitive data, such as Protected Health Information (PHI) or financial data.  Learn more about Enhanced Security Access features, and contact your account manager or email to upgrade your account at no extra charge. Password Expiration and Re-use.

Cuts to Social Security? AARP weighs in

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Late Wednesday, the Washington Post broke the news that President Obama was willing to offer up cuts to Social Security as part of the negotiations around reducing the country’s debt. They responded almost immediately by blasting out a message to their full list that read: AARP: White House considering cuts to Social Security?! This stance marks a big shift from the President’s earlier stance on the program and, to put it lightly, did not go over well with much of his base – especially those who would be the most directly affected by the cuts. Enter AARP.

Really, Steve…

Steve Vosloo

might want to rethink your security strategies. we’ll leave the others alone

Future of #mLearning inspiring ideas @dave_parsons

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Or another exampe: it is interesting to consider Amit Garg’s “Top 7 Myths of Mobile Learning” (2012), and note how many of these myths are about technology rather than learning, including perceived issues with screen size,costs of creating and distributing content, security, fragmented platforms and SCORM compliance. Imagine a future world where mobile learning is intuitive. from mLearning.

#MobiMOOC free, online course on #mLearning runs 8 – 30 September 2012 choose your favorite topics

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In 2011 the first MobiMOOC ran from April - May 2011. Now it is time for the second course, feel free to put it in your agenda! This is the first mail to get the word of mouth going. The second MobiMOOC will run from 8 – 30 September 2012. Specifics: Course name and description: MobiMOOC is a Massive, Open Online Course (MOOC) with a focus on learning with mobile devices (mLearning).

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How are non-profits using text messaging?

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The report features a campaign AARP launched using it’s text messaging list to fight for Social Security recipients. Senator Alan Simpson equated Social Security with a ‘milk cow’ on August 25, 2010 and AARP leapt to action. Earlier this month  M+R Strategic Services & the Nonprofit Technology Network released their annual eNonprofit Benchmarks study.

My 2012 Enterprise mLearning Predictions Recap

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Back on December 30 2011, I scoped eight predictions ranging from hardware/software to content types and authoring tools to macro-level mobility trends our team felt would influence the market for mLearning products and services for the year and I wasn’t disappointed (or much surprised) about how it all played out. Here’s the analysis of how it all played out. On Target But. Bullseye.

Listen to Your Data: Lessons from a Multilingual Text Message Campaign

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Many of the users who texted back “ALTO&# were trying to send a message to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, not quit the RI4A mobile list. Mobile marketing is still unexplored territory. It’s only in the last few years that cell phones have become widely-adopted enough to create a truly pervasive mobile campaign. But it can also be frustrating. Top Qs will be asked!

Call for papers: Digital Futures: learning in a connected world

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Steve is chair for the 6th Plymouth eLearning conference , which will take place in Plymouth from April 6 - 8, in 2011. His new book '"World of Difference" will be published in Spring 2011. Societal Concerns: Issues underpinning the development and practice of e-teaching and learning - technophobia, technology dependency, digital divide, network security. Web 2.0:

5 Reasons You Should Check Out Upside2Go’s New Version

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first, major release since Upside2Go’s launch back in 2011, the new version takes mLearning delivery and performance support to a whole new level. 5.Enhanced Security. Mobile security continues to be a key area of concern in organizations across the globe. Upside2Go relieves some of these security worries with its enhanced security features. FREE eBook.

5 steps to improve my #mobile #diabetic life

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Since March 2011 I am a diabetic type 1. Security might be an issue, but the CGM monitor has been hacked also, so well. This means that my pancreas is no longer functioning and I have to take 4 insuline shots per day (Novorapid and Lantus (glargine)). In the past 6 month I have bought a Continued Glucose Monitor (CGM) produced by Medtronic.

2010: mLearning Year in Review

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There will certainly be 30+ tablet devices to choose from by mid 2011 and all will help to grow the market and a select few will actually succeed as products. Security will become a MUCH bigger issue for mlearning deployments and all vendors will need to step up their game to ensure content/IP protection and integrity while making access easier. A.K.A. Validated (“Double”). Batter u